• Published on May 4, 2018
  • Walmart Yodel Boy reacted to by Elders! Watch to see their reaction!
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    Elders React to the Walmart Yodel Boy! Watch to see their Reactions!
    Conent featured:
    Boy Sings Out in Walmart || ViralHog
    Walmart Yodeling Kid (Paul Gannon Remix)
    Mason Ramsey - Famous [Lyric Video]
    Elders featured in this episode:
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  • FBE
    FBE  3 months ago +541

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  • xian catapia
    xian catapia 2 months ago +4

    The people who made the video in Walmart changed his life, he should be thankful for them.

  • Sophie Prest
    Sophie Prest 2 months ago


  • p0ppin micahh
    p0ppin micahh 2 months ago +18

    Do elders react to Lil Tay!!

  • Panntasatan
    Panntasatan 2 months ago

    where can i get a watch like Don?, i like it!!

  • Francis Niño Mindaña
    Francis Niño Mindaña 2 months ago

    Anyone? 👌

  • Kony947
    Kony947 2 months ago

    4:00 I think he was running into action cuz people behind him were running sooo...

  • Kimberly Davila
    Kimberly Davila 2 months ago +2

    It weird by the fact that the youtubers respect the memes and remixes while (most of maybe actually some i think idk) the elders kind of dont at all. 😂

  • Bocbchoi 22
    Bocbchoi 22 2 months ago +1

    1:34 2:11 3:22 3:36 5:46 7:06 8:51

  • random car vids
    random car vids 2 months ago +13

    Elders react to bohemean rhapsody trailer

  • cer wency
    cer wency 2 months ago +5

    Kids respect your grandfather and grandmother cuz they will not where forever like my grandfather :(😤😤

  • Lana Yepifanova
    Lana Yepifanova 2 months ago +18

    Elders react to lil tay

  • Alien V
    Alien V 2 months ago +3

    Can’t help wondering if Madam Josie is a Filipina? like me 😉

  • Alien V
    Alien V 2 months ago +2

    I hope you let them react to the movie Trailer of Bohemian Rhapsody...😊😊😊#fred’s story😉

  • Alexander De la Riva
    Alexander De la Riva 2 months ago +20

    Elders react to lil Tay

  • Moa
    Moa 2 months ago +1

    Elders react to naughty boy (the dj)

  • Shani Shalem
    Shani Shalem 2 months ago +1

    He is amazing

  • Shani Shalem
    Shani Shalem 2 months ago +1


  • Renee Kelly
    Renee Kelly 2 months ago +11

    Make them react to laurel and yanny!

  • Renee Kelly
    Renee Kelly 2 months ago +3

    “Oh I love him. I love him so much. God bless”.

  • Mr. Price
    Mr. Price 2 months ago +1

    I wish the yodel kid is compared with the original song

  • GrixTRG
    GrixTRG 2 months ago +17

    (1:00) Ur Grandson is watching 😌😌😢😢

  • cesar 62705
    cesar 62705 2 months ago +2

    Ohh I like that beat

  • Lucid Spark
    Lucid Spark 2 months ago +3

    Someone said

  • Nya Papia
    Nya Papia 2 months ago +3

    They should react to the floss!!! Omg that would be soooo fuuuuunnny!!!!

  • James Harrington
    James Harrington 2 months ago +1

    Elders react to my dear melancholy,

  • Jazzy Will
    Jazzy Will 2 months ago +5

    3:29-3:32 lol

  • matcheadgaming
    matcheadgaming 2 months ago +7

    Don’t get offended but he sounds like he is just getting voice cracks

    • GoodPlanGreatPlan
      GoodPlanGreatPlan 2 months ago

      matcheadgaming You ever heard of country music? Because that’s what he’s singing.

    • Victor A
      Victor A 2 months ago +1

      matcheadgaming everything he does in his Walmart video is almost the exact same as the lyrics he got from the song.

    • Braden Gerard
      Braden Gerard 2 months ago +1

      I thinks that’s just part of yodeling. I wouldn’t know though

    • Salma D
      Salma D 2 months ago

      matcheadgaming Ikr

  • Lucine Tchakerian
    Lucine Tchakerian 2 months ago


  • miva2317
    miva2317 2 months ago +8


  • Adam Wills
    Adam Wills 2 months ago +1

    react to hapax legomenon!

