Epic are giving us FREE skins... THEY’RE INSANE!

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Fortnite Battle: Royale - NEW shotgun + skin challenges!
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  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Month ago +1226

    Stick around to see the LEGENDARY Tac Shotty + a big kill game at the end! 🙌🏻

    • apex playz rng
      apex playz rng 24 days ago

      Love your vids plz just keep making them i play ps4 to plz reply if you see this

    • pro hacker
      pro hacker Month ago

      Hi ali

    • BADWOLF1874
      BADWOLF1874 Month ago

      I don't mind your videos even if u do go on for a longggggg time at the begining but why should I LIKE a video b4 I've watched it!!!

    • Drago _Malfoy
      Drago _Malfoy Month ago

      Ali a, its pacific rim all over again

  • Mike vlogs and gaming
    Mike vlogs and gaming 19 days ago

    what happend to the giveaway

  • Evdaddy
    Evdaddy 22 days ago

    1:57 that looks like the skin in the 3rd season 10 image for Chinese fortnite on the left

  • Tanay Chandra
    Tanay Chandra 23 days ago

    How​ old is he

  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet 23 days ago +1

    This guy sounds like a fooking chalk board

  • Adam Pucek
    Adam Pucek 23 days ago

    I love all of them.

  • Jacob Zumaya
    Jacob Zumaya 24 days ago

    No offence why’s your voice so cracky

  • apex playz rng
    apex playz rng 24 days ago


    ItzRUNGHOST RUN 25 days ago

    Awesome video

  • mad benny
    mad benny 27 days ago

    Code bakbak

  • Abbas Alghanemy
    Abbas Alghanemy 28 days ago

    This guy can't build

  • Thunder Andy
    Thunder Andy 28 days ago

    Alia thinks styles is skins.....

  • lemonOG
    lemonOG 29 days ago +2

    I LOVE watching Ali's videos because it just creates a really fun environment, like the music and just Ali speaking.

  • Vibeless
    Vibeless Month ago

    They aren’t free you need the battle pass

  • Brody Reynolds
    Brody Reynolds Month ago +2

    Show us your locker in fortnite

  • gaming Perfect
    gaming Perfect Month ago

    Best fan

  • Y Amoi
    Y Amoi Month ago

    Herelog you killed was me

  • Caneoh
    Caneoh Month ago

    Can I get a shout out its almost my birthday

  • Max Man
    Max Man Month ago

    Plese help me grt a win ill freind you

  • Rene De La Rosa
    Rene De La Rosa Month ago +1

    Ali I am a mobile with a $20 controller, please I need this, a new tv would be nice

