Korean Women Talk About Growing Up In The US

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Be fearless!
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    Terence Yoon
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    Nicole Yoone
    Claire Lee
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  • Chloe
    Chloe 2 hours ago

    5:53 😂😂 LOL

  • wpl
    wpl 3 hours ago

    Tipping culture is a North American thing. Canada and US. And it came as a result of the way we treated service people. They were paid less and tipping was a thing that showed your wealth. If you could tip you had wealth. If you served others you had little wealth. Once we locked that low pay in for servers. Made it an official thing. Then tipping became a necessary thing and those who didn't do it were seen as having bad manners. As for the amount of the tip I generally go with 20% in a restaurant. 10% is too low and 15% is too difficult to figure out all the time. 20% is a decent amount and easy to figure out.

  • Sam Hageman
    Sam Hageman 14 hours ago

    I'm usually not crazy about Asian women who dye their hair but YB Chang looks fantabulous! You go girl, fighting!

  • Aulia Nataprawira
    Aulia Nataprawira 16 hours ago

    The fact when the doctor write 미국사람 as her name is kinda hillarious

  • Kiwi The Best
    Kiwi The Best 16 hours ago

    Lol I'm half Puerto Rican and I curse in Spanish at school.. friends slowly began to understand what I was saying so um.. not that much of a secret anymore

  • Αριάννα loves LOOΠΔ

    The girl in the pink jacket is so freaking cute omg 🥺

  • Youssef Haddouch
    Youssef Haddouch 20 hours ago

    Well I'm korean and I would love to talk about growing up in the UK...

  • pandafairy stuff
    pandafairy stuff Day ago +1


  • Andrea Pineda
    Andrea Pineda Day ago

    Can the girl in the pink jacket make a TVclip channel or whatever she’s so funny

  • jk s
    jk s Day ago

    wait is it only me or does the girl in the pink jacket look a bit like jennie?

  • Jessica
    Jessica Day ago

    The girl in the pink reminds me of Stephanie Soo, I feel like they would get along

  • Kelly Sloan
    Kelly Sloan 2 days ago

    God, east asian women are sooo gorgeous!!!

  • Elysia Shamoun
    Elysia Shamoun 2 days ago +2

    I love the k-drama Strong Woman,Do Bong Song
    (If i spelled it right) 😂

  • Mik L
    Mik L 3 days ago +1



  • Fly Mc Back
    Fly Mc Back 4 days ago

    Americans really think of race over nationality? It doesn't surprise me koreans see them as american if they are born in america and don't speak korean.

  • Robart Brosh
    Robart Brosh 5 days ago

    Nobody cares what you think of asia anyway.......

  • Unknown
    Unknown 7 days ago

    Kirstin is so sassy and cool i love it

  • Lysithea
    Lysithea 9 days ago

    It's kinda sad how some people are like "dang you're whitewashed" or "dang you're realllllllyyyy asian" like sis I- as someone who is vietnamese and always went to schools that never had asian people in it, a lot of people can be really racist towards asian people without knowing or even knowing. It's sad.

  • Keith O'Brien
    Keith O'Brien 9 days ago

    You women are all very beautiful. I am sorry for all the stereotypes.

  • Xiomara Gamez
    Xiomara Gamez 10 days ago +1

    Its sucks how Asians never wanted to embrace their culture growing up but Hispanics loved and celebrated their culture always. And made sure people new there identity

  • Dilly Blum
    Dilly Blum 10 days ago

    What did she mean with age difference?

  • Kenny Shiro-kama
    Kenny Shiro-kama 11 days ago

    Kiirsten leigh? Is that You?

  • Kalika Francisco
    Kalika Francisco 12 days ago +2

    I'm asian, and I'm proud to be one! Nowaday's (from my experiences) people aren't rude to us. They think it's cool to have a different culture and language, so Im not made fun of.

  • Nelson Jiménez
    Nelson Jiménez 13 days ago


  • thot of u
    thot of u 15 days ago +11

    they all look younger than me.
    and i'm 19..

  • willie bennett
    willie bennett 15 days ago

    That girl in the pink sounds like a combination of Vicky and That cash me outside girl

  • Sutzy Ku
    Sutzy Ku 15 days ago

    I don't know if it's North Orange County or just my city, but it's more common than not for Koreans to seem very reserved and submissive. Whereas, at least over the internet, I've come to realize there are some extremely social Korean-Americans. I mean I know everyone's different but sometimes it reaches stereotypical teenager level.

