10 Most Common NIGHTMARES and Their MEANINGS!

  • Published on Mar 20, 2017
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Comments • 20 250

  • Carefree Rosey
    Carefree Rosey Hour ago

    Mine arnt strange, I had one about nuclear war when I woke. Up when it hit and I was in tears, ran to my mom's room and hugged her as hard as I could

  • Krissy Pearson
    Krissy Pearson 15 hours ago

    last night i had a dream that i went to the mall and took my 2 year old son with me and after we got done in the mall, i walked to my car and put my son in his carseat and turned the car on to get the a.c going then I went to the back of my car to put the stroller away and some guy came up to me and stabbed me on my side. I was bleeding so heavily and the guy tried getting in my car to take it. All i was thinking about was my son and found enough energy to fight the guy. I finally got him out of the car after he kept stabbing me over and over and I put the car in reverse and got the hell out of there. I called my husband who was working and told him that no matter what happens to me to please take care of our son. He asked what happened and i told i was stabbed and wasn't going to make it. I told him where I was and then I woke up. I felt stabbing pains in my back, chest, side and arms when I woke up.

  • Lanie Lou
    Lanie Lou Day ago

    Not exactly a nightmare because I don't mind it. Throughout my life, every time I have a dream that I am pregnant, something new happens in my life within months, such as a new job, switched colleges, moved to another city, etc.

  • Teary Tigey
    Teary Tigey 2 days ago

    My scariest dream was extremely realistic and i could feel the pain amd the blood and the tears .
    So it went like this, tomorrow morning i wake up and text my partner "hello" then am greeted by her mom on the phone telling me so bull so i text a suicide and she takes my deal.
    1st death was quick no talking or anything
    Then i wake up in the dream same morning the same thing happens
    2nd death there was a but of conversations but i still had the bullet in my heart from before and i got stabbed 75 times in the chest and face
    I wake up same day again with all my previous wounds and the same thing happens
    3rd death i go over to my partner's house and her mom put tiny sticks of dynamite in my ears which would only be enough to blow my head up and it did
    When i wake up again still the same wounds and i was then deaf
    4th death i went over yo my partners house again and was greeted by my partner who sat me at the table and i was given a plate but as soon as i take a bite all my food was covered with at least 100 grams of cyanide
    I wake up as normal same injuries this time i got a letter from my partners mom
    5th death i read the note to find she killed my twin bro and little sis who were my most favorite people i would die for and she told me to join them and had a rope in the box, overwhelmed with grief i did as told
    I woke up with the bruises from the rope the norm happens without the note
    6th death i waited till it was late out and went down to the river as always it was flooding and she came shoved me in and held me down till i drowned
    Same old thing happens
    7th death i went to the park to walk around only to get jumped by her, knocked out forced to give up my cherry and then burried and left till i gave into death's embrass
    Same thing as before
    8th death i get strangled by her
    Same thing
    9th i got framed and found guilty for killing my partner's baby brother and my own little brother and got sent onto midevil french death row and the executor was her
    Same thing
    10th death i said i was tired of it and shot myself square in the forehead
    Same thing
    11th death she made me use magic till all my energy was gone and let the evil spirit in my amulet finish me off
    Same thing
    12th death was a repeat of the first death except i stayed dead but i was conscious even after death i could hear my partner wailing in sorrow with my siblings my grandparents and parents
    This all felt true cause of her past in shooting someone else not too long ago. So now im terrified to ever go inside that house again

  • Dorian Farmer
    Dorian Farmer 2 days ago

    Real late but still. Anyone know of skylanders and if you do, you know of the character chop-chop. So basically I was in a gym and there were some random people around and random skylanders were around. It was maybe a couple dream seconds and then chop-chop starts spazing out and then explodes killing everyone in the gym. That's when I woke up. Anyone know what that means?

  • Gamer Legend
    Gamer Legend 3 days ago

    I dreamed That One of my freinds sent me a voice memo I opended it it was chinese I coldent Here What was he saying But i gave it to my uncle he knows chinese He heard it and He told me With a scard face Come with me I was at my granndmas house and me and my uncle went to my house i told him what happend he said Some creature Is comming to Haunt u I was shoked and i was borringly waiting in my room with my uncle suddenly the room lights turn red I ran And left my uncle I came back i found my uncle eaten by venom then He ate me the end

  • Gamer Legend
    Gamer Legend 3 days ago

    Today i litraly Dreamt Of a deamon Chassing me So scary

  • Dakota Leavitt
    Dakota Leavitt 4 days ago

    I just had a nightmare that I went to this art academy but i would stay over there and the next day (in the dream) I woke up and everyone was dead but me until this art teacher would just not let me do anything...she sounded like my mom for some reason....and I am trying everything that calms me down (music)...I wonder if there is a dream meaning for that

    Oh yeah in the end of the dream I got shot to the head...

