Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

  • Published on Oct 19, 2017
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    Music: Kevin MacLeod

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    Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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    • Logan S.
      Logan S. 10 days ago

      Honestly, why did you include a photoshopped photo? Dumbmb

    • David Diaz
      David Diaz 18 days ago

      Zipolite Beach is in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca not Cacun!!

    • Angie Vest
      Angie Vest Month ago

      Well actually some of the beaches were dangerous sharks are really not that dangerous It just stupid to judge sharks so screw you

    • z
      z 2 months ago

      zipolite does Not translate into beach of the a bit....could be beach of the naked

  • Tammie Alderman
    Tammie Alderman 14 hours ago +1

    All we need is areil view of the center of the lake

  • Mako: Islands of secrets

    The thumbnail is just a normal beach but they cut a photo of niagara falls and add it in it

  • wariye Muna oslo

    😱😱😱😱😱😱Allahu akbar🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ash :L
    Ash :L 3 days ago

    anyone else thinks 8 is actually the scariest

  • Andrew Sevol
    Andrew Sevol 4 days ago

    That thumbnail is cool looking but retarded looking at the same time

  • Andrew Sevol
    Andrew Sevol 4 days ago

    That thumbnail is cool looking but retarded looking at the same time

  • Henschel Keith Paloma

    God damn

  • Bobby Luna
    Bobby Luna 6 days ago

    I live in Florida we got the most horrible mistreated reefs here and it rains alottt

  • Anastasia Berard
    Anastasia Berard 6 days ago

    The ocean is the sharks home you shouldnt say shark infested waters. If someone you know went to your home and said that it was infested by you and your family, that would be mean

  • Kathleen Boyce
    Kathleen Boyce 7 days ago

    The first one was fake theres no volcano on that island its on the big island i know beacuse i live there.

  • gmlaster
    gmlaster 9 days ago

    I know this was tongue in cheek, because you can fly over a beach these days to see if there’s a waterfall nearby.

  • IzAwg
    IzAwg 9 days ago +1

    Oh. My. God.
    I’ve been to one of those Florida beaches

    • Bobby Luna
      Bobby Luna 6 days ago

      IzAwg the Fort Myers beach be like swimming in poop water

  • brendan whay
    brendan whay 10 days ago

    What a load of sensationalist crap

  • FJ P
    FJ P 10 days ago

    Water pollution watch and subscribe

  • GozGlind Albarado
    GozGlind Albarado 10 days ago

    ჰდუეჯბ უხიიეჰ ოოსჯპ ისბ ისოჯებ

  • Ayaz Khan
    Ayaz Khan 11 days ago


  • Peter Pascoe
    Peter Pascoe 11 days ago

    Hmmmmmmm I went to one off the bench before

  • Luke Z
    Luke Z 12 days ago

    I live here in Florida, and I could tell you for one that Miami Beach one is a fake. We have no water falls off our Shores.

  • Moose Juice
    Moose Juice 12 days ago

    I thought they would say something about my home town pg

  • Tom Mulholland
    Tom Mulholland 13 days ago +2

    Was just in Zipolote and it’s on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca not Caribbean coast of Cancun.
    No special life guards but lots of nudes and it is beautiful.

  • Chase Obermeier
    Chase Obermeier 13 days ago

    Think I'm gonna go to that island and spread the word of Jesus 🤣 they might like me then

  • Abba Dabba
    Abba Dabba 13 days ago

    I was just finishing a 1/2 Oz Pipe when I saw this Beach Waterfall Gif. Dang - what a brilliant way to get rid of Pesky kids. Anyways , it'll slow rising sea levels for a while I guess?

  • Valrie Leslie
    Valrie Leslie 13 days ago

    Jamaica have the best beaches in the world

  • Lyli Pascucci
    Lyli Pascucci 13 days ago

    And new Smyrna Beach that’s the most shark interested water in the whole entire world

  • c0der1020
    c0der1020 14 days ago +1

    It's not known if a waterfall in the ocean is a fake?
    Unless the laws of physics no longer apply I think we can be pretty sure it was photo-shopped.

  • son thanh nguyen
    son thanh nguyen 14 days ago

    and 7,2M subscribers , STUPID ALL !!! OMG !!!

  • son thanh nguyen
    son thanh nguyen 14 days ago

    just pictures no real videos , stupid channel !

  • mario lopez
    mario lopez 14 days ago

    I went to playa zipolite, México and I didn’t expect it to be 🤭

  • My Name Is Peep guys
    My Name Is Peep guys 14 days ago +1

    i'll rather go to a swimming pool

  • meatKog
    meatKog 14 days ago

    Volusia county Fl has some of the best surfing in the state and New Smyrna beach is always populated with locals. Yes there are occasional bites but there are thousands more that surf there their whole life and never even see a shark. You should probably research that beach more.

  • Raphael Cardoso
    Raphael Cardoso 14 days ago +1

    4:15 is actually a picture of ilha das cobras in Brazil

  • Leo Wahing
    Leo Wahing 15 days ago

    Anyways, who the hell would visit north sentinel island? Its probihited.

