Here's The Full (w/subtitles) Most Requested Live iHeart BTS Interview From October 2017


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  • Cyndal Turner
    Cyndal Turner Day ago

    Suga has a deep voice when he talks

  • Sanjida Jannatul
    Sanjida Jannatul 3 days ago

    My love suga always look good

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 4 days ago

    Yoongi just wanna sleep xD

  • Diki Gurung
    Diki Gurung 6 days ago

    Jin said hitman bang is the most famous person they met 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Berlezzys Itchy ankle

    Seeing Tae so sad makes my heart hurt

  • Because of BTS
    Because of BTS 9 days ago +1

    Im not used to them saying their first name before their last name, like jungkook jeon. 😂😂

  • Beesho_ Sama
    Beesho_ Sama 9 days ago

    0:19 jk :Lat's go lat's go 😂😂

  • Iman Iman
    Iman Iman 9 days ago

    Ay love bts

  • jael mariquit
    jael mariquit 10 days ago

    *suga* "Dallas Dallas" from their original track gogo hahahahaha new pun king? HAHAHAHAHAHA cutie

  • Laila Ali
    Laila Ali 11 days ago

    you know that table has the union jack on it, a year later bangtan came to the uk o h m y g o d

  • Pushparaj Tiwari
    Pushparaj Tiwari 11 days ago

    V as a vampire even the imagination kills me
    And it's really nice how they support each other

  • Riya 1995
    Riya 1995 12 days ago

    Jk's hello is so cute !

  • emma _Army
    emma _Army 12 days ago

    BTS the Best 💜👑💜👑💜👑💜

  • Roman A.
    Roman A. 12 days ago

    Who wrote the subtitles?

  • Roman A.
    Roman A. 12 days ago

    Sounds weird hearing their names backwards.

  • emily lloyd
    emily lloyd 13 days ago

    i still cant believe they talked about FLORIDA SKSKSKSKSKSKS

  • only jeonguk
    only jeonguk 13 days ago

    Why are they saying their names upside down
    Jeon jungkook to jungkook jeon ?

  • Olyvia Gaines
    Olyvia Gaines 14 days ago

    ughh why did they introduce themselves in the western way??

  • Rhianna Dilger
    Rhianna Dilger 14 days ago

    Yoongi speaking English pretty hot tbh🥰

  • Rhianna Dilger
    Rhianna Dilger 14 days ago

    2:42 ah Yoongis so cute

  • Rhianna Dilger
    Rhianna Dilger 14 days ago

    So when army sings the fan chant they say their names in the wrong order? Whereas for example we say
    “Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook” it should actually be “Taehyung Kim, Jungkook Jeon” I’m a little confused, can someone explain this to me?

    • Rhianna Dilger
      Rhianna Dilger 12 days ago

      lolasummery y ahh okay, Thankyou for explaining

    • lolasummery y
      lolasummery y 13 days ago

      Rhianna Dilger in Korea a persons last name aka family name is said first and then their first name. In west society like America we say our first name first so that’s what they did here. Honestly this is the only time they said it like that

  • J.E.M.B
    J.E.M.B 14 days ago

    V looks very sad but we are here for our IDOL we love you V ♥️♥️♥️

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 14 days ago

    6:00 LOL

  • BTS Girly
    BTS Girly 15 days ago

    1:55 Jungkook favorite costume was rabbit sooo cute❤️❤️🐰
    I can’t be the only one who expected that.

  • Celebrity Memes
    Celebrity Memes 15 days ago +1


  • Rosana Star
    Rosana Star 16 days ago

    Can you tell them that they know KURDISTAN and can come to there BC There are so many ARMYS in there and tell V THAT I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH I LOVE ALL BUT SPECIALLY V ❤️😭😭😭PLS PLS PLS

  • ραяк ʝυиgнσ
    ραяк ʝυиgнσ 16 days ago

    I see you rocking them sneakers yoongi 👌👌

  • Rαιɴвow •
    Rαιɴвow • 18 days ago

    Una mierda los subtitulos JAJAJ

  • Min Suga
    Min Suga 18 days ago


  • TheCubanMafia97
    TheCubanMafia97 19 days ago

    Also, I think the U.S scans products before getting them to their recipient, because they check for drugs, bombs and anything that might be dangerous to the American people. It could also be because the delivery system here sucks 😂 I don’t know man 😐

