Meghan Markle Definitely Brought Us the Most Regal Royal Moments in 2018!


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  • Gertie Shaw
    Gertie Shaw 14 days ago +1

    She is much too pushy. Even Michelle Obama suggested MM took things slower.

    • ima direwolf
      ima direwolf 13 days ago

      Agree. She have good idea and apparently a good heart but damn slow down Meg. IMO she should first learn what she can and can't do and then start making plans.

  • nikki k
    nikki k 14 days ago +1

    Honeymoon tan? Lady.. Meghan is half black. She is naturally tanned. Lol

  • Tuona Batchelor
    Tuona Batchelor 14 days ago +1

    Nice to see a story that is positive instead of speculative, negative garbage. I honestly have no idea what anyone could have against Meg. As far as I'm concerned the ppl who dislike her do so simply because she's African American, which says a lot about their own character...or lack thereof.

  • SassyBratt1
    SassyBratt1 14 days ago +1

    The Queen apparently lost her cool with Meghan last night at Sandringham and hauled off and just balled her one square in the mouth and then she dared her to go stand in front of her on the Grand Staircase with Meghan screaming in tears and trying to run out the front door but thwarted by Duchess Kate who made a beeline for her attempt at escape and slid straight into her feet knocking her to the floor giving opportunity to the Queen to grab Meghan by the hair and drag her back HOWEVER, the Queen forgot that she wears hair weaves and ended up with a fist full of wig hair and fell herself into the fountain face first into the giant Chinese gold fish. It was at this moment that palace staff were ordered to leave the room but reporting to hear uproarious vulgar shouts echoing throughout the ancient estate. Later Meghan's mother Doria threw a glass into a mirror shattering it and the Queen angrily suggested that she would have to pay a years salary to fix it.

    • Serita Seeletso
      Serita Seeletso 12 days ago

      You were at Sandringham, tell us more

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis 13 days ago

      Haha Sassybrat1 it seems you smoked some good weed. Your imagination is flying high. If wishes were horses you haters would be having all types of races .

    • Tuona Batchelor
      Tuona Batchelor 14 days ago

      Ummm, that's quite an imagination you have there...

  • Glenda Marchand
    Glenda Marchand 15 days ago

    Hoorah good media reporting

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 15 days ago

    If you think this is true, your OUT OF YOUR MIND.

  • Jaedie Smith
    Jaedie Smith 15 days ago

    so lovely

  • Steph •
    Steph • 15 days ago

    Why doesn't Will get a hair transplant? I mean David Silva got it done over Christmas.

      CLUB BRENDAN 15 days ago +1

      They don't always work and the medications cause side effects that are worse than hair loss.

  • Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson 15 days ago +1

    The caption is misleading. This should have just read the royal family brings.

  • Dolly James
    Dolly James 15 days ago

    Kate has a man's body,look at her/his shoulder

  • Lost Sad
    Lost Sad 15 days ago +1

    who cares

    • Lost Sad
      Lost Sad 13 days ago

      Tracy you are funny

    • Tracy
      Tracy 13 days ago

      Looks like you care.

  • jean myers
    jean myers 15 days ago

    It’s great, made my day

  • wiktoria 18
    wiktoria 18 15 days ago +6

    Love the Cambridge Family ♥️

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 15 days ago

      +wiktoria 18 Good, you dont matter anyway!

    • wiktoria 18
      wiktoria 18 15 days ago +1

      Suzette Aljanabi ___ Not for me 😉

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 15 days ago +3

      wiktoria 18 Love the Sussex’ the bright light of the RF.

  • Lehye Templo
    Lehye Templo 15 days ago

    Like! Thanks! 💝

  • Hensie Effiong
    Hensie Effiong 15 days ago +4

    Very gorgeous Meghan.

  • Hensie Effiong
    Hensie Effiong 15 days ago +3


  • rose berger
    rose berger 16 days ago +4

    she will never be royalty she will never look up to Kate she is just a person who says I get what I want and our favourite harry gives it to her he will find out later on

    • Tracy
      Tracy 13 days ago

      Sorry sweetie Meghan is Royalty just as much as Kate.

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis 13 days ago

      Rose Berger
      STUPIDITY does not look good on you.

