10 Most Common NIGHTMARES and Their MEANINGS!


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  • Da uggy Baby
    Da uggy Baby Day ago

    What does it mean when you are being chased by a black mound thing and you can’t talk or scream and if you don’t go behind your parents back it will eat you?

  • Jaycob Frosty
    Jaycob Frosty Day ago

    Can some one help me understand why I keep having dreams about my ex girlfriend and we will be doing everyday things and she always saids you are really trying to make me think about going out with you again and I have not talk to her in like 2 years and we are not close friends anymore too what does my dreams mean

  • Wilma Mans
    Wilma Mans Day ago

    I've been reacting in a weird way towards scary things in my nightmares lately... I attack them back. I run at then full speed yelling loudly. It usually works but once I saw a scary pale, horse headed, demon lady and when I tried to scare her off she came at me. Nearly pooped myself.

  • Emy & Kay
    Emy & Kay Day ago

    I had this night mare that eyeless people were giving me a test and they changed my name then they chased after me and cought me and killed me and some other similar dreams with eyeless people in all the same night is that ok what does it mean if anyone knows

  • Zombie Basher Asmr
    Zombie Basher Asmr 2 days ago

    There is this reaccuring dream that takes place underwater but I cant swim up and I feel like I cant Breath for a certain amount of time until I cant hold my breath anymore and I finally breath...idk what it means...can you even count it as a nightmare?

  • Kaylee Buck
    Kaylee Buck 2 days ago

    3:50 Omg yes I was supposed to go to my grandparent house the day before my grandma fell down the stairs and I regretted not going the night before 😲😰

  • Lazertagkid
    Lazertagkid 3 days ago

    I was in a dream where I was being kidnapped right behind my mom, but i couldnt scream or talk when i opened my mouth to get my mom's attention as she walked away not knowing what was happening to me

  • Shanelle Biddle
    Shanelle Biddle 3 days ago

    This makes sense thank you

  • Alex Robles
    Alex Robles 4 days ago

    My dream was falling, and...
    He's right I don't know if I'm losing my insanity

  • notcher bane
    notcher bane 5 days ago

    I had a bad stream of a Guy that im chasing like in The Hunger Games And i had a bow and a huge knife but the bow was broken so I had to Slit a guy's throat with a dull knife that is when it ended

  • Margaret Rasmussen
    Margaret Rasmussen 5 days ago

    I had a dream that i fell in a volcano and right before i hit lovava i woke up

  • Mae Janigian
    Mae Janigian 6 days ago

    I had a nightmare once and I was falling off a building and I peed.😶

  • Sybo Man
    Sybo Man 6 days ago

    I dream that I'm a werewolf, so i think i really am one

  • Denise Blanco
    Denise Blanco 6 days ago

    Did you know that when we dream of someone that’s because that person misses you?

  • forest cat 807
    forest cat 807 6 days ago

    I experience a few of these feelings but I don't have nightmares about them

  • Lyn Busink
    Lyn Busink 6 days ago

    What does it mean when you won't stop dreaming about an ex?
    I had a reoccurring nightmare about being a mall and instead of stores the were different horror scenes like Zombies attacking people some getting beheaded and scalped chainsaws hurting people cannibalism happening... could be why I don't like horror movies or horro books anymore

  • NekoLover 123
    NekoLover 123 7 days ago

    I just had a nightmare about a zombie apocalypse. 😐

  • Christy Adcock
    Christy Adcock 8 days ago

    Excellent one, Matt! Thank you, as always.

  • Beauty on a Barn Budget

    My hubby and I have the same dream-often. We are our current age (38) and (43) that we have to go back to high school cuz we never graduated. We both graduated high school and college btw

  • Linda Bustos
    Linda Bustos 9 days ago

    Jumping with you friends but you jump no the drem and also not night mare strange😖

  • Kat Weltz
    Kat Weltz 11 days ago

    My very first nightmare was me being eaten by a giant t-rex. I think I was 4 or 5.

