10 Most Common NIGHTMARES and Their MEANINGS!


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  • Whoelsebutquagmire
    Whoelsebutquagmire 17 hours ago

    **shows picture of Bill Cosby**
    No, Matt, I believe those women weren’t able to speak for an entirely different reason

  • Herbert The Sherbert

    i once dreamed about being chased by a pink bloody bunny in a village that looked abandoned for years,everytime i stopped he would tickle me and it would hurt,i would find an object and throw it at him so i can start running again until i wake up(i was 7 yo at the time)

  • dinkle mcspinkle

    I once had a dream my dog was shitting everywhere, and my dad kept frantically cleaning it up, but she just kept going.
    Not too far off from the truth!

  • Batang Gamerz
    Batang Gamerz Day ago

    I had my dream that i cant speak or even shout!!!!! Then when i wakeup i cry hahahahah

  • H Gardner
    H Gardner 3 days ago

    Make me scared when I go to bed

  • H Gardner
    H Gardner 3 days ago


  • H Gardner
    H Gardner 3 days ago

    Some of your bids make me scared when I go to bed. (No offense, MatthewSantoro.)

  • Dale Chalker
    Dale Chalker 3 days ago

    Is there a dream where you look in the miror and see a melting thing that lookes barley human
    no just me


  • Kiera Milan
    Kiera Milan 3 days ago

    I have nightmares every night and tbh I'm kinda scared for my health

  • Faxt_Savge
    Faxt_Savge 4 days ago

    I had a nightmare that I was with my family and there was this creepy doll and It blinked and ate all of us! It was demonized or there was a creepy jail

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 4 days ago

    My worst nightmare is... FEMALES WITH DICKS

  • Tealdragon20
    Tealdragon20 5 days ago

    I keep having nightmares about my family and friends dying 😿😿

  • SolarYasmine
    SolarYasmine 6 days ago

    *they said when we fall in our dreams we get taller. huh.*

  • Christian johnston
    Christian johnston 8 days ago

    My sister had a dream of flying lawnmowers

  • Keosha Price
    Keosha Price 9 days ago

    I had a dream about a guy I dated and he wasn't as nice as he seem so he tried to kill me because i knew he was evil and I accidentally cut off a body guard hand but it was night time

  • dhnb29
    dhnb29 11 days ago

    I had 2 nightmares where I was mute, one when I was a kid and one a few years back.
    I distinctly remember what happened which is kinda creepy since they all happened a long time ago.

  • Erica Livingston
    Erica Livingston 11 days ago

    I had a nightmare were I was in a fun house and I was running, following a crowed of people to find a way to get out because there was a clown chasing me I followed them threw a door and it led to a room filled with furniture and I hid in between two beds. The clown ended up finding me, sliced my gut open, then he tied string around my wrist and hug me up like a puppet in front of a audience and he preformed a show with my dead body.
    When I died in the dream it was like I was a 3rd person looking in on someone’s else’s dream it was like I was the audience.

  • that one guy
    that one guy 11 days ago +2

    I had a dream where I had a Bob Ross shirt with rattlesnake Cowboy boots and a samurai sword. I was walking with E-DE from fallout New Vegas and Frodo Baggins in a forest. I turned and told frodo and Ede "there he is". It was a man. pitched black. he then looked at me and grinned. Me ED-E and Frodo Ran as fast as we could. We eventually lost him. we then kept walking until we found an inn. The place I can only describe as an Oblivion styled inn like the ones in Brazil. We walked in and saw Captain Kirk sitting with some other person laughing but we ignored them. We walked up to the person who was running the inn and asked him where we were and he said "in the forest". Then We just asked for some water, bread, and oil for ED-E. then we ordered a room upstairs. Grid then turned ED-E off and put him in a corner and we started talking about the person we saw. Frodo said "It looked like Darth Maul". I then woke up. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wrote it on a piece of paper and then took an nap hoping I could continue where I left off. I never did. That dream still sticks out to me like it meant something. Maybe I just really liked it idk.

  • Sean Wilhelm
    Sean Wilhelm 13 days ago

    I had a dream thought I watched myself walk on the back porch and all of my loved ones that have passed away were there and they all started talking to me and laughing and having a good time. I couldn’t hear them though but they were talking to the other me. While I was watching this all happen and no one noticing I was there.

  • parttart gaming
    parttart gaming 13 days ago

    Will that count for sans

  • my AMSR and rowses blogs and lol doll vids

    i had 5 night mares in a row i keep makeing my self wake up but i had them a again about being mudered and haveing my love one eat me but the last night of the night mares i slep the hole night and i did get mudderd and had my body put in the sea !

