Ellie Goulding, Juice WRLD - Hate Me

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Listen: ellie.lnk.to/HateMeID
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    DIRECTOR: Saam Farahmand
    Prod Co: DIVISION7
    Founding Partner: Patrick Milling-Smith
    Exec Producer: David Richards
    Exec Producer: Kamila Prokop
    Producer: Matt Day
    DP: Pete Konczal
    PD: Rob Ebeltoft
    1st AD: Chris Bicknell
    Wardrobe: Aeri Yun
    Hair: Panos
    Make-up: Lucy Wearing
    VFX: Platige
    Edit: Julia Knight, Speade
    Color: Bryan Smaller, Company3
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  • Galaxy Owl
    Galaxy Owl 27 seconds ago

    We lost Cameron Boyce and Juice wrld this year 😭🌹

  • Eš Denis
    Eš Denis 57 seconds ago

    I will be here forever

  • antonio 00
    antonio 00 4 minutes ago


  • Bee me up Bernard
    Bee me up Bernard 8 minutes ago

    Hope he made his dream

  • Nissy Chavez
    Nissy Chavez 9 minutes ago


  • Erica Colaco
    Erica Colaco 13 minutes ago +1

    Who's watching this after juice wrld died
    No one will ever be able to replace him.
    Fly high angel👼👼

  • Big L
    Big L 14 minutes ago

    Forever in our hearts 💔

  • Ñicølas
    Ñicølas 14 minutes ago +1

    Juice wrld 🙏🏼😔

  • DragoTFS
    DragoTFS 15 minutes ago +1


  • Ashass Malik
    Ashass Malik 17 minutes ago +1

    Tiktok brought me here love the music

  • GamerTobi1
    GamerTobi1 19 minutes ago +1

    The official ''i thought this is halsey'' button

  • Rifqi Adiono
    Rifqi Adiono 20 minutes ago +1

    50% Tik Tok brought me here
    50% r.i.p Juice wrld

  • Song S
    Song S 21 minute ago +1

    Rip Juice Wrld!💔

  • Afiq Playz
    Afiq Playz 26 minutes ago +1

    RIP juice wrld

  • Sub to get LiGMa
    Sub to get LiGMa 26 minutes ago +2

    I just want to say... RIP Juice WRLD

  • Vicky Chaudhary
    Vicky Chaudhary 35 minutes ago +2

    Tik tok se kon Aaya h like kro

  • qFaon
    qFaon 37 minutes ago

    A man is not gone when he is dead, he is gone when he is forgotten.

  • R3Wiikez •
    R3Wiikez • 42 minutes ago +1

    R.I.P BRO❤

  • Souljabroable West
    Souljabroable West 47 minutes ago

    is this an iphone commercial?

  • Mad Monster HW
    Mad Monster HW 47 minutes ago +1

    R.I.P juice wrld

  • Mari D.
    Mari D. 56 minutes ago


  • Askhat Suyundukov
    Askhat Suyundukov 58 minutes ago

    Idk but it feels hypocritical of Ellie to drop the song now- to get that cheap attention out of Juice`s death. sad

  • Tevin
    Tevin 58 minutes ago +1

    Does Juice have a campfire in his stomach ?

  • just ღადაობა
    just ღადაობა 58 minutes ago +1

    Juice world's oh no 💜😭😭😭

  • SavageBoss010
    SavageBoss010 Hour ago

    R.I.P. Juice Wrld😔✊

  • Demonic Witchcraft

    who's here after juice's death?

  • АлинаPlay :3
    АлинаPlay :3 Hour ago +1

    Rest in peace 💔

    • its a Tilly
      its a Tilly 24 minutes ago

      @High Carb China Study How are you Happy!? How could you be happy? Hes not a bad person!

    • High Carb China Study
      High Carb China Study 48 minutes ago

      I am happy, that he is dead. Never heard a song of him.

