BTS Talk Writing Process, Choreography & Wale Collaboration w/ @RobertHerrera3

  • Published on Apr 3, 2017
  • Korean Pop band BTS is currently taking over Los Angeles with their sold out shows in support of their new album and Rob Herrera sat down with the guys for an in depth interview on their creative process. The band also spoke about their style, choreography and their collaboration with Wale.
    Please watch: "The Offspring 10th Album In-Depth Interview Update w/ Noodles"
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  • Kingdom of K-POP
    Kingdom of K-POP 2 days ago

    0:00-Rap monster

  • Madhav goyal
    Madhav goyal 3 days ago

    A phenomenal job done by the interviewer

  • Madhav goyal
    Madhav goyal 3 days ago +1

    Just watch V the whole time. You will not get bored of this WEIRD CUTIE

  • Althea Cassandra
    Althea Cassandra 7 days ago


  • TyAnna Allen
    TyAnna Allen 12 days ago

    I'm SHOCKED that V likes Corrine Bailey Rae!! She's got a beautiful voice but never got enough praise. They would sound magical together.

  • Manpreet Sidhu
    Manpreet Sidhu 12 days ago

    Ohh I am here after jks and puths collab 😍❤️

  • Rebecca Jessica
    Rebecca Jessica 13 days ago

    holy shit jimin x jeremih on a track.. the death of me

  • RC Barbie
    RC Barbie 13 days ago

    Not @ how RM say 13793785 'like's and 24599435 'you know's in a convo

  • Oriana Laudani
    Oriana Laudani 14 days ago

    io c ke to2 zon mui vuenos vailando ekisde

  • BardiToria a
    BardiToria a 14 days ago +1

    I WAS dead with jimin and v in the back😂😂😂☠️

  • julia t
    julia t 14 days ago

    Maybe rapmon should avoid using like that often😅💕 but his english is still so good😋

  • KaryWilkins
    KaryWilkins 14 days ago

    This is the best interview that they have. Good Questions, respects for they actual work and talents, i hope they have mor interviews like that

  • Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy

    I didn't know they have so many interviews. Oh Gosh when I found out that I could not stop watching all of them

    love BLACKPINKXBTS 18 days ago

    Namjoon and his like like like 😂

  • Just Someone
    Just Someone 19 days ago

    namjoon saying hell is everything 😂

  • isa sousa
    isa sousa 27 days ago +1

    rm said "like" 9848447475738364644 times

  • anna
    anna 28 days ago

    8:30 how is nobody talking about how Jin also impersonationed namjoon

  • chan chan
    chan chan 29 days ago

    While RM talking .. other members face is so funny .. lol .. specially V.. jk .. jhope .. lol

  • rainy day
    rainy day Month ago +1

    Hoseok is so fine here..can't stop staring at him 😍

  • Rumejsa Jakupi
    Rumejsa Jakupi Month ago

    That man is so weird bts is probably anyoed from him 😒

  • kaniz fatima khan
    kaniz fatima khan Month ago +1

    When v and jimin looked at each other and smiled 😍😍.. That was a golden moment 💕💕

  • RubyXMimi
    RubyXMimi Month ago

    Oh no no no no we do not need an English album. Feats are one thing but a whole album, naaa we're good.

  • RubyXMimi
    RubyXMimi Month ago

    My precious President. I feel like he's like over thinking it when he's speaking English. He's already so good.

  • Victory Jhon
    Victory Jhon Month ago

    Suga is daying

  • Victory Jhon
    Victory Jhon Month ago

    Omg I feel bad for others. It is really boring to sit without saying anything

  • melomania 123
    melomania 123 Month ago

    7:59 jeonlous??

  • Cassy b
    Cassy b Month ago +1

    I love Jungkook’s resting B face, I can relate.

  • Sofi Saraf
    Sofi Saraf Month ago +1

    We need a ‘like’ counter on RM, like! 💕😂💜💜💜💜love him so much!!

  • Anita creations
    Anita creations Month ago +1

    8:00 jhope be like: wtf

  • niyati shah
    niyati shah Month ago

    Respect the energy and charge your batteries! I love you my boys! 💜

  • Emely Gonzalez
    Emely Gonzalez Month ago

    I really hoped that it wasn’t true that all K-Pop singers have slave contracts but J-Hope just confirmed it by saying that they rehearse 12 hours a day😞 I really hope that they are atleast getting paid well, my poor babies😭

  • Gucci Smile
    Gucci Smile 2 months ago

    Who ever make fun of them as they nodded *BITCH THEY ARE MORE SMART THAN YOU*

  • Aishwarya Ramakrishnan
    Aishwarya Ramakrishnan 2 months ago

    I just focused on V in this interview 🤣 he gives the most random and cute expressions 😂😂😂💜

    STREAM EPIPHANY 2 months ago

    Cutie, baby, angel, fairy, mochi, soft, squishy, adorable Jimin is unusually quiet in this im so sad:(

    STREAM EPIPHANY 2 months ago +2

    3:28 sunshine hobi is such a bully to baby boi suga, copying how yoongs is bopping his head😂♥

  • me Army
    me Army 2 months ago +1

    OkAY thAt clAP At ThE eND waS toO cUTEEE

  • Mudang Nampi
    Mudang Nampi 2 months ago +1

    Charlie puss😂😂

  • olivia 123
    olivia 123 2 months ago

    tae at 11:42 saying coreen bailey rae makes me so happy

  • Darksider95
    Darksider95 2 months ago

    Tae's collab choice really surprised me. Corinne Bailey Rae is a really talented and underrated songstress from the UK. If you haven't listen to her music its really good.