  • Chloe Moffet
    Chloe Moffet 14 days ago

    I used to have nightmares about my family trying to kill me.

  • Mya's Animation Room
    Mya's Animation Room 14 days ago +1

    I always have nightmares, this one I always have.
    So I would always start in my house and this thing would always start chasing me so I would have to run out the front or the back door, if the thing catches me I would just be back at the house and have to run away again.

  • Luna Geoghegan
    Luna Geoghegan 15 days ago

    I sometimes have really vivid nightmares or dreams. I had one just a couple of weeks ago where I was following a long dirt path. I came to the edge of a forest but before I entered a raven flew over my head and dropped one of its feathers. Inside the forest, all the animals were dead. Deer, wolves, rabbits, moose, birds, all dead and decaying. When I got to the other side of the forest there was a city in ruins. Buildings had been collapsed and there were these giant holes in the ground. I went over to one of the holes and it was filled with dead bodies. I just stood there and couldn’t move. My dream ended with all the bodies in all the holes bursting into flames. Anyone know what it means?

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 15 days ago

    When i have nightmares i try and jump out into the sky and i wake up immediately sometimes it doesnt work tho i would have to jump on something else in order to jump in the sky

  • Lumberjack king the great

    I started in a giant laundry room with pilels clothes there were other people? Then a Trex chased me then I was in a hallway in my house running to my mom's room then ended sometimes I had it again but I got eaten sometimes the terex said something don't remember

  • chelsea crook
    chelsea crook 17 days ago

    For a while I had nightmares of zombies eating my arms....

  • WolfSyd Productions
    WolfSyd Productions 17 days ago

    I often have dreams where I'm being chased but not in the traditional sense. It's not like some monster that happens to see me. I'm being hunted down specifically. Thing is, unlike most chase dreams, I actually know why the hunter is chasing me. At least within the dream. I know they want me for something I have within. Something unique to me and me only. They want to take me to their leader. The leader always changes but they always want me for something. And often times, in my dream I have a group of friends who are also taken as prisoners just to get at me. The friends aren't ever my real friends. The closest to that was when one time my brother was with me in one of those dreams. I'm desperate for an answer as to why I have these dreams. They happen fairly often. If anyone can enlighten me to the meaning I'd be very grateful.

  • Brianna Alvarado
    Brianna Alvarado 17 days ago

    i woke up bound to a chair by rope. And a faceless man was pouring gasoline on me. I was crying and asking what he was doing but he just stared. he eventually pulled out a knife and stabbed in the chest before lighting me on fire.....

    I question my sanity a lot now..

  • Mega Busy
    Mega Busy 18 days ago

    Had a dream last night where I was running away from a guy with a chainsaw that bbq his victims

  • JYN b
    JYN b 19 days ago

    What about constantly dreaming about alien/terrorist attacks? Buildings get blown up causing you to catch on fire... They're so vivid & realistic, that when you wake up - you're thrashing in bed bc you literally believe you're on fire...

  • Cainele Anton12
    Cainele Anton12 19 days ago

    nightmares are for the weak

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 19 days ago

    Why do I feel like I'm sinking in bed and them wake up really dizzy????

  • Jackson Zenisek
    Jackson Zenisek 20 days ago

    Once I had a dream about marrying a piece of toast

  • SMDM Gaming
    SMDM Gaming 21 day ago

    I had a nightmare that I was chased by zombies but they caught me. What could that mean because as soon as they caught me theywere all over me but I flew through them to the sky.

  • NetherPlayz - Gameplays & Walkthroughs

    Mine’s worse because my family is evil and i have some of those cables from attack on titan and im just escaping

  • Galaxy Girl 101 too
    Galaxy Girl 101 too 22 days ago

    That puppy tho

  • Tiana Griffin
    Tiana Griffin 22 days ago

    I dream I was being attacked by giant fingers

  • Tiana Griffin
    Tiana Griffin 22 days ago

    It's called sleep paralysis when you can speak or move

  • lovable luna
    lovable luna 22 days ago

    What does seeing your pet dead because u were gone for a long time mean in a dream?

