10 Products Only CRAZY Cat People Would Get!

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
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    We're back with a new (and potentially stranger than usual) episode! Let's be real... We all know at least one crazy cat person who seems to be more attached to their cats than other humans... and TODAY we're unboxing the weirdest cat products we could find that we think only the most INTENSE cat people would buy! Prepare yourself for some hilarious and cringy moments 🙂
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  • Luke Baukol
    Luke Baukol 2 hours ago

    I really dont often ship ppl but roze and tanner low key...

  • Jono Incorporated
    Jono Incorporated 12 hours ago

    We don't deserve cats.

  • Coley Reed
    Coley Reed 15 hours ago

    Matt. I know puberty is hard. But, you'll get through it.

    Me: **Serious face** pfft- 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brooks Brooks
    Brooks Brooks 18 hours ago

    1like = felling better

  • Priscilla Mortimer
    Priscilla Mortimer 22 hours ago

    7:56 Mathias-“Put a dog, in a boat and add wheels.” Tanner- “a car...” 👏👏👏

  • Ngo Blogs
    Ngo Blogs 22 hours ago


  • The _Yellow_Gacha
    The _Yellow_Gacha Day ago +1

    IKEA is Swedish and it’s says “duktig” and that means “good” like ur doing good! :) and I know all of this bcs i know Swedish.... :)

  • Sebastian Anderson


  • Sebastian Anderson


  • Bravo Metal Products

    Um Taner I have a little sister when she was a baby she used one of those things so mat is right 🤘🏼

  • Aidan Roan
    Aidan Roan Day ago

    Røze with a z

  • Aidan Roan
    Aidan Roan Day ago

    Roze with a z

  • Azria Allizaf
    Azria Allizaf Day ago

    Cat need times to familiar with things and environment. Tq

  • ChaosLord
    ChaosLord Day ago

    Hey my name is Sherman I'm not that bad of a person tho

  • Nathan Pyk
    Nathan Pyk Day ago

    Norwegian Ø Swedish Ö

    Röze RØZE With a z

  • Ethan
    Ethan Day ago

    "R○ZE WITH A Z"

  • BRC 21
    BRC 21 Day ago

    Hey cat

  • Tiffany Leffler
    Tiffany Leffler Day ago +1


  • Deadshot
    Deadshot Day ago +1

    11:26 🤣

  • Summer Weber
    Summer Weber Day ago

    the tittle should be try not to lauph at matts voice

  • Jonathan Bellion

    Her name is not rose its Catherine sike...

  • Mia Robinson
    Mia Robinson 2 days ago

    IM MIA😱😱

  • Vexxn -
    Vexxn - 2 days ago


    MILI BOY 2 days ago

    Roze with a z

  • Luke Hancock
    Luke Hancock 2 days ago

    Roze with a z

  • Maddison Hamilton
    Maddison Hamilton 2 days ago

    Watching this back...I have to laugh when they argue over the kangaroo part...because I have a Joey as a pet

  • Jonah Denning
    Jonah Denning 2 days ago

    Mathias sound alike Miny mouse with a soar throat

  • budd_ no
    budd_ no 3 days ago

    Россия превосходит США

    • budd_ no
      budd_ no 3 days ago

      (Translation) Russia is superior to the us

  • budd_ no
    budd_ no 3 days ago


  • Sophia Miller
    Sophia Miller 3 days ago

    Røze with a z

  • Fluffy Gaming
    Fluffy Gaming 3 days ago

    RØZE With a Z

  • Jane Edwards
    Jane Edwards 3 days ago



  • Skulleye_ wolf
    Skulleye_ wolf 3 days ago

    The people who said they will put a pet in there they are automatically stupid and they got no brain cells

  • seshi_donut
    seshi_donut 3 days ago

    Cats do heal Tanner. They heal your soul.

  • TheIceColdFish
    TheIceColdFish 4 days ago

    Tanner the furry

  • charlie white
    charlie white 4 days ago

    My cat would not fit because he ways 21 pounds

  • Raven M
    Raven M 4 days ago

    Røze with a z

  • Evelyn White
    Evelyn White 4 days ago


  • KitsWorld
    KitsWorld 4 days ago

    -I saved ten cents-

  • Brooklyn Whiteaker
    Brooklyn Whiteaker 4 days ago

    Cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat a CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT...

