The Best Steak Quesadilla | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Want to make the best steak quesadilla? This recipe uses leftover mashed potato & smoked gouda!
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    ►tortilla (i recommend raw tortillas)
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    ►kosher salt
    ►garlic powder
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  • Matt Clark
    Matt Clark 4 hours ago

    Could you make something maybe with leftover fried chicken? Asking for a friend who cooked too much...

  • living_dead_guy_222
    living_dead_guy_222 8 hours ago

    That pink color looks fkn gross. Cook that fkn thing.

  • pink rose
    pink rose 11 hours ago

    lmaooo i actually believed he was hiding his nipple rings

  • damon rottermond
    damon rottermond 16 hours ago

    What knife do you use?

  • ssadasd asdasd
    ssadasd asdasd 18 hours ago

    Those are called "Gringas" queso and meat

  • Ethan Wong
    Ethan Wong 18 hours ago

    wow, your video is nice
    that looks awesome.
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  • Fredrik Eriksen
    Fredrik Eriksen Day ago

    Pro potato tip: If you use milk/whole milk/cream in your mashed potato, Put the milk/whole milk/cream on your stove in a pan on low heat, put all the potato peel in your milk to infuse, the mash will then have a better potato taste, you can also add any herbs/garlic and spices to infuse in the milk/Cream before adding it to the mash, the longer the better. its amazing. Happy cooking from Norway. Bonus tip: Cut the potatoes in small boat shapes, leave them in running cold water in bowl for 10 ish minutes to wash out starch, mash gets smoother and less glue like

  • John Quinn
    John Quinn Day ago

    Max max max, dad's getting older, he can't remember things, then he forgets other things, it getting to that time to put the alte kakker into a retirement home. This is called max's revenge, hehehe, dad should been nicer, then take dad's gelt and get a "king George piercing" Greetings from South Africa Johannesburg.

  • mattmorrow7777
    mattmorrow7777 2 days ago

    Looks delicious.

  • Gage Schroeder
    Gage Schroeder 2 days ago

    They will see your nipple rings.

  • Joe Dosch
    Joe Dosch 2 days ago

    I made this, sir, are a genius. It was sooooo gooooood. 12/10!

  • davisx2002
    davisx2002 2 days ago

    Journey doesn't sing "living on a prayer"

  • Keenan Ihrig
    Keenan Ihrig 3 days ago

    You should do an essentials at the grocery store vid 🤙

  • Don Ramon SWR
    Don Ramon SWR 3 days ago

    That took forever

  • Kayla Jaggi
    Kayla Jaggi 3 days ago +2

    I made the steak quesadilla added some sour cream & a variety of sweet peppers & onions, it was AWESOME!! Thank you, you the MAN SAM!!

  • Radost Dinkova
    Radost Dinkova 3 days ago

    I am vegan adn i watch your videos because of you are very entertaining!

  • Dez!ree•Juarez
    Dez!ree•Juarez 3 days ago

    The little corner pieces of fat are the beeeeesssttttty part! Ugh my arteries are clogging as im typing.

  • Dez!ree•Juarez
    Dez!ree•Juarez 3 days ago

    That little piece is my favorite part of the steak!! Lol max take a bite!

  • Dez!ree•Juarez
    Dez!ree•Juarez 3 days ago

    You always make the perfect steaks....i hate you!!! ❤

  • Cara Euler
    Cara Euler 3 days ago

    We eat these in Sacramento at Chando's Tacos and they're called mulitas. Delicious invention.

  • MrZigB
    MrZigB 3 days ago

    Food Porn

  • Elyroubin
    Elyroubin 3 days ago

    19:23 that “fucking” was so unexpected. Damn

  • The King Of Bananas
    The King Of Bananas 3 days ago


  • Matt Carter
    Matt Carter 3 days ago

    I love cooking shows in general, but this is absolutely the best one I’ve seen... love everything you make, and the personal dynamic is frickin’ awesome!!! I think I’ve seen every episode on TVclip and I’ll keep watching! :)

  • gee zuz
    gee zuz 3 days ago

    Good job Sam keep it up

  • Chris Lee - UK
    Chris Lee - UK 4 days ago

    Can't stop watching your videos Sam!

  • marie Penate
    marie Penate 4 days ago

    I fucking love this guy... 😋

  • Chad Blackwell
    Chad Blackwell 4 days ago

    I have to be that guy... Living on a Prayer is by Bon Jovi. 💩

  • Carla loomis-allen
    Carla loomis-allen 4 days ago

    Max is Sams boss, loving the videos

  • Cesar Espinosa
    Cesar Espinosa 4 days ago

    Never any left over steak in my house.

