Korean Women Talk About Growing Up In The US


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  • rai tom
    rai tom 15 hours ago

    Ok so can someone explain the age part??????

    • papertowels
      papertowels 41 minute ago

      In Korea you are considered 1 year old when born, versus 0 in America. So korean age is american age + 1

  • isd cby
    isd cby 17 hours ago

    no, they are chinese.

  • • Jiminnamon Roll •

    *Hello to ARMYs in Mochi*

  • Siti Nurnazirah Hamizad

    5:43 ... she said ssi-bal which means f*ck

  • Jonathan Rudamas
    Jonathan Rudamas 2 days ago

    Lol there are like 0 Koreans where I live. Where is y’all at in Arizona????

  • Garth Eligon
    Garth Eligon 2 days ago

    Four beautiful women. Sigh!

  • Kate Natividad
    Kate Natividad 2 days ago +1

    I need a video we’re my Hispanic people talk about growing up in America 😬 or other races

  • sumiji888
    sumiji888 2 days ago

    The gurl in pink shirt is really pretty

  • Johanne Rasmussen
    Johanne Rasmussen 4 days ago

    Kirstin honestly reminds me of Taeyeon of SNSD, they're kinda similar in facial features and the expression in their eyes gives off the same feeling. So pretty both of them ^_^

  • Kynax
    Kynax 4 days ago


  • Glam Bunni
    Glam Bunni 4 days ago

    You don't watch American tv shows for comedy, you look at cartoons for that.

  • Inaya Lamour
    Inaya Lamour 4 days ago


  • 薛定谔
    薛定谔 4 days ago

    who can tell me the girl's channel wearing the pink suit?

  • 薛定谔
    薛定谔 4 days ago

    The leftest one dazzled me deeply

  • piano asdf
    piano asdf 5 days ago

    pink jacket girl sound like real american accent. nasal sounds impressive

  • Lotus Flower
    Lotus Flower 6 days ago

    The girl in the pink seems cool asf. She would fit right in with and my peeps. Our personalities are so similar.

  • Kyng Kraken
    Kyng Kraken 8 days ago

    Seems that the Asian community is becoming more open minded but still very close minded try getting other cultural friends america is not only black and white and try speaking first because if not we will assume you don’t speak English and will ignore you

  • TheyCallMe Jamezx
    TheyCallMe Jamezx 9 days ago +1

    Im canadian and korean but i was born in canada. My parents didnt want me to lose touch with my culture so we visited korea every few years. Its got isolating but it was fun

  • M M
    M M 9 days ago

    부럽다 나도 미국에서 자라고 싶은데 돈이 없네....

  • 이은하
    이은하 10 days ago

    무슨 말 하시는진 모르겠지만 다 예쁘시다!!

  • なーらんまや
    なーらんまや 10 days ago +1


  • PH Ang
    PH Ang 11 days ago

    OMG Kirsten Lee i love u 😍 😂

  • Fiona Wong
    Fiona Wong 11 days ago

    Buzfeed running out of ideas. Literally no one cares . Koreans are already placed on a pedestal in Asia we don’t need to see it here in the West.

  • Sorn kpop
    Sorn kpop 12 days ago

    why that first gurl talking like that black woman accent omg i love it lmao
    maybe she from atlanta or something.she looks like she hanged around melanin beauties.

  • lulinali
    lulinali 12 days ago

    Im not even korean but i would choose korea tho i am asian

  • Joon-Sung R.
    Joon-Sung R. 13 days ago

    I only go to Korea in the summer.... 한국인 여기 있어?

  • shaine T
    shaine T 14 days ago

    The girl in pink has a black girl attitude

  • Jason Pham
    Jason Pham 14 days ago +1

    Asian blondes just don’t look right lol trust me I know

  • ESP Daniella
    ESP Daniella 14 days ago

    I was not mentally prepared for that strong Louisiana/Georgia accent from the 1st girl. 💀💀

  • j k
    j k 14 days ago

    Beautiful bright smart women! Such a treat to watch, keep it up.

  • sakamuras s
    sakamuras s 15 days ago

    look at the two's facial reaction at 4:18 to the comment about blonde hair color preference....

  • Hafiya Moulana
    Hafiya Moulana 15 days ago

    Pink jacket looks like MULAN

  • 앓음 앓음
    앓음 앓음 15 days ago

    아욱 여기서도 얼평 못 잃어

  • pop corn
    pop corn 15 days ago


  • Cathy The chicken
    Cathy The chicken 15 days ago

    For some weird reason the pug in the middle had like a weird green fog, or is that just me

  • Sana’s ShY sHy ShY Stan twice


  • 이은굥
    이은굥 16 days ago

    난 내가 만약 애를 나으면 미국식으로 키울건뎅 ㅋㅎㅎㅎ

  • Annabelle Adams
    Annabelle Adams 17 days ago +1

    I don't call nobody white washes or whatever i don't really care if your Asian or not.