  • Frisk Dreemurr
    Frisk Dreemurr 22 days ago

    i had the seeing ghosts and being chased in my nightmare but it was different cause it was like a mix of undertale and ghosts so my nightmare was about ghosts...duh but the thing is that you have to survive cause this demon came into our world and possessed my friend and we had to kick her to lower her HP to slow her down but that demon just had to look in our eyes to make us just a little bit demon and if she did we would be under "Its" control and the demon got to everybody but me i just had to turn off the TV to end it i tried but before i could i woke up and i still dont know what my nightmare means

  • Erika Larsen
    Erika Larsen 23 days ago

    I have a nightmare, it’s called my face. I get it every day.

  • Inky The fox
    Inky The fox 23 days ago

    I had a dream I was on a boat in the swamp and me and my mom started hanging up clothes and then I went to look for dad, he wasn’t anywhere in the boat so I opened the doors that led to the deck and dad was hanging over the edge dead and weird green goblins looked at me then jumped back into the swamp, I looked back at dad and saw him brain on the floor then he said “one sec” and put his brain back in so I could see it fall out then died again

  • Neko's_ Roses
    Neko's_ Roses 23 days ago

    I always get dreams being left at a mental hospital but I sometimes escape...and death from accidents or mental health

  • skyler Howard
    skyler Howard 24 days ago

    I had a recurring nightmarr throughout my childhood into my teens that I went on a trip to a lake and got drug under water and drowned, and was pulled out and worked on by paramedics.

  • Gift Giver
    Gift Giver 24 days ago

    i’ve had a dream about the walking dead, and i got bit. :/

    KILLER X 25 days ago

    I had a nightmare about yandere. She about to try kill me with a knife at the end to stay away from senpai.
    Which I don't know him. 😂

  • Koolgirl 4life
    Koolgirl 4life 25 days ago

    Have a nice nightmare!

    THE LAST DUELIST 25 days ago

    I had a nightmare yesterday im sleeping right side in real and my nightmare is left side and then i see theres a shadow in front of me my dream and my heart stop and im yelling 3times in my dream but im sleeping paralyzed i cant talk i cant move and then i blink my eyes...its gone right & left side sleeper is both have nightmares...

  • Dead Memer
    Dead Memer 25 days ago

    I saw a nightmare 4 days ago about the moon falling on meh so I got squeezed to death 030

  • Masterzooka
    Masterzooka 25 days ago

    A fun thing to do when you know you're dreaming or for a reality check is to think about something happening. Concentrate. Don't just think about it, but expect it to happen. It will happen in one form or another. Make sure it's a good thing that you're thinking about and not a terrifying nightmare or you will face your worst fears.

  • Masterzooka
    Masterzooka 25 days ago

    Whenever I realise that I'm dreaming, I wake up shortly after. Like my subconscious is just going "He's onto us. Shut down everything."

  • kittylover179
    kittylover179 26 days ago

    I have all kinds of weird nightmares, but I never remember what they were about or what happened when I wake up.

  • Peter Turner
    Peter Turner 26 days ago

    I had a nightmare were I was in a bed full of poison spiders🕷🕷🕷🕷😱😨😰💤😭 for the next week I slept in moms bed

  • Julia Sponheimer
    Julia Sponheimer 26 days ago

    I've had a dream where my dog died in my arms, it came true a few years later 😪 Another was where I was being chased by a killer clown in my basement, I ran upstairs and out of my house. Once I was outside I realized my siblings were inside, and I ran in to go get them 😬 I don't want those nightmares ever again...

  • Chihin Chan
    Chihin Chan 26 days ago

    My mom's nightmare is: horrible
    Then my mom went to a park and saw my sister flew away to anywhere ,mom was chasing to her.
    That meaning is,don't be angry overtimes

  • Ian Lex
    Ian Lex 26 days ago

    I have dreamt about myself dying

  • Abahaz 51
    Abahaz 51 26 days ago

    i had a nightmare of tall stretched out ghostly figures... that was a while ago... but still happened...

  • Illiana Thorne
    Illiana Thorne 27 days ago

    I haven’t had a dream or nightmare in years

  • harmony :p
    harmony :p 27 days ago

    well i’ve had a dream that some zombie type figure of myself, was chasing me into a abounded building, but then when i arrived at the top my best friend Isaac pushed me off the top, all of my closest friends and family members were gathered around the building pointing and laughing. i think i need to see a therapist.