  • beauty-asmaa #صالون صحراوة

    اللي ذخل باش يشوف الصورة يجي جنبي،ويشترك عندي،مردودة

  • Ritchey Gax
    Ritchey Gax 16 days ago +3

    Zipolite is not in cancun is in oaxaca man but you can walk around nude is not dangerous and drink coconut water

    UNCLE DREW 16 days ago +2

    Didn't think people would be a major threat on beaches. Christopher Columbus wouldn't have made it home alive

  • Lisa Lolin
    Lisa Lolin 16 days ago +2

    Omg I live in Marshall island

  • Lucy Heartfelia
    Lucy Heartfelia 16 days ago +1

    Since I am an indian I feel bad because my Country's beach is dangerous because of pollution.....I hope our goverment will do something about it...😥😥😥

  • Sydney Lorelei Official
    Sydney Lorelei Official 18 days ago +30

    This is how many times he said dangerous

    • Sydney Lorelei Official
      Sydney Lorelei Official 3 days ago +1

      @Francis W Actually, my life is kind of good. And no, I’m not HUNGRY for likes
      Edit: I don’t want to fight, so let’s end things here

    • Francis W
      Francis W 6 days ago +2

      Awww, hungry for likes? You must live such a sad, pathetic life.

  • Jayden Mayt
    Jayden Mayt 18 days ago

    Man that is nice

  • Kellie Matos
    Kellie Matos 18 days ago

    That was that was awesome 😎

  • manuel gonzalez
    manuel gonzalez 19 days ago +4

    travel agents NOT HAPPY with your video :(:( pure verse

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz 19 days ago +1

    Just for your information who ever you're Your # 2 Zipolite Beach is located in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca

  • XXXxxx GamerWolfXXXxxx Love

    I live in south Africa I went to that beach and I'm only 9 when I was seven in 2017 the beach waves pulled me

  • Lily Herlihy
    Lily Herlihy 20 days ago +101

    It irritates me when people still use the term "shark infested waters." THE OCEAN IS THEIR HOME.

    • Lily Herlihy
      Lily Herlihy 9 days ago

      @gmlaster of course, my aquatic guy. Keep munching and swimming 👍💪🌊

    • gmlaster
      gmlaster 9 days ago +2

      Thank you!!! They’ve been living there for hundreds of millions of years, long before human beings appeared.

    • Meringuepie :3
      Meringuepie :3 9 days ago +1


    • alz
      alz 14 days ago +2

      That’s so true

    • Jeremy Tidwell
      Jeremy Tidwell 18 days ago +2

      Lily Herlihy you are smart

  • Andrew Twynham
    Andrew Twynham 20 days ago

    These fake thumbnails are getting very annoying. Nobody is fooled by them so why do it.

  • Sophia
    Sophia 20 days ago +1

    whos here to find places to research on google earth?😌👌

  • redrose104
    redrose104 21 day ago

    okay if you go to a beach literally named BEACH OF THE DEAD. You deserve to die. just saying

  • Srinivas Reddy Marella
    Srinivas Reddy Marella 21 day ago +1

    Haaaaaaaaaaah India is known as
    the most polluted country in the world

  • Jennifer Oliavrrs
    Jennifer Oliavrrs 21 day ago

    Why was the dog in the picture so Dkinny (I only came to this video Bcus I wanted to See different Beaches)

  • Prof Farsider
    Prof Farsider 21 day ago

    Yikes!! 😳..... about 3 sentences into this video I had to shut it down! Geeeeeeeezzzzzzz!! ..... somehow that’s the same voice that was on all those 8mm Social Studies films in the early ‘60’s we had to watch in 7th Grade when our teachers were too lazy to actually present a lesson for the day. Horrible memories have just flooded in now - thanks a lot FactsVerse.
    .....(and based on many of these comments which are correcting errors - please re-name your Channel “FactsWrong”. Thank you)

  • Jimmy Omner Abarabar
    Jimmy Omner Abarabar 22 days ago

    So dark

  • Evelyn Yambao
    Evelyn Yambao 22 days ago

    But I can still see the jellyfish

  • Kym kelly
    Kym kelly 22 days ago

    Australia beach is bull shit it’s the most popular beach in Australia

  • Akhona Phitsane
    Akhona Phitsane 22 days ago

    I live in South Africa

  • Sheriff Jones
    Sheriff Jones 22 days ago +1


  • Darryl Jackson
    Darryl Jackson 23 days ago

    Lol #' 10 is real just because you haven't heard a story doesn't mean the shit ain't real.

  • SmashbrosGAL Lucina
    SmashbrosGAL Lucina 24 days ago +1

    If the beaches are dangerous why are they still open to the public it don't make sense😂

  • SHAD3Y
    SHAD3Y 25 days ago

    1:20 TF you on about bro suck it up about the spiders and jellyfish tones of people go there you just need to be careful

  • Eric Henry
    Eric Henry 25 days ago

    5:30 chances are that it is called click bait.

  • BeyondBr1aNn88 YT
    BeyondBr1aNn88 YT 25 days ago

    Straight up Godzilla.

