Vega 20 MacBook Pro Review

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
  • Dave2D reviews AMD Vega 20 2018 MacBook Pro. Significantly faster performance for certain applications like Adobe Premiere.
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    With a 6-core i9-8950HK this newly updated MacBook Pro can push out some serious GPU and CPU performance. Vega 20 and Vega 16 are some badly needed graphics upgrades on the 15" Apple MacBook Pro
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  6 months ago +956

    It costs some serious $$$ but the Vega 20 FINALLY brings good GPU performance to 15" MacBook Pro. Thanks for watching!

    • Joshua Gonzalez
      Joshua Gonzalez 29 days ago

      Mehdi Ferradj if your willing to pay for the Vega 16 then you’d be willing to spend an extra $100 for that extra performance

    • Le Twins
      Le Twins Month ago

      @Kassim Williams macbook ;D very cool display for code

    • Drunken Society
      Drunken Society 2 months ago

      @BaldingEagle51 Dave 2D also does Van life series.

    • BaldingEagle51
      BaldingEagle51 2 months ago

      I mean I get what you're saying, don't expect too much. Thing is Apple has never been performance leaders in anything, so there will be 10 laptop brands that beat those Premiere benchmarks, it's just that Apple buyers don't look. Apple buyers buy Apple cos Apple and can't cope with change, they're not power users like you. The more important question is when the other big "killer app" (5 of them on Mac) companies tire of making special versions of their software with nothing for a reward. Apple could crash hard and lose that trust when it becomes overly clear to users.

    • 404Found
      404Found 3 months ago

      @Kenneth James you just echoed me

  • Justin Liebenberg
    Justin Liebenberg 20 days ago

    I can get a 32gb rtx2080 i9 8950hk for $3000 and you say you can't get a windows laptop at a competitive price...

  • bushidorox
    bushidorox Month ago

    Honestly, this is an absolutely amazing laptop. However, the pricing is a little...much? I'm not sure how to say this, but Apple has completely lost the plot with their prices. Still gonna buy a fully-specced MacBook Pro after my 2014 model dies, but I'm sad I can't buy a MacBook with proper graphics for a price point that makes sense.

    PRAETESEREX HRH 2 months ago

    love your scienographée aesthetiques mit 2 sylindeúr lit`nings hind, perhaps the most cleanest pristine visionisse out there, Vega20 , changes highend mechano laptop into Art piece, its all about being Estáde de Art grade as it spectrafluence everything of we do, Mac is neu espirituality 

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 2 months ago

    LOL so much for a Vega 20. My GTX 1060 smokes it any time of the day.

  • Neeraj Singh R9
    Neeraj Singh R9 2 months ago

    Should I prefer ASUS rog gl503ge for editing?

  • CenturionGhost
    CenturionGhost 2 months ago

    What about the keyboard? Still terrible?

  • Niyog Ray
    Niyog Ray 2 months ago

    Seriously, having a monopoly on USB-C powered performance doesnt really make sense, for anybody. Apple is just trying to milk people. There is only so much any macOS lover is going to pay for.

  • G S
    G S 2 months ago

    Nice gfx upgrade, keyboard fixed yet?

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen 2 months ago

    I’d rather have a MacBook Pro with a low-end gpu, but I’d also like to see external gpu housing prices drop. A good cpu will last longer than a good gpu. Thunderbolt 3 baby. Boot camp can also allow for improved gaming performance by loading Windows.

  • Right Wing Safety Squad

    There's 2 reasons Apple keeps using AMD. First, NVIDIA pissed off all of the other tech companies with anti-competitive and letigious actions. Second, AMD has much better compute performance than Nvidia. Adobe applications won't show this because they have shit support for GPU compute other than CUDA. Compare a windows machine with a 1060 in Premier to a Mac with Vega 20 running FCP. The Mac will scrub more smoothly and render faster.

  • theinsfrijonds
    theinsfrijonds 2 months ago

    I get that it isn't as good as a $850+ windows laptop, performance-wise, but the comments from Windows users are ignorant. Use your brain and effort to make a comparison instead of exaggerating
    Link for all the lazy, ignorant fanboys (I know you couldn't have gotten there without my help because logic isn't part of your culture.)

