New RISE OF SKYWALKER trailer CONFIRMS Massive Plot Leaks (SPOILERS!!) | Star Wars

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • The newest and final trailer for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker all but confirmed the truth of some massive plot leaks. We discuss that and more today!
    The Episode 9 spoilers:
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  • SGL Gaming and More
    SGL Gaming and More 10 days ago

    Star Wars IX: losing hope

  • C_Davie97
    C_Davie97 10 days ago

    Lets put this in context. The Force Awakens had more reshoots than TROS and turned out to be the best of the Disney Era films.
    Leaks for TLJ were mostly very different from what actually happened in the film.
    Leaks for Endgame were hated by many fans but the actual film itself as was widely loved.

  • Jordon Smale
    Jordon Smale 13 days ago +1

    Wasnt the planet the jedi first started on a ice planet just saying so it would make sense to finish off where the jedi order first started

  • MastaKeahi
    MastaKeahi 16 days ago

    I like that the prequels has different ships but you could tell how they slowly became the ships of the original trilogy but the ships of the sequels feel like lazy derivatives. Yes they are different but they just have a copy and paste feel.

  • xvaderxkiller
    xvaderxkiller 16 days ago +1

    I hope Ezra Bridger is apart of the movie in some way as some leaks state

  • The Austrian Way
    The Austrian Way 17 days ago +1

    The only thing which might salvage the Fandom after this is just wiping these three movies out of canon, letting it end with VI and setting new movies in what is currently legends canon

  • Rey
    Rey 20 days ago +2

    story is fucking shit

  • Papa Palpatine
    Papa Palpatine 23 days ago +1


  • reid ob
    reid ob 24 days ago

    Video starts at 3:00 ................... what a hack

  • reid ob
    reid ob 24 days ago +1

    Your videos are like cancer

  • Hipsta Inu
    Hipsta Inu 27 days ago

    Can we just scrap all the new trilogy and do it over

  • Frank Kang
    Frank Kang 28 days ago

    Mary sue vs the star wars

  • Abyssous
    Abyssous 29 days ago

    I cant wait to find out Rey's past
    NOT !!!!

  • Christopher Schott
    Christopher Schott 29 days ago

    This is the first time in film history. That some thing should truly be rebooted .
    I can agee.. Force Awakens opened the gate with a weak storyline ... Good characters though , I liked Rey Untill the forest fight ... Wasted Luke Skywalker , a complete utter waste of potential ..

  • Ski3hub
    Ski3hub Month ago +1

    It just pisses me off were never gonna learn who snoke was.

    • BorealisJames
      BorealisJames 29 days ago +1

      Maybe a novel, comic, dlc... Ah fuck it they killed any remaining interest in the poor bastards (Andy Serkis being the other one)

  • Mario Pozada
    Mario Pozada Month ago

    Dude just say the spoilers and be done with it, why the fuck you talk to much and say nothing.

  • Toxic Masculinity
    Toxic Masculinity Month ago +1


  • electrik løss
    electrik løss Month ago

    All I want is the Yuuzhan Vong to be recannonised. Not necessarily the "New Jedi Order" or the death of Chewie, but the species as a whole and their whole backstory. It's so damn interesting to see biological warfare taken to the highest degree.

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips Month ago +1

    LOL, Fuck Rey, Fuck Kathy, Fuck JJ, Fuck Disney and Triple-Fuck every little dick tweedle dee who pays money to watch this garbage movie.

  • lovguru23
    lovguru23 Month ago +1

    thank the force this cringe saga is coming to an end, way to butcher something that has touched 1 billion people disney. you greedy out of touch boomer fucks

  • Serena D
    Serena D Month ago +1

    Disney is trash and they’re ruining one of my favorite movies series

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +2

    To be perfectly honest I just don't care anymore, so when it comes to spoilers I prefer to just rip the band-aid off as soon as possible so that I don't get blind sided and pissed off in the theater.

  • rengetsu08
    rengetsu08 Month ago +3

    Me: “I DON’T CARE!” I’ll just save my money for Planting trees. 🌲 🌳 🌳

  • kirralight
    kirralight Month ago +1


  • Jomari Capulong
    Jomari Capulong Month ago

    At this point, i'm only watching it for the space battle, the John Williams score, and the senate

  • PracticalMinimalist

    Instead of a dagger, it should have been a dark saber to tie in Clone Wars! If clone wars and rebels really is canon, I hope they do something to tie it all together!

  • Powerlifterusa
    Powerlifterusa Month ago

    I’m happy I already decided not to go see it

  • Matthew Beck
    Matthew Beck Month ago

    I'm really sad about what happened to Star Wars, part of me hopes for a sequel reboot with Mark Hamill in the directors seat.

  • Jon Duke
    Jon Duke Month ago +1

    Flop the movie.

  • Crow Post
    Crow Post Month ago +2

    This movie is going to suck beyond belief

  • Adriyan Slavchev
    Adriyan Slavchev Month ago

    Emperor in a life support machine , I'm telling you JJ are stealing from movie called Spacehunter from 80s , , watch the movie and then we talk...

  • Roman Woolner
    Roman Woolner Month ago

    Hopefully the lightsaber combat is better, I just watched an analysis of the fight scene from The Last Jedi, the Fight with the Red Guards and he basically tore it completely down and about how the fighting falls apart if you turn you're brain on, Rey performs no guard positions and the blows are very telegraphed then he did one on Revenge of the Sith, the final fight scene between Anakin and Obi-Wan and how that fight is leagues better because they are largely doing things right, even when they do a spin attack they're often doing it with the momentum of previous attacks and as well as that they actually use guard positions, it's on Shadiversity

  • steel city rc
    steel city rc Month ago +1

    The emperor is back but I'll not be

  • Matt Bathurst
    Matt Bathurst Month ago

    I guarantee there will be a new or fixed Death star at the end of the movie that rises out of the ocean!!! #hearditherefirst

  • Nate DawGg
    Nate DawGg Month ago


  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith Month ago +2

    The whole trilogy so far is very clunky with less than average character development... a big money grab.

