Trevor Noah Turns Donald Trump's Words into a Bad Reggae Song

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
  • Trevor Noah chats with Jimmy about needing a TripAdvisor for people of color, breaks down the musicality of Southern accents and turns one of Donald Trump's catchphrases into a reggae hit.
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    Trevor Noah Turns Donald Trump's Words into a Bad Reggae Song
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 569

  • HEXA-Tube
    HEXA-Tube 5 hours ago +1

    Hello..Now "chain migration" stuck to my head in late 2019 ,damn that was hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • Wisnu Gusman
    Wisnu Gusman 22 hours ago +1

    Bali.... Greetings from Indonesia, Mr. Noah.🤗🤗🤗

  • Alex McCaffrey
    Alex McCaffrey Day ago

    American culture and society is obsessed with race :-/. His comments about white people are racist.

  • Raven Bloodrose
    Raven Bloodrose Day ago

    Trevor Noah stole the show 😂

  • hadevosje
    hadevosje Day ago

    Awesome! I am not a fan of Trevor presenting the Daily Show, but here he is so incredibly funny!

  • tina caudell
    tina caudell Day ago

    Came here because the dumbasses can’t feed themselves ask the white farmers.barrysayit

  • Sushant Karande
    Sushant Karande Day ago +1

    "Nothing someone says before the word 'but' really counts" 1:32

  • Thedosius Dreamtwister

    When does this single drop?

  • Mason Playz
    Mason Playz 2 days ago

    5:56 for y’all. For you art lovers.

  • sarosh ghauri
    sarosh ghauri 3 days ago

    Oh Trevor Noah ! You are SO delightful !

  • zaid AB
    zaid AB 3 days ago

    Trevor is gem of a comedian

  • dharma wiguna
    dharma wiguna 3 days ago

    I Am Balinese and i can confirm that XD

  • Bulldog
    Bulldog 4 days ago


  • ZeXaL14 Vedera
    ZeXaL14 Vedera 5 days ago

    Watching these two together is like watching a phenomenal crossover.

  • marylou1277
    marylou1277 5 days ago

    Nothing is better than listening to Trevor make jokes about Stump. I stay ready for his shows cause he always gives you good ones.

  • Donal
    Donal 5 days ago

    Jimmy tries too hard


    BALIIIIIII, amazing island, agree with Trevor we all should visit, at least once in life..

  • anaci paulina
    anaci paulina 6 days ago

    Omg.. you went to Bali.. I should have meet you.

  • Ijenna Osuji
    Ijenna Osuji 6 days ago

    Love these two together 🧡

  • Quentin Bishop
    Quentin Bishop 6 days ago

    I love how he talks and he's very entertaining

  • Mc Mc
    Mc Mc 7 days ago

    omg! he made a song out of it!!!

  • Martin Sassenberg
    Martin Sassenberg 8 days ago

    Trevor is awesome. But careful! No trivialization of Trump!

  • Bill Olsen
    Bill Olsen 8 days ago

    Liberals are still peeing their pants that Trump is president

  • Jacobus Basson
    Jacobus Basson 8 days ago

    fuck you k lol

  • Rendani Canisha
    Rendani Canisha 8 days ago +2

    Trevor Noah is thee funniest, cute and best South African comedian. Love him and will choose him everyday.💞


    Hello I’m unique

  • Josh Solomon
    Josh Solomon 8 days ago

    This is so catchy.... Love this man.

  • Capewell Garage
    Capewell Garage 8 days ago

    I lost it at chain migration

  • Funnylady
    Funnylady 9 days ago

    I wish I would of met u in Erie, Pa where I'm originally in who u are Trevor

  • jeandiai tonyyeyo
    jeandiai tonyyeyo 10 days ago

    Good stuff

  • Diane M
    Diane M 11 days ago

  • Fire*Minx
    Fire*Minx 11 days ago +1

    Love Trevor he is so intelligent

  • mad D
    mad D 11 days ago

    John Stewart is so awesome that his predecessor is bad ahhhss.

