10 Online Scams You Might Get Fooled By!

  • Published on Dec 20, 2016
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Comments • 5 651

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin 6 days ago

    It would be hysterical if a scammer sent an e-card claiming it's from my mom and dad who are both...dead. That would be a trick!

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin 6 days ago

    I had spam telling me to check my paypal account. I deleted it. I never had paypal. Or if you don't do this or that your e-mail will disappear or be locked out. I delete those too. I don't use facebook or paypal and as long as I pay my bill my internet is safe. I used to get calls from people claiming their from Microsoft you have a virus on your desktop. I don't have a working desktop anyway and those people are from India you can't understand. Oh and if anyone gets a call demanding money for say breast cancer hang up. You donate to whom you contact first. Had one of those the other day and I kept saying don't know if I can or have no money purposely wasting their time and they hang up. Or if they don't immediately say anything I hang up.

  • Claude Stagg
    Claude Stagg 23 days ago

    The comment section seems interesting today

  • SynexiaSaturnDs • 69 years ago

    3 years ago:

  • white shadow
    white shadow Month ago

    My mother had a scammer call n said " Robert is in jail n needs bail money ". My mom asked " what's his last name "? He replied with my stepfathers last name. Oh that's not it. Thanks for playing bub bye.

  • Jenn Cutter
    Jenn Cutter Month ago

    My husband got 4k scammed out of him from the gift card scammers

  • Franso Arbela
    Franso Arbela Month ago

    Bruh I could listen to this guy all day he don’t know what boring video is

  • Zoe Tremain-Woodcock
    Zoe Tremain-Woodcock Month ago +1

    hey matt, i was looking for your video on evil experiments, and a reddit vid showed up with your thumbnail look

  • dex animates
    dex animates Month ago

    When i was like 8, i fell for a fake pokemon 'game' pop-up download. I don't remember much about what happened to the computer, pretty sure it got a virus.

  • SuperSkan
    SuperSkan Month ago

    Your windows ten computer might be in danger!
    Bitch this an iphone

  • Last Brain Cell
    Last Brain Cell Month ago

    Why is the text backwords

  • Ulrike and Brenda Canada

    Thanks for telling us about these scams

  • Tracie W
    Tracie W Month ago

    A guy once texted me being flirty with an attractive dp. Coincidentally, i actually knew the guy in the pic he used as dp.
    So of course, scam failed 😂

  • chelsea crook
    chelsea crook Month ago

    Sometimes they use real people's names on the catfish ones. I've gotten messages from my mamaw and great aunt. Only issue is, they don't message me randomly and if they do they text my phone or call me. Which is also never bcuz they tell my mom to let me know about stuff. So when I got messages from them I immediately shut them down and reported them

  • TooBad Is TooSilly
    TooBad Is TooSilly 2 months ago

    Wow. This was so helpful.. I have a gofundme and people try to scam me by saying that they can't donate because their credit card is messed up so they say they're going to email me a check to deposit only to take my information and still the nothing that I have I don't understand why pray on someone with nothing, I'm homeless with 5 kids why take from me SMFH!

  • eliza maria
    eliza maria 2 months ago

    Matt, babe, I adore you and think you're adorable, but please lose the old man sweater!!❤️

  • TYLIE116
    TYLIE116 2 months ago

    The job one is tricky cuz they claim to have gotten ur info from a job site but never say which one.. Will say we saw ur resume n feel ur a good for the company.. Then ask u if u have Duo n will send u a link to call them. But once they allegedly hire u they start asking u to send all this personal stuff to them including ur credit card info to get started..
    Oh and the rent this house scam

  • homie beaglePG
    homie beaglePG 2 months ago

    i was looking for dos attacking scammer websites so thanks for the information.