  • H.a.r.n Reacts
    H.a.r.n Reacts 27 days ago


  • Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon 27 days ago

    When i was younger i had this dream every night where a tarantula would slowly crawl towards my face from my chest. My surroundings were the exact replica of my bedroom. And that's how I got a deathly fear of spiders

  • Ahmed Khaled
    Ahmed Khaled 27 days ago

    I had a nightmare 2 or 3 days ago that someone slit my throat open with a knife and I was going to fight him but he knocked me in the bathroom and then when I waked up ND walked out of the bathroom he slit my throat open and he has already knocked 2 other people that I didn't know and when he killed me it went black and then I woke in another body of those 2 people and my dead body disappeared and that guy that I didn't know decorated the place a little bit and then I told him that we will fight but after cleaning all of this mess and after finding good weapons and this all happened in my house and it was really messy and NY family traveled somewhere

  • Golden Maknae
    Golden Maknae 27 days ago

    I once had a nightmare where i was home alone and my friend showed up and told me to run. A faceless woman than showed up and tried to catch me. I am a very athletic person in my waking life but for some reason my steps were short and slow and i couldnt run well. The woman looped her arms around my waist and was trying to drag me out of the house. My friend stood there screaming my name the entire time

  • Cute dogs And more
    Cute dogs And more 27 days ago

    One in a dream side show bob from the Simpsons was chaseing me and trying to kill me and I could choose where I went how I ran and if I died or not

  • Mackenzie Kennedy
    Mackenzie Kennedy 27 days ago

    I had a nightmare that I was stuck on my bed unable to move and talk and this tall shadowy man with blood red eyes was walking to my room and stood at the edge of my bed

  • wat wut
    wat wut 27 days ago

    i had a nightmare that i walked into a room(the room was dark) then i couldn't move then a dark mickey
    mouse figure was walking to me when he reached me i woke up in a diffrent room


  • Nicolai Ashley Villaeba

    i once had a dream where zombies chased me but i escaped for like 10 seconds

  • Cinccino Draws
    Cinccino Draws 28 days ago

    something i just start falling in a dream then i wake up on the floor.......

  • Viper Gaming Bro
    Viper Gaming Bro 28 days ago

    One of my most terrifying dreams...
    I was a camera and studio man for Ghost Adventures. An evil spirit was tormenting a family in Oregon... or was it Washington? I don't exactly know. We set up cameras, motion sensors, and a paranormal detector upstairs. The team was setting up camp outside to check for any signs of demonic entities messing with the house. I was checking the camera when a gust of wind knocked down the camera. This happened whilst interviewing the family. There was a mother, son, and a daughter. I heard something descend down the stairs. The mother grabbed a knife as we watched the staircase. The ghost flew towards us taking the knife and slashed the son and mother. Me and the daughter played dead as the ghost left. We then booked it out of there full speed running for the road. Meanwhile the team was picking up paranormal interference. The ghost with a bloody knife ran towards them.

  • ahlem music
    ahlem music 28 days ago +1

    I had a dream Like about Some creatures were chasing my mom in our house and neighborhood But i was holding a knife and protecting her and when any creature comes he touches her i push him down and start stabbing him harshly till he dies and kinda turn to something i dont remember what it is and finally was gonna fight the last creature what i called 'the boss' He was wearing all black and dark But then i woke up i had this Twice
    Weird af

  • Bendy The dancing demon

    The only time I Fall In My Dreams is either when I tripped on the stairs in my dream fall off the bed in my dream or trip my funniest stream was probably when I was a baseball player and I fainted on the course and before I woke up out of the dream one of the main players was like are you okay then I woke up

  • Vanessa Haag
    Vanessa Haag 28 days ago

    I’ve never had a good dream, at least I can’t remember. It’s always either a nightmare or a dream about real life

  • Luke Automatic Gamer
    Luke Automatic Gamer 28 days ago

    Had a dream of the ring and the granny that was in my house and my classmates were with me and one of my classmates had a red crystal in his belly and he had a relation with them and the ring and granny, we were their victims and there was 3 of us and my classmate with the red crystal was trying to tell them no and then they got closer and my classmate kept shouting no and we got closer to our balcony once the ring got near me and the granny got near to my other classmate woke up and I'm still scared of going to the bathrooms because that's where I remember where they came from can you tell what's the point of that and this is true seriously.

  • Brandy Bragg
    Brandy Bragg 28 days ago

    I had a dream where was in someone's home but I was running around couldn't get out people in a tub bloody like people slaughtering people inside home and outside the home I was running around scared and another one where I was trying to get a hold with my husband and couldn't I was lost in some of my dreams and driving causing myself to go up hills and downhill like I couldn't drive

  • The Dutch Crafter
    The Dutch Crafter 28 days ago

    One Dream I walk into a house in the woods by a clown with a Axe I could not see who iT was

  • ProzLegendz 96
    ProzLegendz 96 28 days ago

    My father was driving his car and I sit at the back passenger seat on the road full of darkness . Until , I looked at the back window of my father's car I saw a woman with white dress chasing my father's car . Somehow , I kamehameha at the women and the women fell on the road and rot.

