Casually Explained: Moving Out

  • Published on Jun 23, 2018
  • In this video I talk about how quickly your vegetables go bad when your mom isn't doing the shopping. Find me here too:
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  • M A
    M A Day ago

    No matter how much you pay, it is better than a roommate.

  • Myles Mourning
    Myles Mourning 4 days ago

    I wish all my bills were only about 1200 bucks

  • James Van
    James Van 5 days ago

    He just explained life.

  • Jun
    Jun 13 days ago

    this hurt more than i thought

  • Laurie chrisy
    Laurie chrisy 13 days ago

    1:17 #ILoveQuebec

  • Kodi R
    Kodi R 14 days ago

    Woah you live in Victoria? That's crazy man- hit me up sometime maybe we can hit up bastion or go take a RIP at centen. Always looking to kick it lmao

  • Ade
    Ade 14 days ago

    This hit too close to home 😔

  • Diamond_Gamer
    Diamond_Gamer 14 days ago

    Nooooo 😥 Don't cook the rabbit!
    Moving out sounds hard, but I've always wanted to move out thou ;-; maybe I'll just have to find a good paying job

  • JayWePe
    JayWePe 15 days ago

    Noodles? LUCKY CHARMS? Boy you gotta be making some mad youtube money, cause you're sounding like bill fucking gates to me right now. Plain macaroni and oatmeal to be more precise.

  • Kekoa C
    Kekoa C 15 days ago

    Damn perfect timing.

  • Bruno Giudice
    Bruno Giudice 15 days ago

    1:35 That's Leon and Nilce right there

  • Tai Ketchum
    Tai Ketchum 16 days ago

    ah shoot, ya got me eh

  • Udit Gupta
    Udit Gupta 17 days ago

    live laugh leave

    SURYAKANT SURWASE 17 days ago

    Vvery true😂😂😂😂

  • Imirish 21
    Imirish 21 17 days ago

    0:59 that cardboard box looking fire chief

  • Blahblahblah Blah
    Blahblahblah Blah 17 days ago

    3:35 so fucking true hahaha

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton 18 days ago

    My name is James and I'm about to move (hopefully). Strange coincidence.

  • Felice Aprile
    Felice Aprile 19 days ago

    As someone moving into a place alone, I had the same great ideas to start off my apartment

    I'm terrified now.

  • somethingsomethingnickname


  • srmorso999
    srmorso999 21 day ago

    "in this day in age if your parents decide to kick you out its honestly like throwing a baby bird out of the nest when its still an egg" shit. So thats why im 20 years old and over $30,000 in debt after 3 years of living alone.

  • Alex V V
    Alex V V 21 day ago

    But why in America a lot of people after they have a stable career dont buy a hous and they instead rent

  • John Wick killed my dog.

    My dating life in a sentence: When you're into someone but are too afraid to ask her out, remind yourself that you are never gonna see that person again and you'll have nothing to loose except all your self-esteem.

  • LifeOfMatt
    LifeOfMatt 22 days ago +2

    My favorite part of moving out is moving back in cuz you're broke

  • Zephyeir
    Zephyeir 22 days ago

    It's not exciting this shit sucks.

  • Toby Rogers
    Toby Rogers 23 days ago

    he just called canada america lite :/

  • Armaan Fallahi
    Armaan Fallahi 25 days ago

    The Jordan Peterson reference lmao

  • BoltFraction
    BoltFraction 25 days ago +17

    >"so the rent is in Canadian dollars, right"

    *_B I G G E S T O O F_*

  • autoscripts
    autoscripts 26 days ago +1

    ah yes... life.

  • Rashad Charles
    Rashad Charles 27 days ago

    This is painstakingly true

  • Jordan Zavala
    Jordan Zavala 27 days ago

    Pewdiepie would sell you a house

  • rulerofthelight
    rulerofthelight Month ago

    lol, Victoria BC Canada, try casually explaining that place to people. Your gonna need roomates

  • PianoGamer64
    PianoGamer64 Month ago +5

    -> Feeling clever living at parent for free while saving up cash
    -> House prices increase double rate of salary

  • Stephanie Schoonmaker

    Aw sick I didn’t feel quite depressed enough that literally no one will rent to me in my area and I might have to move away from the community I love just so I can get out of the way of my parents’ crumbling marriage lmao

  • Jahart
    Jahart Month ago

    Step 1 buy a car. Step 2 just play along at work. Step 3 sleep in it until you can afford an apartment.

  • scoof
    scoof Month ago +1

    I think one of the problems with kids still living at home is that they're not taught valuable life lessons such as working hard for your money. Explain to your kids the value of work whether they are the trash man or in a suit and tie. It's not wrong to want your kid to be successful but you don't want them to feel entitled to success. Honestly, I struggled alot with that and felt bad living at home but I literally had zero life skills. I felt sheltered in the real working world because any foul treatment got me thinking about quitting my job without giving it a chance. I could go to school, but taking out a loan seems like a bad idea.

