• Published on Aug 9, 2019
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Comments • 12 895

  • The101Ranger
    The101Ranger 11 hours ago

    Did you really say stone armour


  • Gatlin Gunn
    Gatlin Gunn 23 hours ago

    That blue stuff of lapis

  • Gatlin Gunn
    Gatlin Gunn 23 hours ago

    You have to get obsidian to make a portal to the nether

  • Gatlin Gunn
    Gatlin Gunn 23 hours ago

    Do not dig straight down 😎 you will die 😆

  • Gatlin Gunn
    Gatlin Gunn 23 hours ago

    You have to get bones from skeletons to get a dog to love you

  • Jonna Juul
    Jonna Juul Day ago

    I'm 9 year's old and i know mincraft

  • Jinny Wyer
    Jinny Wyer Day ago +2

    who else is looking threw the comets while whatching htis

  • Noosh
    Noosh Day ago

    This is such a pain to waaaaaaaaaaatch

  • Kitchen Mug
    Kitchen Mug 2 days ago

    6:26 Jazza:you can just shut the front door.
    Me:wait, you don’t have a front door though.

  • Nas Draw
    Nas Draw 2 days ago

    Can plz make another Minecraft let's play

  • Cody Schuppert
    Cody Schuppert 2 days ago

    Oh the cringe it burns!!!!!!!

  • Gwenith Palstra
    Gwenith Palstra 2 days ago +2

    You only need a few torches to let no monsters spawn
    Jazza: Starts a ritual

  • Samarooni
    Samarooni 2 days ago +4

    Me: Oh cool Jazza played minecraf-
    Jazza: *doesnt know shifting exists*
    Me: how long has it been old man

  • Pigeon Commander
    Pigeon Commander 2 days ago

    The guilty ness though

  • Pigeon Commander
    Pigeon Commander 2 days ago

    Why did it take him 10 minutes to find iron?
    I play Minecraft- iron is everywhere!

  • Shi_ Galaxy
    Shi_ Galaxy 2 days ago

    Jazza: it seems the deeper you go the better it gets
    Me: *insert Lenny face here*

  • My name is nobody
    My name is nobody 2 days ago +1

    Jazza: I know you all want me to dig down.
    Me: Rule one of Minecraft, DOnT diG sTRaiT uP oR DoWn!

  • Sep tic
    Sep tic 2 days ago +1

    Always be prepared
    -jazza 2019

  • Sep tic
    Sep tic 2 days ago +2

    Jazza: the more torches the safer.
    Also jazza: lEtS mAkE StOnE aRmOr
    Me: oookkkkaayyyyy!?!?!
    Me: wth

  • Samantha Maxis
    Samantha Maxis 3 days ago

    I play minecraft almost every day since it came out on 360 and it is the most bought game only behind tetris

  • cool man 12 gamig and vloging

    I laughed so much when he died

    BROCK HOBSON 3 days ago

    Backflip more like backflop Mwahahahaha am i right

  • Mig Al
    Mig Al 4 days ago +1

    You would watch Grian.
    ( a super cool minecraft TVclip that has videos to help construct)

  • Annie Adams
    Annie Adams 4 days ago +2

    Jaden: “hard mode you cowered”
    Me: yasssss queen preach it
    Jazzy: “and nearly 10 thousand people backed her up”
    Me: *dies laughing*

  • Clara Pusderkis
    Clara Pusderkis 4 days ago

    you can do an invented monster, I'll enjoy dat

  • Easha Ibrahim
    Easha Ibrahim 4 days ago

    Jazza you old man

  • Jony baidya
    Jony baidya 4 days ago

    I play minecraft and im 8 haha

  • N Gribbo
    N Gribbo 4 days ago

    Next make a golem from a mountain

  • Zeanoss 210406
    Zeanoss 210406 4 days ago

    Why does jazza sound like nerd cubed

  • Yahya Vaid
    Yahya Vaid 4 days ago


  • Stephan Lasley
    Stephan Lasley 4 days ago +3

    Jazza: I know what you’re thinking, “you should mine down”
    Me: That is the EXACT opposite I want you to do,

    Funny story on how I learned not to mine down ever again. I was mining up gold to make some Notch apples(the OGs know the real name) and I had gathered up quite the materials, I even had 12 diamonds and a diamond pick axe. Well, I saw me some very much needed gold so I went to go mine that gold. Unbeknownst to me there was a giant pit of lava right under the gold I was mining and right as I mined through that last piece of gold and started to fall, I knew, I fucked up. I couldn’t help but laugh at my failure tho. I did however watch that happen in slow motion it felt so surreal to my 11 year old mind(I’m 17 now so I’ve come a long way from the noob I was).