  • Kpop Edits
    Kpop Edits 2 months ago

    Suga doesn’t give a fuck and Will always speak Korean no matter what

  • bspc0417
    bspc0417 2 months ago

    Fortunately BTS have Namjoon as their leader... What he has done in different interviews really promote the level of this k-pop boyband,and make them more precious . He's absolutely amazing.....

  • Lauren Salinas
    Lauren Salinas 2 months ago +1


  • nani dafuq
    nani dafuq 2 months ago +2

    2:09 I see u V and jimin.. I see u

  • Vedangi Sharma
    Vedangi Sharma 2 months ago

    This was a good interview n I would love to thank to interviewer to cause he didn't let all member feel like they can't speak English so they can't talk n be participate in conversation n yess thank to RM too who didn't let all boys awkward n I'm sure soon all boys will speak English too n for bts members I would say guys just proud to be Koreans cause that's ur identity n yess English is not a big deal in this way cayse u r all great artist which is way more important then a language n English can be learned in time soo it's not a big deal right n yess I like the questions the way interviewer asked about their dance n music influences in particular way n again in future I would love to listen all boys chats too n wanna know more about bts n every single boy's point of view about that perticular question or things n I'm sure for RM it's quite uncomfortable too when all attention goes to the leader of group or should say spoke person in group cause may be some point all member thinks that why they can't speak English RM also wants to give attention to all members too cause it's kinda weird when he have to give all questions answer but this time was different n I feel it cause V, jhope, suga, jimin they speak too that's a good progress #bts#loveu
    N one more thing to add on it that I will try my best to learn Korean language cause I wanna know at the end what they say in their language 🙂 it's better to know in their own language

  • Jayleen Luo
    Jayleen Luo 2 months ago

    Well namjoon its really hard to sing in Korean at first . 1 year ago when I started hearing kpop my first kpop star I love ioi, then a day later they disbanded. So I was not able to learn how to sing Korean. But then after 1 year in a half I heard bts from my friend and start with fake love. I was learning how to sing Korean. I got better and better every month. Today I know how to sing korean and sing with you guys. My mom and dad was like wow she is good

  • Jayleen Luo
    Jayleen Luo 2 months ago

    If namjoon was with me I will teach him piano

  • skull Heart
    skull Heart 2 months ago

    It is so cool how the leader RM explains it and all the members agree....I feel they all understand each other...I really love BTS :)

  • baguem’s kpop
    baguem’s kpop 2 months ago

    I love how the whole time Jimin is just watching taehyung act like a sim

  • kali! c:
    kali! c: 2 months ago

    my boys

  • theit
    theit 2 months ago

    i laughed the whole time cause of taehyung and jimin just looking at each other and jimin trying to keep a straight face lmao

  • aylin gonzalez
    aylin gonzalez 2 months ago +1

    What if we take a shot every time namjoon say " you know like" or "like" ? We would be so wasted by the end of this interview

  • Ayesha Faakhir
    Ayesha Faakhir 3 months ago +1

    4:10 Jungkook is like "hyung you can speak english?"xD

  • Jika Trotter
    Jika Trotter 3 months ago

    Yo Namjoon is killing me with that deep voice

  • clea
    clea 3 months ago

    Tae's face through the entire interview is the reason why I bother getting up in the morning.

  • Lúcia Delphino
    Lúcia Delphino 3 months ago

    Can we talk about the fact that in these interviews of 2017 Jungkook was always mentioning Charlie Puth (puss) and now they sang together at MGA?

  • Daniella Rózsa Nagy
    Daniella Rózsa Nagy 3 months ago +1

    Suga is so cute nodding through the whole interview I love him so much

  • Daniella Rózsa Nagy
    Daniella Rózsa Nagy 3 months ago

    Namjoon at 1:07 *I'M DEAD*

  • Kim Haokip
    Kim Haokip 3 months ago

    Bts, you guy's awesome ! 👍

  • Amanda Lamarche
    Amanda Lamarche 3 months ago

    His face tho 4:50 😂😂😂

  • gizem ali
    gizem ali 3 months ago +2

    i like those questions. they are interesting and thoughtful

  • VisualGFX - Minecraft, Graphic Designing & More

    The moment rob said inspire i knew insfire is coimg

  • The Jimin Effect
    The Jimin Effect 3 months ago +1

    Suga always gets ignored when they ask about rapping, producing, composing and it really upsets me