  • Calin Apostol
    Calin Apostol Month ago USA you have to be interviewed by the owner? Letter of recommendation? Wtf?
    In my country (Romania) you just look for an ad, call the owner, agree on the price and that is it...

  • Jason Barry
    Jason Barry Month ago


  • Temmo Rijken
    Temmo Rijken Month ago

    really looking forward to that being alive thing everyone is always talking about

  • laney rosner
    laney rosner Month ago

    “this all goes back to my golden rule: if you’re a terrorist don’t say you are”

  • W@tch
    W@tch Month ago +1

    Welcome to -Canada- America-Lite Buddy 🍁

  • AJ Tallent
    AJ Tallent Month ago

    I just had my last day of high school yesterday so this is pretty much how I view moving out

  • Mariel Fenton
    Mariel Fenton Month ago

    I wish I saw this video before I moved out lol

  • Taco_Man
    Taco_Man Month ago

    Just stay in your parents house.

  • Matan Dery
    Matan Dery Month ago

    Paying for Netflix. Ha, how about using my parents account.

  • FeelTheBeauty93
    FeelTheBeauty93 Month ago +1

    This is brilliant X'D

  • JustAnotherTroll
    JustAnotherTroll Month ago

    I moved out at 18. The only hard part was being alone

  • Erik H
    Erik H Month ago

    Fuck.. this reminded me I have bills that are due today... Thanks I guess

  • Its That guy
    Its That guy Month ago

    Yo i don't mean to be that guy but the whole... step 1: find a place to live doesn't work over in the UK since our property market is worse then your economy in 1929..

  • Arreezz
    Arreezz Month ago

    Yeah I really live by the golden rule: "If you're a terrorist, don't say you are".

  • ok then
    ok then 2 months ago

    *golden rule: if you’re a terrorist, don’t say you are*

  • Kevessi
    Kevessi 2 months ago +1

    Animations are godlike

  • OnixTV
    OnixTV 2 months ago +1

    Check out the song Moving Out (Anthony's Song) by Billy Joel.

  • Stranger
    Stranger 2 months ago

    One way to avoid disappointment when searching for a place to live is to find something you over-qualify for so, no matter how bad it is, at least you're saving money. That works great until you realize you don't over-qualify for anything and you'd just waste all your extra money on overpriced food and drinks and shit from Amazon.

  • dheonix
    dheonix 2 months ago

    i ended up just enlisting lol

  • Max Shibanov
    Max Shibanov 2 months ago

    this is soo sad = (

  • The Little Penguin
    The Little Penguin 3 months ago

    This video really came full circle. That was sweet :3

  • Carniez
    Carniez 3 months ago

    "like how to stop the government from taking away your electricity..." Yah maybe a little too casual on that one. It's the power company that does that not the government ;)

  • Andy G
    Andy G 3 months ago

    This is terrifyingly accurate

  • Pockets2Big Rikishi
    Pockets2Big Rikishi 3 months ago

    press 4

  • Mistah Meatball
    Mistah Meatball 3 months ago

    Oh look, it's one of my favorite Billy Joel songs!

  • Emilio Martinez
    Emilio Martinez 3 months ago

    Everyone always asks, what’s the new casually explained episode, but never, how is the causally explained stick figure

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer 3 months ago

    Looking for a place
    Starts at top of list: Okay, time to face reality I guess...
    Middle of the list: I can afford that if it's Zimbabwean dollars.
    Bottom of the list: You know, my parents are actually pretty cool.

  • Debbie Pawlik
    Debbie Pawlik 3 months ago

    Frickin Hilarious!!!

  • Elijah Luke Lauresta
    Elijah Luke Lauresta 3 months ago


  • Sisonpyh M
    Sisonpyh M 3 months ago

    Volume is low bro

  • Josh Sheets
    Josh Sheets 3 months ago

    Was that a Jordan Peterson reference? The book “the life changing magic of tidying up your room with Nietzschean philosophy” that sounds like exactly what he’s always saying lol

  • mamertvonn
    mamertvonn 3 months ago +2

    say-----> I'm a virgin😏

  • X
    X 3 months ago +2

    "Do you have a lot of sex?"

    *That one is self evident* LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Bazz Sh
    Bazz Sh 3 months ago

    This video is so hilarious and on point, yet there is a freshly moved out kid in me that is crying right now ...

  • ImmortalRecon
    ImmortalRecon 3 months ago

    Chilling here w my noodles and lucky charms, name brand mind you. Can relate???

  • Federico Jacobitti
    Federico Jacobitti 4 months ago


  • Ivan Ivanov
    Ivan Ivanov 4 months ago

    3:52 you missed girlfriend 0$

  • Lil' Lazzaz
    Lil' Lazzaz 4 months ago

    who says my signature is cursive

  • Sadia Ansari
    Sadia Ansari 4 months ago

    How Old are you? There is no way you are in your early 20's. You are too wise.

  • Edward Lalonde
    Edward Lalonde 4 months ago

    Wait, you live in Vancouver?!