  • Aayush Lamichhane
    Aayush Lamichhane 3 months ago

    Stylus in thumbnail , i need that

  • 百世經綸一頁書
    百世經綸一頁書 3 months ago


  • Willie Cordoba
    Willie Cordoba 3 months ago

    Does anybody know if the thumbnail pic is just a pic; or can I purchase that blue Vega skin / laptop cover?

  • Michael Latta
    Michael Latta 3 months ago

    Any chance of you doing a benchmark of Anthem on the Vega 20 Mac?

  • alienpilgrim
    alienpilgrim 4 months ago

    Is that a Suorin at 0:40? haha

  • Tanvir Ahammed
    Tanvir Ahammed 4 months ago +1

    Apple just won my heart

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 4 months ago

    0:41, brooo, is that a suorin? 😂👌🏽

    YUSHUA ELIAS 4 months ago

    Do you think a new macbook pro 2019 is coming out?


    Waiting ryzen 5 3600g apu vega 20. I still patient although rumoured.

  • descargasdenia descargasdenia

    Tengo una duda , voy a comprarme un MacBook Pro 2018 , el más barato, el I5 de dos núcleos a 2,3Ghz, tarjeta gráfica 640, ¿podré editar vídeo en 4K y retocar fotos?, no de manera profesional sino como usuario doméstico.

  • descargasdenia descargasdenia

    En español?

  • Riccardo Merlo
    Riccardo Merlo 4 months ago

    macOS now faster than Windows on the same machine with same GPU thanks to Metal 2 (macOS upper, Windows bottom)

  • Mahmoud Mohamed
    Mahmoud Mohamed 4 months ago

    Hi Dave, I have a question for you please, now I wanna get into the apple ecosystem and I don’t know to buy exactly. I’m thinking about buying MacBook Pro the 2017 model and I’m not using it for heavy productivity like video editing or such stuff since I’m a teacher i will be using it for the my work. so what do you recommend thanks

  • aidan ocampo
    aidan ocampo 4 months ago

    Why is Mercedes twice the price of Acura because it’s one of its kind

  • Thiaguera GYN
    Thiaguera GYN 4 months ago

    Hello, when does the video test run with I9 after the OS update?

  • Steve Zhu
    Steve Zhu 4 months ago +1

    Though I love this MacBook Pro, but ITS KEYBOARD SUCKS.

  • sarcawan
    sarcawan 5 months ago

    You are one of the only youtubers or "influencers" that I actually trust in his/her opinion.

  • Chad
    Chad 5 months ago

    hi David, is it ok to add vega 20 in i7?

  • Couto
    Couto 5 months ago

    titulo em português?

  • Sascha Kuhn
    Sascha Kuhn 5 months ago

    Impressive how they fit everything in this tiny package. Thermal issues aside is this impressive.

  • FatBoy Diesel
    FatBoy Diesel 5 months ago

    So.... I'm (hypothetically) paying HEDT money for a MacBook with Vega 20...
    This is why I'm never getting Mac-anything.

  • TheShapeeeee
    TheShapeeeee 5 months ago

    Whats the other laptop next to the macbook? - beautiful

    AHMED SM 5 months ago

    Dave since you like MacOS why dont you buy a powerfull laptaob(Better than Pro) and install Mac OS

  • Tyler Lipsky
    Tyler Lipsky 5 months ago

    Apple already charges whatever they want, this isn't anything new 😂

  • Riccardo Merlo
    Riccardo Merlo 5 months ago

    Mac gaming is reborn thanks to Metal, not all games are optimized or many are still on OpenGL. But quality port like Feral ones have performance parity with Windows

  • Joe Turk
    Joe Turk 5 months ago

    I don’t binge watch youtube as much as I used to but I have noticed that Dave2d’s tone in his video is actually very calming, a lot of the fake enthusiasm of apple reviewers on youtube and “productivity” bullshit is very annoying, it’s nice to see simplicity and chillness for a change, now that’s what I call effective communication through videos

  • Dary Satyanegara
    Dary Satyanegara 5 months ago

    Better buy the GPU and make it an external GPU...... (if it's possible 😅😅😅😅)

  • Roy Tseng
    Roy Tseng 5 months ago

    I believe the new macbook pro model still has the blown speaker issue. My 2016 model has already encountered this problem twice. I think it's a hardware design defect, so even if you get it fixed the problem is very likely to bother you again at some time. I am very disappointed that Apple seems to have no intention on correcting this at all.