  • Keven Rebollar
    Keven Rebollar 4 days ago

    Do you guys have nightmares where you land on your ass and you feel the pain, I’m being serious no joke

  • Shari Chambers
    Shari Chambers 8 days ago

    I had a nightmare once of being attacked by a Dracula like vampire while hanging face down from my bed with my wrists and ankles shackled to the bed. Scared the holy crap out of me! As for the meaning monsters can be family members.

  • Viktor Rhyce91
    Viktor Rhyce91 9 days ago

    I was knocked out after surgery from a near death. But, when your knocked out, why is it that you felt awake?
    Back when in an ICU in St. Louis, Missouri I thought I was having not natural nightmares, but until recently I finally found out what it actually was.
    Not a lot of people have heard of the "Spirit of Death", but I have found out about it recently. I dared to do something dangerous, and that is meditating and transcendeding your spirit into the domain world of the Spirit of Death in the Spirit World. I got scared of it when I let my spirit put a foot on that world, but also when the Spirit of Death confronted me. But, the thing that still shocks me is the reason why it did not lock my spirit out of my body.
    It said "But I recognize you, though."
    How did it recognize me?! But, I took a look back in the ICU I was in, and the Spirit of Death felt familiar. Then came the answer:
    The Spirit of Death took my spirit out of my body and traveled it to several different worlds not natural to see. It appeared as a dark-grey figure that touched me and even spoke to me.
    But, I am still curious of what Promise was made when the 2 of us talked in one of the worlds it had brought me to. I still remember it today what happened 1 year from July 16th, 2019 in the past...

  • Heaven Madoka
    Heaven Madoka 9 days ago

    I dreamed of me screaming while watching my baby sister falling from the balcony of our house(the second floor) but she was still alive after she hit the soil ground. But It's haunting me

  • Wendy Haase
    Wendy Haase 9 days ago

    Yeah don't know what was going on with my brain but kept having a dream of animals that I've had that are deceased and they were chasing me everywhere and cornering me and I'll find a way out and they be chasing me all over again and every time I got cornered as I was finding my way out I'd wake up for a second cold sweats go back to sleep and the same thing kept repeating all through the night there's not one of my better ones and the animals they look like the animals and yet they didn't because these were some of the most loving this cats and dogs and they all had this evil kind of look to them it was horrible

  • Magnoline K
    Magnoline K 10 days ago

    My strangest dream is me and this group of people. I don't know who they are, but it's always the same people. We're walking through what seems like a mall, but the building shifts and morphs into these walkways and stairs you could fall off of and die. The first "store" we come to is something kinda like Hot Topic or Spencer's. Manakins hanging on the walls come down and start terrorizing us until one of the others is killed and dragged away. The next area dark and silent and I can almost hear the stiff air around me. Then pale hands and arms star reaching for us from the darkest corners and eventually take one of us away and we keep moving. It's like that through a lot of these areas and the only way we can leave is if one person from the group dies. Until I'm the only one left. I come to the highest point of this "building" and I'm trying to cross this high and super thin walkway where if I fall, I'm dead. But on the other side waiting for me, is *me* and the other me seems to have a shadow lingering at her back and a creepy grin is on her face. Then the shadow lunges forward and breaks the walkway and I fall until I wake up. I have this dream at least once every couple weeks maybe and been having it off and on for the past 20ish years or so. It started when I was just 6.

  • Oey Torres
    Oey Torres 10 days ago +2

    My family believe if you dream about death then someone is having a baby and the other way around and it works

  • The Neon Apple
    The Neon Apple 10 days ago +1

    my scariest dream is nothing

    just black.

    • B Tn
      B Tn 9 days ago

      You racist

  • Nikoleta And moonlight

    My Dream is A car is throwing bombs at people and kill them and they are following mee😭😭

  • Nick Walls
    Nick Walls 14 days ago

    Ok so what would you say about falling from a great height towards the ground and just before im supposed to go splat, i wake up or seeing loved ones who have passed, as if they were healthy, like my grandfather, have that one atleast onces every few months?