  • Pete P
    Pete P 15 days ago

    Girl on the far right seems like the AG who ONLY dates WG's.

  • AirForce01
    AirForce01 15 days ago

    WoW they all are so beautiful 😍
    Korean beauties speaking english 😍

  • Amber lim jia xin
    Amber lim jia xin 16 days ago +2

    5:28 she looks like BP Jennie omg

  • rachel
    rachel 16 days ago

    Why does the girl in the pink have such a good looking nose haha lol 😆

  • Bulwark AC
    Bulwark AC 17 days ago

    It's nice that Americans are trying to watch and listen to stuff from other countries.

  • MyungJun M
    MyungJun M 18 days ago

    Me: *Sees the thumbnail* Hey isn't that the girl that almost killed Amber....

  • matthew yang
    matthew yang 18 days ago +1

    정체성 혼란스러운 많은 코리안 어메리칸 어린애들에게 힘이 되는 영상.

  • Malik Henry
    Malik Henry 19 days ago

    I can appreciate this a lot more having just come from a Korea. Interesting to hear these ladies stories

  • Artemiy khan
    Artemiy khan 20 days ago


  • Korean Emperor
    Korean Emperor 21 day ago

    I will take two, thanks.

  • WB Games
    WB Games 22 days ago

    If you born in America you’re American I have Irish heritage but I don’t say I’m Irish so just because you have Korean heritage don’t mean sht you’re American so get over it 😂

  • jonginyou
    jonginyou 23 days ago +20

    the whole being called fob verses whitewashed is so relatable as a fellow Asian American - you’re never Asian enough for some people and you’re never American enough for others.

  • hitbosify
    hitbosify 24 days ago

    Korean are mixed races of China & Mongol
    not including Japan

  • hitbosify
    hitbosify 24 days ago

    all north-Korean girls

  • Liyanna De Lioncourt
    Liyanna De Lioncourt 24 days ago +3

    Girl in pink jacket is super cute and pretty!

  • donald louk jr.
    donald louk jr. 24 days ago

    I love you ladies already you're all so cute and adorable I'm Donald hi ladies you're so cute ladies are so pretty beautiful good English you ladies are my dream. Women are so cute I love oriental women, you cutie pie and said you grew up in Georgia that's where I live right now when you're so sweet love you😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😉😉😉😉💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅

    • donald louk jr.
      donald louk jr. 24 days ago

      I love all you ladies I'm in love also cute hugs and kisses I love to be with one you pretty ladies speak such beautiful English that the cutest smile is the prettiest white teeth the prettiest eyes prettiest jet black hair so beautiful I dreamed of finding one but it never happened and I always wanting to give up I feel like giving up crazy for Oriental women lady circus so talented smart healthy active most dazzling features I've ever seen LOL 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤💜💜

  • my stomachhh HURTS period


    • my stomachhh HURTS period
      my stomachhh HURTS period 24 days ago

      in dubai? no they don’t their laws are rllyy strict

    • Liyanna De Lioncourt
      Liyanna De Lioncourt 24 days ago

      my stomachhh HURTS period
      You’re welcome, honey.
      Oh I’m not Arab lol, I think they mistreat minorities there 😭 I’m Persian descent.

    • my stomachhh HURTS period
      my stomachhh HURTS period 24 days ago +1

      thanksss for that you’re so sweeet

    • my stomachhh HURTS period
      my stomachhh HURTS period 24 days ago

      Liyanna De Lioncourt oh rllyyy i also grew up in dubaiiii

    • Liyanna De Lioncourt
      Liyanna De Lioncourt 24 days ago

      my stomachhh HURTS period
      Not me but I like Filipino people because they’re super nice and sweet💕. I’m middle eastern 😊

  • my stomachhh HURTS period

    okaay how bout filipino-aussie in australiaaa lol

  • ᴄʏʙᴇʀᴍᴀɴɪᴀᴄᴢ

    I've seen the girl in the pink jacket in a scam call video haha.

    • Miku Chan
      Miku Chan 24 days ago

      Oh that's her? I was wondering where I've seen bc she looked so familiar! Lmfao


    Im the only chinese person and my whole school is racist and i dont dress "asian" i was born in america too. they never stop saying racist comments good thing im almost in highschool, almost done suffering. 2 girls even pured milk on my head once and it was 1 week ago too.