  • TheWaterFlame1234
    TheWaterFlame1234 2 months ago

    Ways to troll scammers:
    1. Tell them details that lead to a credit card with no money at all in them. Make sure you don’t use that credit card after that.
    2. Give them any kind of password that is impossible to input into an account. (Ex: “mY pAsSwOrD iS “948372704827294828947295920aahahahhheowjdbjfksjdbdjdj.dowoj” oK gIvE mE mY fReE sTuFfF!” when the maximum password length is 10)
    Suggest more if you want I don’t care

  • Zahra Najib
    Zahra Najib 2 months ago

    Heeeeeeey my names Abdullah (:

  • Agnes Maina
    Agnes Maina 2 months ago

    there should be a law that arrest hackers

  • Thurgood Jenkins
    Thurgood Jenkins 2 months ago +1

    It’s simple just keep bad credit and nobody can steal your name.

  • Keith Carrieri
    Keith Carrieri 2 months ago

    My girl got scammed someone sent a check saying to cash it and do undercover shopping it was for i think 1200 she cashed the check at Walmart and kept the money lmaooooooo and bought me a nice polo sweat suit new Jordan's and went crazy at American eagle and Victoria secret

  • Keith Carrieri
    Keith Carrieri 2 months ago

    I actually had a long lost cousin find my family sadly there was no money

  • Paula Weires
    Paula Weires 3 months ago

    I also had the Microsoft....sent a message to aaty general. Its good to be suspicion

  • Paula Weires
    Paula Weires 3 months ago

    I have a story! its a good one...Fastenall...real company a person used to usethose wanting towork at home. Im not that gullible. ended up sending all the correspondence to VP

  • James Fortin
    James Fortin 3 months ago

    Sooo were just not gunna talk about the backwards, flipped text?? Is it my phone or is it just the video?? Lemme know what's going on Matt lol!!!!!

  • simone foster
    simone foster 4 months ago

    POP up scams just restart your pc then run boot up scan works every time.

  • Jenny Reinstadtler
    Jenny Reinstadtler 4 months ago

    While I do enter sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House those are the only emails I respond toand most other emails I just delete despite some of the subject lines telling me not to the only other emails I respond to are From the ACLJ which both my mom and I subscribe to

  • Galaxy !
    Galaxy ! 4 months ago

    My friend, who is the same age as me (12) did a gift card scam, and the person who scammed her is spamming me through her Instagram account. I told her delete her account and change her email. I don't know if the people can or can't delete comments so she can't see them. What do I do in the meantime, because im worried they're going to figure out how to get onto her moms credit card through her email.(I know she's paid for stuff on her phone.) Please help me I know that this is happening and I don't want to let them do this, and make them go bankrupt. If you have something to say, please reply to this comment... Thanks for listening

  • S K
    S K 4 months ago

    Thumbs downers must be from triggered SCAMMERS.

  • PidgeyHowler
    PidgeyHowler 4 months ago

    I love when I get emails telling me the Netflix account I don't actually have has been locked. Oh no! A service I've never used before is locked! Better act quickly to save my non-existent account!

  • mikitz
    mikitz 4 months ago

    Those who claim they can't be scammed are usually the perfect marks.
    I love scamming con artists, although they're not usually dumb enough to fall for it.

  • Skippy Doo
    Skippy Doo 4 months ago

    Nice sweater grandma

  • Tiamat's Chosen Daughter

    And for some reason I troll scammers by pretending to be the Police, or use fake names

  • Joe Bruce
    Joe Bruce 5 months ago

    I miss my mom 😢

    BRADY ROWE 5 months ago

    I get scams saying my Microsoft account is locked while I’m playing on my Xbox live account so yeah it’s a bunch of crap

  • Melissa Rivadeneira
    Melissa Rivadeneira 5 months ago

    An add about robokiller:spam add popped up before this video started!!!!Coincedence??

  • Sarah Fields
    Sarah Fields 5 months ago

    I got the PayPal one once and almost fell for it

  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof 5 months ago

    Also free robux scams

  • Ole Holm
    Ole Holm 5 months ago

    There are also IRS and CRA scams. Scammers with indian accents send a "missed call to the victim. The victim call back and the scammer clain the vic owe alot of money in back taxes. TVclip are filled with videos of scambaiters wasting scammers time. When the scammers are confronted, the viewer can learn new indian curse words. The scammers a really cold and heartless.