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 15 days ago +4

      rose berger Princess Meg is already Royalty honey, and she don’t need to look up to Kate or anyone, equal footing because she is boss Princess. So go suck on that, you hateful and jealous commoner trash.

  • S. Gillespie
    S. Gillespie 16 days ago +17

    Thank god this video had little mean spirited fake news about meghan. What many viewers don't seem to understand is that Meghan didn't get where she is by being mean and pretentious.
    There have been more people who think we'll of her than don't BUT the day newspapers want to sell and unfortunately nothing sells like mean gossiping lies. If course the media shows us little if any of the people who like and respect Meghan.
    As an African American women they will be relentless in targeting her and spreading malicious gossip. o
    It tells more of their mean spirit -ness than any thing of Meghan. She's done beautifully and everyone in the royal house respects her for it for they've seen the press turn on them. Unfortunately, Meghan is an easy target what with all the sickness of people targeting her based on her race.
    This video was okay but too many of them are just plain, well...evil.

    • Peter ONeil
      Peter ONeil 12 days ago +1

      Oh this is not a race issue !

    • Peter ONeil
      Peter ONeil 12 days ago

      S. Gillespie how do you know that Megan is not mean spirited. You will not even pick up the phone and call her Dad. Thou shall honor your Father and Mother. Definition means RESPECT!

    • Gertie Shaw
      Gertie Shaw 14 days ago

      No no no - if Meghan Markle is called out for pushy behavior or treated her dad poorly, it has absolutely nothing to do with race. She married a white man and is a part of a white family now.

  • Greeneyed Gemini
    Greeneyed Gemini 16 days ago


    • Tracy
      Tracy 13 days ago

      Yeah all .64 pence a year each lol.

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 15 days ago +1

      Greeneyed Gemini Only because the ugly jealous and hateful Nazis are trying to muddy the waters. You are always going to have someone superior to you- your boss, politicians etc such is life.

    • Greeneyed Gemini
      Greeneyed Gemini 15 days ago


    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 15 days ago +1

      Greeneyed Gemini And Yet you watch.🤔

  • Paulette A.
    Paulette A. 16 days ago +4

    ET Please stop promoting others on Meghan's name!! We see you!

  • Pepperanne50
    Pepperanne50 16 days ago

    Thank you for wonderful reporting.

  • Rosemary Ajuka
    Rosemary Ajuka 16 days ago +4

    The British press are useless people, because Meghan is America ,and mother black this fools are low life
    Including kate she's a commoner like Meghan, she's not born royal, she thinks she's special, l see her as. Worthless person

    • Tuona Batchelor
      Tuona Batchelor 14 days ago +1

      You're illiterate, seems to me you're the low life.

  • Pat Jackson
    Pat Jackson 16 days ago +20

    Nice to see and hear positive things about the Royal Family instead of raking them over the coals 😌

    • nord SKyrim
      nord SKyrim 15 days ago +1

      Pat Jackson but just know they held pedo rings In Buckingham palace and they killed princess Diana and dodi fayed

    • nord SKyrim
      nord SKyrim 15 days ago +1

      Pat Jackson ok 👍

    • Pat Jackson
      Pat Jackson 15 days ago +6

      nord SKyrim you know that’s a sad thing to say ..... I’m not going to get into a debate with’s obvious you hate the Royal Family and that’s your opinion..... have a good life

    • nord SKyrim
      nord SKyrim 15 days ago +1

      Pat Jackson well the royals quite frankly deserve to be crucified they killed princess Diana and framed her death because she tried to expose the reptilian blue bloods

  • ines marelli
    ines marelli 16 days ago

    Bastard and slut fanno schifo,li vedremo a letto?

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 15 days ago +1

      ines marelli Why so mad?

    • Moore Trevor
      Moore Trevor 16 days ago +1

      Your parents you mean 🤣🤣

    • ines marelli
      ines marelli 16 days ago

      E non accarezzi il cuscino .idiota .Brits there is a Republic ....

  • Glynis Beaumont-Terry
    Glynis Beaumont-Terry 16 days ago +10

    Markle most definitely did NOT !!