  • Carson Janto
    Carson Janto 14 days ago

    Most of my dreams are me getting kidnaped

  • Kristen Poole
    Kristen Poole 15 days ago

    I get a recurring dream through the years of me being in a room/ house with other people that I know. These people vary all the time and as we pass from room to room in this house that leads to nowhere and there is no door to go out.

  • Vortex
    Vortex 16 days ago +1

    The one where you got chased by something is actually.. idk how to explain it but I had a dream once where it was night and I was being chased by a big bear.
    A few weeks later at school I asked my computing teacher to wipe my progress on this typing website we used. Before and a bit after I had a dream, I was anxious of doing that and didn't know what to do.

  • Kaito Shinazaki
    Kaito Shinazaki 17 days ago +1

    I’m actually quite worried right now because I just had a very strange dream. It was more of a disturbing vivid dream.
    But basically it was almost like something was or is coming after me. I was in a park by my school walking around and no one was there it was just me. And there was quiet singing of something like “here we come” and I got chills and a terrible feeling like something bad would happen to me. And I then found myself at my school to walk home and no one was there again. I had some of my own music on and then mine cut out and the singing happened again but this time there was a girl in a white dress with long black hair walking towards me and the chills got stronger and then I woke up. I feel like my mind is trying to tell me something is going to happen, because all of my recent dreams were something scary happening at my school. I go back to school in a month.

  • Achok Dut
    Achok Dut 18 days ago

    All my nightmares are about me dying not very pleasant ways as well also I die in many different ways like none repeat me dying in the same way as others I also have this problem where I dream of something good and it actually happens I think I need a therapist

  • D.K.U.K Clips
    D.K.U.K Clips 18 days ago

    My nightmare have been connected to one another lately through different sleeps like a story and each one that I have I seem to be getting older none of them I have died but have been in accidents and my last one I had I was retired and hunting then I got mauled by a bear and died I feel like these are actually gonna happen

    SCØRPIØN 19 days ago

    You may not believe me but one day in my bday my dad I said that he will buy me a big SURPRISE I told him to buy me a ps3 but then I dreamed he will get an old ps3 to prank me and then give me the ps4 and this game true lol

  • Tesla TC
    Tesla TC 21 day ago +1

    Whenever I have a nightmare where I’m being chased my dumb ass always tries fighting back for some reason then I wake up

  • MadUnicorn 45
    MadUnicorn 45 23 days ago

    I often dream of running

  • Midnight Light
    Midnight Light 23 days ago

    There was one dream I had a lot. It was in a small yellow house. One wooden round table in the middle of the only room. My dad,stepmom,and brothers where there. My dad threw me outside and the wolves came to eat and kill me..
    Another dream was with my mom and brother getting in a car laughing as they leave me in a store of on the road or anywhere with a lot of random people.
    Another dream I had twice was when Chucky the doll slid under the door and killed me.
    Also most of my nightmares are from me dying from alligators and sharks... (that's why I hate both of those animals)
    And some of my most scaryist dreams end up with me screaming but you can't hear my scream and then I die..

  • Walter
    Walter 24 days ago

    Had a dream where a gang would kidnap you and bring you to a cave where they would dig your eyes out with spoons and place them back in with one facing upwards and the other one downwards and then gut you and use your organs to tie you to poles. Any ideas on what this means??

  • redlovefox
    redlovefox 25 days ago

    i had a dream where my dead great grandfather was chasing me and some friends but he was alive and i've had this dream multiple times with different friends each time. i didn't know who was chasing me because i've never met my great grandfather (he died before i was born)

  • Jason Gura The Mad Republican

    I Do Have Those Feelings

  • Ariana
    Ariana 26 days ago +1

    My worst nightmare was being abandoned by my parents in a train station, which was a great maze of platforms and corridors. Where they told me it was on the way back, but I just lost and when I look through a window on the second floor of the station I see them saying goodbye to me and getting up. And every time I tried to go out (to ask for help because nobody paid attention to me), the door disappeared or I went to another place. But there were times I managed to escape from the train station and I was in an unknown city, where I ended up running to a police officer asking him to take me home or give me a phone to call my parents (but for some reason I never remembered their phone numbers) And finally an explosion is heard, I climb to a rooftop and see a great fenix burning the city.

