The Crystal Collector gets flooded by rain but finds amethyst quartz crystals!

  • Published on May 24, 2017
  • Travel with The Crystal Collector to two amazing world class amethyst locations!
    One in South Carolina called "The Ellis Mine" which is completely private.
    The other called "JXR" or "Jacksons Cross Roads" in Georgia is actually open to the public! Visit their facebook page for dates to go and dig!
    To Purchase these and more crystals click link below
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  • Finn Dawg
    Finn Dawg 15 hours ago

    Used to live near there in GA. As a kid we found so so many clusters of amethyst in the ditch by our house we used to just put them in our fish tanks. Unreal what we would find after a good rain.

  • Real Indian
    Real Indian 19 hours ago

    are those crystal valuable?

  • John R.
    John R. 23 hours ago

    Nice Zelda ๐ŸŽถ in the intro. Speaking of Zelda, you found a nice rupee at 1:42!!! ๐Ÿ’Ž

  • Emily The Cat
    Emily The Cat Day ago

    I have some, !!!!!

  • nunya bisnass
    nunya bisnass Day ago

    In every shot im seeing spots of purple everywhere that no one is picking.

  • Deanna Donahur
    Deanna Donahur 2 days ago

    What mind is that

  • starz0120
    starz0120 2 days ago

    Wish I can do that.

  • mary tremendous
    mary tremendous 2 days ago

    Do they cost !!!???

  • ryback123 ryback
    ryback123 ryback 2 days ago

    10:20 how much that stone

  • The HQ
    The HQ 3 days ago +1

    Did he say cluster

  • took rasamiwida
    took rasamiwida 4 days ago


  • Eggert Nielson
    Eggert Nielson 5 days ago

    Do you just go to these places or do you have to talk to someone?

  • Roen
    Roen 7 days ago

    i always thought those shapes were grind, how do they get such polygon shapes from nature :o

  • R.A Khan
    R.A Khan 7 days ago

    Last gaint Emerald was huge. That was absolutely beautiful.

    THEDEADLINE 1 7 days ago

    Give me one pls

  • Lu Pedras
    Lu Pedras 8 days ago

    achei no sul de minas.Brasil

  • Harold amher Estrella

    Wow ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™‚ is a very good

  • Alg Droid
    Alg Droid 9 days ago

    How much u will sell these stones?

  • Sakthi Vel
    Sakthi Vel 9 days ago

    Very nice stone

  • MrSaokid4463
    MrSaokid4463 9 days ago

    Crystal porn! haha

  • Michael Watts
    Michael Watts 10 days ago

    Are there places to collect stuff like this in illinois? :o great video

  • HelperR
    HelperR 10 days ago +1

    how much would one cost and would i as a citizen be able to take one

  • Minato Tohru
    Minato Tohru 10 days ago


  • Drew Hurst
    Drew Hurst 11 days ago

    I love our planet

  • Ouro USA
    Ouro USA 11 days ago

    Look ๐Ÿ‘€ at that lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ would you look at it !!!

  • stuntstyle777
    stuntstyle777 12 days ago

    This makes me so sad. I would love to be there. Nothing here in texas to go to unless anyone knows of any places i could visit. Thoughts and recommendations appreciated!

    • stuntstyle777
      stuntstyle777 9 days ago

      +Third time Lucky thank you so much. I live in college station an hour away from Houston but i can always take a trip a few hours to make that happen. Thank you so much i appreciate that. I love digging for rocks etc

    • Third time Lucky
      Third time Lucky 9 days ago +1

      stuntstyle777 if you live in central Texas you may consider the red beds... dimetrodon fossils have been found there!

  • adean chandra
    adean chandra 12 days ago


  • Luigi Diaz
    Luigi Diaz 13 days ago

    I live by Los Angeles... dont know where to start ๐Ÿค”

  • GamblerMarco
    GamblerMarco 13 days ago

    I guess I am missing something... the value of these things is not much more than dirt, why do you all hunt them?

    • Third time Lucky
      Third time Lucky 9 days ago

      GamblerMarco for the satisfaction of finding it yourself.

  • moon
    moon 14 days ago +4

    God I wish that were me

  • Chance
    Chance 15 days ago


    ROYAL HUMOUR 15 days ago

    Are they woth money ?

  • Carolyn Murtaza
    Carolyn Murtaza 16 days ago

    How much does it cost to go there

  • Muhammet Ali ALTAY
    Muhammet Ali ALTAY 17 days ago

    Nice, super, bravo!