  • - D r e a h -
    - D r e a h - 4 days ago

    I think you mean Minecraft is a, "sandbox game."

  • Vicki Mcl
    Vicki Mcl 5 days ago

    Man Jazza is worse than the game journalists

  • mobro 123
    mobro 123 5 days ago +1

    Wait stone armor?( ;

  • Chris Newhook
    Chris Newhook 5 days ago


  • CalebTime TheSavage
    CalebTime TheSavage 5 days ago


  • Jolie K
    Jolie K 5 days ago

    GEMINITAY AT 18:23 ish!!!!!

  • Nicholas Hamilton
    Nicholas Hamilton 5 days ago

    *When Jazza couldn't craft a bed*
    Me: You fool. You have killed us all!

  • AsrulNizam Adam
    AsrulNizam Adam 5 days ago

    U actually need a few bones to get the doggy

  • Amaya Millan
    Amaya Millan 5 days ago

    you should really play Roblox bc u played Minecraft and its newer with less updates

  • It's Panda Pixels
    It's Panda Pixels 5 days ago +1

    Jazza: *Hears cave sounds* "WHATS THAT?!"


  • Thoesh And Thoeshe
    Thoesh And Thoeshe 6 days ago

    14:14 Jazza looks at Lapis and thinks it's Diamonds

  • Klara- Naraa
    Klara- Naraa 6 days ago

    I thought I was a noob. But I guess I'm not xD

  • Sir Eevictinee
    Sir Eevictinee 6 days ago

    looks good considering its your first sculpture in minecraft. i'd be really interested in what kind of shenanigans you can create with more time of practice and building

  • MKAY dayz
    MKAY dayz 6 days ago

    StOnE aRmOr

  • Lps Toffie
    Lps Toffie 6 days ago +5

    Jazza: *acts pro at this game*
    10 seconds later: *mines tree with stone sword*

  • Riggidy19_ neale
    Riggidy19_ neale 6 days ago

    The whole time I was so frustrated

  • johnulrick games
    johnulrick games 7 days ago

    Jaiden you madlad

  • Bowser boi
    Bowser boi 7 days ago

    It's almost 2020 i love Minecraft

  • Joy Watts
    Joy Watts 7 days ago

    Now I am always going to hear that beat every time I mine... Thanks man, thanks.

  • Die for me now
    Die for me now 8 days ago

    Hey I’m nobody and I play Minecraft so 🤪

  • Neito Monoma
    Neito Monoma 8 days ago

    What if someone told Jazza about Worldedit and How To Use It

  • Narrak Bloodaxe
    Narrak Bloodaxe 9 days ago

    hey terraria is finnaly finishing it's story after many years maybe you can try making something there but I'd say you should try doing it with all possible items

  • ̇ ͜ʟ ̇
    ̇ ͜ʟ ̇ 9 days ago

    Minecraft is the perfect game for you Jazza. Mod that baby up with stuff like Chisels & Bits, Tinker's Construct, Chisel, Better Foliage, Dynamic Trees, Decocraft, and some other mods perfect for building and you'd be well on your way to making a channel dedicated to you faffing about in Minecraft doing awesome stuff, possibly in collaboration with other Minecraft youtubers.

  • sebastian ramirez
    sebastian ramirez 9 days ago

    Bruh he sounded like sam smith when he sang

  • Helena Latvia
    Helena Latvia 9 days ago

    Cuz of PewDiePie.

  • Aaditya Pandey
    Aaditya Pandey 9 days ago

    The art guy uses diorite

  • Agisa Zakariyya
    Agisa Zakariyya 9 days ago

    In survival

  • Ocean Sky
    Ocean Sky 9 days ago

    12:17 "The deeper you go, the better it gets." 😉

  • Ocean Sky
    Ocean Sky 9 days ago

    is it only me who is cringing at the iron part