  • Rushid Tahiri
    Rushid Tahiri 2 months ago +23

    Do yanny or laurel next 😂

    • Z- Dawg
      Z- Dawg 2 months ago +1

      Rushid Tahiri ye

  • j soul
    j soul 2 months ago +1

    Norman is my fav elder!

  • Veronica Peón
    Veronica Peón 2 months ago +7

    Next Have Elders React to Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Trailer!

  • Rubier Martinez
    Rubier Martinez 2 months ago +3

    Elders react to "El triste" by Jose Jose.

  • Trevor Maltis
    Trevor Maltis 2 months ago +4

    Beat Lady Is Back

  • Caitlyn Sheriff Of Piltover

    Elder react to bboom boom by momo land!

  • Samuele Capirola
    Samuele Capirola 2 months ago +2

    next elder react to bohemian rhapsody trailer

  • That one Meme
    That one Meme 2 months ago +5

    React to Lemony Snicket: series of unfortunate events

  • Horse Shit
    Horse Shit 2 months ago +6

    It’s may of 2018 and this is still going

  • Michal Lukáč
    Michal Lukáč 2 months ago +6

    Elders react to Bohemian Rhapsody teaser trailer :)

  • Sophia Jimenez
    Sophia Jimenez 2 months ago


  • L.A.K Leanna Kazamba
    L.A.K Leanna Kazamba 2 months ago +2

    Bless his heart precious😂

  • Erica Gibbs
    Erica Gibbs 2 months ago +8

    “oh i like that beat”

  • Juan Zamora
    Juan Zamora 2 months ago +1

    JAJAJA el hijo del chiken little v:

  • Ken Murphy
    Ken Murphy 2 months ago +5

    That wholesome look is gone...who says that tho

  • Alanna Megan
    Alanna Megan 2 months ago +1

    Kid's react to yodeling kid!! XD TY :D

  • Farah Alrubaish
    Farah Alrubaish 2 months ago +6

    they say come in the first 30 mins but we get the notification​ 3 hours later 🙄😂😂😂

  • Cold-as-ice-007 Zero
    Cold-as-ice-007 Zero 2 months ago

    You guys should do a ELDERS REACT TO 2 CELLOS

  • GalacticGalaxys
    GalacticGalaxys 2 months ago +7

    “Oh my gawwd his lidl bow tie!”

  • Little more Games
    Little more Games 2 months ago

    Omg I'm so early!!! Wth?! I just realized that..

  • mk c;;;;
    mk c;;;; 2 months ago +1

  • mk c;;;;
    mk c;;;; 2 months ago +6

    These Elders don't understand the remix has made him more famous and that's the point because they need to understand that the remixes made him More famous I mean what did I don't see in my I know they're old but like dang

    • Bicey
      Bicey 2 months ago

      The remixes definitely did not make him more famous wtf lol

    • who cares
      who cares 2 months ago +1

      tbh i never even heard these remixes only the original until now.

    • Just Yuri
      Just Yuri 2 months ago

      Noah is Kawaii c;;;; actally....they didnt

  • TenThumbs Productions
    TenThumbs Productions 3 months ago

    Hank Williams IV?

  • AlfieUTI IMP
    AlfieUTI IMP 3 months ago +8

    His little bow tie😂😂

  • 1ωω0RT4L Dawid
    1ωω0RT4L Dawid 3 months ago +5

    A black person watches white cowboy yodeling. What a time to be alive :D

  • Tarra Ismail my vloging channel

    His to young to be signed to a record company

  • karla morales
    karla morales 3 months ago +7

    Had you ever gotten prank before?

    *Read More*

  • Persist
    Persist 3 months ago +1

    next do elders react to DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS??? ITS DISCO TIME! (see on my channel. my friend sent it to me)

  • Lemonade
    Lemonade 3 months ago +3

    Elders plays minecraft pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please

  • isagani tarrayo
    isagani tarrayo 3 months ago +6

    Elders react to Bohemian Rhapsody

    • Seamus Aindriu O'Coran
      Seamus Aindriu O'Coran 3 months ago

      isagani tarrayo I assume that you're referring to the movie and not the song.

  • Taylor Gomez
    Taylor Gomez 3 months ago +2

    7:06 Truer words have never been spoken.

  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma 3 months ago +1

    You don't turn Waylon Jennings into Avicii... Let one genre stay non-digital pls I beg u!

