Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

  • Published on Oct 19, 2017
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    Narrated by : Darren Marlar

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  • Facts Verse
    Facts Verse  9 months ago +125

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    • Kresh Jagmohan
      Kresh Jagmohan Month ago

      I want to know what is Kara gold

    • Xenia Lasslett
      Xenia Lasslett Month ago

      Yeah I’m from Australia I always go there! 🐬🤦🏼‍♀️😟😠☹️😕😒😦

    • Xenia Lasslett
      Xenia Lasslett Month ago

      Facts Verse ummmm the last one is fakeeee

    • Lynne Trathen
      Lynne Trathen 2 months ago

      Facts Verse you are an idiot check your facts ffs Fraser Island is one of the most popular beaches in Australia 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Rebecca_Gamerz
      Rebecca_Gamerz 3 months ago


  • funkyalfonso
    funkyalfonso 35 minutes ago

    Zipolite in Cancun? It's on the other side of the country you twat.

  • Gerhard De Villiers
    Gerhard De Villiers 9 hours ago

    I live near gansbaai,South Africa

  • john zukowski
    john zukowski Day ago

    Yea let’s see beaches that don’t even exist. I guess you could only visit them in your mind.👎🇵🇱🇺🇸

  • Groundskeeper woody
    Groundskeeper woody 3 days ago

    Frasier island Australlia is a beautiful place that many people regularly visit. I would not call it any more dangerous than Bondi beach or bells beach. Suggest you check your FACTS before you publish scare mongering videos that can hurt tourism in any given area of the globe as many communities such as Frasier island rely on tourism to keep functioning.

  • Cecee Skittles
    Cecee Skittles 3 days ago

    Why would you put a likely fake picture as a thumbnail, and then discredit the pic. like huh?

  • Gabrielle Bintin
    Gabrielle Bintin 3 days ago

    At 44 seconds, I stayed at the hotel second to the last one on the left. I recognize the tiny peninsula, and the doc I jet skied by. Also I bought a magnet of that same picture. I guess it’s popular

  • Johnsky
    Johnsky 3 days ago

    fck clickbait

  • Naazneen Baghas
    Naazneen Baghas 4 days ago

    The Gansbaai beach is still safe to swim in and often people go horseback riding into the ocean despite the sharks, they generally enjoy the much deeper waters

  • Daniella Estrella
    Daniella Estrella 5 days ago

    bruh great white sharks dont eat people, people get bitten usually surfers bc their legs are dangling from the surfboard, making the shark think its a seal ,, great whites rly dont eat ppl.

  • corey pick
    corey pick 7 days ago

    thank you for making this vid

  • Alejandro Vargas Medina

    Playa Zipolite is not in Cancun, it is located in Oaxaca State, 300 miles away from Cancun. Zipolite belongs to the Pacific Sea, Cancun to the Caribbean.

  • Black Monty Burns
    Black Monty Burns 11 days ago

    Why even mention number 10 if it's not real???🤔 IDIOT

  • Black Monty Burns
    Black Monty Burns 11 days ago


  • Black Monty Burns
    Black Monty Burns 11 days ago

    Why did he say playa like he's speaking ebonics????🤣

  • Black Monty Burns
    Black Monty Burns 11 days ago

    Gayest voice EVERRRR

  • Lily Richardson
    Lily Richardson 15 days ago +1

    Any one her from 2019

  • Benji Brawl Stars
    Benji Brawl Stars 17 days ago

    How is Chowpatty Beach dangerous the sand isn’t dangerous

  • Peter rimel
    Peter rimel 17 days ago

    Great, informative video

  • Unicorn Dog Squad
    Unicorn Dog Squad 18 days ago

    It is very rare to get bitten by a shark

  • Chantelle Schmitz
    Chantelle Schmitz 18 days ago +3

    Just typical normal beach u find in Australia: sharks, jellyfish, spiders, crocs and a coyote.

  • Roman Dark
    Roman Dark 22 days ago

    All tops usually includes Schitovaya Bukhta Beach, Russia. I checked it recently. You can see on my channel the result. Nothing interesting. Maybe I should check other beaches.

  • no name
    no name 25 days ago +1

    Man, who the hell force u to hold pee and read article?

  • Ronel Bester
    Ronel Bester 28 days ago

    gansbaai was pronounced wrong arghhh...... and the sea is the fish's, jellyfish's etc. home/habitat and we the humans are the ones invading their space so we enter these waters at our own risk.

  • Yeah Yeah
    Yeah Yeah Month ago

    Playa zipolite is a nude beach in Oaxaca Mexico get your facts right

  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo Month ago

    The wife and I were at the number two beach and got swept into a rip tide. Fortunately, I could swim for days. I grabbed her and swam sideways to safety but it was a loooong swim back to shore. Away from the rip was fairly shallow, about 5’. The rip itself was over 8’ deep and when I went down I could feel the sand sucking away. Scary as hell but I stayed calm and we got out.

  • Dani Girl 808
    Dani Girl 808 Month ago

    Your Hawaiian Island’s are mixed up. You show Kauai & the big island. Disgraceful. There’s more than one Kilauea. Educate yourself before you try to promote yourself.

