La La Land - Movie Review

  • Published on Dec 23, 2016
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    The director of "Whiplash" gives us a musical romance with wit, heart, and the Gosling! Here's my review of "La La Land"!
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Comments • 1 219

  • Adek Kamalov
    Adek Kamalov 25 days ago

    Always sounds like he's taking a shit

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset Month ago +1

    Still think about that ending 💔

  • Pedro du Buf
    Pedro du Buf 2 months ago

    You must be italian ...

  • Michael Medcalf
    Michael Medcalf 4 months ago

    It's a musical so I wasn't expecting to like it that much - but it was absolutely phenomenal. It's one of my favourite films of the 2000s.
    Should've won Best Picture

  • Attack_Dog513
    Attack_Dog513 9 months ago

    I didn’t remember this movie in T-minus 3 minutes

  • kefkapalazzo1
    kefkapalazzo1 10 months ago

    man im 24 years old and i finally washed this. never cried after a movie. i mean on a technical level is excellent but it hit so close to home. its fucking me up. its the vodka too but still

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 11 months ago

    Of course this is the second time we've seen Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling fall in love together in a movie

  • simontramper
    simontramper Year ago

    Watched LA LA Land , strange you didn't mention the ending I found that very sad , that they had sacrificed their love to achieve their dreams , however that being said I enjoyed the movie

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS Year ago

    Best film of 2016. Hands f*cking down. Nothin comes close. Or maybe you disagree, if so just tell me.

  • Rahul Johnson
    Rahul Johnson Year ago +1

    Greatest showman review?

  • Marc Forte
    Marc Forte Year ago

    Kind of blue Miles Davis, go listen to it!

  • Big Terminator
    Big Terminator Year ago

    Whiplash was awesome but La La Land was a little overrated, it's not terrible it's just not that great I gave it 3 out of 5.

  • Gianna Bacerott
    Gianna Bacerott Year ago

    Best movie of all time

    DISCO-INFERNO-70 Year ago +3

    There are only 2 musicals i could truly say i loved, GREASE, and now La La Land.

    VNGAMING-TV Year ago

    I didnt like the movie for the first houer. But then the ending, i think its one of the best movies i saw this year......

  • bobby fagan
    bobby fagan Year ago

    It was a bit poo

  • LeroyDogg
    LeroyDogg Year ago

    I fell asleep after 15 minutes... I thought it was boring af

    DREBOYDRE 92 Year ago +1

    Why didn't you review moonlight

  • imicca
    imicca Year ago

    there are CALLED QUEUES, not lines

  • Boris Luwang
    Boris Luwang Year ago

    Over hyped fucked up movie

  • Batman Batman
    Batman Batman Year ago

    Movie should be dog shit.

  • DanB Meyer
    DanB Meyer Year ago

    I was bored. John Legend talks a good game about Jazz, but then he just performs some sort of pop/funk think. Did not grab me-it was as interesting as mayonnaise.

  • Coconut Head
    Coconut Head Year ago

    How to sum up the movie in one word:

  • Yusuke freccs
    Yusuke freccs Year ago +1

    I was not into this type of movies but my ex- girlfriend wanted to see it so I saw it and fell in love with it. Like you said when it came down to the musical part it was pretty awesome. Now I own it lol.

  • Nana Asmah
    Nana Asmah Year ago +1

    I remember walking in knowing little to nothing about the movie and hearing the first song and thinking "oh crap it's a musical". And then the movie COMPLETELY CHANGED MY MIND. It was beautifully executed. Every metaphor, theme, symbolism. And that final scene with that song was so oddly nostalgic and perfect.

  • Notmy
    Notmy Year ago

    La La La

  • darren pat
    darren pat Year ago

    I turned the movie off after 30 minutes, the songs didn't fit the dialogue, in fact the dialogue didn't really fit the plot, btw was there a plot? It bored me

  • faiz abbas
    faiz abbas Year ago +1

    Lala land is amazing

  • FadedWorld
    FadedWorld Year ago

    The movie was certainly great but someone please explain the ending, wtf was that?

  • JB
    JB Year ago

    What are you guys talking about this movie was the worst movie i have ever seen in my entire life !!!!
    Well maybe after Batman and Robin...

  • Jose Lezcano
    Jose Lezcano Year ago

    La La Shit. Super boring.

  • Wesley Egan
    Wesley Egan Year ago

    Hated it. Thought the 80s/modern day vibe sucked and also felt the characters, although acted well, should just have never met.