  • Maureen U
    Maureen U 5 months ago

    There is also an Email scam floating around that says if you don't click the link they provide in 5 days your Google account will be closed/deleted. It's been 6 months since I've gotten one my account is fine. They even sent one to my Yahoo account.😄

  • Anna G
    Anna G 5 months ago

    My personal favorite is the FBI pop up claiming I've viewed child porn and have to pay a fine to unlock my computer and avoid charges. Because.... that's exactly what happens to people who view child porn, you pay a fine and everything is fine. It's not like its punishable by 15 -20 years in prison for your first offense or anything.

  • Courtney B
    Courtney B 6 months ago

    The big scams i hate is thos pop ups on phones in the middle of a site (legit site!). 2nd one are thos surveys on back of walmart kroger and other reciepts and end up w viruses or spam in the emails. Bullhockey

  • Brandi Silvers
    Brandi Silvers 6 months ago

    I never answer emails unless its Netflix and Hulu telling me what's new this week. And I keep a virus protection plan on my computer and never open anything that might contain a virus

  • John Rowen
    John Rowen 6 months ago

    Facebook scammers really make me laugh . Just for the fact they make it . Obvious that they are trying to get caught

  • favoritekidskinlem10
    favoritekidskinlem10 6 months ago

    How not to get scammed
    1.stop watching this clickbait vid

  • RacinGIRL911
    RacinGIRL911 6 months ago

    My elderly parents were scammed by one of those fake bank emails. I am still posed off about it!! Grrrrr!!

  • Rocio Samaniego
    Rocio Samaniego 6 months ago

    Number 8 happened to me, a guy contacted me in fb and after 2 days he started sending me love messages, I though it was weird, so I looked his profile and I found something in one of his pics, I googled it and I found the real pic, it turned out to be a successful writer, married with kids, so I wrote back saying that he was a scammer and of course he blocked me, but before that I warned our mutual contacts on fb.

  • Kalman Linietsky
    Kalman Linietsky 6 months ago

    A weird version of #2 is where instead of "a virus" it's "we're the FBI. We detected you were watching Child Porn. Pay us a fine or you won't be able to use the computer." It's mind-boggling that they even go to that effort. Just make a lock to pay, because who would fall for that? Yeah, the sites can be dodgy but not that dodgy (illegal streaming sites, not CP), so it would be weird to "hit" a guilty person, so you know your innocent, you know the FBI would just arrest you, so why bother with the pretense? Luckily, the one I got was weak, cntrl+alt+delete took care of it.

  • Davibes TV
    Davibes TV 6 months ago


  • Christina Valle
    Christina Valle 6 months ago

    I had the IRS call me I gave fake name fake last 4# of social security card and he told me they was on the way but when I told him my husband handles all my money then they hung up on me lol

  • Billows Blaze
    Billows Blaze 6 months ago

    The online pharmacies also sell strong narcotics that end up being fake to addicts for insane amounts of money. It’s crazy and dangerous. There was a news article about it years back.

  • Oli Bernstein
    Oli Bernstein 7 months ago

    "Call the friendly technicians"
    They are so friendly that they called me Madarchod or Benchod.

  • Fact
    Fact 7 months ago +1

    Matt: Online scams.

  • Angela Schultz
    Angela Schultz 7 months ago +1

    walmart shopper scam i was almost scammed by

  • K 9 Poodle
    K 9 Poodle 7 months ago

    Just see the contact email if it is gmail, 100% it's a scam. Legitimate companies don't use Gmail to send mail

  • Andre James
    Andre James 7 months ago

    Which camera you made this video with ?
    The resolution is great

  • Lucarius1
    Lucarius1 7 months ago

    Hmmm, the thing with emails that have a lot of mistakes does not always mean they are fake. I know a legit company who sends emails littered with spelling and grammar mistakes (mainly bad translation from the original English version). But they are actually real, official emails from a real official company...

  • Roseheart Toxic
    Roseheart Toxic 7 months ago

    With the long lost relative scam it can be easily be avoided if people check with their state or country man's unclaimed funds bureau