  • Kontoculai
    Kontoculai Month ago

    So dangerous,I dated some of them

  • Eric
    Eric Month ago

    the beaches of normandy were far more dangerous, statistically, than any of the ones listed in the video.
    guess i should start a youtube channel, then i could save the subscribed viewer at a time, that is.

  • Christophe Dantinne

    Cancun it's in quintana roo state atlantic ocean and Zipolite it's in Oaxaca state pacific ocean..

    UNLOCK-TURBO Month ago

    😭 . Where is thumbnail

  • Benji Brawl Stars
    Benji Brawl Stars Month ago

    I’ve also discovered a waterfall on a beach was on your video background

  • Kohaku Senpai
    Kohaku Senpai Month ago +3

    Why is everyone in the comments getting offended for sharks.

  • Soa Enjoy
    Soa Enjoy Month ago

    So I have a legit question. India has that beach with garbage and just nasty . I was also told by a guy who's from India that lives in the US that it's just they way people are their but I'd like to know is it all people in India or half the pop that just throws their trash every where ? I know the guys parents came to the US and was throwing all the trash everywhere and he had to try and get them to understand not to . So im just wondering about that if it's a small amount of people or most of the country or what and y they do it . I mean is it just something that they learned from their parents and so on . I'd hope people in general would learn now a days to clean up and all but maybe it's just cultural

  • RIOT co No.15
    RIOT co No.15 Month ago

    4:20 they need to nuke that place since people their want to act like zombies

  • Raisa Akbar
    Raisa Akbar Month ago +2

    Most dangers person in the world


    • Eric
      Eric Month ago +1

      a more dangerous person would not warn others.

  • Cigdem Demir
    Cigdem Demir Month ago +2

    I live in Australia and thats why hate to go to the beach

  • Liran Haguy
    Liran Haguy Month ago

    uses fake thumbnail.. waste of time

  • Laura C
    Laura C Month ago

    Fraser Island Australia. The Aussies don't. Tourists probably.

  • Window to the Nature

    Good to know. Thanks

  • william ahler
    william ahler Month ago

    Why would they include the last one of Miami beach with the waterfall. Just dumb.

  • Tripp Courtney
    Tripp Courtney Month ago

    Oh you missed BY FAR THE NASTIEST.... something Grande....snake island...I'll go to any of these beaches three times before that muthafucka

  • elektrified _
    elektrified _ Month ago

    #10 like....really. smdh

  • Felicity Deikos
    Felicity Deikos Month ago

    Lorne beach along the Great Ocean Rd in Victoria can be very dangerous too, from high currents that can drag you in. And if you don't know how to swim, you'll drown.

  • Felicity Deikos
    Felicity Deikos Month ago

    What else is the government good for????? Destroying beaches and all of Jehovah's creations.

  • Trinity Allen
    Trinity Allen Month ago +7

    I like how he’s saying “the waters got a lot of sharks” like....where they supposed to go? The hotel?

    • Trinity Allen
      Trinity Allen 2 days ago

      Ben Dover uhmm? That’s still the water lol I wasn’t saying “close to the shore” like he was saying sharks are in the water like where are they supposed to go lol

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover 2 days ago

      Ummm anywhere else other than the beaches or near the shore. I mean over 70% of Earth is ocean so itd be very easy for them to avoid humans... Now if someone is swimming out in the middle of the ocean miles away from the shore and gets attacked no one would care bc yeah that's their domain...

    • Astar B
      Astar B Month ago

      Trinity Allen 😂😂

  • Janhavii Waghchaure

    This is So embarrassing as an Indian to see Chawpati Beach as the 6th dangerous beach in world because of its 'Pollution' 💔

  • -MayorHedge-
    -MayorHedge- Month ago +1

    Bruh in Florida the sharks don’t even hurt you I’ve been in the water and they just swim past you

  • demowk larnik
    demowk larnik Month ago +1


  • Atlantic 27
    Atlantic 27 Month ago

    I poop

  • Sashaiia
    Sashaiia Month ago +1

    I live in SA and I want to go to Gansbaai to go Shark Watching lol

  • Dylan Billiau
    Dylan Billiau Month ago

    I don't believe a thing in this
    I'm from Australia and have been to Fraser island but as you call (Fraser beach)
    you can sit and swim in the ocean yes there are sharks
    but the main concern to worry about are the dingos
    and there is lake Makenzie to swim
    so maybe do some proper internet research first.

  • Maya Rose
    Maya Rose Month ago +3

    It breaks my heart when people say ‘shark infested beach’ it’s their friggin home they were there before us

  • Sayantani Das
    Sayantani Das Month ago

    This is awesome but dangerous

  • scoot bros
    scoot bros Month ago

    I live in Florida right near volusia county and I went swiming and surfing countless times in volusia beach .

  • D. Schreiber
    D. Schreiber Month ago +1

    Why end an interesting video with an obvious fake photoshopped image, pretending it might or might not be real?

  • Jun Oscar Prieto Beria

    6.05 crasy

  • Ghyslain Mukendi
    Ghyslain Mukendi Month ago +1

    Hi, I live in south Africa and it is not called Gansbaai beach, it is called Campsbay beach thank you. It is very dangerous

  • Debraj Acharya
    Debraj Acharya Month ago +2

    Who came here because of Kapil Sharma India stands for about 6th in this list ..just because of it's pollutants

  • George Michael
    George Michael Month ago