  • BeyondBr1aNn88 YT
    BeyondBr1aNn88 YT 25 days ago +2

    I just came here to say that thumbnail is just Niagara Falls and a beach combined

  • Tae Tae Roblox
    Tae Tae Roblox 27 days ago

    FrAsEr BeAcH HaS CroCOdILes

  • mother trucker
    mother trucker 27 days ago

    Why did I click knowing it was clickbait

  • Martin Clarke
    Martin Clarke 27 days ago

    North Sentinel Island, didn't even know it existed, I do know!! I'd say avoid the place.

  • Alohax Mele
    Alohax Mele 27 days ago

    No hate but I live in Hawaii and there’s NO Volcano

    • Alohax Mele
      Alohax Mele 24 days ago

      Jaila Thompson yea ik now

    • Jaila Thompson
      Jaila Thompson 24 days ago

      R u serious everyone knows there r plenty volcanos

  • max castiglioni
    max castiglioni 28 days ago

    Isaac butterfield skip to 1.20

  • Louffy 2y
    Louffy 2y 28 days ago

    I saw the tumbnail and i was like I wanna go in there

  • Rainsford Playz
    Rainsford Playz 28 days ago +1


    • Riley Beard
      Riley Beard 28 days ago

      Rainsford Gasque hes exaggerating you will never die there

    SAGAR TALOD 28 days ago

    I think u r from US, n u can visit n see chowpaty now it's changed

  • Peter Mylonakis
    Peter Mylonakis 29 days ago

    regarding your comments of Frazer island in Autralia, we in Austalia will say you talk bullshit.

  • Love Is
    Love Is 29 days ago

    Good to know . The waterfall would have to be higher than sea level.

  • AKM GaminG
    AKM GaminG Month ago

    It really 😨😳

  • tommy murphy
    tommy murphy Month ago

    I want to visit all of them. I do not want to make it out alive.

  • JustAThought
    JustAThought Month ago +1

    Other countries : sharks, crocodiles, volcanoes.
    India : POLLUTION.

  • TeddyLoves Life
    TeddyLoves Life Month ago +2

    I absolutely love videos like this good work

  • Hugheszie
    Hugheszie Month ago

    This video is full of shit, I've personally swam in the African ocean one, didn't encounter a single shark or get swept away to atlantis in under currents.

  • Love_hearth325 playz

    Seruosly i hate you

  • LiNoe Liam
    LiNoe Liam Month ago

    The last beach (why we all came here!): "This photo, likely, isn't real"
    Likely isn't real? Let me assure you, and anyone else who isn't sure; that photo is 100% not real. Unequivocally, without doubt, no uncertainties whatso-fucking-ever, a faked picture.

  • Feliz Navidad
    Feliz Navidad Month ago


  • Cinthya Gomez
    Cinthya Gomez Month ago +2

    Don't waste ur precious time it's click bate😑

  • Dr. ETN Theorist
    Dr. ETN Theorist Month ago

    Top 11 *BRETMAN ROCK*

  • therealsongstress
    therealsongstress Month ago

    That was goos❤️

  • Corrinna R
    Corrinna R Month ago +1

    f this click bait channel

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy Month ago +2

    I’m on my way to Mexico for the beach so I decided to watch this

  • Alpha Dark
    Alpha Dark Month ago

    I legit live in Kilauea, this dude lying

  • Maribel Zalavarria
    Maribel Zalavarria Month ago

    This so dangerous

  • Eckartroblox 2009
    Eckartroblox 2009 Month ago +1

    What caused dinosaurs extinct?
    A. Meteorite?
    Choose one at the Chat. (Only the letter.)

  • love and kisses
    love and kisses Month ago

    The boat did not accidentally go to the sentinel island. Leave those people alone they don't bother the rest of the world. In fact I wish I was born there.

  • love and kisses
    love and kisses Month ago

    Shark infested?????? How about shark habitation and humans should stick to their habitat if they can't deal with the consequences of invading shark space????.

  • Daniel Ross
    Daniel Ross Month ago

    I go to fraser island beach all the time and its not that dangerous but it is spectacularly beautiful and lots of lakes to swim in. Lake Mackenzie on fraser island has been voted the 2nd most beautiful and perfect beach in the world because of its white sand and clear fresh water and safe but hard to get too.

  • John Kingston
    John Kingston Month ago +1


  • The Jana Show!
    The Jana Show! Month ago


  • kawaii cute gamer
    kawaii cute gamer Month ago

    Your voice is making this video scary

  • Dove & Alexa Arana
    Dove & Alexa Arana Month ago

    Roses are red, and violets are blue, im not going to the beach and so are u!!!🤗

  • Burn like Hellfire
    Burn like Hellfire Month ago +3

    That thumbnail...
    What a clickbait

  • Owen Dillen
    Owen Dillen Month ago

    Yeah there’s 5 valcanoes in Hawaii 0:18

  • Nasser Elayan
    Nasser Elayan Month ago

    You suck.
    V bad report

  • Viviana Romo
    Viviana Romo Month ago

    Cool to know there are still people living like the hundreds.

  • gerry tian
    gerry tian Month ago

    Indonesian beach especially south area.