  • Ken Karawan
    Ken Karawan 4 days ago

    Wait a minute. If it's left over mashed potatoes while you gotta peel em? Those look like virgin potatoes to me. Gonna have ta unsub and take away your manly cooking card. This was supposed to be about the date you had with the ole lady and she couldn't finish her shit, so you ate it.

  • Computer Guy
    Computer Guy 4 days ago

    Cream cheese in mashed potatoes. Win

  • Hiram Herrera Barquín

    Looks fu#&ing delicious man ( mexican approval), just one thing.... would you please introduce your dogs to us?, I'd love to see them!

  • Werner Plöchl
    Werner Plöchl 5 days ago

    try some (little) nutmeg in your mashed potatoes

  • Santo Guinta
    Santo Guinta 5 days ago

    Sam, you do a very nice job on all your videos and I love watching them. But I have one piece of criticism for you. I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this, but you tend to aimlessly talk a lot on the episode and I’m not a huge fan of it. I rather off you stick to the cooking or at least talk while you’re cooking and not take a break. I usually just skip over these parts and just watch you actually cooking. Hope this helps thanks.

  • Connor Phelps
    Connor Phelps 5 days ago

    How much better would these “leftovers” episodes be if Sam was high

  • Lester D. Howell
    Lester D. Howell 5 days ago

    Lavender essential oil is great for burns. young living oils are the purest. hope this helps.

  • country city
    country city 5 days ago +1

    tryin to make 🇺🇸 sick 🤢 and fat again 🙄👎🏼

  • Boss Boy120
    Boss Boy120 5 days ago

    RAW TORTILLA MORE LIKE RAW MEAT ( i still love this channel tho)

  • Alex Medina
    Alex Medina 5 days ago

    What kind of pan is that you’re cooking the onions in? I want that exact same one.

  • Patrick Freeman
    Patrick Freeman 5 days ago

    Great, now I'm hungry.

  • King Kool
    King Kool 5 days ago

    Does Max know how to cook? He watches enough... lol

  • Tun Nodule
    Tun Nodule 5 days ago

    Sam the jew

  • Gimmy Konway
    Gimmy Konway 5 days ago

    Kids drunk all tha beer ..😭😭😭😭😭...Astro!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • James Hernandez
    James Hernandez 5 days ago

    That looks great! On my list to make.

  • Donald Meisenzahl
    Donald Meisenzahl 5 days ago

    The kids drank all the beer. I love that line.

  • estothecee
    estothecee 5 days ago

    I absolutely love your videos!! I should really stop watching them when I'm in bed though lol.

  • Xavier Ruggles
    Xavier Ruggles 5 days ago


  • Cameron Butler
    Cameron Butler 5 days ago

    Living on a prayer.. journey.......

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 5 days ago

    Who the fluff leaves steak? 😳

  • David Jones
    David Jones 5 days ago

    I think Im going to use Mushrooms when I cook this. Yummmm

  • Nathan Fles
    Nathan Fles 5 days ago

    You’re Canadian. Do poutine!!

  • Ed Derbubba
    Ed Derbubba 5 days ago

    'Two burns. I don't remember."
    More cooking, less bar visits.

  • Caleb Spriggs
    Caleb Spriggs 6 days ago

    Real leftovers come from the fridge cold. If the steak and mashed potatoes were cold, would you reheat them or do anything different?

  • Anthony Schurz
    Anthony Schurz 6 days ago

    you can cook this up really fast when you toss it in a panini press

    FIREQUE 6 days ago

    People who use pots and pans on flat tops for basic onion cooking make no sense to me, am I alone?

  • Fluffy Bunnykins
    Fluffy Bunnykins 6 days ago

    I throw in sour cream with chives or mayonnaise into the mash. Walnuts are pretty good with goat cheese, too. I've even put peanut butter in.

  • 금메달 푸드The Gold Medal Food

    I can already tell it's tasty-😛

  • Shawn Franklin
    Shawn Franklin 6 days ago +1

    We make homemade salsa as well try it with this ! .. Abilene texas

  • Thomas Tyler
    Thomas Tyler 6 days ago +1

    Sam I need that knife, what brand!?!?!?

  • JB_ Race
    JB_ Race 6 days ago

    Bleeps out Sam shouting shit.. yet leaves him saying that they’re fucking decadent..

  • Gabriel Sampieri
    Gabriel Sampieri 6 days ago

    “It’s fucking decadent!”

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson 6 days ago

    My gosh, that’s all I got, that’s amazing!! Sweet Jesus I need some of that, I gotta try that!!!!