  • H O B I I S M Y S U N S H I N E


  • Raven One
    Raven One 27 days ago

    Don't get western wash beauties. Knowing 2 language is awesome

  • 김만다린
    김만다린 27 days ago +1

    티비보는데 익숙한 얼굴있길래 어디서 봤지 했더니 여기서 봤던분맞구나 ㅎㅎ 외쪽에 핑크색 자켓입으신분.. 배우 김보연씨 딸이세여
    역시 어머님 닮아서 미모가..😍

  • 재희 jaehui
    재희 jaehui 28 days ago +1

    The girl in the pink jacket is litteraly mood

  • Ashwin Sundar
    Ashwin Sundar 28 days ago +3

    Pink jacket girl is cute, but I have a huuuuge crush on the girl with the blue jacket :P

  • Robert Dress
    Robert Dress 28 days ago

    Hmmm why no questions about dating American men?

    • OG Valak
      OG Valak 23 days ago

      Robert Dress they did mentioned it. They love taking it in the ass and loves big cocks

  • dirac bracket
    dirac bracket 29 days ago

    The only thing they have in common, other than their artificial korean looks, is that they all have white boyfriends.

  • alina lim
    alina lim 29 days ago


  • luiza bakumenko
    luiza bakumenko Month ago

    It’s like me with Russian. I was born in Latvia (a country of Soviet Union) where people would talk Russian, Russian schools, Russian people, friends etc... I moved to England when I was like 9. Didn’t know a single word of English,,, learned it very fast. By the time I was in high school, at around 14 years of age people thought I was English. But my mentally didn’t change. Its still of a Russians person.

  • John Lone
    John Lone Month ago +1

    Korea female know how to wear clothes fashionable

  • Jana Abba
    Jana Abba Month ago +14

    The lady in black top , the girl in pink jacket , the girl in ...ect , they have names guys !! ☹️

  • Candy Collection
    Candy Collection Month ago

    Isn’t the pink jacket the one who called the scammer with her baby

  • Siréna James
    Siréna James Month ago +1

    That was so interesting !

  • Lexa Hightopp
    Lexa Hightopp Month ago

    Nicole looks a bit like JHope's sister

  • 김종하
    김종하 Month ago


  • Aleaf Nawi
    Aleaf Nawi Month ago

    No sweetheart you’re not whitewashed because you dye your hair blonde. Korean in korea dye their hair blonde and they’re not even living in US.

    • Aleaf Nawi
      Aleaf Nawi 29 days ago

      bbuku bbuku im talking about the kpop world. But yeah the normal korean dont really dye their hair.

    • bbuku bbuku
      bbuku bbuku 29 days ago

      You can hardly see koreans that dye hair yellow/blonde here in korea.. extremely rare.. plus, the minority of koreans are born with brown hair.

  • Wynnie Jansen
    Wynnie Jansen Month ago +6

    i thought kiirstin is just 16 or 17 years old. but she is a mom and she looks really different on her instagram WOWW

  • KayAnKi 1o1
    KayAnKi 1o1 Month ago

    I clicked cause I saw Kiirstin

  • Meesha Vongsaly
    Meesha Vongsaly Month ago

    I think the girl in the pink jacket, was the one who made a video about pranking the scammers who called her

  • Lee Wongi미
    Lee Wongi미 Month ago

    한명빼곤 네이티브인데 왜 다들 한국인이 영어하는것 같이 들리지 ㅋㅋ

  • Jimins Slut
    Jimins Slut Month ago +3

    Who else from Louisiana just me k

  • Alex Stark
    Alex Stark Month ago +1

    well they know they are cool and BTS is doing all the job

  • LM Lii
    LM Lii Month ago +134

    That Korean lady in black is a witty woman. The way she answers the questions is adorable and very well-spoken. All of them are gorgeous though.

  • rieke is the name
    rieke is the name Month ago +15

    the Blonde girl is so nice and smiley i'm in love 💜

  • -Gabby
    -Gabby Month ago +7

    oh my god I just realized Kirstin used to live in Ewa Beach, Hawaii- WHERE I LIVE! idk why this just made me happy uwu

    • -Gabby
      -Gabby Month ago

      +Jason Bone 😊🍍🤙🤙🥂🍹

    • Jason Bone
      Jason Bone Month ago


    • -Gabby
      -Gabby Month ago

      +Jason Bone 멋지다! ㅎㅎ

    • Jason Bone
      Jason Bone Month ago

      에바비치 좋은데 사시네요.
      저희는 골프장 가끔 갈때 빼고는 주로 키아모쿠쪽에서 지냅니다 ㅎ

    • -Gabby
      -Gabby Month ago

      +Jason Bone 반가워요

  • Mario Cortez
    Mario Cortez Month ago

    The one in black she is sexy as hell
    그럼 이름이 뭐예요.