  • camXmile
    camXmile 5 months ago

    2:55 not really. For some reason the store I got my macbook from has vega version for twice as much.

  • jacob lester
    jacob lester 5 months ago

    Ehhh I call bullshit. Having that card in there is great for pro users and that’s a great selling point but who cares that much about usb c charging on a laptop. And at 100 watts that sob is going to be forever charging

  • Real Content
    Real Content 5 months ago

    I have a Vega 20 MacBook and it could game well under boot camp

  • Harris Allen
    Harris Allen 5 months ago

    Updated a month earlier. Feel like if I do it again, the next day they'll update it again.

  • MrMediaRig
    MrMediaRig 5 months ago


  • Honest Tech Reviews
    Honest Tech Reviews 5 months ago

    Wait what about the Dell XPS though?

  • Tai DING
    Tai DING 5 months ago

    Brenchmark please. We wants numbers and pictures. Less talking please

  • Scott Frost
    Scott Frost 5 months ago

    What are those light sticks in the background ?

  • Psyconic LT
    Psyconic LT 5 months ago

    Try a better background for your videos

  • LuvTEA XD
    LuvTEA XD 5 months ago

    i mean for like 3k you could get a 15 inch razer blade or 2 predator helios 300s, who buys macbooks its not worth it. even a 899 acer nitro 5 beats it with specs, and its 30% the price,, like what

  • Makendu
    Makendu 5 months ago

    why would you link someone to buy a mac book from amazon on a referral code what the hell is wrong with you

  • Teddy M
    Teddy M 5 months ago

    Thank you Dave as always. What a wonderful channel for computer reviews especially laptops and a very sound knowledge on apple products.

  • Teddy M
    Teddy M 5 months ago

    What a shame that apple still refuse to put n 8GB memory card of any kind in their notebooks though...

  • Terrence C
    Terrence C 5 months ago +2

    I used to have a Mac, I switched to Lenovo 4 years ago. I think Lenovo is better for the money.

  • Abraham
    Abraham 5 months ago +2

    Is there any 8GB vram models? 4GB is a bit short in 2018. Also any high refresh rate?

  • VanSanPro
    VanSanPro 5 months ago

    $350 for the equivalent of a 1050ti.
    if you needed extra power would you not just go all out buy an external gpu like a vega 56/64.

  • djlobb
    djlobb 5 months ago

    What about the Dell XPS 15 with 1050ti? That GPU is comparable and even scores better in games, as well as being more power efficient... Surely that should allow Dell to use USB-C to charge. But they don't?

  • Zuyufullah Manna
    Zuyufullah Manna 6 months ago

    Hy bro can you make depth comparison between Acer predator helios 300 i5(8300h) 1050ti 4gb vs MSI gv 62 8re i5(8300h) 1060 6gb

  • PFG666
    PFG666 6 months ago

    I have always been of the opinion that money should take the back seat to the combination of reliability, usability and performance. That said, the 1000 dollar price difference between this and a Windows alternative is something very difficult to justify. I guess my pockets aren't deep enough. Purchasing this laptop does, however, make sense for content creators who are already entrenched in Apple's ecosystem. But jeez, is this thing costly.

  • Victor Lin
    Victor Lin 6 months ago

    Does anyone have coil whine or SSD noise in their new Vega MBP?

  • William Gum
    William Gum 6 months ago

    Wow. So the 2018 ipad pro doesnt run this well' this system is worse than a 1050 ti and the xps15 has a 1050 ti. Rated one of the fastest with the new processing load system. Apple has been very misleading at best

  • Tech Point
    Tech Point 6 months ago

    if i ever purchase mac i'm gonna use that for at least 2 centuries considering the price.