  • TheCubanMafia97
    TheCubanMafia97 19 days ago

    J HOPE!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂♥️

  • Kween culture
    Kween culture 19 days ago

    It's the end of 2018 right now and I came back to this video just to hear Suga talk English. 👂

  • Fuzzytinypuppy8 AJPW
    Fuzzytinypuppy8 AJPW 20 days ago


  • Fuzzytinypuppy8 AJPW
    Fuzzytinypuppy8 AJPW 20 days ago

    Suga: First of all, I don’t understand why your parents won’t let you go to the concert. It’s such a cultural enchanting experience.
    Me: ikr?! Lol imma send this to my parents.. thanks Yoongi!

  • Liz Mary Torres
    Liz Mary Torres 20 days ago

    I like Suga face he has the straight face every l am not trying to be mean l love you BTS so much❤️😘

  • trishaxci616 dee
    trishaxci616 dee 20 days ago

    Suga: dallas dallas
    Pun intended lmao Yoongi suddenly became my bias wrecker in this video ❤️

  • Sugas NeckPillow93
    Sugas NeckPillow93 21 day ago

    Yoongi is wondering why parents won’t let army’s go, yes it’s cultural and stuff but they won’t let us go cause it’s so damn expensive

  • namhope suga
    namhope suga 21 day ago

    jhope is the loudest

  • Tasha Perkins
    Tasha Perkins 22 days ago

    bts im biggest fan

  • Tasha Perkins
    Tasha Perkins 22 days ago

    bts sing for you

  • Tasha Perkins
    Tasha Perkins 22 days ago

    hi my boy bts

  • ashley jisvel
    ashley jisvel 22 days ago

    Apenas veo esto, a Jungkook le gusto Despacito, me emocioné cuando dijo eso

  • JADORA Liovelle
    JADORA Liovelle 23 days ago

    Why do they say their names backwards I don’t understand .

  • Aliyah Young
    Aliyah Young 25 days ago

    Of course it's chucky.

  • Wong Richard
    Wong Richard 25 days ago

    Sugas english though.Dang! You wrong me right jawa dang!

  • Liliu 97
    Liliu 97 25 days ago

    Madriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid :'(

  • bangtan love bot
    bangtan love bot 26 days ago

    i usually come back just to hear yoongi saying italia once more

  • KDF Kdf
    KDF Kdf 27 days ago

    These are not full eng subs. Sigh.

  • Aayushi Singh
    Aayushi Singh Month ago +1

    4:13 poor jin

  • •BTS Army•
    •BTS Army• Month ago

    All that talking that RM has to do... dang

  • Norsaliha Binatara
    Norsaliha Binatara Month ago

    it's so adorable that the members speak for other members personalities. They rlly know one another 💜💯

  • Norsaliha Binatara
    Norsaliha Binatara Month ago

    I died laughing when Suga sang DALLAS DALLAS and Jhope is the only one who noticed 2:42

  • jimin ssi
    jimin ssi Month ago

    yoongi's english its so good & hot

  • jimin ssi
    jimin ssi Month ago

    namjoon saying us to install an app that blocks all ads lol 😂😊 ty

  • Divya Chhetri
    Divya Chhetri Month ago +1

    Suga is such a bias wrecker 😣😣😩😩

  • Putul Mitra
    Putul Mitra Month ago

    I love this song💜💜💜💜

  • Betty Cooper
    Betty Cooper Month ago

    I love how they invert the name pronunciation because its different in korea 😂😂 and the subtitle where they include RM is equal to Rap Monster

    • jimin ssi
      jimin ssi Month ago

      and RM now means real model

  • Jungkook's nipple xx
    Jungkook's nipple xx Month ago +1

    damn yoongi's English accent will be the cause of my death

  • Rahela Hassan
    Rahela Hassan Month ago

    Sugar really can speak a little fluent english

  • melissa owens
    melissa owens Month ago +2

    10:29 SUGA I’m so Impresssssed

  • Chante Mcdonald
    Chante Mcdonald Month ago +1

    I love Bts🙏


    yeah yoongi a concert can give you experience 💚 and btw it only cost like hundreds of dollars haha

  • Harshita Manchiraju
    Harshita Manchiraju Month ago +1

    I’m living for their hair colors!