  • Greg Espinoza
    Greg Espinoza Month ago +1

    Episode 7 and 8 have nothing to do with this movie. It will be as if they never happened.

  • Robert Wills
    Robert Wills Month ago +1

    How can there be spoilers for this mess when the whole franchise is spoiled? There’s nothing left to spoil. May the horse be with you.

  • twinjuice17
    twinjuice17 Month ago +2

    Story is shit... should have brought back anikan skywalker as the last villian.. showing that the only reason he turned into a force ghost was to ressurect himself witch is the only way to do so and you learn that he is always gonna be reincarnated as long as the force exist and he was once Palpatines teacher in his past life witch makes for a better story

    • Hunter Smith
      Hunter Smith Month ago

      What? That’s even worse than the Disney canon.

    SITH TROOPER 85 Month ago Y'all are being trolled by Disney and Even Disney and a Lucasfilm have even said there watching for there own fake leaks on purpose to expose anyone in there own company that can't be trusted with information. There also re shooting multiple endings and other parts throw off there own actors so it isn't officially spoiled by anyone. If y'all payed attention even the MCU did it to the last 2 avenger movies. Interviews with those actors said they purposefully did the same thing throw them off. So just stop this foolishness and wait for the movie like the real star wars fans are doing. You know the half that doesn't listen to what social media tells them to like or dislike. The real fans that actually saw SOLO in theaters and the real fans that don't bash on the last Jedi as much as you people do. Grow up. As I recall ESB wasint well liked at first either and if social media existed back then it probably would still be hated today and who knows ROTJ and the rest probably wouldnt have been made because of you people that think you own the franchise. The franchise is a gift to us from people with vision and talent and art. If y'all are so smart in making movies then make one if you think your so smart. Y'all keep saying Last Jedi split the fan It was already split since the originals vs special edition of Episodes 4,5,6. Since the Prequals and now the sequel trilogy... Every generation has there star wars. Everyone have there own opinions. Shame on you who think your owed somthing or entitled to something. If you don't like the new trilogy simply just don't watch them. No body has a gun to your head making you watch them. The original trilogy stands on its own or even the prequel and original together stand on there own together. You don't need the sequal trilogy but others might like it so don't throw your hatred at them just because you don't like them. Obviously you don't care about the franchise that much if you don't even go by the lessons taught to us threw the film's. That's all I have to say. "May the Force be with you... Always"

  • Oscar Herrera
    Oscar Herrera Month ago

    I like how you say roll the intro and then your theme begins

  • Hatchet House
    Hatchet House Month ago +2

    Lotta clickbait. "Huge plot leaks!!!"
    "I won't spoil anything. Watch my other vids.."
    How bout fuck off and get a real job?

  • Kevin Mejia
    Kevin Mejia Month ago +1

    is a video about SPOILERS and people here came for full details but you chose to not spoil? hows that work?

  • Stormtrooper 73
    Stormtrooper 73 Month ago

    anyone know if there are any Skywalker family members in this film,,as if rey is the emperors grand daughter then who is the Skywalker thats rising,as Lukes dead

    Rose will bring balance to the galaxy on her jedi force horse,,giddy up

    • Stormtrooper 73
      Stormtrooper 73 Month ago

      Yeah but im pretty sure you cant be the one to bring balance to the force after murdering your own father,,wont go down well

    • markus jordan
      markus jordan Month ago +1

      ben is a skywalker.

  • Kenzi -
    Kenzi - Month ago +1

    Boycott RISE OF SKYWALKER !!

  • jaidogu
    jaidogu Month ago +3

    Wait, rose tiko is back? I’m done.

  • Jacob Bush
    Jacob Bush Month ago

    In this video what movie/video game are those space battles in?

  • Wayfaring Man
    Wayfaring Man Month ago

    Whatever that fan film was, it looks like a better plot than anything Disney has put out.

  • augnkn93043
    augnkn93043 Month ago

    What about our heroine Rose Tico ??????

  • PapaMonkeyDaddy
    PapaMonkeyDaddy Month ago

    why make a youtube video called "Plot Leaks (SPOILERS!!)" and spend the first 4 minutes apologizing about spoilers only to then say I'm not going to spoil anything?... unless it was for clicks and comments ... and if that was the case it obviously worked :)

  • Rebs Rebolledo
    Rebs Rebolledo Month ago

    are you spoiling or not??

  • hans gruber
    hans gruber Month ago +1

    Nobody cares how things are going to "end". It's already over

  • Milkinator 101
    Milkinator 101 Month ago +1

    Disney ruined Star Wars

    SUGAH BUM MCGEE Month ago

    Ussually movies critized before it even comes out is a good movie look at shazam :)))))

  • Leviathan216
    Leviathan216 Month ago

    The first 3 minutes is just fluff. Get to the point.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    Are there any actual leaks in this video?

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    I hope Lucas starts a gofundme with a letter of apology in an effort to buy star wars back.

  • Cole Strange
    Cole Strange Month ago

    Where did the clips of the emperor’s capitol ship come from?

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski Month ago

    they were doing reshoots

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski Month ago

    Leaks are true ahahah all of them