  • Disasterpieced
    Disasterpieced 4 months ago

    why are the subtitles in turkish

  • Mark Blaze
    Mark Blaze 4 months ago

    this video sucks my tips are 5 million times better.

  • scc 19
    scc 19 4 months ago

    but i do play drums...

  • MsDestroyer900
    MsDestroyer900 4 months ago

    Damnit, moving out in the next 2 months, what am I going to do now...

  • tomlxyz
    tomlxyz 4 months ago

    When I moved out I didn't get asked any of those questions and got the place with the first try and ended up with a helpful landlord and a nice, affordable place

    • tomlxyz
      tomlxyz 4 months ago

      @colenol MD sues not a joke, I don't live in the US

    • colenol MD sues
      colenol MD sues 4 months ago

      Funny joke.

  • Salty
    Salty 4 months ago

    I love your style of humor, it's savagely honest.

  • First name Last Name
    First name Last Name 4 months ago

    Wow this makes me want to commit scuicide

  • raccoon raccoonmusic
    raccoon raccoonmusic 4 months ago

    I couldn't wait to move out at 16.
    I moved right out of foster care, into a 1 bedroom flat.
    Went to High School, and worked 30 hours a week.
    I am so glad I learned all of my lessons between 16-19yo (Money, cooking, responsibility).
    I worked my way through college, and graduated with $0 debt.
    I never lived outside of my means, and now, at 26, am _just_ looking at getting a car, which I have been saving for for 3 years.
    There is so much hardship in life - shit times - and it's expensive as fuck. The only thing I can say, is put your head down, *work hard*, and live within your means.
    And you'll be just fine. :)

    • colenol MD sues
      colenol MD sues 4 months ago

      +raccoon raccoonmusic me too, vancouver actually. Basically a housing craphole aswell

    • raccoon raccoonmusic
      raccoon raccoonmusic 4 months ago

      Damn, yeah, i forgot to mention i live in Canada ( the capital city - which is not a cheap place to live by all means) @colenol MD sues

    • colenol MD sues
      colenol MD sues 4 months ago

      Unfortunately in most places thats impossible.

  • Joni pitkänen
    Joni pitkänen 4 months ago +1

    After year and half still living on my uncovered matress on floor

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark 5 months ago +3

    "You can start looking at places in the most expensive parts of town and then gradually lowering your standards as you come to grips with reality"

  • keith brougham
    keith brougham 5 months ago +1

    So you're from Victoria haha

  • Infamous Mustache
    Infamous Mustache 5 months ago +2

    "but three months later you'll be laying in the dark on an uncovered mattress at 3 am listening to your neighbors trying to save their marriage while wondering how long it would take for anyone to notice if you didn't wake up" damn that one caught me off guard, nearly had coffee fly out of my noise.

  • TheWingedPotato
    TheWingedPotato 5 months ago

    Moving out - Aw yeah! This is going to be awesome!
    2 months later - Aww shit

    4 years later - I wonder how many different ways I could kill myself

  • Leon Borczynski
    Leon Borczynski 5 months ago

    I wish I was dead

  • Haboo
    Haboo 5 months ago

    Someone went out of their way to translate the video to Turkish, but no one wrote it down word-for-word in English. My word.

  • alex2519602009
    alex2519602009 5 months ago

    Good rule of thumb: Ask the lanlord what utilities (water, heat, electricity, etc.) are included in the rent and whice aren't.
    I was choosing between two different apartments in the Midwest and one was about $100 more than the other. Sounds obvious which to chose until the cheaper one told me I'd be paying for my own heat, which can easily go up yo $200 in the winter.
    I chose the one that was a little more expensive in exchange for a predictable stable bill and only paid for rent, my electricity and my internet.

  • uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 5 months ago


  • Arr Ziz
    Arr Ziz 5 months ago

    Respect 3:27-3:58

  • Sanzhar Suleimen
    Sanzhar Suleimen 5 months ago

    what about just buying an apartment or smthn

  • Zach N
    Zach N 5 months ago

    3:26, that face he makes, dealing with the neighbors having loud sex next door 😂

  • AJ Hildebrand
    AJ Hildebrand 5 months ago

    Haha Victoria is the worst! Well, next to Vancouver anyway...

    ANAL TERROR 5 months ago

    My name is James

  • Sneaky Duck
    Sneaky Duck 5 months ago

    God this hit so close to home😂

  • one tome plz
    one tome plz 5 months ago

    School let teach kids how to do math that won’t help them tax’s and how not to let the government take all your shit na just math about x+busbfbsisjd= sibsbfjdjs

    • flibujo
      flibujo 5 months ago

      *taxes. Maybe you should've done more English rather than Maths lol.

  • Opti Hilist
    Opti Hilist 5 months ago

    As someone who was recently kicked out/had to leave a scary home situation, the whole "booting an unhatched egg from the nest" thing really struck home. *cries* Thankfully the rest of the fumy vibeo made up for it.