  • Glitter Sparkle TV
    Glitter Sparkle TV 29 days ago

    I had a dream about being slapped with Doritos and cake. The dreams on sad fact I don't dream anymore

  • savini jason
    savini jason 29 days ago

    I had a nightmare about me geting eat by a cartoon red elephant

  • h i
    h i 29 days ago

    Last night I had a dream that my 5 year old sister got ran over by a fast moving car. My mum told me when I got home that had died but my mum didn't care that she had died..... And I was the only one that went to my sisters funeral.....
    I had another dream where my brother turnt into a zombie and I had to kill him. When killed him I told my mum crying my eyes out but she don't care.
    I also had ANOTHER dream where my brother was killed by someone in like a robe and had no face outside my bedroom window and when I went out to get my brother I went inside the house carrying my dead brother only to find out that my family had gone out to a party and said that they let a cut leader kill my brother so they didn't have to look after him or get in trouble for killing him

  • RyleeGameSpot Gamer
    RyleeGameSpot Gamer 29 days ago

    I had a nightmare in my sleep paralysis about hands coming out the roof

  • Alexis Soriano
    Alexis Soriano 29 days ago

    About the ghost/zombie one what if you see someone who you know is dead but in the nightmare their alive?

  • pinkgamer xd
    pinkgamer xd 29 days ago +1

    I think this was a dream IDK but I couldn't scream but I tried and I could only move a tiny bit and I saw a hand rubbing my wall just only a hand nothing else but a hand

    • ComplexityTM
      ComplexityTM 23 days ago

      pinkgamer xd sleep paralysis its bad u try to move but u cant thats not a dream look up sleep paralysis

  • Faith The alien
    Faith The alien Month ago

    Once I had a nightmare that I was going up the stairs and got an email that said the eos spirits predict a Michael Jackson hall then a demon started running up the stair after me an I threw my phone at it then a demon cat attacked me

  • A guy who makes animations

    I had a dream i was being chased by a zombie and i triped and was killed by a farmer with a sythe but i couldn't see his face what does it mean

  • The fierce Lion
    The fierce Lion Month ago

    I had a nightmar of the game “eye the horror game”

  • RubixGaming
    RubixGaming Month ago

    This like always happens to me when Im asleep at midnight or randomly, its when I cant move.. its like im asleep but I can see my room through my eyes.. I don't think its sleep paralysis cause I don't see any creepy things.. its not the same as Matt said.. cause its like im awake but not awake.. hopefully someone understands this feeling..

  • Mickey Rickey
    Mickey Rickey Month ago +1

    I have dreams of me falling off a cliff...because I'm afraid of hights...also I was falling off my bed.

  • Cross Sans gameing
    Cross Sans gameing Month ago +1

    This is late I know but I had a nightmare of the end of the world date is July 15 2020

  • catus vlogs n games

    I love the intro goo Alfred Hitchcock

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz Month ago +1

    I have lots of dreams about a zombie apocolapse

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz Month ago

    This dude literally looks like Vsauce

  • Izeek thefreak
    Izeek thefreak Month ago

    You can only dream about things you have actually seen. Included on a tv or phone.

  • VG Grιmrεαφεr
    VG Grιmrεαφεr Month ago

    I've had dreams of my dad dying. He didn't listen to me in the most recent dream. I become afraid after those dreams. I really don't want to lose him.

  • Gareth [WR]
    Gareth [WR] Month ago

    I had a weird nightmare two years ago. It's about a Nuke that splashes out water after hitting a solid object.
    Edit: Ikr weird ._.

  • Da bi
    Da bi Month ago

    You know what’s scarier than a nightmare?
    Losing your wifi T-T

  • Potato God
    Potato God Month ago

    I had a nightmare when there were big people and little people,and I was the little one the big people kept harassing the little people and killing them

  • PanCake Waffle24
    PanCake Waffle24 Month ago

    i had a dream where i was being eaten by the fish in the spongebob theme song.

  • Mohamed Abouesmaiel
    Mohamed Abouesmaiel Month ago +1

    I wish you give up TVclip because all you do is give us nightmares and I don't appreciate it your mother facker

  • Ally Gacha
    Ally Gacha Month ago

    I got trapped in bloody Mary's mirror in one of my nightmares......so....that's my past life?