  • sk editors
    sk editors Hour ago

    R.I.P Poor soul rest bro you were a legend no doubt on that in memories juice

  • Infinity vlogs
    Infinity vlogs Hour ago

    Juice wrld 💔

  • Seby's vlogs
    Seby's vlogs Hour ago


  • Cowsy Official
    Cowsy Official Hour ago

    rip 2 legend xxtentacion and juicewrld u may rest now

  • TommyV_OG
    TommyV_OG Hour ago

    RIP Juice

  • SEB_IS_ a_spazz
    SEB_IS_ a_spazz Hour ago


  • LouisPlaysVG 101
    LouisPlaysVG 101 Hour ago

    rip juice wrld lovu u

  • Karan Sharma
    Karan Sharma Hour ago

    I Hope He's Alive Because Legends Never Die😔

  • Farrux Odilov
    Farrux Odilov Hour ago


  • Elif Tomruk
    Elif Tomruk Hour ago +1

    Juice WRLD🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤💕

    • its a Tilly
      its a Tilly 23 minutes ago

      @High Carb China Study stop spamming about his death! How are you happy, Just because you dont like his music doesnt mean you should be rude. You honestly make me sick

    • High Carb China Study
      High Carb China Study 46 minutes ago

      It is good, that he is dead. I do not like his music

  • Rey Neo
    Rey Neo Hour ago +2


  • รชต มณีนิล

    R.I.P.​ Juies WRLD😞💔 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

    TEKASHI 6IX9INE Hour ago

    *R.I.P Legend* 😢

  • sad dream
    sad dream Hour ago

    Rip juice wrld😭😭😭

  • soso fortnite
    soso fortnite Hour ago

    Rip juge 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😞😞😞

  • freakly amaziin
    freakly amaziin Hour ago

    Rip juice world 💔💔💔💔

  • Ish
    Ish Hour ago

    Gone but not forgotten

  • 4LEX_fallen-MVP plays

    Juice wrld carried the song....

  • 7 Figure
    7 Figure 2 hours ago +1

    RIP juice wrld

  • Rafik feryani
    Rafik feryani 2 hours ago


  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah 2 hours ago +1

    Rip juice world

  • Gåmìñg brøß
    Gåmìñg brøß 2 hours ago +1

    That smoking is the reason 😭for juice wrld's death

    MOHAMMED BIN AMER 2 hours ago +1


  • sabyasachi seal
    sabyasachi seal 2 hours ago

    Anyone here after Juice passes away ? rip juice

  • Invincible Ash
    Invincible Ash 2 hours ago

    Oh he yeeted few days back.

  • riddhima bajpai
    riddhima bajpai 2 hours ago

    RIP juice wrld i am so. sad.

    LAIDBACKMANNER 2 hours ago

    I had never listened to Juice WRLD until today when I was watching a video about his life and death by "Atheism Is Unstoppable". Never heard of "emo rap" until today as well. From te tiny bit (this song and snippets of other songs and interviews in AIU's vid (which ain't shit to go on when judging someone's talent and realness).... And just from the tiny bit I have heard and seen from him... I still think we lost another (potential) artistic genius. I also think drugs had to be a main factor in his death, given his (Going completely off of what I heard by AIU, not to mention the shit he flowed about in the, again, little I have seen and heard from him, music he created) known rampant drug use. all I know of is that he had a seizure while he was in the airport and no C.O.D. has been released yet... Have fun if there is something else after death, Juice, and if there isn't, I hope it's in peace.

  • Tahabar Bar
    Tahabar Bar 2 hours ago +1

    احلام هنيئة 🥺💔
    صوته احلا صوت من يوافقني 💔🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😟😔😢

  • MR shwan
    MR shwan 2 hours ago

    R.i.p 💔

  • さーり。
    さーり。 2 hours ago

    I'm really sad

  • werus пранки
    werus пранки 2 hours ago

    вот сучка

  • kstelakis
    kstelakis 2 hours ago

    juice's verse hits diffrent now. I miss him :(

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