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  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
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    Not everyone gets amused at amusement parks! Just watch these #ridefails videos to see! Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library for #fail clips and we've put together a list that will make you laugh 😆. Let us know which park goers made you LOL the most!
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Comments • 316

  • horse magic
    horse magic Month ago

    sorry for those

  • Jhona Burgos
    Jhona Burgos Month ago

    Cute kids and nice mother take care of the kids😘😘😘😘

  • Vulpine Carl2005
    Vulpine Carl2005 Month ago

    Slingshot is my fav.

  • RoyalKitty Cat
    RoyalKitty Cat 2 months ago

    I've been into a Mirror Maze and we thought we will never come out! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Eric Warwick
    Eric Warwick 2 months ago

    8:21 she goes from a fun half smile scream.... to a REAL SCREAM in seconds!! The moment reality hit her was unmistakable, but precious!

  • ورده زهراء مااتم


  • ورده زهراء مااتم


  • H0SCH1 M4N
    H0SCH1 M4N 3 months ago +1

    Ich finde das Kleinkinder in solchen Fahrgeschäften nix zu suchen habe.

  • seza teamhustle
    seza teamhustle 3 months ago

    4:34 dad laughing. Daughter scared to death

  • Erin Sayachith
    Erin Sayachith 4 months ago

    the kid clip is so annoying

  • princess
    princess 5 months ago +2


  • JacobHQSR
    JacobHQSR 5 months ago

    3:02 he completely disseapeared on the water lmao

  • Shinex
    Shinex 5 months ago


  • Matsuda
    Matsuda 5 months ago

    1: Is it just me or did that teen faint?
    2: The slow-mo kid is annoying. Why'd you show it multiple times?

  • seza teamhustle
    seza teamhustle 5 months ago +2

    2:56 this is more serious than I though 😂😂

  • Crystal Charles
    Crystal Charles 6 months ago

    Why only ugly white people in this video this is the most rattiest video i have ever seen only 1 black person an they only on for like 2 seconds

  • James Harold
    James Harold 6 months ago

    Horrible parents

  • chloe dolphincage
    chloe dolphincage 6 months ago

    Blue was just saying hi to the little girl

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin 6 months ago

    Feed the raptor!

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin 6 months ago

    Seeing these young kids scared outta their wits on a coaster and parents thinking it funny hurts!😩

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin 6 months ago

    I hate coasters. Too scared to scream and am small and keep slipping under the bar. Well back then they had bars not the shoulder thingies. Don't like the feeling of my brain trying to ooze through my forehead.

  • Jillian Marie Valencia
    Jillian Marie Valencia 6 months ago

    I feel so bad for them

  • Gel Patricio
    Gel Patricio 6 months ago


  • Merima-Gabriella Tropoja

    7.16 😂😂😂😂

  • TheLastGuestHD
    TheLastGuestHD 6 months ago


  • Mel P.
    Mel P. 6 months ago

    Are those people stupids or what, to bring such young kids on those rides

  • Gabri333
    Gabri333 6 months ago

    Why this kids are so ugly

  • OceanBlue Heart
    OceanBlue Heart 6 months ago +1

    Nope. I will never ride that Air Slingshot. Definitely I'll faint.

  • Vulture Vic
    Vulture Vic 6 months ago

    The slo-mo kid was my favorite!

  • SWSimpson
    SWSimpson 6 months ago +2

    the ONLY thing I liked about this video was the dinosaur-- that was amazing

  • iraland marie
    iraland marie 6 months ago +1

    This video sucked they need to stop playing the same one over and over again.

  • twist58
    twist58 6 months ago +1

    (0:15) Priceless!

  • Cher L.
    Cher L. 6 months ago

    Some of these children are too young to be on these rides and their parents are laughing at them while they’re screaming in terror

  • Добрая Феня
    Добрая Феня 6 months ago

    дебилы смежно детей на такие аттракционы!

  • Bitha Marak
    Bitha Marak 6 months ago

    You think that funny children are dying of fear and parents were laughing at thats not funny

  • Adarsh Mohanty
    Adarsh Mohanty 7 months ago +1

    That little girl at 10:31 like chill man!😆😆😆

  • TMS Calendar
    TMS Calendar 7 months ago +1

    i mean, i hate roller coasters so i get it...

  • Shanan Alexander
    Shanan Alexander 7 months ago

    Poor babies 😂

  • Liss Martinez
    Liss Martinez 7 months ago +1

    LMFAO 😂🤣

  • F
    F 7 months ago

    Okay, so they should make rides for kids to ENJOY... not to pass out : (

  • JRE
    JRE 7 months ago

    2:08 little girl & 11:34 baby !!@ !@ are there no height restrictions or is it just irresponsible parents ? Braver than me though lol

  • Maria Lourdes Esteban
    Maria Lourdes Esteban 7 months ago

    Oh for frick sake stop showing the slow motion boy dislike sorry men

  • Maria Lourdes Esteban
    Maria Lourdes Esteban 7 months ago +1

    0:13 i dont like this ride
    I dont like this *RiDe!!!*

  • scarpien
    scarpien 7 months ago

    LOL @ most of the kids' expressions. Their eyes rolled in the back of their head, got crossed and all sorts of weird things. I'm surprised many of those kids were even allowed to get on those rides.
    @10:01 that girl has got the reflexes of a ninja.
    @10:46-10:56 the guy passed out! LOL

  • Spongebob0911
    Spongebob0911 7 months ago +4

    How fun it is to pay for a ride that will cost you multiple times more afterwards in medical help for mental counseling and anxiety treatments ...

  • Michael Li
    Michael Li 7 months ago


  • Michael Li
    Michael Li 7 months ago

    Kinder fulmpjes

  • Ray's Reviews
    Ray's Reviews 7 months ago

    How come people still don't know how to film with their cell phones. Come on turn that dang thing horizontal, it's not that difficult.

  • Alloneword
    Alloneword 7 months ago

    LMFAO at everyone who is annoyed at the 'slow mo kid' hahahahah what a bunch of loser you are.

  • LeaderColdenX
    LeaderColdenX 7 months ago

    i wanna watch Jurassic World now

  • SFJ 12 Jenkins
    SFJ 12 Jenkins 7 months ago

    These are horrible parents 😂

  • Reptisaurus King
    Reptisaurus King 7 months ago

    For the dinosaur meet and greet, I would so ace it

  • Laira shane vlogs!
    Laira shane vlogs! 7 months ago +2

    7:55 was that jillian tube ftom the tube family? 😂👪

  • Gamer Fawn Stop Motion Pictures

    Girl: I don't like this ride.
    Father: pardon me?
    Girl: I don't like this riiiiiiiii- *gets yeeted up high on the ride*

  • North Shore
    North Shore 7 months ago

    Good they have this on video when they go to therapy

  • Mike Arneson
    Mike Arneson 7 months ago

    Amethyst says. Let’s see how many chili dogs we can eat before we go on the Tilt-a-Whirl ! Fun!

  • Monika Kapkoti
    Monika Kapkoti 7 months ago +2

    suscbe my chenl

  • Dogs 4 Ever!
    Dogs 4 Ever! 7 months ago

    These parents shouldn’t bring the younger kids on these roller coasters

  • Dogs 4 Ever!
    Dogs 4 Ever! 7 months ago +1

    I’ve been on one of those rides were you have to jump but I kept injuring myself :/ so I got off but everybody was stairing at me...

  • sutil Al
    sutil Al 7 months ago

    7:51 anyone knows where is that? I do not want to influence you with what I have in mind, anyone knows where?