  • Jaimee Moses
    Jaimee Moses 6 months ago

    Hey Dave,
    I have a legit question.
    Someone told me that because of Apple choosing the hardware and Mac Os being a bit superior to Windows. It justifies the higher price. For example the fact you don't get so many viruses as on Windows or the fact that you get iMovie already built in, a mail program, you don't get forced to update your mac like in windows, the better build quality, better speakers, and faster SSD'S. I don't know what to make of that? I wonder if it is mostly just good marketing or Apple tax. You have a bit more experience so I was hoping you could clear it up for me. I hear you say the Dell XPS 15 has better value, but at home, you use Apple because you like the ecosystem. I am planning on buying a new laptop for content creating "photography" so need a good screen. I currently use a MacBook Air, but on the fence. Was looking at the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2018 or the 15-inch MacBook Pro 2017 or the Dell XPS 15 or the Surfacebook 2. I would appreciate your help.
    Thanks Dave. :)

  • Shai Xiong
    Shai Xiong 6 months ago

    Just got the 2018 15 inch 560x for 1400 :/

  • Ryuudo123
    Ryuudo123 6 months ago

    ahem, monopoly on what here exactly? not sure, monopoly on selling for 1123515125$ maybe...but then only crazy people pay for that

  • tal gliks
    tal gliks 6 months ago

    Really disappointed of Apple not announcing they will upgrade the new MBP 2018 three months after the august release. I really could have used the new Vega graphics card and the lower thermals from the new GPU options.
    I would have waited to buy the Vega 20 if I knew
    My daily render routine, having a giant fan blowing air on it, to not get it overheated. ​@bemY​

  • barcitaa
    barcitaa 6 months ago

    for me, the 555X is just fine, if i need more horsepower I just connect an external GPU

  • Steven Vaughan
    Steven Vaughan 6 months ago

    Hey! Thank you for your insight, I was that guy who re-upped mine a few months ago, and had luck with Apple; they're going to replace it and upgrade me. thank you for your wisdom, good sir.

  • Kağan İncetan
    Kağan İncetan 6 months ago

    Hi, any idea about that MBP with Vega has more noise due to the higher speed fans?

  • Fahmi Azizi
    Fahmi Azizi 6 months ago

    Do this graphic card supports 3D Modelling and Rendering softwares like SketchUp,Lumion 9,V-Ray to the next ultimate level?

  • Ducky Duck
    Ducky Duck 6 months ago +1

    I've been wanting a macbook for years
    But I think I'll wait for the 2019 version
    Hopefully apple uses AMD their new navi based gpu

  • julian wilton
    julian wilton 6 months ago

    I am thinking of upgrading my 4year old £999.00 macbook pro 2014 13inch for the Vega 20, 32gbRam 1TBSSD Model. The only thing stopping me is the price.

  • shize li
    shize li 6 months ago

    Expensiiiiiiiiiiiiiive !

  • Cary Phillips
    Cary Phillips 6 months ago

    Sooooo, for gaming, which is the better GPU? The Vega or 1050ti? Benchmarks seem right around the same yet some people are saying “it’s comparing a Toyota to a Lamborghini”. Pretty confused here.

  • Iam'Settani
    Iam'Settani 6 months ago

    lahma siftna chi pc lahyr7m biha lewalidin xD

  • SkillsDND
    SkillsDND 6 months ago

    Didn't Vega gpus have overheating issues?

  • lorre poorter
    lorre poorter 6 months ago

    thank you for the good review. I'm gone buy a macbook pro 15'' 2018 32gb but i'm not sure what to take. or i take the i9 with the 560x or i take the i7 2,6ghz but with the vega 20. like to have you advice. I mostly use it for sketchup 3D drawing and rendering 3D and vectorworks
    hope someone can help me

  • Eduardo Santini
    Eduardo Santini 6 months ago

    ok the title is in Portuguese, why?

  • Sh4dow 17
    Sh4dow 17 6 months ago

    Hi dave, can you do a review on msi ge75. Thank you and sorry for my bad english

  • An Va
    An Va 6 months ago

    Could you please give a review on HP gaming pavilion 15 cx-0140tx?

  • Kostas
    Kostas 6 months ago

    But why would I want USB-C charging THAT bad in order to justify the price? Who cares.