  • Andy Thunder
    Andy Thunder 5 days ago

    Duktig Means good

  • Alanah B
    Alanah B 5 days ago


  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming 5 days ago

    On the voting you forgot the I like peanut butter option

  • Music 'n Stuff
    Music 'n Stuff 5 days ago


  • Blaze Murua
    Blaze Murua 5 days ago

    A kid I know has the Pokémon cat backpack 🎒 and brought it to school and didn’t get caught bc his cat stayed asleep the entire time also he poured an entire bag of cat treats inside just in case it got hungry

  • Blaze Murua
    Blaze Murua 5 days ago

    A kid I know has the Pokémon cat backpack 🎒 and brought it to school and didn’t get caught bc his cat stayed asleep the entire time also he poured an entire bag of cat treats inside just in case it got hungry

  • Hailey C
    Hailey C 5 days ago

    When puberty hits you like a brick😂

  • Hayden Allen
    Hayden Allen 5 days ago

    I would but I have a 150 pound German Shepherd

  • Kayleigh James
    Kayleigh James 5 days ago

    Roze with a z

  • Wasabee Online
    Wasabee Online 5 days ago

    Her names not Rose

    Her names RØSE

  • Ludmila Kennedy
    Ludmila Kennedy 6 days ago

    im Russian

  • Nitro Gaming
    Nitro Gaming 6 days ago

    I actually live Matt's voice like this lmao. Comedic but 100%

  • Emmett Cutter
    Emmett Cutter 6 days ago

    The white fluffy cats name was snowball in cats and dogs

  • brandy lahue
    brandy lahue 6 days ago

    How did Matt lost his voice

  • Timothy Scott
    Timothy Scott 6 days ago

    I did not feel comfortable when tanner said my name

  • FelineRock68088
    FelineRock68088 6 days ago

    I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤cats. I need all of these.

  • Jada Quijano
    Jada Quijano 6 days ago

    My dog is too big to fit in the pet carrier so I couldn't put him in it even if I wanted to

  • Gunner Trevino
    Gunner Trevino 6 days ago

    R🚫ZE with a z
    I don’t know how to do the o with the /.😐🤔

  • Griddalgrill 86
    Griddalgrill 86 6 days ago

    RØZE with a z

  • Mike Mcmyne
    Mike Mcmyne 7 days ago

    Roze with a z

  • Ian Brandt
    Ian Brandt 7 days ago


  • Lost Hearted Fox
    Lost Hearted Fox 7 days ago

    I bought the sweater, and I have to say a definite dope. I love it, and my dogs and cats like it too.

  • Darth Elias
    Darth Elias 8 days ago

    That cat backpack looks like it has a lot more room than most of the cat carriers I see at the airport where I work.

  • Mega Blaziken2
    Mega Blaziken2 8 days ago

    Røze with a z

  • Nykole heaton
    Nykole heaton 8 days ago


  • Ethan Doutin
    Ethan Doutin 8 days ago

    Roze with a z

  • Sagren Armugam
    Sagren Armugam 8 days ago

    He sounds like dobby from harry potter

  • showsomemoxie
    showsomemoxie 8 days ago

    anyone else notice R
    oze has bunny ears behind her head or am i just fantasizing

  • Erick Saldana
    Erick Saldana 8 days ago +1

    They should do vodka for cats if you get me XD

  • alexander nl
    alexander nl 8 days ago

    People that have this things: i'm not a cat people but i have 14 cats

  • Bloody Gacha
    Bloody Gacha 8 days ago

    Every like heals one of Matts vocal chords

  • Michael hawthorne
    Michael hawthorne 8 days ago

    6:53 mathias sounds like a old man
    "See there's plenty"

  • Mckenna Paquatte
    Mckenna Paquatte 8 days ago

    Rose with a Z

  • Cheezy G
    Cheezy G 8 days ago +1

    RØZE With A Z