  • Love Sylveon
    Love Sylveon 12 days ago +1

    When I was 6, I had a nightmare where I was walking down a random street at night on Halloween. I didn't know what the street was. And there were stalkers, random strangers, murderers, etc all slowly following me. When they got behind me, they were about to kill saying...
    "Die. Die. You shouldn't live anymore. You have no worthy. Die. Die."
    I screamed with my eyes closed. When I opened my eyes, there was nothing but white. That's when I saw an older girl. A girl that looks like me now. But she was crying blood tears, with scratch marks all over her body. Head to feet. She then said...
    "You will feel happy at first. But when you get older, you'll regret living. You'll hate your family more and more. And your hunger for love and insanity will grow. You'll even keep thinking, that being kidnapped and rapped is a great idea. But so far, it hasn't happened to me yet. But I'm hoping it will."
    That's when I woke terrified. Ever since then, I've been listening to music to get rid of nightmares.
    The most terrifying thing out of all of this though was, it's become true. It's like 6 year old me could tell my future. And wanted to warn me. But I never listened to it. Maybe I should've died...

  • x_sophia.l_x
    x_sophia.l_x 12 days ago

    I had a dream where my dream self woke up from a dream then had sleep paralysis. Once that was over I woke myself up. I knew I was dreaming the entire time lmao.
    I think I need help

  • James X Makayla
    James X Makayla 14 days ago

    Why would I want to find out who is chasing me in those dreams? Screw that, I just kill them. Also, what does it mean that I have dreams constantly of killing MANY people?

  • Krystell Valdiviezo
    Krystell Valdiviezo 15 days ago +1

    In my dreams some people die...and I always wake up with a pain in my chest.

  • Mackenzie Greenwood
    Mackenzie Greenwood 16 days ago

    This is a nightmare I had when I was like 7 (I’m 13 now) so I don’t remember it exactly but here’s what I remember.
    I was dreaming about Good Luck Charlie (a show I watched as a kid) and it some how transitioned into me playing with someone or my dog in my parents bedroom. We were playing with a football I dreamed a character on the show had gotten. It was like a soft foam nerf football that glowed and hovered. I forgot how but I went into the master bathroom and it had a bunch of boxes in it. My dad and sister were there, my mom works at night so that’s why I guess I didn’t dream her there. So we’re standing there talking about something and there’s this stump that starts to transform into a monster. My sister, dad and I run. My dream then jumps to the monster being outside disguised as a middle aged woman wearing a sun hat but the monster’s weird skin and face were the same. The monster asked to come in and I said no. The monster then changed into a kid on a big wheel riding in a circle in front of the door. It then just became a pile of ashes. Two workers came to collect the ashes but as they scooped them up with a shovel the ashes turned into the foam glowing football.

    The End

    (Side Note 1: The dream had this real hazy film over it.
    Side Note 2: The bedroom and bathroom looked like the house I lived in at the time but the outside view was of a completely different house walk way.
    Side Note 3: The workers I dreamt of were wearing like blue baggy jumpsuits and looked like normal people.
    Side Note 4: The thing ate my dog 🐶!!!!!!!!!)

  • Joshua Korpella
    Joshua Korpella 16 days ago

    Tony Stark caused the entire world including himself to become caveman like cannibals

  • Sonjas sings
    Sonjas sings 17 days ago

    this really isn’t a nightmare but i had a dream i thought was normal it came true and real life and so many of my other dreams did the same thing

  • Frances Mcgourlick
    Frances Mcgourlick 18 days ago

    My worst nightmare was getting attacked by pornhub

  • Gacha Skills
    Gacha Skills 20 days ago

    Today I hada nightmare playing with my crushiwas happy then idicided to tell heri like her then i said her name spheres pond with a creepy voice then starts chancing me I thought I anoint runam faster then I I woke up I was scared

  • Quentin Michaud
    Quentin Michaud 20 days ago

    Mine was either I realized I was naked but at my school and no one even acted weird lol.OR one time I fell off a plane.

