The first time I saw you - WiseGuys

  • Published on Jan 30, 2008
  • 1994-1995 song from Filipino Group: WiseGuys. enjoy!
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  • patience reason
    patience reason 9 months ago

    This song is good

  • Chris Yang
    Chris Yang Year ago

    this song take me back in time...thanks for the memories

  • dax malazarte
    dax malazarte Year ago

    bigla kong naalala tong song... kasi biglang umulan... "the way that you let the rain fell down on you"... i miss my teenage life...

  • Randy Llanes
    Randy Llanes 2 years ago

    The way that you let the rain fall down you; the way that you smile when your eyes met mine...

  • teng_vasquez
    teng_vasquez 3 years ago

    Salamat s nag upload n2!!!
    Nice love song to remember!!!

  • Dominick Bertulfo
    Dominick Bertulfo 4 years ago

    i dont know but bigla nlang pumsok sa utak ko ang kantong ito kahit matagal ko ng hindi napakinggan way back high school pa now im 32. That is why i search it in the internet. my favorite song noong bata pa ako it reminds of someone.

  • Yeye Quillao
    Yeye Quillao 6 years ago

    wow..finally i found this here..i love this song since when i was 18 at age..nice i hear it again.tnx uploader

  • Pisatsheee YT
    Pisatsheee YT 7 years ago

    I love this song!! It's my favorite song when i was in HS... thank you for uploading it..

  • ruvysal goopio
    ruvysal goopio 7 years ago

    san na kyo guys?miss ko na jamm jamm ntin!!!!!oliver to idolzone!!!!!

  • ERIC052778
    ERIC052778 7 years ago

    Oh! The songs of the 90s! Can someone tell me where tp purchase a Time Machine? PLS! :) lol

  • revoislam
    revoislam 8 years ago

    classic...hehehe :p

  • khris 1978
    khris 1978 8 years ago

    does anybody know the guitar chords for this song...i would really appreciat it

  • Ms Fuengirola
    Ms Fuengirola 8 years ago +1

    my favorite glad i'd found it....i'd remebered my first love hehehehe.....this song is amazing really, i was 14 when i heard this for the very first time and am 31 now but still it's always on my mind....i'll never forget the very first time i'd fell in love thanks wiseguys u'd inspired me a lot.....

  • sammy abad
    sammy abad 9 years ago

    high school din ako neto.ayus talaga to! salamat sa pagdownload and post.old school songs.sana madme ka pang songs jan.thanks for sharing.

  • Rodel Bacolor
    Rodel Bacolor 9 years ago

    God... It's been a long, long time since I haven't heard this song. High School pa ako noon... It really brings back those good old memories. Thanks a lot! (",)

  • ExtraFried Rice
    ExtraFried Rice  9 years ago

    ah yah, i wanna share that's why i posted it. =) I just wanna let them know specially for the "teens" or
    "new generations" out there, the song "Tell me where it hurts" is originated by Milli Vanilli, Last chance is from ALLURE, Especially for you is sang by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue, Beauty and Madness is from Fra Lippo Lippi, and NOT originated by MYMP. aight?

  • ExtraFried Rice
    ExtraFried Rice  9 years ago

    the embedding is now on dude

  • ExtraFried Rice
    ExtraFried Rice  9 years ago

    hmmm... im not much of an MYMP fan.. infairness to them, yeah they're good. But I'm not really into reviving songs specially if its copyrighted. Just MY opinion.

  • ExtraFried Rice
    ExtraFried Rice  9 years ago

    you're welcome =)

  • Johnny Mcpott
    Johnny Mcpott 9 years ago

    OMG!!! For years I've been looking for this song.I've been searching for this for a really2x long time and I mean everywhere. Now I found it by accident... WoW!!! Lots of memories rushing to me right now... and there's this really special girl that I dedicate this song.The time that we met it was raining and this song was playing on the radio thats why whenever I hear this song it always remind me of her. I dont know where she is now.. To kathy werever you are now... I hope you have a good life

  • tydaLane
    tydaLane 9 years ago

    OMG.. been looking for this song for 10 years noW!!! :(
    thank thank thank you for posting this

  • leenarch
    leenarch 9 years ago

    i have the mp3 =)

  • alena1705
    alena1705 9 years ago

    thank you, thank youi, and thank you so much for posting this WONDERFUL SONG. i've been looking for this for so long, can't find the MP3 version on the net but i recorded it thru replay media catcher while playing. WOW! it's nice to hear this very romantic song esp. when its raining. it reminds me of somethin'...again, thanks a lot...

  • alena1705
    alena1705 9 years ago

    thank you, thank you, and thank you so much for posting this VERY ROMANTIC song, i've been looking for this for so many years. WOW! cannot find the MP3 version of this song on the net, but i recorded this streaming vid while playing thru replay media catcher. Thanks much again.

  • Karlo G
    Karlo G 10 years ago

    one of the best songs i've ever heard. :) galing ng gumawa nito.

  • foxez69
    foxez69 10 years ago


  • foxez69
    foxez69 10 years ago

    sorry for the late post medyo naging busy lang sa work.
    meron na po akong napaldhan ng copy nito sa email. di ko lang matandaan na kung sino.
    As I always say, I've got the copy of this from a friend who befriended the lead vocalist of wise guys just to have a copy

  • kamomil24
    kamomil24 10 years ago

    hi, can you also send me an mp3 copy of this song. I've been trying to download this song thru limewire but couldn't get any matches.. thanks.

  • foxez69
    foxez69 10 years ago

    pls pm me your email add. isasabay ko na po kayo sa isang nagpm sa akin. Ingatan nyo po sana tong copy na to. Nung nagcrash ang PC ko, ito ang unang unang song na inalala kong mawawala, luckily, may isa akong copy sa PSP ko, and so gumawa ulit ako ng maraming copy sa hard disk ko, and lahat ng USB drives ko. hehehehe

  • Kris Abad
    Kris Abad 10 years ago

    their one and only hit back in 1995/96...miss these pinoy tunes!!!

  • foxez69
    foxez69 10 years ago

    If any of you wants the original copy. I have a super clean copy of the song(mp3). I tried downloading dati sa limewire pero panget ang mga version. Luckily, yung isa kong kaofficemate e friend pala ng lead vocalist ng wiseguys. Kaya nagkaron ako ng copy nito. Pm nyo na lang po ako if you want a copy

  • darwinr reonal
    darwinr reonal 10 years ago

    i luv it remind me of my past

  • dhonski nicolas
    dhonski nicolas 10 years ago

    ive been looking for this song ... i love it..

  • ceegeedgd
    ceegeedgd 10 years ago

    Haven't heard this in a looooooong time! That's my Kuya Guy singing!!! ;) A real feel-good song...

  • ExtraFried Rice
    ExtraFried Rice  11 years ago

    i downloaded it through limewire.

  • ExtraFried Rice
    ExtraFried Rice  11 years ago

    yeah mail me your email addie. extrafriedrice @ hotmail . com

  • ExtraFried Rice
    ExtraFried Rice  11 years ago

    ^_^ next time, ask only the music experts. like me! oha! haha! enjoy!

  • lara nuque
    lara nuque 11 years ago

    I too was looking for this song...thanks for uploadinng it here.