    • Glynis Beaumont-Terry
      Glynis Beaumont-Terry 13 days ago

      Maria Lewis 😂😂😂

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis 14 days ago

      +Glynis Beaumont-Terry that is what you would like to believe. However we do not devour filth like your kind and called it the gospel truth. We can discern and decifer.

    • Glynis Beaumont-Terry
      Glynis Beaumont-Terry 14 days ago +2

      Maria Lewis - because most of you can’t actually read 😂😂

    • Glynis Beaumont-Terry
      Glynis Beaumont-Terry 14 days ago +2

      ARedGirl - oh, I see; in your opinion. We’re all allowed our opinions, honey 😊

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis 14 days ago +1

      +ARedGirl thank you. They think we do not read their words.

  • Anne Prestige
    Anne Prestige 16 days ago +17

    Everyone using Meg's name as click bait. They know most people don't care about the rest. Lol

  • Monique Bianchi
    Monique Bianchi 16 days ago +1

    The European royal families are better!!

    • Monique Bianchi
      Monique Bianchi 15 days ago

      England. It’s not Europe. I lived in both Germany and UK. UK are part of EU at present but do not see themselves as “European”. They see themselves as English. I am talking about the Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish royal families and others. All of the royal families are descended from one Danish grandfather.

    • ohwell94
      ohwell94 16 days ago +3

      Just where do you think the BRF live?

    CLUB BRENDAN 17 days ago +5

    She shares one thing with Diana. Neither one of them could wear a hat.

      CLUB BRENDAN 13 days ago

      +Suzette Aljanabi Now I'm a "Nazi"? Have I directed any racist stereotypes at you? No, because I'm above that, unlike you, who continues to reveal yourself in your comments. This began because I made a comment about someone in the public eye (ie: fair game) , but you chose to turn your venom on me. Apparently you have a problem with upper class white, American males. I suggest you seek counseling for that. And now I will be placing you on mute.

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 13 days ago

      +CLUB BRENDAN If you cannot take the heat there nazi buttercup, then do the honors and slither back to your hole.🤔🤗

      CLUB BRENDAN 13 days ago

      +Suzette Aljanabi You need to be quiet now.

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 13 days ago

      +CLUB BRENDAN Yes low IQ trumptard dunce- that 3rd grade Red State level education is working for you isn't it.🤔🤗

      CLUB BRENDAN 13 days ago

      +Suzette Aljanabi That WAS sarcasm, you airhead!

  • Corinne Woolley
    Corinne Woolley 17 days ago

    Don’t think so!

  • caramelhoney29
    caramelhoney29 17 days ago +16

    I love Meghan and Harry! I also love William and Kate's family.

    • Annette Davies
      Annette Davies 15 days ago +4

      caramelhoney29 I like both couples, they have different roles within the RF, and they ALL do them well.

    • Nonette Remojo
      Nonette Remojo 15 days ago


  • Delfin Jr Morales
    Delfin Jr Morales 17 days ago +1

    Dream on American....fake NEWS???😁

  • Evelynwashere 1
    Evelynwashere 1 17 days ago +26

    BOOOOO! Well wasn't this click bait.....the title makes it seem like it's about Meghan but you saw more of William and his family than her and Harry! What's up with that??? The outfit of Kate's that got the most attention was the one styled after Meghan 😒😒😒

    • Male Isac
      Male Isac 15 days ago +9

      Evelynwashere 1 and for this fact am reporting this video post. They hate on her but want to use her. She made RF famous again in 2018. I really never never cared for RF but when Duchess Meghan came, am now glued to my phone, anything about her I will click. So am reporting this video.

    • Ava42
      Ava42 16 days ago +13

      I was about to make the same comment until I seen yours. It is as if it is the only way to get people to click on anything is if it has Meghan's name attached. Which is sad in the sense that it should have been title Young Royals and been able to stand on on it own rather than making it seem like it was just her alone. The media try and make it seem like she is not important to the RF, but yet they have to use her name to get people to look at.