    A very strange dream, but also that I have only dreamed three times and all when I was still very small, between the age of 7 and 12 lol

  • Az Fligirl
    Az Fligirl 26 days ago

    So both of my parents came to me in my dreams the nights they died. My mother to say goodbye and my father to say he was sorry.
    I also had a vivid dream of being shot in the neck and tasing the blood. I was able to pull out the bullet and died looking into a reflection of myself holding the bullet in my hand. I could feel the warmth of the blood pooling around my face.

  • Jennytj 1996
    Jennytj 1996 28 days ago

    In a nightmare I was chased by a family member

  • midnoodles doodles
    midnoodles doodles 29 days ago

    I literally never have nightmares last one I had was a few months ago. No dreams or nightmares since then

  • Poppy The Poop Karma Will Come

    I once had a dream that a video was either threatening me, or warning me. In the dream, I was watching a relaxing video to help me sleep, and someone told me to "stop watching it when it gets to the bit about killing". That confused me, but I continued watching. Then, some creepy music came on and some words came into the screen. It said, "your name is Poppy [my last name]. You will die soon." Then, Donald Duck came into the screen and talked about how " she" (I don't know who "she" is) threatened me. He said that he was going to fight her.

  • Your one true god Cthulhu

    I sometimes have a recurring nightmare where I fall from the sky towards a field, but when I hit the field, I just bounce off and go back up to the sky, then start falling again. Occasionally, friends will appear and start laughing at me for being a coward for not liking the trampoline. I cannot go on rollercoasters or swings with other people pushing me because of the lack of control. Same goes with cars and even sort of trampolines. I lead a sad life.

  • C3PO 5678
    C3PO 5678 Month ago +1

    I have dreams about being in school naked this could mean I don't want my mates to know I play minecraft sometimes.

  • Mrs. Multifandom
    Mrs. Multifandom Month ago

    Well i had a dream of the characters i make and me dying in an 8bit style and before it was my turn to play i met someone with a rectangular head and three eyes in a suit of some kind
    He is now names unknown :)

  • Meme Fan Boi
    Meme Fan Boi Month ago +1

    This is telling me not to turn into chetto skin(Donald Trump) or roofies man(Bill Cosby)

  • Gene Bolton
    Gene Bolton Month ago

    I don't dream anymore

  • Marvin Repuya
    Marvin Repuya Month ago

    I dreamed about a girl and his elder brother i went to her house but i never knew them

  • Nudezumi
    Nudezumi Month ago

    I had a dream today that I was standing on a pole with other poles under me that were bright yellow and metal.There was a wooden pole next to me attracted to bees. (I have a huge fear of bees) there was also water under me (which I also have a fear of drowning and I had a dream before that my friend drowned me) There was this guy who was talking next to the wooden pole doing like a TVclip video possibly? Idk but he was talking and holding a camera. I fell off of the pole and landed on the bottom pole while mostly in the water. I screamed "HELP" to the man next to the wooden pole. I started going down in the water and I closed my eyes while trying to swim up. I woke up in shock.

  • beatledepp 3000
    beatledepp 3000 Month ago

    Whats the song

  • Ultra Chaos
    Ultra Chaos Month ago

    I've had multiple weird nightmares at times, one of them was where I was trapped in a death maze and it was run by a man in a pig mask, another one was when I was abandoned by my dad in a grocery store, one swipe seen my brother get killed, sometimes I end up getting killed wether it by snake bites through the leg to being stabbed in the back by someone I know,and I've dreamtthat I was in my room and then all of a sudden water came rising up and I was slowly drowning in cold cold water. It kind of makes the dreams were since for some reason I'm able to feel my surroundings and what's happening to me like they're real.

  • Jessica Bushell-Hale

    I had a dream where I slept through my alarm and woke up late for work, got ready, got my mum to give me a lift (I was in high school at the time) only to wake up and realise I slept through my alarm and woke up late for work, got ready, got my mum to give me a lift, only to wake up and realise I slept through my alarm and woke up late for work, got ready, got my mum to give me a lift, only to be shaken awake by my mother who was asking if I was meant to be at work.
    Wound up being an hour late for my opening shift. Got in quite a bit of trouble for that one.

  • PinkieDash the Brony

    I used to have nightmares about being chased by a dinosaur, I thought it was because the movie Jurassic Park terrified me when I was younger, but it turns out my grandmother was just very disapproving.

