Steve Jobs brainstorms with the NeXT team 1985 | Jobs official

  • Published on Nov 23, 2017
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  • Fun Hobby
    Fun Hobby Day ago

    #1 steve jobs traveled back in time
    #2 someone traveled back in time, did something, because he wasn't raised by his biological family members
    #3 Went into his life because he was adopted, manipulated things. Got something out from it.
    #4 everything is merely coincidences

  • Fun Hobby
    Fun Hobby Day ago

    I once played a game online and now that I think about it. His voice sounds similar to Steve Jobs.

  • Ra y
    Ra y 3 days ago

    Damn he was handsome

    APOSTR 8 days ago +1

    He went back to Apple and became a legend. What about the other people?

  • cat holic
    cat holic 9 days ago

    he's so fuckin handsome

  • 罗贵文
    罗贵文 13 days ago

    So inspirational!

  • Paulo César
    Paulo César 25 days ago +1

    Acho que era um génio e tinha autismo muuuuuuuuuuiiiiitooooooo inteligente e carismático como Elvis Presley 2 incríveis da era moderna

  • Conspiracy Hamster
    Conspiracy Hamster Month ago

    Napolean Dynamite at 3:57

  • Pratham Karmalkar
    Pratham Karmalkar Month ago +1

    What happened to all these employees who left apple and joined jobs were they rehired or something by him ?

  • Toby Creation
    Toby Creation Month ago +1


  • Prime Distributors
    Prime Distributors Month ago +1

    if this steve fellow stop grazing around the farm and is ready to put in the hours he might be rich one day

  • Johnny de Alba
    Johnny de Alba Month ago +1

    Did anyone else see Napoleon Dynamite on the Next team?

  • vishal s
    vishal s Month ago

    What happened to that project? Were simulators built within deadline.

  • BenRangel
    BenRangel Month ago +6

    15:25 - asshole move for a boss to say ”your time estimates are too pessimistic. Promise me that you will build a revolutionary product in 16 months”
    By painting realistic concerns as negative moaners you can create a yes-man culture cause no one dares say stop.
    used to work with sales people like that. Their projects always got delayed cause they refused to accept realistic time estimates.
    Don’t forget: NEXT failed to meet their project goals in the end so this meeting was an example of a project failure.

    • Tom Björnebark
      Tom Björnebark 9 days ago

      @BenRangel There were plenty of affordable computers during that era, so if they built one it would also have been a failure and the great engineers would have been bored and left for more exciting companies. You are also missing the big picture, the computer was only one component, what Steve was actually building was a company. Deadlines and budgets can change, but great people are harder to replace. He kept most of the great people and carried them over to Apple.

    • BenRangel
      BenRangel 9 days ago

      Tom Björnebark the failure was the project plan they decided on during this meeting. They missed 2/3 steps in the project trinity (price, time to market and quality)
      During the meeting they were focusing on delivering a product on time, at a certain price that would sell well.
      The goal wasn’t to build a machine that would have an important legacy, regardless of time to market or price.
      It’s easier to build an expensive machines delivered too late than an affordable one on time.

    • Tom Björnebark
      Tom Björnebark 9 days ago

      BenRangel You dont attract those people by building a low budget product, most of these people built the original Macintosh. Many of them said that was impossible as well. They did ship the Next machine, most people would agree it was a great machine years ahead of its time. NextStep is today the core of macOS so no not a failure.

    • Tom Björnebark
      Tom Björnebark 9 days ago

      You are correct and incorrect. Software and computers are prone to change. The way you motivate smart people is to challange them. What would have been the option? Target to build something mediocre that would have kept budget but failed anyways in the end? The view Next as a failure would be to stretch it, a couple of billion users still use what they built.

    • BenRangel
      BenRangel 10 days ago

      Tom Björnebark: Either pivot into a market where you don’t need as much capital - or simply go with a budget product.
      a high budget is not a requirement for success. Look at films and games: many high budget film lose tons of money. often low budget films earn a larger multiple of cash than high budget ones.

  • BenRangel
    BenRangel Month ago +11

    11:45 - Devilishly sneaky leadership tactics in play. Jobs says ”it doesn’t matter what I think”. Then goes on to state ”there are certain realities” then states what he thinks - as if it's facts and not a theory.