    • Jalloh@16street
      Jalloh@16street 17 days ago +10

      Evelynwashere 1 I agree with you completely

  • Shani Lincoln
    Shani Lincoln 17 days ago +44

    No one would even care about the royals in 2018 if it wasn't for Megs.
    They'd be just as ignored as in 2017...2016....2015🤣🤣

    • Debra Exford-Glover
      Debra Exford-Glover 13 days ago

      Nelli Torre Shows how little you know. Duchess Meghan already had 99% of her clothes, jewelry and etc. The British people don’t pay for The Royal wardrobe, Prince Charles does from his Royal Trust. If you’re going to talk nonsense then at least get your facts straight.

    • Onlytymewilltell
      Onlytymewilltell 14 days ago

      the royals have never been 'ignored' so idk what your talking about ...theyve ALL(except for the ones married into the family) have had to deal with the spot light on them constantly from day numero uno so id imagine they would rather live their lives and do their work as royals as peacefully as possible.thats the whole reason he dated meghan in secrecy was to keep the media out of her face before they had the chance to wreck his relationship before it even got started. and when they did find out racist ppl were coming out of the woodwork left and right! im not much of a meghan markle fan myself due to how shes ended EVERY past relationship shes ever had! it seems her passion in life was to become rich and famous. bc a person doesnt just give everything up after working that to be where she was and finally having it all start to pay off it just doesnt make sense to me would seriously throw it all away to go live SOMEONE ELSES life with them??? seems a bit drastic if you ask me and not well thought out considering how fast they got married. but perhaps ill be proven wrong. i really hope so bc going thru something like that can really take alot out of a person NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!!

    • Elsie Moriaty
      Elsie Moriaty 14 days ago

      Karen Love. and she's scrounging

    • Jeanne KM
      Jeanne KM 14 days ago

      Cindy Rosario Bravooooo

    • Vi W
      Vi W 15 days ago

      This thread is hilarious. You are all fighting over privileged people who are in an outdated, unnecessary, unjustifiable so called institution. They live great lives in taxpayer funded homes and armed guards and staff and driven about, but they don't care about anyone else. Harry said none of them want the throne. If Meghan wanted to do charity work she could get a real job like the rest of them should instead of swanning about in pricey clothes. Time for a vote after old Liz passes away to end the useless so called monarchy. Viva la Republic to quote the French. Royalists are a strange bunch licking the soles of feet of rich taxpayer funded inbreds 😂😂😂😂

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 18 days ago +37

    Love Meghan.

  • robin milford
    robin milford 18 days ago +2


    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 15 days ago +1

      robin milford -First hand knowledge you must have.

  • Kawaiipusheenlove Xoxo
    Kawaiipusheenlove Xoxo 18 days ago +43

    Happy new year Meagan and Harry ❤️❤️wish you all the best in 2019!!can’t wait to meet your baby 👶🏽

  • Moomoo dancer
    Moomoo dancer 18 days ago +26

    Harry's lost his smile and cheerful nature,!

    • Tilly Malone
      Tilly Malone 13 days ago +1

      Are you blind? Or just don't want to face reality 😁😁😁I have never seen Harry happier then he is now, except when he was with his Mom

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 15 days ago +6

      Moomoo dancer Harry is lovesick and any frown you see it’s for the haters like you.

    • Gistfrom Niaja
      Gistfrom Niaja 15 days ago +5

      This sounds like Scumbag Sam 😂
      Jealousy will soon blind you.

    • Evelynwashere 1
      Evelynwashere 1 16 days ago +1

      +ohwell94 oh okay...

    • ohwell94
      ohwell94 16 days ago +1

      +Evelynwashere 1 I meant during the Christmas services..only way I can explain it is he seems rather tense when hes with his family these days..I noticed it during the Rememberance day ceremonies too

  • FC Yu
    FC Yu 18 days ago +2


  • Alex Samin
    Alex Samin 18 days ago +48

    i doubt anyone will see this but if just a single person reads this it will make my day so much better👍🏻👍🏻

    • J Fatty
      J Fatty 14 days ago

      Be true to who you are.and vlog the truth.

    • Jacqueline Gray
      Jacqueline Gray 14 days ago

      Hope you are successful, but be mean to achieve it.

    • Alex Samin
      Alex Samin 15 days ago


    • nord SKyrim
      nord SKyrim 15 days ago

      Just a tip

    • nord SKyrim
      nord SKyrim 15 days ago +1

      Alex Samin plus u need to know how to make good thumbnails and get a good camera and speak up and show your face

  • Nelli Torre
    Nelli Torre 18 days ago +16

    Me-gain is a fake woman, she is ruining the Royal Household. Harry will realize who she is.