  • cotne kapanadze
    cotne kapanadze 18 days ago +1

    pls give me small crystal

  • Hang Pham
    Hang Pham 18 days ago

    Kham tร y sinphandon

  • Ross_ boss
    Ross_ boss 18 days ago

    Zelda ocarina of time kakirico village ๐Ÿ‘Œ (music at beginning)

  • paola __
    paola __ 19 days ago

    Yโ€™all know where I can do this in Texas?

    • Third time Lucky
      Third time Lucky 9 days ago

      paola __ in central Texas you can find dimetrodon in the red beds!

  • Sam Houston
    Sam Houston 19 days ago

    You should have a sub channel called 'Amos Finds'.

  • Spear Shaker
    Spear Shaker 20 days ago

    Donโ€™t make Amos angry. He looks like he could rip your arm off and beat ya to death with it.

  • Alicia Gates
    Alicia Gates 20 days ago


  • Phoebe Draws
    Phoebe Draws 20 days ago

    Yall he is disturbing the kindergarten

  • Amar Pinnu
    Amar Pinnu 21 day ago +1

    How this worth

  • captain Kh
    captain Kh 22 days ago +1

    Lil kev that is lil kev

  • coolkid mikey
    coolkid mikey 22 days ago +1

    How much do they sell for

  • Lucia Reyes Carmona
    Lucia Reyes Carmona 23 days ago

    Hola buen dรญa envรญo a usted que la esquina del parque de los mismos contienen informaciรณn confidencial sometida al secreto profesional y personal de la casa oye me podrรญas enviar el dรญa de maรฑana

  • remainingembers
    remainingembers 23 days ago

    This is so wholesome and cool. I would love a little amythest cluster.

  • Beverly Mchugh
    Beverly Mchugh 24 days ago

    Bru I was in South Carolina just last year!!!!!

  • Zainul Ebit
    Zainul Ebit 25 days ago


  • Jasvant Patel
    Jasvant Patel 25 days ago

    I got a diamond....

  • random shit
    random shit 25 days ago

    Is that worth anything

  • Arbab commando
    Arbab commando 26 days ago

    Very super

  • Widya Febrianty
    Widya Febrianty 26 days ago

    Stone kecubung colour,mantap sekali itu.

  • ina * Diamond
    ina * Diamond 26 days ago

    Hello sir .can tell me about how we can sela gemstone you know any market for that?

  • Bru E
    Bru E 26 days ago

    Please take me with you!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Sniffer Spot
    Sniffer Spot 26 days ago

    im jelous i wanted to be there

  • Sniffer Spot
    Sniffer Spot 26 days ago


  • Sniffer Spot
    Sniffer Spot 26 days ago

    wowow beautifull

  • Jenifer Mason
    Jenifer Mason 29 days ago


  • datok nanwal john
    datok nanwal john 29 days ago

    We're can one get all this wonderful stones please

  • Really? Showyourproof
    Really? Showyourproof 29 days ago

    All the occultist are having orgasms seeing all those crystals, they fix their imaginary issues with their imaginary healing crystals...

  • Irfan Aje
    Irfan Aje 29 days ago

    Wow,many crystal ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Luna James
    Luna James 29 days ago

    Are the Ellis amethyst mines accessible to the public? I canโ€™t find very much information online. I would love to dig here for my next vacation!

    • Luna James
      Luna James 19 days ago

      The Crystal Collector You are very lucky then! Do you have any public recommendations?

    • The Crystal Collector
      The Crystal Collector  21 day ago

      Unfortunately this is a private location only, the owner is not interested in letting the public on his land.

  • Friendly Rashid
    Friendly Rashid 29 days ago

    I have such type of crystals but they are white color

  • Haelie Mavis Domingo


    KING VAPE Month ago


    KING VAPE Month ago


  • Pizza Craver
    Pizza Craver Month ago

    some of them look like smokey quarts

  • Liliana Lazo Murรบa

    Omg, cรณmo quisiera estar ahรญ recogiendo esos maravillosos cristales de Amatista!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’Žโ™ฅ๏ธ

  • Kelly Salazar
    Kelly Salazar Month ago

    Are there any places in Colorado, which is where is live to dig for even crystals?

  • Kelly Salazar
    Kelly Salazar Month ago

    How in the world?! Is this real? Do your turn these in somewhere for actual currency or money?

