JON MORRISON: Nil By Mouth (Fight Scene)


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  • Gad Aviman
    Gad Aviman 5 months ago

    Top film about my pal Mark S from Battersea

  • jimooky7113
    jimooky7113 7 months ago

    Fucking hard film to watch, but brilliant!! Always loved this scene!

  • EP3577
    EP3577 8 months ago

    Working with this guy as a Supporting Artist. One of my favourite films.

  • supernova girl
    supernova girl 9 months ago

    Rays character got off lightly here for beating a woman so hard they miscarry he deserves to be hung drawn and quartered

  • history hunter90
    history hunter90 10 months ago +3

    this scene is so satisfying to watch!

  • sdk
    sdk Year ago

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Director's Cut

  • TheGooners11
    TheGooners11 2 years ago +3

    He deserved more than that plus did you see he went for Jan - bastard deserved to be kicked to death

  • TheGooners11
    TheGooners11 2 years ago +3

    I hated that cunt Jamie Foremans character in this -

  • degree7
    degree7 4 years ago +2

    That Scot was a hero!

  • Infinite Sky
    Infinite Sky 5 years ago

    Has anyone ever told you not to uphold negative stereotypes regarding your homeland?

    • NoRiffRaff24
      NoRiffRaff24 Year ago +1

      Happens everywhere. Everyone knows that.

  • MyRomany1
    MyRomany1 5 years ago +7

    I love Ray Winstone and think he's an excellent actor but in this drama his character so had that coming to him! And more. As for the tremendous Kathy Burke, she played her part brilliantly as always. I think together they were nothing short of superb in this film. Made a lasting impression on me and as hard as it is to watch, this is one I come back to every so often, just for the first class acting, the drama, the writing, everything. Excellent, brutal, intense, scary even.

    • Ser De Luz Bel
      Ser De Luz Bel 2 years ago +1

      This is great, i love the fact you think about this movie just the same way i think, i love to watch this very often because it has everything that depicts cruel sad world that were living on, off course i also like movies were there's an actual depiction of insanity like this one Ray winestone is on, is like watching every single line or everysingle part from a suburb with two guys just talking about how the dealer just hook them with something, or that he rip them off... and is there something that we can change about it? nothing, period, is just the world we're living on, random characters, random moments but real deep and compelling deep storytelling. What i like about this movie is that nothing seems fiction, even the camera, i guess that the fact that there's no blurry on the depth of field, plain autofocus and photographically industrial outdoors and indoors, trains, dirty walls and blinking lightbulbs, that's what i love of every form of Art that is presented (you can tell, is not a movie to watch with your children, eating some cheezitos) its a movie, about how you'll get mugged, or how you'll get somehow trapt into that spiral of violence no matter what your desires are, people in this town appear not evolving, but film teach us that what it seems to be, it seems to be, theres no masks or covered truth, you can blend within the crowd in this movie, you can feel the smell of rusty smog and cigarretes, by this rare and unfortunately underrated underrated movie but unique, glad you like that as much as i do.. a message, 3 years later.. and this movie stills fascinating people wolrdwide, and they show it on MAXPrime east sometimes.

  • Del Boy
    Del Boy 5 years ago

    hes a football hooligan look hows hes dressed

  • Eric Steele
    Eric Steele 6 years ago +11

    lesson number 1 don't fuck with a working class scotsman with a mullet

    • Yoadel
      Yoadel 5 months ago

      +NoRiffRaff24 fuckin hell. I knew he was a hard cunt but that's some record. Great boxer amazing actor. Too bad he just gets shit roles to deal with.

    • degree7
      degree7 9 months ago

      The Romans had to build a wall to keep the Scots out.

    • paul557104
      paul557104 10 months ago

      I enjoyed this scene

    • NoRiffRaff24
      NoRiffRaff24 Year ago

      Ray Winstone is an ex-boxer that won 80 out of 88 bouts. I wouldn't f*** with him!

  • Green50
    Green50 6 years ago +2

    real british people are nice but africans coming in ruining it

    • Lance Sandford
      Lance Sandford 27 days ago

      Actually, according to THIS film, they would.

    • Yoadel
      Yoadel 5 months ago

      He's right. These foreign bastards are fuckin society up. They're totally different morally than us. Twice I've thrown them out of the health centre I work in for trying to attack female staff. A brit wouldn't even consider doing that. Soon as they see a man they're all docile and calm and cooperative though. Fuckin cowards

  • zanderzoot
    zanderzoot 6 years ago

    You need a hobby pal!
    I admit to only having visited the Seychelles from your list but I have travelled extensively elsewhere around the world.
    Why don't you Google - 'violence against women seychelles'?
    Face it, wherever there are people you WILL find violence.
    Amazing, all your supposed travelling and you've learned nothing, amazing!!!