  • Angi Baugh
    Angi Baugh 20 days ago

    I don’t believe these sorry

  • Monolith Bobby
    Monolith Bobby 21 day ago

    I had this weird dream were I was running in Gotham city and was being chased by my math teacher,Godzilla,Harry potter,Donald trump,and Logan Paul.XD

  • AB Space
    AB Space 22 days ago

    But I have had a dream of a car moving without anybody in it without me and I was little so I couldn’t drive.

  • AB Space
    AB Space 22 days ago

    I have never had a dream of me falling.

  • Tunbuntunbun
    Tunbuntunbun 22 days ago +1

    Actually I just woke up from a nightmare a couple minutes ago, I know, I overslept.. Anyway I had a dream I wad at a sleepover, here's the nightmare part. someone broke into the house and so I hid in a closet and jumped out a window (becuase they where right infront of me) then I woke up.. So I kinda want to know what that means?

  • Samuel S
    Samuel S 23 days ago

    I had a dream that I had no friends

    I’m still trying to wake up from that one

  • •Adorable Trash•
    •Adorable Trash• 23 days ago

    I had a nightmare where my parents didn’t love me anymore and sent me to an abusive household where I was hit and insulted. I woke up crying and I was at my grandmas house so I had to call my parents and tell them and they comforted me

  • Alexia White
    Alexia White 23 days ago

    I’m watching this video and I keep thinking,

    “Am I seriously the only one who dreams about getting eaten alive?”

  • Shereen Meiring
    Shereen Meiring 23 days ago

    From time to time I have a dream and when I'm awake it feel like that I'm still in a dream. Like when I was about 4-5 I got this dream of me getting a pet from my gran and the very next day I got a pet from my gran.

  • jenna Douglas
    jenna Douglas 24 days ago

    You make the best videos ever❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ur vids

  • Jameso NZ
    Jameso NZ 25 days ago

    Dreamt of being horribly tortured woke up with mozzy bites all over lol

  • Darkman Gaming
    Darkman Gaming 25 days ago

    I had a dream of a murderer chasing me in a black hoodie he had bright red eyes with a knife and my mom was dead in my arms I all of her body except her head was in blue coding lines it looked like and I remember that my right foot was already stabbed

  • KOD 206
    KOD 206 27 days ago

    I had nightmares all the time as a kid and I would dream someone was hurting me and then wake up and where ever they hurt me in my nightmare would be aching

  • Law Whit
    Law Whit 27 days ago

    Why was there a picture of Donald Trump on the naked dream part?

  • Carla Lambor
    Carla Lambor 27 days ago

    I have chronic nightmares, always trying to stay alive, out run a disaster, or saving someone I love...ect. I have at least 4 a night, but I'm used to it now, I'll even criticise it if it's just a bad dream, like the mind me that knows it's a dream, and will say how to make it scarier.

  • Meows mcmeow meow
    Meows mcmeow meow 27 days ago

    I had a dream I was kidnaped and teleported into a game

  • DoubleSistaAwesome Kendall

    My normal nightares is when i get like stole by someone and i cant scream or talk and i hate when that dream happens

  • Nex Ghost boy
    Nex Ghost boy 28 days ago

    I had I nightmare were I died over and over and over and over and over each time more painful then the last there lucid dreams I know there not real but every time I get a dream like this I feel like I forget my past it's like the deaths overwrite the memorys. This nightmare aperears at least 3 times a month at the end of it I feel like my sannity is gone

  • Brinda and Friends
    Brinda and Friends 29 days ago

    My cat died back in 2017 and then the day after
    I had a dream of being abandon in an airport cuz I loved her so much

  • Mallory Baldwin
    Mallory Baldwin Month ago

    I had a reoccurring nightmare when I was a kid that all my friends and family were swimming together. Then, like a camera panning away, I'd eventually realize that we're tiny and swimming in a toilet! Then, right before I'd wake up, I'd see a random person come in and flush us all down ...