  • Nkully Majodina
    Nkully Majodina 12 days ago +4

    Did any South African catch him out when he stopped himself from saying state of the "nation" instead of state of the union😂🤣😂 ...

  • Espdv8r User
    Espdv8r User 12 days ago +1

    Trevor's a piece of garbage

  • mylifeonvideo
    mylifeonvideo 12 days ago

    Trevor’s accent is what has helped establish who he is to us Americans

  • Anapau Santos
    Anapau Santos 13 days ago

    Trevor Noah can hit me up if he doesn't want to travel alone anymore.

  • Stefanos Photiou
    Stefanos Photiou 14 days ago

    Wentworth Miller + Will Smith = Trevor Noah

  • Sufia Rahman
    Sufia Rahman 14 days ago

    This man should host the oscars ffs

  • Gabs Dost
    Gabs Dost 15 days ago

    Lmao I love him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😁

  • Fathimath Judith
    Fathimath Judith 17 days ago

    oh my ..... the most funniest two people in the world are in the same room and im laughing to death 😂😂😂 uhhh they are so funny really.. the way they do Trump 🤣 👏👏

  • MJ MJ
    MJ MJ 18 days ago


  • SuperSweetness1986
    SuperSweetness1986 19 days ago +1

    He is so funny. 😂😂😂


    I swear Trevor is so freaking funny 1 of my top 5 favorite comedians of all times... His so underrated !!

  • Alan Wong
    Alan Wong 19 days ago

    Jimmy’s career advisor meeting

  • Nosipho Nothile Mdunge
    Nosipho Nothile Mdunge 20 days ago +4

    Woooow Jimmy Thoroughly enjoyed this😂😂😂

  • Ms.FitVegan
    Ms.FitVegan 20 days ago


  • Andrea Stewart
    Andrea Stewart 20 days ago +1

    Trevor is infectious. Love love love!!

  • Abol Tabol
    Abol Tabol 20 days ago +1

    Man Trevor just spoke about a huge problem there jokingly but a huge problem.He said white people when they say "unique" it means poor but they wont say it in front of u.Treva we brownies from South Asia with 1.35 billion,the Yellow people of 1.5 billion,the other Indo China East Asians and other South Asian ppl owe u a huge debt for understanding the problem which lies today.The perceptions that the white mans have built towards Asia and Africa i.e. more than half the population on earth is pathetic.

  • Waseem Tahir
    Waseem Tahir 21 day ago +1

    Half of this video was reverse racism.

  • Charles Emptybeach
    Charles Emptybeach 21 day ago +2

    Trevor is a super cool intelligent guy

  • devi Amrita
    devi Amrita 21 day ago +1

    The vacation line is so true

  • Hans O
    Hans O 22 days ago

    If trump loose it will be the end of the comedy in America

  • Gerald Greenfield
    Gerald Greenfield 22 days ago

    Trevor, you biased little bitch. I hope he deports you.

    • Captain Memnon
      Captain Memnon 13 days ago +1

      Gerald Greenfield he will leave with your mom poor little fat degenerate

  • praise ndlovu
    praise ndlovu 22 days ago

    My crush

  • Ross Buchan
    Ross Buchan 23 days ago

    Trev.. mate... You ain't black bro. Seriously from the flats ekse... U more white than black bru

    • Tina Butterfly
      Tina Butterfly 18 days ago

      His Black single mother raised him in his grandmother's house. He has a couple of Netflix specials. One is specifically about his being raised by his mother.

    • Tina Butterfly
      Tina Butterfly 18 days ago

      He has shown us where he literally grew up in his Netflix special. And visited his grandmother who shared experiences when he was young. And talks all about it in his autobiography, Born A Crime.

  • Saxon Schwarz
    Saxon Schwarz 23 days ago +2

    Jimmy lowkey jealous of his talent

  • Alex McCaffrey
    Alex McCaffrey 23 days ago

    Trevor Noah is so American (I know he isn't): White people this. So American.

  • Gwen Renee
    Gwen Renee 23 days ago

    Jimmy....... Jimmy ........

  • Dev Env
    Dev Env 24 days ago +1

    Man this comedy is shit compared to the shit posters and edge lords on TVclip.