  • fiona
    fiona 17 days ago +1

    omg kiirstin!!

    DORIAN GREY 17 days ago

    look Korean girls grow up in nazifemminist Usa, lost all their femininity and now are aggressive.

  • rei3
    rei3 19 days ago

    our sis there in the pink jacket is aging goals !

  • Lando Parada
    Lando Parada 20 days ago

    Asian women, they're hot........but once they turn 40-45? It's like they ran into a wall.

  • Jake Sprunger
    Jake Sprunger 20 days ago +1

    Buzz feed is so racist

  • Aaron Rainge
    Aaron Rainge 21 day ago

    Ha Ha, Kirstin is a trip :)

  • Seferino
    Seferino 21 day ago

    Yawning. Too many clothes

  • StormyTV
    StormyTV 22 days ago +1

    I’m South Korean, I was born in America. I prefer South Korea than America. More places, more things to do.

  • Myron Smith
    Myron Smith 23 days ago

    90 percent of the comments are about a pink jacket .Humans are so trivial

  • ClaireBear479
    ClaireBear479 23 days ago

    Am I actually the only one ashamed to be white…

  • Chun Wei Tan
    Chun Wei Tan 23 days ago

    Anyone know Kristen youtube channel , Instagram or Facebook? Please...I need it badly

    BLACKPINK IN UR AREA 23 days ago

    I still loved the korean culture and the place before everyone went crazy over bts and stuff. I am a kpop fan but I’m not addicted to korea bc of it :/

  • Veggie Stock
    Veggie Stock 23 days ago +1

    Why are Americans so racist first it what the African Americans than the Koreans i dont live in America so i dont know any other races they are racist to

  • Charm Del Carmen
    Charm Del Carmen 24 days ago

    Love you Kirstin!!

  • SS Studios
    SS Studios 24 days ago

    i love the girl in the pink jacket “WE WERE ALWAYS COOL”😂💕who else is korean american💁🏻‍♀️

  • army bts
    army bts 24 days ago

    lol im Chinese and i move to America since i was 12

  • Luis Sang
    Luis Sang 24 days ago

    Pink jacket great personality

  • Luis Sang
    Luis Sang 24 days ago

    They are all hot

  • Maja Cvijanovic
    Maja Cvijanovic 25 days ago

    I love kiirstin

  • Noe Gongora
    Noe Gongora 25 days ago

    kirstin omg!!! luv u

  • Nesah Vine
    Nesah Vine 25 days ago

    Omg they exposed me when i talk to asian abt kpop fk😩😂 but i love yous ❤️

  • Abby Ho
    Abby Ho 26 days ago


  • TormentorChick17
    TormentorChick17 27 days ago

    I would go to this one college in high school, to visit, and I would see, in the cafeteria, that all the asians sat at one table, blacks at another, white at another, Indian's at another, etc. I would be so annoyed because I was wondering why they would go to a very diverse school if they aren't going to socialize with other races. I like how one of the women in the video touched on that and said something like "I didn't want to lose my culture or having Korean friends." So I guess that it wasn't because they didn't like other races, they just didn't want to lose a part of themselves? That cleared the air for me.

  • Zoey Kaileigh Geerman
    Zoey Kaileigh Geerman 27 days ago +1

    *why am I not born in Korea?*

    • uwu owo
      uwu owo 17 days ago

      +Zoey Kaileigh Geerman not all korean people are perfect tho

    • Zoey Kaileigh Geerman
      Zoey Kaileigh Geerman 18 days ago

      +uwu owo cuz Korean people are so freaking beautiful and I want to go to BTS fan meetings

    • uwu owo
      uwu owo 19 days ago +2

      Why would you want to be lol

  • Zoey Kaileigh Geerman
    Zoey Kaileigh Geerman 27 days ago +1


  • Pain Foolery
    Pain Foolery 27 days ago

    Kirstin lee is friends with amber liu and been in her videos

  • Honolulu101
    Honolulu101 28 days ago +1

    can I join for Korean Women born in US and goes to Korea for the first time :D I qualify

  • Izzyzle
    Izzyzle 29 days ago +2

    "they all look so young and beautiful" the most popular stereotypes about koreans, turns out it's the truth

  • labatni
    labatni 29 days ago

    wow when she said "I was born in Louisiana" i was long omg i live in Louisiana but i wasnt born here lol but we reside in different parishes