  • Kjellisen
    Kjellisen Month ago

    I dreamt i was naked in 1st grade. Now i know what that could mean. Yhx

  • Yaakov Ewell
    Yaakov Ewell Month ago

    I also had an nightmare of being in a game area and fighting game enemies and escape

  • Yaakov Ewell
    Yaakov Ewell Month ago

    dreaming of an anime twice (Weird)

  • Mad Scientist Shaggy

    What if you have a dream that you are falling, but it is off of something like a bike? I have dreams like them all of the time, and I'm not afraid of riding a bike or anything.

    MOMOKIDS MMKD Month ago

    My worst nightmares is killing my love ones, stabbing them with a knife, and then i woke up in tears.

  • Shock King
    Shock King Month ago

    i had a nightmare about a man braking in and killing everyone i know I was backed into my parents room i had to barracade the door while my mum was doing something i dont know what i coudnt .
    go and get my phone because it was to dangerous outside the room and all we could hear was the murderer chanting "Waluigis equality program" while people were screaming/ being stabbed to
    death.then i woke up.........................well that was my nightmare last night what on earth did it mean?

  • Quest Bendy
    Quest Bendy Month ago

    It's weird but I do dream of people dying like my uncle or even a pet but it ended up them dying like mouth after or such or I'm gating chased by a demon and I end up dying by getting dismembered and I see it in a loop or there is dreams of my going crazy and killing everyone in my family and my sister had a dream of her killing are dad with a instrument but I think it has todo with him ditching us as little kids and then marrying a crazy lady and having a new kid with the lady that would always beat us and I would have dreams of that and then being stuck there as a tornado hits and it's always like this and I haven't had anything other then that for dreams for a while so I tend to be Afros of sleeping so I stay awake for days on end one time I managed to stay awake for two weeks and one day.

  • Mohammad Jafary
    Mohammad Jafary Month ago

    If you are so smart and informed just answer this question, why using salt in the bed make nightmares go away????

  • Sunshine Ro
    Sunshine Ro Month ago

    I had this dream about old times. A big ship comes to this island and i fog starts forming. I slowly see everyone on this island becoming zombies or rotting.... Every single nights for years... It started i believe around the time my parents split up and we moved to a new house. Stopped by the age of 12. 🤷

  • Britney Jones
    Britney Jones Month ago

    A dream I have for me most of the time its more annoying than scary is were I am being chased but then I'm suddenly running in place and cant got forward or I'm running really slowly like I'm in a glue trap and they get closer and I always get caught. or when I deprived of sleep or really tired I go to sleep and im on my street or home always a place im familiar with but its not. its too quite there's nobody there or just a few people, and is always really uncomfortable and in the dreams im always trying to find my way back like in lost in an alternate universe. but my doctor told me that those are what they call out-of-body experiences.

  • Lisa Twinkle Griffiths

    Always the same nightmare being chased through a local village by Freddy Kruger on a metal double bed with high bed posts =\

  • shrugs memes
    shrugs memes Month ago

    i had this sort of a dream..not sure if it was a nightmare, but i remember it clearly.
    i was on a escalator? alone, in what seems to be a completely blankly white mall, i saw a cat on a floating pillow, i tried to reach it to touch it but i ended up falling..and then i woke up.

  • Justin Deleon
    Justin Deleon Month ago

    All my nightmare are of me dying and getting stab and in just 9

  • Tnt mist
    Tnt mist Month ago

    I had a dream of watching Hollyoaks on a laptop with my sister and a baby got stole in it then suddenly I was the baby and I grew up in a mansion with this man then one day I run home to my mummy.

  • Saul Canas
    Saul Canas Month ago

    Yo that chick that pops up at 6.28! She’s a nightmare!!😩😂💀

  • Charles Mitchell
    Charles Mitchell Month ago

    I've had 3 dreams in a row about bombs dropping

  • Ashley R.
    Ashley R. Month ago

    So I have two I wanted to share. First dream I ate my alarm clock whole then went back to sleep. The second one I woke up to find a dark shadow man standing over my bed, watching me as I sleep.