  • j soul
    j soul 3 months ago +7

    "Way to get the customers in" 😂

  • Sebastian Escalante
    Sebastian Escalante 3 months ago +1

    Algien que me lo tradusca

  • sans the badass skeleton
    sans the badass skeleton 3 months ago +1

    yay elders react to yodel kid i love you fbe thanks

  • josemari  atilano
    josemari atilano 3 months ago +3

    Jorie is a Filipino???

    • Blessy Cayao
      Blessy Cayao 3 months ago

      josemari atilano Yes r u also filipino?

  • NIg ga
    NIg ga 3 months ago

    KKona 7

  • Julie Nygård
    Julie Nygård 3 months ago


  • Julie Nygård
    Julie Nygård 3 months ago

    Pliz react to norwegian Russ

  • Rafael Pedro
    Rafael Pedro 3 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who likes to hear to this?

  • Monkey Monday25
    Monkey Monday25 3 months ago +5

    “Your driving me crazy!” Lol

  • LilMustache
    LilMustache 3 months ago +5

    That kid is not twelve. I’ll bet he’s like 8 or 9

    Edit: nvm I looked it up he’s eleven

  • Laith Bardic
    Laith Bardic 3 months ago

    lol sick

  • [ TheJay2002 ]
    [ TheJay2002 ] 3 months ago +2

    Yeah you go mason ramsey aka yodeling BOI!!!!

  • lapiska91
    lapiska91 3 months ago


  • Brandon Alm
    Brandon Alm 3 months ago +13


  • Chu Reas
    Chu Reas 3 months ago +6

    Walmart is such a weird place

  • Lizzie Sanders
    Lizzie Sanders 3 months ago

    1:10 😂

  • Joshua
    Joshua 3 months ago +4

    8:50 Hahahah 💀💀💀💀

  • Suzannah Wilkinson
    Suzannah Wilkinson 3 months ago +1

    No I’m 12 and I know who the Beatles are so you don’t have to be a elder :)

  • Mr Rxbbitz
    Mr Rxbbitz 3 months ago

    Steve looks like reportoftheweek

  • Mr Rxbbitz
    Mr Rxbbitz 3 months ago +2

    2:08 that shirt is 🔥

  • j b12
    j b12 3 months ago +3

    I'd be pissed while I was shopping

  • DipWit
    DipWit 3 months ago +1

    Hank Williams sr

  • Dania Moalla
    Dania Moalla 3 months ago +1

    I love da remix of da yodeling

  • Dipper
    Dipper 3 months ago

    Lowercase edm remix is the best

  • Dagmawi Asrat Vlogs
    Dagmawi Asrat Vlogs 3 months ago +10

    Now Lil tay

  • BTS's Jams
    BTS's Jams 3 months ago +3

    Elders react to kpop

  • Adolf Shin
    Adolf Shin 3 months ago +2

    Please react to elders Bboom Bboom - Momoland

  • Adolf Shin
    Adolf Shin 3 months ago +1

    Elders react Bboom Bboom - Momoland ( Kpop )

  • Derp
    Derp 3 months ago

    What do you like made mason famous the internet making him a meme

  • Ur mom gay
    Ur mom gay 3 months ago +7

    Elders are precious.

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel 3 months ago +4

    Do Jon bellion

    • Josh Campbell
      Josh Campbell 3 months ago +1

      Jay Patel Yes it's just an idea, I'm not disagreeing with you i like jon bellion too i was almost pretty much suggesting songs for them to listen too.

    • Jay Patel
      Jay Patel 3 months ago

      Their reaction would be "worth the watch" nevertheless, so I guess it's just an idea

    • Von Tajay
      Von Tajay 3 months ago


    • Josh Campbell
      Josh Campbell 3 months ago

      Jay Patel I feel like the elders will like songs like "the wonder years", "overwhelming", "80's films". I dont think they'd like "all time low" and "run wild". Although they are really good songs

  • ajxgere
    ajxgere 3 months ago +8


  • Bandana '
    Bandana ' 3 months ago +3

    my birthday vid!

  • AJF :D
    AJF :D 3 months ago +24

    "I wish he were my grandson" 😂😂savage😄😎

  • Tiffany Shim
    Tiffany Shim 3 months ago +4


  • UnknownTerrarian 9480
    UnknownTerrarian 9480 3 months ago +12

    "i wish he was my grandson" you would be driving in a ferrari mixed with a McLaren mixed with a buggati

  • Arturo Vega
    Arturo Vega 3 months ago +8

    Elders react to bohemian rapsody trailer