  • Awaysame
    Awaysame Month ago

    The one when your falling in your dreams I have it all the time but I have land

  • Epplypse
    Epplypse Month ago

    Have you ever thought that maybe you don't want to be naked in front of people? 0:40

  • one bar warrior
    one bar warrior Month ago

    Anyone know what the beat is called in the video?

  • i cant think of a name so this is it

    I've had most of these dreams

  • Mary Estrada
    Mary Estrada Month ago

    You know who else hsa nightmares..... My mom

  • FS Zetsu
    FS Zetsu Month ago

    I’ve had this nightmare where it’s s kids birthday and what they eat makes them act weird. And they start doing riots and stuff and I have to survive with my family one night the next it’s like nothing happened

  • Nugs Rialto
    Nugs Rialto Month ago

    Have you ever had that dream whe re you run and glide for a lil . then land on your feet then float and glide for more time everytime ??

  • Mykel Thomas
    Mykel Thomas Month ago

    I had like 2 or 3 really gruesomely scary nightmares only in a few hours

  • DarkLavender Dragon

    I fell before at a play ground in my dream...
    .IT FELT WEIRD XD and then it changed into a different dream.. not just a dream... A nightmare

  • oof Marie
    oof Marie Month ago +1

    Just had one! I was being stalked by to guys I go to hs with, I’m scAred asf nowww

  • Jay South
    Jay South Month ago

    Had a nightmare of killing a family member. But i could never actually kill someone.

  • Jacob Cutcher
    Jacob Cutcher Month ago

    Warning! If you poop in your dream... you poop in real life as well!

  • Smart Boi
    Smart Boi Month ago +1

    I legit gouged someone's eyes out in my dream but all I did that day was sit in bed.

    • Dreamer ッ
      Dreamer ッ Month ago

      Smart Boi lol I've killed people in my dreams before too but I don't consider them nightmare

  • Kirk Barkley
    Kirk Barkley Month ago +3

    Up until about a year ago, I had (semi) nightmares> Got my apartment saged (there was some bad energy in the bedroom & once [in a dream] confronted an azzhole by turning around and saying *who* are you? (you ****ing s.o.b.) . They vanished immediately.

  • philip backman
    philip backman Month ago +1

    I have never had Any of these dreams....

    • Sammy Vlogs
      Sammy Vlogs Month ago

      philip backman I have been Nakid in front of everyone in a dream

  • Hope Arrowsmith
    Hope Arrowsmith Month ago +4

    Tbh, I used to have reeaally weird dreams...
    I'm kinda surprised I didn't have the naked dream with my peers because (before I told them) I was nervous about whether I should tell them or keep it a secret that I had Autism...Of course, I told them...

  • Undercover Naps
    Undercover Naps Month ago

    Eating pound cake out of my grandma's coffin at her funeral visitation... Everyone there was eating one bite. Dreamed at age 11 but she died when I was seven

  • Talisa Dippenaar
    Talisa Dippenaar Month ago

    one of my worst dreams were of everybody, including the people that i know and love were clones, I ended up in a factory , where i saw them being made. they were in two halves, and inside them, instead of bones and muscles, it was a blob of solid color, and they would just be zipped up. all of a sudden they all noticed me and faced me at the same time. I had to run away from them for what felt like days. I eventually found a little girl, who I somehow knew was normal, I knew I had to protect her. We ran down a hill and hid in a small kind of trench. They seemed to not know where we were hiding, until the little girl popped her head out, and once again they all faced me. when they all caught up to me, the nightmare ended

  • Phalanx
    Phalanx Month ago

    I just last night had a zombie dream where like 7 baby's fell off a fridge it ended with like a mummie thing from Egypt in the Arizona desert I'm really confused

    • Phalanx
      Phalanx Month ago

      It ended when they opened the coffin and I had a dream 2 months back where when it open every one died and only I and a few friends escaped

  • Lezah Nosis
    Lezah Nosis Month ago

    What about a dream of jumping off a building and don't wake up after meeting with the ground.
    Just gets this 3rd point of view

  • Cherry Mae Coscos
    Cherry Mae Coscos Month ago

    I've been dreaming about a baby with disabilities. A red color baby. Its true the color is red its skin. And a dead woman found in the mud river. Also 3 boys chasing me in the sea, a clear water of sea. What's this means?