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis 13 days ago

      +Nelli Torre you know you have the right name TORRE. Bullsh....t bullhead. Myopic.

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis 13 days ago

      +Pepperanne50 Harry knows how the world is especially his part of the world. I believe that he and Meghan had some very honest conversation about what would happen if they got married. How the world would view the marriage. And how they can shield themselves from any negativity. Harry started the work. He told the media leave Meghan alone. He talked about the family Meghan never had. Harry started to fight for his marriage LONG before he placed the ring on the finger.

    • ARedGirl
      ARedGirl 15 days ago +3

      Geneva Saulsberry Racism is the most ignorant way of thinking humans have ever created. To actually believe someone is less than you because of the color of their skin is beyond stupid, it’s tragic. Fortunately, Meghan has the intelligence and keen sense of understanding to overcome that level of stupidity and she will always rise...and by her side, her loving and committed husband will continue to stand with her, ignoring those few miserable ones who find their satisfaction in hatred.

    • Geneva Saulsberry
      Geneva Saulsberry 15 days ago +4

      Meghan, isn't ruining anything. If anything, the Royal are in the spotlight, because of the change due to Meghan. When these haters, stop comparing these two beautiful women against each other, then they will see, the royalty in a great change that many won't except. You see! they didn't want this black women in Kennington Palace, like they didn't want that black man, Obama, in the White house. I really feel sorry for all racist people of this world. I wonder will they realize all the evil things that they will go through, in their life, they will know that they caused it.Amen!!!

    • Gistfrom Niaja
      Gistfrom Niaja 15 days ago +8

      +Ava42 I do feel for Kate when her "fans" use her as a standard to bash at (attempt actually cause they're just miserable failures) Meghan. However Ava, I think Kate may just be a victim of their casing. They have thus set of tick boxes they applaud Kate to have completed (have babies - tick, slouch - tick, not exceeding expectations - tick, be predictable - tick, flash your butt - tick, have one tone of voice - tick, don't look so loved so the miserable ones can connect to you - tick, etc - tick. Then "and your price is Queen CONSORT!"
      Then they turn to Meghan and say, "now watch and lear...." but Meghan had already hit the ground running with Prince Harry enthusiastically cheering her on and a NY #1 cookbook in hand, exceeding expectations in tour engagements and others; certainly not fitting into their box. So the miserable minds are lashing out and praising who they see as a conquered Kate to compel Meghan to succumb. But they failed and will continue to fail. The Sussexes cord/bond/wall will not be broken but will grow from strength to strength. Anyone that falls on it will be broken to pieces and anyone it fall on will be ground to powder for God (Love) is with them.

  • Jenny Kevin
    Jenny Kevin 18 days ago +31

    Kate always looks very old then her age,

    • Tracy
      Tracy 13 days ago

      +Jesusa De Leon lmao on what planet does a nose job make one stop aging? 🤣

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis 13 days ago

      +Angelina Villegas-Zimmermann oh my girl you really don't know what you talking about. I pity your stupidity.

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis 13 days ago

      +Goodwillgirl nifty thrifty 1983 gently used beautifully built looking like brand new and driving smoothly. Gives you more miles to the gallon. A steal - Harry knew it and MARRIED the beautiful Duchess of Sussex.

    • Evelynwashere 1
      Evelynwashere 1 15 days ago +2

      +wiktoria 18 It is easy! It may be a little tough with newborns but with nannies???? Hell no it's not hard. Somebody elses dresses them and everything else. What does she have to do? Play with them and read bedtime stories? I can't even say there is a problem until the kids sleep all night because she doesn't get up and go to work. So she can sleep during the day if she wants. Stop making excuses already....

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 15 days ago +1

      Jesusa De Leon - Nope not with you in it.

  • alex on roblox :3 die
    alex on roblox :3 die 18 days ago +4

    Royal ;-; .
    Till this day I understand life

  • BEBA Pagan
    BEBA Pagan 18 days ago +15

    Happy new year Royal family 👄😘