  • towfiq Ahmed
    towfiq Ahmed Month ago

    Buzzfeed sucks

  • Brian Kim
    Brian Kim Month ago

    It's interesting how Claire speaks English with sort of accurate pronunciation even though she moved after turning 19

    • Charlotte Kym Tomlinson
      Charlotte Kym Tomlinson Month ago

      Brian Kim
      Well, Koreans learn English at school, so I’ve met a lot of Koreans who were raised in Korea who speak English with an American accent. Though, it’s still super impressive.

  • M W
    M W Month ago

    Crazy Rich Koreans

  • Lily Cho
    Lily Cho Month ago +1

    This video relates so much to me, I’m Korean but I’m living in America and I would get teased.

  • yoonohs dimples
    yoonohs dimples Month ago +491

    the girl in black w short hair kind of looks like ITZY’s 류진 (ryujin)

    • Kalai Vani
      Kalai Vani 2 days ago

      Omg i was gonna say that !

    • Souh Ah
      Souh Ah 4 days ago

      yoonohs dimples you just used a korean entertainment stereotype on her

    • bitter sweet
      bitter sweet 7 days ago +1

      I was thinking about this the whole video,her outfit made it more similar

    • Quốc Đạt
      Quốc Đạt 24 days ago

      Omg truee

  • Nightmarez Gaming
    Nightmarez Gaming Month ago

    nice to see when people do not forget about their root when living in other country.

  • Micaela Vargas
    Micaela Vargas Month ago


  • TY
    TY Month ago

    the girl in black looks like ryujin lol

  • Tamya Hussain
    Tamya Hussain Month ago +80

    I love the pink jackets energy😂

  • fckncoconut
    fckncoconut Month ago

    0:03 awkwafina’s daughter

  • Mingmar Lhamu
    Mingmar Lhamu Month ago

    2:24 ohh my god she is so cute😭😭

  • c h r i s t i a n j o s e f

    kirstin a gangster

  • Rheycel montage
    Rheycel montage Month ago

    Is the girl with the pink jacket' the one that got viral when someone called her and it was a scam and prank the caller?

  • I Am Kuya
    I Am Kuya Month ago

    This right here is an example of white washed when you come to America

  • K S
    K S Month ago +2

    A voice that is never represented is Asians living in Hawai‘i. The sentiment here is that “whiteness” is looked down upon, and Asian/Pacific roots is greatly embraced. It’d be interesting to see someone from my community represented.

  • Rawr I’m a dinosaur

    Everyone keeps talking about Kirstin and I love her too so just to let y’all now she has a TVclip channel called kiirstin leigh 🥰👌

  • -
    - Month ago +1

    it's very weird seeing Koreans talk fluently in English with american accent. lmao.

    • Super64
      Super64 Month ago +1

      - there must not be a lot of Korean people where you live

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M Month ago

    its the fob n white washed stuff isnt a thing in the UK

  • VividShii
    VividShii Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the girl in black looks like RYUJIN from ITZY? I seriously thought it was her at first glance :L

  • 한미화
    한미화 Month ago +4

    다 예쁘다

  • Kelsey
    Kelsey Month ago

    Kiirsten the 미국사람

  • Michael Thomas Hayden

    These women are gorgeous and funny.

  • Minho Lee
    Minho Lee Month ago

    so.. Americans are not good at math but they are automatically good at calculating ×0.15? Isn't 0.05 difficult sometimes?

  • Rocsi
    Rocsi Month ago

    FOLLOW ME @Eviedence 😘🇰🇷

  • erhardmich
    erhardmich Month ago +3

    The girl wearing a pink denim jacket actually looks like Jennie from Blackpink. 😍

  • _rkpdg
    _rkpdg Month ago

    The very first thing I needed from the first girl was she lived in Ewa Beach, Hawaii which is literally one town over from where I’ve lived my whole life. What a small world!

  • Kpop Multifandom girl

    The girl in the pink jacket should be in a kpop girl group. Seriously she’s so freaking gorgeous and she can pass to be a kpop idol. All the girls are pretty tho😊😄💖