  • CyberTiger 45
    CyberTiger 45 Month ago

    Has anyone ever had returning elements of a dream in another
    Like a certain random made up location show up in more than one dream
    Or a certain building, creation, landscape and etc.
    Sometimes even returning faces from other dreams only that this time they play a completely different role in your dream
    Other times I have dreams that continue my other ones, like one year later I can forget about my dream and suddenly I have a dream that finally finishes what I started

  • CyberTiger 45
    CyberTiger 45 Month ago

    I had a nightmare in which I was being stalked by a killer
    I just felt this overwhelming helplessness
    I just felt so... weak

  • Icanbewhoiwannabe
    Icanbewhoiwannabe Month ago

    I have dreamed about myself dying in gruesome ways

  • CuteFoxGirl_ Gamer
    CuteFoxGirl_ Gamer Month ago

    The worst nightmare i had when i was like 7 or 8 my family (mum, dad, sister, and brother) where buying a new house it was a big house and i needed to go to the bathroom and there was no more toilet paper i opened the cupboards to get some more and there was a doll in there i got scared and shut the door, then i walked out of the bathroom and there where lots of dolls everywhere and they where moving i was looking for my family but I couldn’t find them. Then the next day when i woke up i have been scared of dolls forever

  • Denice Jensen
    Denice Jensen Month ago

    Mathew Santoro, should most DEFINITELY do more videos about dreams and there meanings, as myself and my son watched this and could relate to experiencing a lot of these dreams. Thank you very much, Mathew Santoro For explaining the meanings behind these weird dreams. Please, do more of these dream videos and there meanings. Much appreciated. ☺😁

  • cringey gamer girl
    cringey gamer girl Month ago

    When I was little I always had the same dream that I was running in a small circle on a grassy cliff then fell into a black hole that appeared underneath me... Then I woke up and screamed

  • Apple Ng
    Apple Ng Month ago

    My ex always dream about me cheating and everytime he dreams something like that eveytime it's true. I was a fool and now i also dream about him because i wanted to correct my mistakes im so guilty. Im a bad person but too late now so...

  • Y.A.C M
    Y.A.C M Month ago

    And dreams about being late

  • Y.A.C M
    Y.A.C M Month ago

    This guy have a cartoonish figure

  • juan lopez
    juan lopez Month ago

    what if ur falling up...not flying...falling

  • Bea Agpalza
    Bea Agpalza Month ago

    Feel like Awake in my dreams?

  • TheSpeedPaintArtist 007

    When I was 3-4 years old I would have nightmares about a gorilla chasing me in the hallway to the apartment that my parents and I lived in and I couldn't open the door. And then I would wake up and my mom would take air freshener and spray it in my room and call it Anti-Monkey Spray.

  • Kugelpanzer Studios

    My nightmares are not listed!!

  • kylee_97
    kylee_97 Month ago

    Hahahahaha the picture of Trump when he was talking about doing something bad

  • Joey Monjaras
    Joey Monjaras Month ago

    I want the name of the song, anyone?

  • Pixels Minecraft
    Pixels Minecraft Month ago

    Three Times When I Was Sick I Fell... But Fell In Void Two Times Then Third Time I Fell From A Cubic Black Hole To A Normal
    Minecraft Village In SPACE....(it was a my scariest nightmare I have ever had)

  • 丂卄卂ᗪㄖ山
    丂卄卂ᗪㄖ山 Month ago

    This is nothing compared to what i just dreamed im sorry

  • Claire O Brien
    Claire O Brien Month ago

    Once I dreamed i fell through my friends patio into water under it, and there was a rectangular hole in the patio above me, so I swam towards it to try get back out. Another time I dreamed i went to see a new house. A giant woman showed me a room, it had a window that was the same shape, a rectangle, high up on the wall. I had to stand on furniture to look out. Outside was a graveyard. Idk why this rectangle was in my dreams, but I haven't dreamed of it for years.