  • BenRangel
    BenRangel Month ago

    7:35 this price vs time vs quality debate is *the* most central question of every product. (It’s a developer mantra; you can have it fast, cheap or good but not all 3 at once)
    i like how they have surveys that says 3000 is the max price people will accept.
    One employee then tries to say quality is more important.
    But i love how Jobs shuts that shit down with ”the survey didn’t say people would pay extra for extra speed. They said $3000 or forget it”
    Everything can’t be equally important!
    But then again. This product failed bit time. The final price was much more, i think it was like 7000

  • Steve Chandler
    Steve Chandler Month ago +1

    built from the heart... home brew computers

  • Queen_Of_Domination
    Queen_Of_Domination Month ago +2

    I remember seeing Apple PCs as a kid in this era, and thinking about how high tech it appeared. That’s when I got into PC repair and programming, becoming a child prodigy.
    Looking back on that technology as a Computer Engineer today, it seems so hokey now, but in a nostalgic way. Steve Jobs was a brilliant man though. When Bill Gates felt that his Windows computers were too good to donate to low-income inner city schools, sometime in the early to mid eighties, Steve Jobs donated to the schools instead (particularly around the time of Operation MOVE).
    This was a great idea of Steve Jobs, as it won him top contracts with local, city, state, and federal governments, forever making Apple a top rival of Microsoft. When Bill Gates tried to do it later on, it was too late, as Apple blew up really strong after donating to those schools in the mid eighties.
    Steve Jobs is gone, but not forgotten....

  • Ann Sophie Fans
    Ann Sophie Fans 2 months ago +1

    If you like this one then also be sure to see "Steve Jobs rare footage conducting a presentation on 1980 (Insanely Great)"

  • Ben Qotsa2017
    Ben Qotsa2017 2 months ago

    Didnt he fail at this?

    • Tom Björnebark
      Tom Björnebark 10 days ago

      @Ben Qotsa2017 Yes.

    • Ben Qotsa2017
      Ben Qotsa2017 10 days ago

      @Tom Björnebark really?

    • Tom Björnebark
      Tom Björnebark 11 days ago

      He delivered a machine that was used to develop the world wide web as we know it. From an economic perspective a disaster, from mankind perspective a win.

  • Sundar Nitai Das
    Sundar Nitai Das 2 months ago +1

    His Charisma comes from his selflessness !

  • Mat Lins
    Mat Lins 2 months ago +4

    An amazing influencer of people.... Sadly these days influencers are people who dress up on Instagram and sell their bath water... 😕

  • Hayden Richmond
    Hayden Richmond 3 months ago +1

    And so management speak was born...

  • Thunderblade64
    Thunderblade64 3 months ago +1

    I guess Jobs had this all filmed back then because he knew he was making history?

  • DJ McGrath
    DJ McGrath 3 months ago +1

    Tott Founding Chairman Wizardry Rhetoric

  • Mayuresh Indapurkar
    Mayuresh Indapurkar 3 months ago

    is this the full video? if not, can anybody point me to the entire video and other similar videos?

  • Lisandro Ureña
    Lisandro Ureña 3 months ago +2


  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 3 months ago +10

    Most important thing = coffe maker.

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 3 months ago

    What a pretentious twonk.

  • Timo Kerremans
    Timo Kerremans 3 months ago +3

    Computers in those days were so expensive. "Keeping the price affordable for students and professors.", at 3000 dollars, which would translate to be 7000 dollars today.

  • Armin Wagner
    Armin Wagner 3 months ago +9

    Who is the woman wiping the floor with Steve Jobs at 9:50 ?

    • Stephen Ryan
      Stephen Ryan 18 hours ago

      The one Kate Winslet played

    • Armin Wagner
      Armin Wagner 3 months ago +2

      Josiah Nyman She’s the CMO? And she defends product design quality against unrealistic sales goals? I think i’m gonna cry a little...

    • Josiah Nyman
      Josiah Nyman 3 months ago +5

      That is Joanna Hoffman

  • ruffy
    ruffy 3 months ago +5

    Just 30 years old in 1985, amazing

  • Potomac Fever
    Potomac Fever 4 months ago +3

    1:42 Napoleon Dynamite?

  • Davy Roger
    Davy Roger 4 months ago +7

    19:56 Nice walk lol

  • jgh548
    jgh548 4 months ago +1

    Love his process and clarity of vision as displayed here. The problem with NeXT was the choice of market was flawed. He should have gone for a consumer product instead of a super niche computer for a very limited market.

  • ashish gurung
    ashish gurung 5 months ago +8

    First i liked the video
    Then started watching it🤣

  • Mike Tallon
    Mike Tallon 5 months ago +10

    amazing video. you basically get steve's textbook on guiding a team through good times and bad. narrator's analysis is excellent

  • Alejanthropy Ponce de León

    OMG this guy was a wonderful speaker, good af

  • Smith Js
    Smith Js 5 months ago +14

    The value of this video is...i have no word for it. Back then, surely nobody there would have thought that all those meetings, hard work and tears would make such impact in the world of computing until today as MacOS and iOS.

  • TravisB
    TravisB 5 months ago +62

    Massive charisma. He could sell me my own clothes after stealing them off my back.

    • J W
      J W 9 days ago

      As a leader you have to be inherently a salesman. You have to make your team believe in the vision. Nice pitch he gave

    • Zes
      Zes Month ago

      wrg, idts

    • Smith Js
      Smith Js 5 months ago +3


  • Uriel Giovanni
    Uriel Giovanni 6 months ago +2

    Apple was so scared after this released that they bought out Next. lol Never show your full cards!