  • Juraj Ban
    Juraj Ban Month ago

    I want his bloom

  • the real slimshady
    the real slimshady Month ago

    Why am I now getting notified about this video

  • Alfonso Boix
    Alfonso Boix Month ago +1

    Love u, best youtubr. Plz play roblox❤

  • Kalan Wringe
    Kalan Wringe Month ago

    Robot won spoiler sos

  • Alfred Walker
    Alfred Walker Month ago


  • Hugh Kirkpatrick
    Hugh Kirkpatrick Month ago +1

    I live you ali

  • Aaron Davidson
    Aaron Davidson Month ago +1


  • NLF SalvoxYT
    NLF SalvoxYT Month ago


  • Vitom_fredrick31
    Vitom_fredrick31 Month ago

    The combat is so trash

  • Uzma Farman
    Uzma Farman Month ago

    Your my favourite you tuber

  • Husky
    Husky Month ago

    Did you re upload this video

  • DonutYT
    DonutYT Month ago +1

    The Assassin skin looks cool it will match my Fortnite and Xbox name

  • Christopher Argueta


  • Balooga 316
    Balooga 316 Month ago

    It looks like guided missile like if agree

  • Forts59 Clash Royale

    “One like is one prayer” why he begging for likes still

  • Hishy Ben10 kids city fan

    Anything calledAilA

  • ariana savarino
    ariana savarino Month ago

    that was lit 🔥🤩

  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson Month ago

    The new one is cooler

  • Luke Keller
    Luke Keller Month ago

    Looks like Voltron

  • iLikeNIKE 1
    iLikeNIKE 1 Month ago

    Robot will win

  • Pyroar Xp
    Pyroar Xp Month ago

    It kinda sounds like he’s losing his voice

  • Family Dalby
    Family Dalby Month ago


  • Ajay Nicholss
    Ajay Nicholss Month ago

    I think Ali’s trying to be ninja with that bandana😂👌

  • Max Cowdry
    Max Cowdry Month ago

    Ur such a spray and prey player

  • Wiffle Waffle
    Wiffle Waffle Month ago

    me : buys it in October 2018 still gets it but im not og

  • Jonathan Rosemke
    Jonathan Rosemke Month ago

    Combat is still better...............-

  • Divisabelle
    Divisabelle Month ago

    Do you have emphysema?

    ALLARDMAXI 8 Month ago +1


  • Edward Fraraccio
    Edward Fraraccio Month ago

    Those skins are random

  • The-Legend-Boy 2006

    Why are you always screaming

  • Abdimajid Barkadle
    Abdimajid Barkadle Month ago

    6:48 Ali ya messed up a edit there

  • gamerblox Feliciano

    How u know if we use ur code like if u agree

  • gamerblox Feliciano

    On intro

  • gamerblox Feliciano

    U got browner

  • Amaar Shah
    Amaar Shah Month ago

    Il stick with the pump

  • faiz jahangir
    faiz jahangir Month ago

    Well done ALIA I love u so much❤

  • Scotobro 7
    Scotobro 7 Month ago

    fortnite has teamed up with stranger things so what if the monster IS THE DEMOGORGON OR EVEN THE MIND FLARE

  • Scotobro 7
    Scotobro 7 Month ago

    fortnite has teamed up with stranger things so what if the monster IS THE DEMOGORGON OR EVEN THE MIND FLARE

  • Scotobro 7
    Scotobro 7 Month ago

    fortnite has teamed up with stranger things so what if the monster IS THE DEMOGORGON OR EVEN THE MIND FLARE

  • devil's breath 65
    devil's breath 65 Month ago


  • Rohan O-J
    Rohan O-J Month ago

    K-Pop v2 = iKONIK
    Gemini v2 = Astro Assassin
    Here we go again

  • Sinead McDermott
    Sinead McDermott Month ago

    I got my most kills 24

  • Christian C
    Christian C Month ago

    Not sure why you are using Aeon Air’s intro

  • Somayeh Bagheri
    Somayeh Bagheri Month ago

    You are my favourite youtuber

  • JDogyDogg Gameplays

    It’s cool

  • Rj Math
    Rj Math Month ago

    Check mh channel out

  • H1SH_ZeR
    H1SH_ZeR Month ago +2


  • MoCHa
    MoCHa Month ago

    Dude, what happened to ur voice?

  • Wendy Bond
    Wendy Bond Month ago

    Ali-A: Holy bro
    FaZe Kay: Thief😡

  • Keagan Hayes
    Keagan Hayes Month ago

    I like you but i cant go on becouse my tv has got smashed

  • B Hellebust
    B Hellebust Month ago +1

    4:25 head cam is dead R.I.P

  • neil das
    neil das Month ago

    Are xbox and ps4 lobbies merged together. I dont get it every single player alia goes against is a bot. Like if U agree

  • The Tech Guide
    The Tech Guide Month ago +1

    Hmm is Ali rasist (just kidding) is it just me or did he say black bling ;8

  • norman 5006
    norman 5006 Month ago +1

    I thoght it was a unvaulted zapotron.

  • Arctic Gaming
    Arctic Gaming Month ago

    I hate that fortnite doesn’t do anything for Xbox. It makes me so mad!

    • Coldvisitor
      Coldvisitor 16 days ago

      I want a green team leader skin (like the blue team leader ya know? the blue ramirez skin with the blue shirt blue ramirez blue leader for ps blue but green for xbox green like ramirez wearing green shirt blue teamer but green instead for reamirez ofr xbox gan ramira zf fngreen gflteam alfo exlus afbxo xlive a fjfgren ala