  • Keara Donnachie
    Keara Donnachie 4 months ago

    Wow RM is so good off the cuff in english

  • Sarra BlinkReveluvOnceArmyExoL

    They are so humble

  • struckstrap AMV
    struckstrap AMV 4 months ago

    *4:11** lmaooo you can tell but their faces they don't work 12 hours a day. probably not 12 but like 8 hours lol❤️*

  • struckstrap AMV
    struckstrap AMV 4 months ago

    wtf j-hope is *FLUENT* in English istg

  • Telma Peralta Mendes
    Telma Peralta Mendes 4 months ago

    V’s expressions are killing me 🤣

  • Mia Esquivel
    Mia Esquivel 4 months ago +1

    Ok but are we still not gonna talk about how at 4:46 rm’s face changed when he said that GSHAbjajus lol

  • jaiya shree
    jaiya shree 4 months ago

    5:48 is that one ok rock!!! 😍😍mentioned?!!

  • Elaine Joyce Fernandez
    Elaine Joyce Fernandez 4 months ago

    2:01 When Jimin sees V pretending to know what RM is saying or being insecure 😁 #viminislife

  • Elaine Joyce Fernandez
    Elaine Joyce Fernandez 4 months ago

    2:07 fave vimin moment ❤

  • Shelly Rana
    Shelly Rana 4 months ago

    JIMIN is a statue

  • Shelly Rana
    Shelly Rana 4 months ago

    Look at suga sitting like a potato..I just love him...nodding his head like a cutie

  • Kat
    Kat 4 months ago +3

    Yes. This interviewer is asking really good questions... Like deep fleshed out questions about their art... something any artist loves to share and discuss ... Not just like cute gimmicky superficial questions (don't get me wrong, its super cute), but being taken seriously.... Aaaand this dude has done his research. That shows true admiration idk i love love this interview

  • Summaiya Nazneen
    Summaiya Nazneen 4 months ago

    Suga nodding head al the time 😂

  • -Jiminto.Deep-
    -Jiminto.Deep- 4 months ago +1

    10:33 what about Warren g and krizz kaliko?

  • Clarissa C
    Clarissa C 4 months ago

    RM'S FACE AT 4:50 I CANT

    KORANY 4 months ago +1

    8:30 jin imitates rm's laugh LMAOOOOO

  • international army
    international army 4 months ago


  • mary 19
    mary 19 4 months ago

    the look really good in this outfit 💖💖💖

  • Etc Etc
    Etc Etc 4 months ago

    não é possível que nem uma (1) yoonseoka tenha feito uma analise da linguagem corporal dos sope aqui

  • Onnesha Rahman
    Onnesha Rahman 4 months ago

    Hobi wanting to collab with Tinashe made my day

  • Annyeon hasseyo
    Annyeon hasseyo 5 months ago

    4:07 7:43

  • Gllyv Srsns
    Gllyv Srsns 5 months ago

    11:22 my kookie keep eating his nails LoL

  • Mughworts Longshot
    Mughworts Longshot 5 months ago +1

    Jungkook looked like he tried to squeeze himself out of that couch 😂

  • Saroj M
    Saroj M 5 months ago

    At last jimin was like cut... 👏👏

  • flying ninja meow meow
    flying ninja meow meow 5 months ago

    I wish all US interviews were like this it was very good and asked good questions

  • Fåret
    Fåret 5 months ago

    Hobi didn't need a translation?? His English was so good?? What??

  • Joon the bafoon
    Joon the bafoon 5 months ago

    If bts and zedd collaborate that will brake the charts

  • Valerie Silva
    Valerie Silva 5 months ago

    Rap monster is so HHHOOOTTT ❤️😍

  • lorena patricia de la rosa

    Watch Tae during this whole interview, thanks me later ;)

    AYESHA SIDDIQUA 6 months ago

    i feel like when suga said travis scott there was this inside joke between suga and jhope

  • Meni capital 5627
    Meni capital 5627 6 months ago

    Junk ok really wanna Calob with beiber

  • Sweta Banerjee
    Sweta Banerjee 6 months ago

    Oh RM spoken eng is too is full of 'like'.😁 Love it

  • vibhooti Jin
    vibhooti Jin 6 months ago

    Justin Bieber
    Charlie puss lol

  • skyray1982
    skyray1982 6 months ago

    Team Heaven vs Team Hell. Choose wisely 😂

  • Leila  Saab
    Leila Saab 6 months ago +1

    RM really is a great leader 😊 plus they all pretty much understand english very well.

    • KDF Kdf
      KDF Kdf 27 days ago

      They do but they rarely volunteer to answer questions. Rm has to say “______ will take this one.” I wonder it is because the ones who speak english the best are all older than him so he can’t just order them to do it.

  • Mrs kookie!
    Mrs kookie! 6 months ago

    JUNGKOOK 😍🔥❤

  • Eliana Elazar
    Eliana Elazar 6 months ago

    I’m so afraid that if I one day saw them on the streets I would totally make them want to run away😞

  • Jousalyn Isa
    Jousalyn Isa 6 months ago +1

    Im so proud!!! Jhopppppppeee!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