  • S.K 131313
    S.K 131313 Month ago

    Yoongi just proved in this interview that he’s secretly hiding the fact that he’s fluent in English!!!!

  • j-hope you are my daydream

    everyone's talking about Yoongi Min... Anyways i love him, so i'm going to say this one more time

  • Saima Irfan
    Saima Irfan Month ago

    when will you come to pakistan?????

  • dallondays
    dallondays Month ago

    RM pronouncing Brisbane right left me shook

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice Month ago

    oml---- Yoongi speaking in english is the best thing xD 😍😘 He accent & pronunciation tho👌

  • Ty Brick
    Ty Brick Month ago

    Yoongi speaks english well he should talk a lot more!!!

  • yoongi's kitten
    yoongi's kitten Month ago +1

    Yoongi speaking in English with that "voice" is the hottest thing I've ever heard my god

  • Smiley :D
    Smiley :D Month ago

    2018 anyone? 💖

  • Smiley :D
    Smiley :D Month ago

    10:17 I love when Suga starts translating 😂😊

  • Pushparaj Tiwari
    Pushparaj Tiwari Month ago +1

    V would make an amazing and cute vampire

  • Emily Lakata
    Emily Lakata Month ago

    1:19 I hate that RM is the only one that didn't say their name the way everyone else did. What the f***

  • Iida Nen
    Iida Nen Month ago

    I can't with Hobi's MaNhAtTaN

  • Abby Bezely
    Abby Bezely Month ago

    RM: If you like BTS you should get the Twitter app...
    Except for when you don’t post for a week and ARMYs are loosing their minds!!!

  • Lauren Salinas
    Lauren Salinas Month ago +1


  • smurfinit48
    smurfinit48 Month ago

    I love when Yoongi speaks in English. He’s very clear when he speaks :) I’m so proud of him.

  • Ana M.
    Ana M. Month ago


  • Army Forever
    Army Forever Month ago

    9:48 aaah the way jungkook stared at V 😍

  • Edith  Tavizon
    Edith Tavizon Month ago

    5:31 😂😭😂😂

  • Izl Kim
    Izl Kim Month ago

    Yoongi cracked a joke about Dallas (he changed a line from GO GO to Dallas dallas) but only Hoseok notice it. SoPe is soulmate.

  • v veena
    v veena Month ago

    J hope forgot his real name 😆😂🤣🤣

  • Rajani B
    Rajani B Month ago

    What if your not old enough to get twitter😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • che ta na K
    che ta na K Month ago


  • Jayleen Luo
    Jayleen Luo Month ago

    That was before I knew bts

  • maknae linebts
    maknae linebts Month ago

    "hoe suck jung" LOLOL

  • Minaliski Emelia
    Minaliski Emelia Month ago +1

    Min Suga♥ : Army's heart banga banga "im dead"

  • Dana Alexa
    Dana Alexa Month ago

    Jimin singing bigbang's songs😂

  • Johana Simpal
    Johana Simpal Month ago

    Jin babe😊😍😍

  • Love_Yourself_Always
    Love_Yourself_Always 2 months ago

    Lol Suga saying "Dallas, Dallas" like in Go Go. My heart wasn't prepared! 💜

  • mintae ༄
    mintae ༄ 2 months ago

    im still not over suga’s english here

  • jimin parkchimchim
    jimin parkchimchim 2 months ago

    Wlang Philippines

  • lilsweetener tutorials
    lilsweetener tutorials 2 months ago

    V pants 👖 OMG

  • labiba Rafsanda
    labiba Rafsanda 2 months ago

    @askanythingchat please ask them why don't they have their own separate instagram and twitter account. And also ask when will the create their own accounts? Please!!!!

  • sonia gaba
    sonia gaba 2 months ago

    I'm from India and there is no concert of BTS. i wanted to go seoul but my parents don't allow to go there.

  • TheTransGenderKid
    TheTransGenderKid 2 months ago

    I'm downloading v app rn XD I just want to see bts live but I'm in America, Indiana so I kinda cat it will cost over $1,000 for me so I'm saving up

  • Alyssa Marianne Angbengco

    2:42 omg Suga is so kyut !!!

  • Shambhvi Kumari
    Shambhvi Kumari 2 months ago

    This proves suga knows English from being