    • The Crystal Collector
      The Crystal Collector  21 day ago

      Yes itโ€™s all real! But you have to go out and sell them, canโ€™t just turn them in for money like gold

  • Friagia Como
    Friagia Como Month ago

    Is it legal in georgia ? Or it is available for tourist to visit the place and have a mining experience for fee or free? How and where? I want to visit georgia. Please

    • The Crystal Collector
      The Crystal Collector  21 day ago

      They have a Facebook page, Jacksonโ€™s Cross Roads amethyst mine. There are some private locations but diamond Hill mine South Carolina is open so open

  • A User
    A User Month ago

    I want to go there! Amazing๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ˜

  • Ava Loucks
    Ava Loucks Month ago

    My uncle got me a purple amethyst for Christmas last year. Edit:omg thanks for the highlight and heart ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿคฉ

  • Suyogya Kulung
    Suyogya Kulung Month ago

    I have some crystals. But I have no idea for that how to sale??

  • kasireddy gouthamreddy

    Can anyone buy these crystals

  • Marcus Ravenscroft
    Marcus Ravenscroft Month ago

    Lol / 811

  • Priscilla Lander
    Priscilla Lander Month ago

    You men are so full of shit!!!!!! I know you both planted your own stones minutes before your fake ass "oh I found one, wow" recording

    • The Crystal Collector
      The Crystal Collector  21 day ago

      I donโ€™t have time to go out here and plant stones, LOL. Look at the rest of my videos I have over 40 videos right now showing us Digging stones like this out of the ground. I know itโ€™s hard to believe but we do have days this is good especially after the dirt has been moved around and you have a good rain

  • Anthony Pham
    Anthony Pham Month ago

    I found sapphire in some red wet sand

  • Nong Garrioch
    Nong Garrioch Month ago

    Can i come with you? 5555 i like it.

  • ะœะฐะบั ะœะฐะบั

    ะงะพ ะทะฐ ะบะฐะผะฝะธ ???

  • Ricky Hand
    Ricky Hand Month ago +1

    I wish my mom would stop drinking and my dad would come home.

  • Chฮนmฮตrฮฑ


  • รฐฤต sฤฑล‹ฯ‡ 21

    Cristals of the fortnite cube ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

  • nicole jm. abrenillo

    Amethist are so beautiful

  • Kamil MOYAWALA
    Kamil MOYAWALA Month ago

    Where is this airya

  • Bill Fletcher
    Bill Fletcher Month ago

    Is all this quartz worth much?

  • Lah Ku Sein
    Lah Ku Sein Month ago

    The colour looks like the fortnite cube.

  • khyri weatherby
    khyri weatherby Month ago +1

    How is it not attached to any sediment.. and so easily found . I know the rain is a part but it seems too easy

    • khyri weatherby
      khyri weatherby Month ago

      The Crystal Collector ohhh alright that makes more sense haha ..hopefully if I visit a location Iโ€™ll be able to grab a couple

    • The Crystal Collector
      The Crystal Collector  Month ago

      Yes, itโ€™s because both these locations had very previous machine work done. The amethyst forms in pockets and many times near the surface. So after large machinery moves a lot of dirt and you get one good rain it washes them off at the surface and they can be found this way very easily.

  • nancy lituma
    nancy lituma Month ago

    Beautifull how a can go can i have the address

    • The Crystal Collector
      The Crystal Collector  21 day ago

      Look on Facebook for Jacksonโ€™s crossroads amethyst mine, theyโ€™re doing a public dig in March

  • Michael D
    Michael D Month ago +1

    How much they worth

    • The Crystal Collector
      The Crystal Collector  21 day ago +1

      Some are worth up to the thousands but the smaller one is just five to $20

    EL RETRA Month ago

    I mean if i can go

    EL RETRA Month ago

    Is the mine open t ol the public

  • Crxnberry MSP
    Crxnberry MSP Month ago

    Wow, these gems are beautiful.

  • Yehshurunn Shah
    Yehshurunn Shah Month ago

    Is this true

  • David Duque
    David Duque Month ago

    He sounds just like Grant Cardone

  • David Duque
    David Duque Month ago

    He said a like Grant Cardone

  • Days With Dad
    Days With Dad Month ago +2

    I am so jealous, I almost decided to flood my backyard!

    • The Crystal Collector
      The Crystal Collector  Month ago +1


    PROJECTZORGO - Month ago +1

    Can you give a giveaway