  • Ken Dorsey
    Ken Dorsey 6 days ago

    I have some tri tip left over from tonight. I will be making this tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!

  • Nick Alcala
    Nick Alcala 6 days ago

    Holy fuck Sam.. this blew my mind.

  • Allan Halverson
    Allan Halverson 6 days ago

    Shout to max and his nipple rings lol

  • mindstroker1
    mindstroker1 6 days ago

    Never taste with a spoon and continue using that same spoon. It is like double dipping. Just saying.

  • rocksteadyish
    rocksteadyish 6 days ago

    People surprised by this combination obviously havent done any 3 AM drunk cooking

  • Russ Eagle
    Russ Eagle 7 days ago

    That looks bloody lovely 😊

  • Mary Wehmeier
    Mary Wehmeier 7 days ago

    Sam when I do the leftover mashed potatoes, add the extras and make a couple patties and grill them-- "For extra flavor," according to my fav' online Chef. ;-) You're welcome.

  • Luke Galati
    Luke Galati 7 days ago

    how do you clean the grill after something like that

  • Vickery Kennison
    Vickery Kennison 7 days ago

    Great use of left overs..

  • Christian Garrett
    Christian Garrett 7 days ago

    U sound like someone hurt u my guy. Don’t worry about these trolls in the comments I swear half of this Chanel is u bitching about the comments

  • Tan Akinci
    Tan Akinci 7 days ago

    Man, I really wonder how Max's appearance is.

  • Slim Dr
    Slim Dr 7 days ago

    Seems like every video I watch about steak and burgers, it only gets bloodier.. Shit unhealthy

  • One Punch Taco
    One Punch Taco 7 days ago

    Tom Hanks

  • Kenneth Carpenter II

    1 Its not cooked properly and 2 why did you use a nasty piece of meat?

  • A Cruz
    A Cruz 7 days ago

    You my dude earned a subscriber


    As cool as you are... that’s a new perk

  • Michael Brice
    Michael Brice 7 days ago

    Mash potatoes are the key to my heart haha

  • Kathryn Paris
    Kathryn Paris 7 days ago

    Egg whites on that burn...... ..keep putting it on. Till it doesn't hurt. No heals faster, better, no scar

  • Oliang and nomyen TV

    wow!! this menu is awesome+ in the way how you cooked

  • JC1028
    JC1028 7 days ago

    Always funny when he yells at Astro. His yell is louder and more annoying than the dog's bark that we usually cannot hear at all.

  • Collin deGuehery
    Collin deGuehery 7 days ago

    Sam what kind of knife is that? You have been using that knife a lot lately and I really like it.

  • ethancd
    ethancd 7 days ago

    Can you do a picanha steak video

  • jxr006 NJ
    jxr006 NJ 7 days ago

    Love you Sam ... but your going to kill all of us..
    Anyone can make meats... show us delicious vegetarian... now that’s freaking challenge.

  • Jesse Ramos
    Jesse Ramos 7 days ago

    show maxes nipple rings lmao looks amazing but who has left over steak everr only thing your missing is sour cream on that mf

  • victoria Lafferty
    victoria Lafferty 7 days ago

    This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen, totally making this, this weekend. You never disappoint Sam! Hats off to you & Max!

  • MIG 80
    MIG 80 7 days ago

    Who has left over steak ;)

  • Jim Hammond
    Jim Hammond 7 days ago

    Food looks good bro...but Astro totally needs to be on the show...and he's going to need Shut Up Astro t-shirt...

  • Pdiddyb smooth
    Pdiddyb smooth 7 days ago

  • Punky MK7
    Punky MK7 7 days ago

    Max needs to talk more haha

  • Kristian Jackson
    Kristian Jackson 7 days ago

    Sam the type of guy to show us him killing the animals he uses for food

  • Temo 1026
    Temo 1026 7 days ago

    Sam, a lil bit off of the beating track but what kind of watch is that with your NATO band ?

    • lee bishop
      lee bishop 3 days ago

      I think it's a Rolex submariner no date.

  • OKXSIX Jesus cardona

    Looks like shit

  • Xavier Don’t Sweat

    Cook Kobe steak

  • kelvin M.
    kelvin M. 7 days ago

    Cook that meat!!

  • Christopher T Johnson


  • farquaad lardquaad
    farquaad lardquaad 7 days ago

    16:41 is the laugh of a man very pleased with himself

  • Siegfried Stehring
    Siegfried Stehring 7 days ago

    Sam I would love to see you break away from the "american style" and try this