  • HIDlarissaTERRY
    HIDlarissaTERRY 6 months ago +2

    perfect perfect!!!!!!!!

  • MrKockNoker
    MrKockNoker 6 months ago +5

    What's with his obsession with turtlenecks?

    • Jason B
      Jason B 4 months ago +1

      One less decision to make that day, I believe some guy in Asian designed it and sent him hundreds of them as a uniform to ware everyday.

  • vinoth krishnan
    vinoth krishnan 7 months ago +5


  • Victor Kong
    Victor Kong 7 months ago +37

    Is his iconic turtleneck breaking out from the inside like a butterfly from a cocoon?

  • Drew Powers
    Drew Powers 7 months ago +7

    The G.O.A.T

  • Banyan Capital Management, LLC

    Hierarchy structure ever present.

  • Suhail Murtaza
    Suhail Murtaza 7 months ago +2

    He is the reason where Technology along with Design is Today

  • Vivek Teega
    Vivek Teega 7 months ago +5

    Whats a genius.

  • Oscar
    Oscar 7 months ago +40

    This video is a a gem

  • David Heller
    David Heller 8 months ago +4

    If he was good NEXT would not have failed.

    • Tom Björnebark
      Tom Björnebark 11 days ago

      1. Next was used to create the world wide web.
      2. Next was used to form the core of iOS macOS etc and laid the ground for the most profitable company on earth.
      3. How the f**k did he fail?

    • Daniel Johnson
      Daniel Johnson 24 days ago

      @David Heller Microsoft is the McDonald's of IT

    • KAZAM707
      KAZAM707 Month ago

      @P_ Roc33 seems like you haven't used windows in quite some time. Or any windows computer at a decent price point. They're great. Not imperfect. But great.

    • Shahzada Ayub
      Shahzada Ayub 2 months ago

      @compyislife There are hundreds of engineers working on something and may be their ideas are game-changing too. How many of them see the light of day? Was it not for Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak would have lived on to be some guy (genius he maybe) nobody in the world would have known. You think building companies like Steve's was that easy? And it all happened just because Steve was fortunate to have a bunch of amazing people on his team? Why can't you accept that those people were amazing because Steve had the ingenuity to discern great people from the good. Again, if it wasn't for Steve, those people wouldn't have united in the first place and so the synergy that drove the technological innovation wouldn't even exist in the world. Steve was was an icon, a man of vision, and the greatest entrepreneur of our era. Have some respect, please.

    • P_ Roc33
      P_ Roc33 5 months ago

      David Heller He didn’t, jobs fired himself. Why did apple buy next for an enormous amount of money and make him the ceo? Why was he the ceo of Pixar? I’m not teaching you everything because you’re too much of an imbecile to understand or research the topic. It’s obvious you’re butt hurt that your shitty windows PC is filled with viruses, spyware, malware, and is prob 3/4 plastic. There’s a reason every other house in America has an apple product in it meanwhile windows is a joke. From vista till now the only reason people buy them is to game on them that is of course till the system gets attacked and becomes useless.

  • David Heller
    David Heller 8 months ago

    Company went belly up

    • TravisB
      TravisB 3 months ago

      @David Heller He didn't get fired from neXT.
      Apple wanted him back in power because they were on the verge of bankruptcy.
      He of course couldn't resist that offer. Apple absorbed neXT. End of discussion.

    • David Heller
      David Heller 5 months ago

      TravisB Why he get fired?

    • David Heller
      David Heller 5 months ago

      TravisB Then what happened?

    • TravisB
      TravisB 5 months ago +2

      Incorrect. When Steve returned to Apple,Apple purchased neXT. They wanted his software and OS for the new macs.
      Do your research before you spit out nonsense.

  • Brother Korean
    Brother Korean 9 months ago +15

    Steve jobs say that i cant change the world but he made change the world

    • Brother Korean
      Brother Korean 2 months ago

      @wiicool91 you are right Steve is visionary guy

  • Anymation
    Anymation 10 months ago +30

    Steve was so driven In pushing the boundaries apple will never be the same now that he’s gone

  • Andrew Holowaty
    Andrew Holowaty 10 months ago +92

    Such a legend. Imagine if he was still alive today.

    • Deepak Mishra
      Deepak Mishra 17 days ago

      Richest man in the world

    • Zes
      Zes Month ago


    • Zane Dickson
      Zane Dickson Month ago

      He lives on through his achievements.

    • TMC MarCodeRed
      TMC MarCodeRed 2 months ago

      @Señor ContraCorriente A world where everybody can use technology and have access to all the information they need without having to understand a thing about computers.

    • Jason B
      Jason B 4 months ago

      Ya Apple wouldn’t be going down the shitter and they wouldn’t only care about money.

  • yolo swag
    yolo swag Year ago +49

    "...their preferred language is computerese"
    *cue nerd*