  • Infinite Sky
    Infinite Sky 6 years ago

    You still believe that nonsense huh. I guess you need to travel more because I have traveled to many places that are very civilized and the people there are incredibly patient, gentle, friendly, merciful, and benevolent unlike people in Britain who are close to Americans in vulgarity, psychosis, and violence. Have you ever traveled to Vanuatu, Atala, The Seychelles, Laxaria, or Ladakh before?

  • dave hall
    dave hall 6 years ago

    the scotch cunt did him.

  • Danguardace17
    Danguardace17 6 years ago

    The way the Chicken shit mate, calls Gs out for Blind siding him but what him knock his wife about. Loved this scene Ray get cooled the fuck out.

  • fjbutch
    fjbutch 6 years ago

    Second that !!

  • zanderzoot
    zanderzoot 7 years ago

    Just Google before making an absolute knob of yourself will you?
    No violence or abuse it the Amish community etc?
    There's that ignorance of yours again!

  • Infinite Sky
    Infinite Sky 7 years ago

    What, because you've never met anyone like the people I've described you think they dont exist or couldnt be real dont you, well I can tell you they ARE and you obviously could learn alot from them. I used to be like people like you, but I am trying to correct my behavior and advance, not REGRESS, understand?

  • Infinite Sky
    Infinite Sky 7 years ago

    No it DOES matter where you come from and the language you speak! No I agree that every country has violence but not every community and society. For instance Quakers, Jains, Buddhists, Amish, and many tribal societies are not violent or abusive and dont go around thinking it's okay to talk or act disrespectfully as is so common in America, Britain etc. Because most or all of them realize how important community and morality and spirituality is compared to degenerates living in average society

  • zanderzoot
    zanderzoot 7 years ago

    Got it!
    You're either a troll or a completely ill-informed halfwit.
    I suggest you Google the term 'domestic violence in Nepal' or 'domestic violence in Bhutan' etc and educate yourself.
    I'll make it really simple for you - WHEREVER there are people you will find violence.
    Get Googling.

  • Infinite Sky
    Infinite Sky 7 years ago

    And if were to refuse?

  • Infinite Sky
    Infinite Sky 7 years ago

    Actually your only half right, there are some places that are known to be more peaceful, and more spiritual than others, like many Buddhist Countries like Bhutan, and parts of India, Nepal, Tibet, and Southeast Asia. This kind of crap only happens in countries (such as England) with no moral values. Get it

  • sampad123
    sampad123 7 years ago

    @gatheringleaves fuck off

  • postman445
    postman445 7 years ago

    @gatheringleaves please tell us where you live

  • Simon Dearing
    Simon Dearing 7 years ago +5

    i'd have kicked the shit out of mark too

  • Dane Youssef
    Dane Youssef 7 years ago +2

    Uh... am I the only one here who thinks Ray got off pretty light here? Especially thanks to Mark.

    • aburg10s
      aburg10s 2 years ago

      He should have beaten both Ray and Mark to a bloody pulp.

  • Infinite Sky
    Infinite Sky 7 years ago

    Well some countries have more than others

  • Infinite Sky
    Infinite Sky 7 years ago

    Wow, I cant believe British People are such low class trash in real life, I'm glad I dont live in Britain
    Where people have no moral or respect for authority

    • Lord Marvin
      Lord Marvin 11 months ago

      Immigrants are worse than this

    • IndependentGeorge76
      IndependentGeorge76 Year ago

      Are you really that stupid to make a generalisation on a country of 60m people based on a film portraying a violent alcoholic, with psychotic tendencies on a council estate in South East London... It's a fucking drama you div.

  • The GarbageMan
    The GarbageMan 7 years ago

    @gatheringleaves Every country has trash in it....

  • MondoBeno
    MondoBeno 7 years ago

    This movie brought back all my bad memories about London. I imagine this is what Eastenders would be if words like FUCK and SHIT were in the script.

  • Infinite Sky
    Infinite Sky 7 years ago

    wow british people are absolute trash in real life
    kinda sad really

    • Yoadel
      Yoadel 4 months ago

      +supernova girl haha I been reading down the comments section. He doesn't half bang on about brits. Must be in a country we kicked the shit out of in the past and the hate has been passed down from his misfit father to his misfit son.

    • supernova girl
      supernova girl 9 months ago

      Where are you from then?

    • IndependentGeorge76
      IndependentGeorge76 Year ago

      It's a fucking drama you tool. Why are people so stupid to watch one clip representing part of a violent film, then label 60m the same. Fucking mouthbreather...

    • TheGooners11
      TheGooners11 2 years ago

      Infinite Sky shut up you idiot it's a piece of fiction

  • sausageNmash1990
    sausageNmash1990 8 years ago


  • drax09
    drax09 8 years ago +1

    The scotsman wins.

  • blackdeath1886
    blackdeath1886 8 years ago +1

    nice mullet

  • Steeplehammer1
    Steeplehammer1 8 years ago +3

    One of the most realistic films ever made. Incredible

    • supernova girl
      supernova girl 9 months ago

      Steeplehammer1 yeah this hit home with me a lot