  • adrian kim
    adrian kim 6 months ago +1

    Hey Dave, would you recommend the MBP Vega 20 or 15" razor blade 4k

  • Angelo Bacayo
    Angelo Bacayo 6 months ago

    Hey dave. I hope youll notice this. I just want to ask if my newly bought i3-7130u w/ mx150 laptop + 4gb ddr4 2133 mhz (upgrading soon to 8gb 4×2) can handle dota2? Overwatch? CAD software? This is the only laptop i can afford as a student here in the philippines. I know its not powerful. I dont care about much high settings right now. Just atleast 50-60 fps. Thanks for the reply!

  • D C
    D C 6 months ago

    Thanks for the review Dave2D. Finally, collected my i7 with Vega 20 today. After installing my work apps on the Mac OS side, threw on Bootcamp and windows 10 and fired up Ring of Elysium. Finally, a MacBook with a half decent GPU (555x was a joke) where I can work on the MacOS side and do a bit of 1080p gaming with just one machine. Sure, I miss the power of the Razer Blade 15 1070 Max-Q but now have a choice on OS. Thanks for your reviews, the i7 + Vega20 should be good enough for the next 12 months. And lastly, with all my hassles with the Razer Blade 15 backlight bleeding, the screen on this MacBook is perfect. And not having to carry a giant brick as a power adapter is a real bonus!

  • Luis Clement
    Luis Clement 6 months ago

    Hello Dave, any chance to test the Vega 20 with a VR HMD? Oculus or WMR? Would be great to know it at least they run. Thanks.

  • Alan Xu
    Alan Xu 6 months ago

    Only if apple care about their laptop as the iPhone

  • superstealth
    superstealth 6 months ago

    It renders as fast as a 1050ti?
    For 3600 USD
    No thank you

  • awing z
    awing z 6 months ago

    So jauh lebih baik

  • Lai Tang
    Lai Tang 6 months ago

    Never buying another Macbook Pro again! My 2016 model died suddenly and Apple is quoting 1700 to replace the logic board!!!! So much for reliability 😤

  • John Davis
    John Davis 6 months ago

    Damn apple, just barely beating an older xps 15 with a 1050 ti 😂

  • João Bonsegno
    João Bonsegno 6 months ago

    Fico todo confuso com esses títulos metade em português, metade em inglês .-. De onde esse maluco é afinal?

  • 42069420
    42069420 6 months ago

    1 usb c is 100w so why not use 2?

  • Mark Schaukowitch
    Mark Schaukowitch 6 months ago

    I wonder if the pricing is less about the actual cost of hardware + a little profit and more about peak iPhone and Apple increasing prices to keep revenues up despite selling less products.

  • The MGTOW Monk
    The MGTOW Monk 6 months ago

    What it is with the retarded body language?

  • felixthefox
    felixthefox 6 months ago

    Why you render on a laptop? National geographic does not render on a laptop. Unsubscribe

  • sampsalol
    sampsalol 6 months ago

    Wait what? Are you saying the MBP is better than windows laptops because it can charge through USB C? Why does that matter to you or anyone? I don't get it.
    I'd rather get a Lenovo P1.

    • The Tech Frenzy Guy
      The Tech Frenzy Guy 6 months ago

      Any place where the P1 benchmarks are listed . The P1 has great specs and benchmarks with the MBP Vega 20 would be great

  • The Tech Frenzy Guy
    The Tech Frenzy Guy 6 months ago

    Hi Dave. Could you compare the MacBook with Vega 20 with the Lenovo X1 Extreme or the P1. Does the Quadro 2000 in the P1 makes any difference

  • Hi there Person
    Hi there Person 6 months ago


  • Brian
    Brian 6 months ago

    Here are my closing thoughts... Apple makes Laptops that are almost impossible to get parts for unless you go through apple... charge too much money for Under powered and outdated hardware...Just look at what they want to go from a 128gb SSD to a 512gb SSD! Ram prices are crazy too! Also, they solder all the memory to the mother board! How long did it take them to go from 7th gen cpu's to 8th gen??? The only thing Apple has going for them is the 12 CPU chip... I walked away form my Mac 3 years ago... waiting for my iPhone 6 to die so I can switch over to the Samsung 10 coming out in March of 2019... Apple is on the slow slide to History... And their CEO is a total joke....

  • Kevin Wong
    Kevin Wong 6 months ago

    $3900 for a Vega MacBook Pro lol ridiculous