  • xXNafeZZEeGamerXx TheFortniteProOnMobileXD

    I had a nightmare of me my family and my footy team and we all witnessed the biggest fastest flash flood ever we went all the way to the top of the tallest building and then some of us was lost in the ocean but we all survived I was so scared I didn't realize I was dreaming

  • Zahirul Edits
    Zahirul Edits 2 months ago

    I have a nightmare but I don't know how to explain the dream

  • Zahirul Edits
    Zahirul Edits 2 months ago

    I have a nightmare and sleepwalking yesterday and it was soo scary

  • KoldTony Debonaire
    KoldTony Debonaire 2 months ago

    Soooooo, nobody has had the dream where your teeth are falling out???...pretty sure thats the most commonly shared nightmare.

    NME DCA 2 months ago

    Day before last night I had a nightmare with a ghost. I woke up at 3am and used the restroom. I couldn't fall back asleep. I kept putting my blanket over my face on and off before I fell asleep because I couldn't get comfortable. Out of no where I then again was trying to pull the blanket over my face but there was a force pulling the blanket from and face and pulling me closer to my bedroom wall slowly everytime I would try to get comfortable and put the blanket over my face. My wife was sleeping in the living room at the time she got up to use the restroom I was trying to call her name repeatedly but for some reason I couldn't speak and the ghost kept messing with me. Pulling me closer and closer everytime I would try to cover my face. Out of no where I woke up and yelled BABE......i was finally able to speak and she then heard me. I didn't even know I feel asleep I thought it was real because I was in the same exact location of living and dreaming

    • NME DCA
      NME DCA 2 months ago

      I been having these crazy dreams for the last couple weeks. Also I have been detoxing for a month now. And I think that's playing a part. My mind is wide open

    NME DCA 2 months ago

    I had a dream last weekend. Where I was in the middle of no where. Thing was there was somebody in the middle of a piece of land like they was at war hiding in a Bush. I was looking at them from far away in first person view. I heard a weird sound and the person from far away then turned his head and looked at me and said (did you hear that) right when he said that I felt a shock in my dream and then woke up and still felt the shock for about a second.. it was unreal........

  • RobloxBusEnthusiast170
    RobloxBusEnthusiast170 2 months ago

    Who gas had the same dreams ascthier siblibings

  • Hans Chua
    Hans Chua 2 months ago

    I always have this dream where I run extremely slow, I wonder what that means.

  • A Proud Englishman
    A Proud Englishman 2 months ago

    This wasn't exactly a nightmare, it was just well, strange...
    So I was sitting in class, doing my work, and then I said to the TA, "Wow, your Danish!", And for some reason he got really angry about it and turned bright red and stormed out the class, and then my teacher gave me a detention. So I shouted , "I WAS ONLY STATING TRUE FACTS!" and then I stormed out the classroom, cried for a while, and then went back into the class and my teacher said, "Have you calmed down now, _______?", (I am not gonna give y'all my real name), and then I said. "What do you mean," and then she said, "You have a detention...", It was so strange...

  • conflict
    conflict 2 months ago

    anyone else have that dream were your trapped in a really dangerous situation, like your on the edge of a cliff, but then you actually realize your dreaming and that you don't really have to be concerned with your safety?

  • Safoan Playz
    Safoan Playz 2 months ago

    Li had a nightmare about I saw a

    Teacher is killing me for. Passing the exam

  • christopher haas
    christopher haas 2 months ago

    What about waking up in a morgue where you're surrounded by the corpses of your closest friends, then all of the people you hate show up and start Messing with the corpses of your friends. Then you try to stop them but then get killed yourself?

  • Richard Cantin
    Richard Cantin 2 months ago

    I have nightmares every night. Chasing killers, killing, buried alive, ghosts, hands grabbing me in the dark, or I travel to other places, I’ll see you, I’ll become your ghost.

  • レーモンジェー
    レーモンジェー 2 months ago

    I dreamed of running away from a tsunami in slow motion

  • Zusi And Ashley
    Zusi And Ashley 2 months ago

    I saw a dream where i⃝ k⃝i⃝l⃝l⃝e⃝d⃝ m⃝y⃝ b⃝r⃝o⃝t⃝h⃝e⃝r⃝ a⃝n⃝d⃝ m⃝y⃝ d⃝a⃝d⃝

  • Aziel Rodriguez
    Aziel Rodriguez 2 months ago

    I dreamed that a humanoid demon abducted me and I ended up ripping out their eyes and running away

  • Marcel Van Sauce
    Marcel Van Sauce 2 months ago

    What is if you have almost every dream in just one dream? I've been lost in a forest with green fog, got fatigue and being chased by some voices and creatures. As I got out of the woods, I've been in some weird ass school trying to make a movie about going crazy and finally got raided by the police in my only save spot, my apartment. Some more crazy things like this happened in this fckn nightmare. The biggest problem about it, is that it felt more real than the actual reality.