  • ᄏᄏaCanofS.ardina.
    ᄏᄏaCanofS.ardina. 29 days ago

    me and my friend always talk about how koreans are very beautiful and stuff.. same with the culture. I find the culture beautiful but also sad sometimes lol

  • Angela Hsu
    Angela Hsu Month ago

    *off topic* I LOVE that pink denim jacket

  • 438811 .H
    438811 .H Month ago

    A bunch of beautiful woc, YAS BITCHES COME THROUGH 😭😍

  • Minx Manila
    Minx Manila Month ago

    Why r they all attractive? Lol

  • Genka Mended
    Genka Mended Month ago

    You all Beutiful love you all 😍😍

  • Khmer Sre
    Khmer Sre Month ago

    I was I. Korean on April 1, 2018

  • lang zhong
    lang zhong Month ago

    why all four girls so pretty?

  • Once you Jimin you never Jimout 1995

    Yay my fellow korean sisters. I still live in Korea but I visit the US a lot.

  • anti Zion
    anti Zion Month ago

    Most of east Asians is American slaves and they are really proud on being American citizens wtf wrong with them ? If you ask them are you Asian ? Then they are really tell you I'm American not Asian wtf wrong with.east Asian 😂😂😂😂

  • Kitt Pham
    Kitt Pham Month ago

    I respect everyone. I used to live in America. Now, I reside in Australia. My parents is from Vietnam. There're several time in the past, Korean people told me that they are better then me. They told me, Vietnamese people have to leave their native land because we were poor. Korean leave their country because can. They are rich. Therefore, Korean looks down on the Vietnamese people. Can we all get along?

  • Yoongi Being Tired at Puma Photoshoots

    I live in Florida....im 15 and I have to say...I DEEPLY apologize for some of our people. People here are rude....BUT not everyone...(no mean to offend) im going to Korea...im 6.5 out of 10 percent fluent...learning Korean is actually easy tbh and I rlly think that Korea is a rlly respectful place. But yh there are nice people out there.
    Oh and one question

    ANY ARMYS?????😂😂

  • Cassandra Carmona
    Cassandra Carmona Month ago

    They should do more of these ! I like how all of their accents pop up from time to time lovely personalities all different 😉

  • sofd s
    sofd s Month ago

    East asia chop stick users.

  • Debora Chung
    Debora Chung Month ago

    I can relate with YB Chang about having an elementary level korean and not being able to speak the language with my age-mates

  • user pop
    user pop Month ago


  • monodimples
    monodimples Month ago

    being called a fob

    hm, never been called one? but i'm asian, and have a lot of asian friends so uh, idk.

  • hey it’s kiora
    hey it’s kiora Month ago

    Nicole looks like j-hopes sister

  • Danielle Apple
    Danielle Apple Month ago

    I freaking LOVE Korean Dramas. I've been watching them for about 10 years now. I agree that they are SO FUNNY. This is a great Video. Korea is country I've wanted to visit for so long.

  • 게비스콘
    게비스콘 Month ago

    one of them doesn't even grow up in US lol

  • xARMYxJx
    xARMYxJx Month ago

    Wait what is a celebriti ?


  • fressfisch
    fressfisch Month ago

    yes, yes, yes, aaaaand... yes

  • Elijah Hua
    Elijah Hua Month ago

    I came to American after high school as well, it is hard to social whitely for me.... hope I came here earlier.

  • Ivana Yang
    Ivana Yang Month ago

    The most relatable video for me! Basically said everything I felt

  • winter 23
    winter 23 Month ago

    There all so beautiful🤩.

  • Two Ladies
    Two Ladies Month ago

    wats ther ig

  • Пүрэвсэнгэ Сүрэнжав

    YB has a great personality for sure 💕💕❤️

  • nshaboo101
    nshaboo101 Month ago

    I am stationed in Korea now and I understand what they mean when it comes to the summer heat here lol.

  • Kayelyn Shi
    Kayelyn Shi Month ago

    Omg u lived in Portland or. U should come to Portland and visit

  • Lizzie Kim
    Lizzie Kim Month ago

    When I was trying to learn korean for the first time my brother called me a fob... like wtf I’m legit a korean American wanting to learn more about her background and how to read and write and he called me a fob for that 🙃 and then my friend called me “banana” (white washed) just because I couldn’t speak korean with proper grammer -_- ...

  • weave whisperer Williams

    I want the girl with pink jacket to be my friend.

  • Taqifsha Nanen
    Taqifsha Nanen Month ago

    tamam kahbas really charmutas yeahh

  • Stan Yiu
    Stan Yiu Month ago

    Kirstin Lee looks alot like Jennie from BLACKPINK.

  • Kathy Lee
    Kathy Lee Month ago

    Claire and Kirsten are so gorgeous!!