How to Paint a Fall Scenery with only ONE Color // Monochromatic Watercolor // Art Journal Thursday

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
  • Hey guys! In today's video I will show you how to paint a fall scenery step by step for beginners using only one color of my watercolor set! I will show you a monochrome painting technique how you can create beautiful art using only one color! It was actually my very first trying it out, so I still need to do lots of watercolor and monochromatic studies, but it's a great way to learn about the different values and the contrast between them to achieve an interesting artwork! I really hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!
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    ○ Schmincke Watercolors * (US) * (UK) * (GER)
    ○ Brown Colors I played around with (Schmincke)
    - Raw Sienne 660
    - Raw Umber 667
    - Burn Umber 668
    - Mahagony Brown 672
    - Quinacridond Gold Hue 217
    ○ Hahnemühle Watercolor Book * (US) * (UK) * (GER)
    ○ da Vinci Cosmotop Spin * (US) * (UK) * (GER)
    ○ da Vinci 1111 Serie * (GER) * (UK)

    ❤ Film & Editing Gear ❤
    - Camera Canon 80D *
    - Canon Macro Lens *
    - Camera Lens Sigma 30mm F1.4 *
    - Canon Powershot G7 X *
    - Studio Light *
    - Manfrotto Tripod *
    - Blue Yeti USB Microphone *
    - Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13
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  • amydalager
    amydalager 3 days ago

    I'm loving your videos so much, I'm inspired to pick up watercolors again, after 25 years away from painting! Thank you so much!!

  • Marthie Scholer
    Marthie Scholer Month ago

    Wohhhhh very good!!!! THANKS AGAIN

  • Little ashy loves kookie

    You are my inspiration to paint! ❤️

  • Frances Harmon
    Frances Harmon 2 months ago

    thank you so much for sharing your talent and your knowledge with us!!! you give us a chance to become artists !

  • Hot Bunny Kookie Potato

    Hi do you think adding more people will make it nicer

  • sunnieflowers
    sunnieflowers 2 months ago

    i love that intro so much; it gets me so relaxed!

  • Angela G.
    Angela G. 4 months ago

    This was so helpful in a lot of ways. And I think this will be a great thing for me to practice while traveling next week. Thanks!

  • Jasreen Manocha
    Jasreen Manocha 4 months ago

    Which tape do you use in the border?

  • فاطمة الزهراء احمد ابراهيم الدسوقي

    I love your videos very much

  • Sravya Renduchintala
    Sravya Renduchintala 4 months ago

    Can u please tell me what paint brushes u use ? Really Confused😭

  • rimsha sheikh
    rimsha sheikh 5 months ago

    Love it .. thank u so much for such inspiring vedios

  • shiniku art
    shiniku art 5 months ago

    it killed me to see her using so much paint in the first part. it may be tube but you still dont need to make it that concentrated. The main property is of watercolor is using water, sorry this is not a hate but that really bugged me.

  • Andrew Bunch
    Andrew Bunch 5 months ago

    Well done. ⭐

  • Rebecca Meida
    Rebecca Meida 5 months ago

    I love love LOVE your art! I was hoping some of you guys could follow my art instagram! I’m trying to grow my following and hopefully sell some more art: @juliusbfil

  • Windys.Art
    Windys.Art 5 months ago

    This Fall Scenery is so beautiful! :)

  • dwiki firman
    dwiki firman 5 months ago +1

    your hair so beautiful😍

  • King M
    King M 5 months ago

    I love your paintings they so beautifully done and your tips...... Are the best

  • Courtney J
    Courtney J 7 months ago

    This inspires me to try it myself! I read an article about watercolor painting tips and one of them was to use water for changes in values rather than more paint. I didn't get it but this video helped me understand that less water makes a darker value while more water makes a light value.

  • Sparxygirl
    Sparxygirl 8 months ago

    I love this!!!!! Inspired me to practice more!!!

  • Vamiir Art
    Vamiir Art 8 months ago

    beauuuuutiful briefing👍💟💗👌👌

  • kaylaglazz
    kaylaglazz 8 months ago

    I loved this type of color and had to do one mine turned out awesome too

  • Lujain Alomer
    Lujain Alomer 8 months ago

    Where is one of these colors and the drawing book you use? My book and my colors do not help me 😅 💔 please reply

  • Hey Maria
    Hey Maria 8 months ago

    Is it just me, but at first glance I thought the people were moving so I had to view in full screen & saw that it was just bcoz of reflection 😂 Well, I would definitely try this. I loved it!

  • Artsy
    Artsy 8 months ago

    This is my fav way of painting #love-u-monocromatic-study

    ΔβIΔ.ҜΨΔRΠΔ 8 months ago +1


  • Ta Sch
    Ta Sch 9 months ago

    This is soooo beautiful, it‘s really one of the most beautiful paintings I saw in the last weeks!

  • Amina Alnugaidi
    Amina Alnugaidi 9 months ago

    i love it , it's very nice👌🏻♥️✨

  • muffemod
    muffemod 9 months ago

    You have an interesting accent. Where are you from?

  • Geekly Chic
    Geekly Chic 9 months ago

    For me that is not a problem at all to paint eith only one watercolor. Why you may ask? Three months ago i bought only one watercolor tube because I didn't have enough money, it was grass green. So for 3 months I painted with only one shade, now I have 8 colors so it's not problem anymore. But yeah hahahhaha

  • Fazy Lindholm
    Fazy Lindholm 10 months ago

    I love your sweater

  • malissa he
    malissa he 10 months ago

    Is it just me or your thumb nail is very similar to drawing wiff waffles video on one colour drawingss

  • Amna kooki
    Amna kooki 10 months ago

    That's so helpful thanku 😍

  • ronny raygunz
    ronny raygunz 10 months ago

    Mako, i love this painting, and this color is outstanding! I want to get that exact color. Which is it, plz?

  • Nour 75
    Nour 75 10 months ago

    I am in love with your channel! u inspire me everyday ❤️😍

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    Photoshop Helps 10 months ago

    Can you do a bunch of videos on watercolor pencils? I'd love to see you creating some art with watercolor pencils.

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    Altaf Ahmad 10 months ago

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    Sunita Bhardwaj 10 months ago

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    Nazeema Parveen 11 months ago

    I've drawn it in my school competition and i got 2nd prize..................thank u very much. Mak

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    Sam R. 11 months ago

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  • Lady xyz
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    Finally. I was waiting for the art journal Thursday for so long 😂. Grüße aus Augsburg !!

  • Mr chapstick
    Mr chapstick 11 months ago

    This is so pretty

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    Tai Nguyen 11 months ago

    I love your video. I from Việt Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

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    Bárbara F Studio 11 months ago

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  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva 11 months ago

    You need thicker paper, and to properly break it first. But it looks gorgeous.

  • A side of Kookie
    A side of Kookie 11 months ago

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    Art Mary 11 months ago

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  • Avram Andrei
    Avram Andrei 11 months ago

    Your videos inspired me to add colors to my drawings!!
    Working with colored pencils for a few months now but soon I'll give watercolors a shot but it's still a bit intimidating for me hah :))! Keep up the good work and never lose that gorgeous smile!! Peace!

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