  • Bonnita Claus
    Bonnita Claus Month ago

    A reoccurring nightmare of my childhood, adolescence, and once in a great while adult life:
    Floating in a space, no sense of upper down. Featureless and gray. No shades of gray just flat gray.
    I cannot move, I cannot speak, and invisible source is holding me fast. I can feel everything, yet nothing on my skin. Sensations are mixed.
    Human forms, robe and hooded start to appear, each holding a cup. I seen your face is just darkness inside the hood. It feels like there’s no one in the robe.
    I’ve become surrounded, each robe is holding a white cup.
    I feel myself being touched is this someone is drawing a line on my flash. And I feel worth traveling from this line. The warmth his blood, my blood, warm for my body, filling the cup. As each figure approaches me, another line is drawn and another cup fills.
    I am aware of what’s happening that I can say nothing, I can do nothing, I am paralyzed, I must be paralyzed. I can move my eyes, and then at one point I cannot, I stare straight up or forward however I’m position in this gravity-less vacant space. In my dream I see myself oriented horizontal, let myself with in my dream cannot sense of direction or gravity. I both see myself, and also from the perspective from with in the body. My eyes are stretching straightforward my consciousness is alive, as my blood drained from my body in these cups I will not be filled. I’m covered with hot streaks of blood running along my body into the cup.
    It is curious and I’m wondering how it can be that there is no gravity, yet the blood clearly runs down my sides as if I’m laying flat.
    Eventually I wake up, my heart is always pounding, sometimes I’m sweating, always sense of doom fills me

    This dream started in early childhood and continued unchanged. The worst years I recall, was about 8 to 12. Sleeping was fearful. Whether or not I still have these dreams I cannot say. I do not remember them anymore if I do have them. Not infrequently I will wake up, sweating and a sense of awesome doom. I have trouble giving of the day and sleeping. I am now 71 years old.

  • Peter Breingan
    Peter Breingan Month ago

    Has anyone had a dream when a demon comes out of a closet or drawer and then u try to scream and tell people but you can’t and then I catches you and you wake up freaked out

  • Mari Valde
    Mari Valde Month ago +1

    My most common nightmare is being chased by zombies, normally trapped at home alone and getting caught at the end. What Does that mean?

  • subas thapa
    subas thapa Month ago

    I am watching this at 3am after waking up from a bad dream. Really spooky sometime

  • MGC_Tv
    MGC_Tv Month ago

    I had a dream elmo was chasing me with a kitchen knife and he ended up killing big bird lol

  • BaconIsCool 111
    BaconIsCool 111 Month ago

    Who once took a nap and woke up with sleep paralysis?

  • Maura Cadmus
    Maura Cadmus Month ago

    I dreamt of a flying owl that was made out of leaves, it landed on a tree, then turned into a pig. Then a snake told me, "all is not as it seems." I am not joking.

  • Stacey j
    Stacey j Month ago

    It was always about zombies and being trapped and hiding from them.

  • James Wery
    James Wery Month ago

    Thought I woke up and while I was awake I couldn't move or talk and hovering above me was the evil version of the tooth fairy.

  • Lee J Anderson
    Lee J Anderson Month ago +1

    Anyone have a dream of being on a..
    Ferris Wheel...and people in front of you fell to they death.....?!?
    I did .
    In the dream. People were blaming me...?!? Huh...???
    I didn't do nothing ..
    besides I was in back of them one carriage over...
    But getting off the ride the people were all like al ganging Up on me!!!
    Continue to blame me...
    I felt alone..so sad ...and abandoned.....in the dream..
    I had this dream this pass summer2018...
    .but didn't go on any Ferris Wheel at all...but was at an Amusement Park..wasn't open yet..just the beach near it.....
    ..Early in March 2018...

  • Why Art? Why Me?
    Why Art? Why Me? Month ago

    Sometimes I have dreams but even though they are different, it is in the same place for example, I keep having dreams about this huge store called “Laurel’s”

  • Part God
    Part God Month ago

    I've have all of these quite often except ghosts...

  • Sean Rist
    Sean Rist Month ago

    I remember I had a dream of me falling and in real life I almost fell off the bed :D

  • Chaos Primordial
    Chaos Primordial Month ago

    If you ever watch Lights Out you know what I've been dreaming about since childhood even though the shadow figure chasing me in the dark is most likey a man