  • Hien Nguyen
    Hien Nguyen 2 months ago

    Yeah my dream was someone knocking at the door and looking at me in a mean way

  • Hien Nguyen
    Hien Nguyen 2 months ago

    Aww wow this is something

  • Silly Kitty
    Silly Kitty 2 months ago +1

    I've had many terrifying nightmares, but I'll make a quick summary for each.
    The first one I remember was when I was young. I dreamt about my whole family hiding and there was a killer in our house. I was scared but they couldn't see me, although they saw my cousin. What happened was that they basically killed him (my cousin).
    The second one is basically my insides ripped out and I could feel the pain. I legit thought that I was gonna die, and questioned many things after it.
    The last one I'll talk about is one of the most recent ones. It was like a game in a way but it felt real. It was like a zombie apocalypse and I had to end it by doing some tasks. I was a little boy trying to save my sister from whatever, and I won in time. I had to parkour a lot in that dream and although it was fun, I was terrified that I was gonna get eaten and my sister would die. By the way, I have no idea who the sister was but felt the need to protect her. I didn't know who I was either but I guess that stands for a loss or confusion in my identity.
    I've had many more but these were the most memorable dreams I had. Thanks for reading!

  • Rox Varona
    Rox Varona 2 months ago

    i had a nightmare that i think someone's looking at me then when i look in front of me i see a mirror where facing my bed and my window that there's a black shadow staring at me .. then the last i remember is I can't move and im starting to shout, i called my mother many times but .. she can't hear me then suddenly i move my head and start crying because of this nightmare .. what's the meaning of this?

  • Vyniotinis
    Vyniotinis 2 months ago

    since i can remember i have had the same dream about running down a red, fancy stairwell, hearing crazy fast footsteps a couple of floors above, hearing sreaming and seeing black smoke pour down from above, then eventually leaving the building and seeing a small light in the night, trying to get there but not being able to move.

  • Skylar gibson
    Skylar gibson 2 months ago

    tried to beat the grim reaper

  • Its Rikko
    Its Rikko 2 months ago

    I'm watching this at 4 am after waking up from a series of nightmares...honestly I'm so creeped out, I'm already contemplating the trip to the bathroom if it's worth it😱

  • StuuDude
    StuuDude 2 months ago

    I had a nightmare of a gang attacking me and my friends for our belongings. Why did I have this Matthew?

  • Mimi Abad
    Mimi Abad 2 months ago

    This thing happens in all of my dreams and nightmares. so in my dream/nightmare, i would be active like running or climbing etc..so each time i have one of these i always wake up tired as if i had actually done the activity. and i would have like my running be slowed down in my dream/nightmare and i would still have the feeling of my running being slowed down when i wake up. I hate it because im always to be active in the morning but i would have no strength. i once had a dream that was once i had 2 years ago and had a monster i dreamed of when i was 5 and now im 13. Or it will be the same dream but with my class and each year my class changes to my current class. The only people who know of this is my closest friends and anyone who reads this.

  • Danny Oof
    Danny Oof 2 months ago

    Whenever I have a falling dream everything turns black but I feel like I’m falling

  • Ashraf Abrahams
    Ashraf Abrahams 2 months ago

    I was about 9 wen I had a dream about hell boy chancing nd he got me but I woke up jst before he waiting to grab me

  • Ashraf Abrahams
    Ashraf Abrahams 2 months ago

    I had most of that dreams but mostly death I keep getting shot

  • Christina Hastings
    Christina Hastings 2 months ago +1

    I had a dream that i was working in a store when a gun man walked in and started shooting. As i went to run and call for help the criminal shot me in the back of the head. Even though i had died i say the feet of running people, when the police came to the store the gun man had left. However, as the police man touched the back of my head of wear i was shot, i can still remeber it to this day. But, when i think of it is brings me confort through stressful times.

  • Michael Lester
    Michael Lester 3 months ago

    It was about some like weird skinny dude and like you killed someone

  • Shinsuke Kenta
    Shinsuke Kenta 3 months ago

    I have nightmare that i have everyday:

    *my life*