  • William Arenas
    William Arenas Year ago

    You need to watch/review Moonlight

  • Alex Pollock
    Alex Pollock Year ago

    I love the ending a lot

  • NickieB
    NickieB Year ago

    I have let a girl go once, and I regret everytime I remember her.... So the ending was incredibly painful to watch!!!!

  • The anti Christ
    The anti Christ Year ago +1

    Definitely in my top 10 best movies of all time

  • ricarleite
    ricarleite Year ago +1

    How the fuck this is not Awesometacular?

    • Paul C
      Paul C Year ago

      ricarleite its probably the ending as thats the most mixed received thing in this wonderful movie

  • Kickex
    Kickex Year ago

    Hands down the worst romance movie i've seen.
    Waste of time!

  • Dr. VegaPunK
    Dr. VegaPunK Year ago

    Great movie Terrible ending!

  • mollkatless
    mollkatless Year ago

    @Jeremy jahns - dude, sorry ten seconds in and the schtick is already too much, I'm outta here, good luck though

  • adam landos
    adam landos Year ago

    Am I the only one who is annoyed by this mofo?

    • adam landos
      adam landos Year ago

      Your answer is hardly rhetorical..

    • Andrew Meyer
      Andrew Meyer Year ago

      I know it was a rhetorical question, and I gave you a rhetorical answer

    • adam landos
      adam landos Year ago

      It was a rhetorical question you fucktard! Of course I don't wait for a positive reply to my question in a video full of HIS fans! :D

    • Andrew Meyer
      Andrew Meyer Year ago

      Yes you are all alone in that opinion

  • Jesse
    Jesse Year ago

    Jeremy, did you like Australia?

  • Andrea De Rosario Estremadoyro Torrealva

    liked the story of the movie and the script but don't think it was necessary to make it a musical! she dances horribly. Again...they didn't need to make it as a MUSICAL a regular love comedy would've been better.

  • Aly Ashraf
    Aly Ashraf Year ago

    i loved the movie.....but music ruined it for me !!!

  • Vincent Viloria
    Vincent Viloria Year ago +2

    I love this movie, it has that 50's and 60's movie vibe to it. The music is amazing and I love the story. That ending really gave me the feels, he plays their song after five years of being apart.😭😭😭 I usually don't like romance movies but this one was amazing and probably my movie of the year.👍

  • TheCaveman714
    TheCaveman714 Year ago +1

    Am I the only person that disliked this movie? I just don"t understand all the fuzz about this movie.

  • Sean Forrest
    Sean Forrest Year ago

    Me when this movie came out: K, now give us an American Idiot movie

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue 2 years ago

    One of the best movies of 2016 and I love it

  • gary nemisis
    gary nemisis 2 years ago +1

    La La Land= Poo Poo Land. It doesn't hold a candle to Grease.

  • Tam Tran
    Tam Tran 2 years ago

    Suicide Squad and La La Land are both oscar winning films worth buying on bluray - Jeremy Jahns

  • Tekena igoni
    Tekena igoni 2 years ago

    Was wrong😅

  • Tekena igoni
    Tekena igoni 2 years ago

    He didn't direct whiplash. He wrote the screenplay

  • Jordan W S
    Jordan W S 2 years ago

    This was very, very good! Not great IMO but wonderfully entertaining :D

  • InMyHead
    InMyHead 2 years ago

    does any body see the green screen when he move his hand or its just me that see this ???

  • Brendan Hernandez
    Brendan Hernandez 2 years ago

    Impressed 10/10

  • Dan Kun
    Dan Kun 2 years ago

    My favorite movie. Ever.

  • Ashley Franklin
    Ashley Franklin 2 years ago

    Remember to when Ryan gosling was on on Disney

  • Brandon Tovar
    Brandon Tovar 2 years ago

    I cried my ass off at the end I just cmon why did it have to end that way. :'(

  • Hawani Adugna
    Hawani Adugna 2 years ago

    Seriously though...are you going to do a review on Moonlight? I think that one deserves some respect... +Jeremy Jahns

  • Pierre Thissen
    Pierre Thissen 2 years ago

    ''recently people have been trying, but never really hit what it used to be''
    I hope you were only talking about musical films, because otherwise you really need to listen to Hamilton

  • InQuickWeTrust
    InQuickWeTrust 2 years ago

    This movie is fucking amazing

  • Nabha Sengupta
    Nabha Sengupta 2 years ago

    inspired by bollywood

  • JacobT Acosta
    JacobT Acosta 2 years ago

    Best movie of the year for me.

  • Maddi Crosby
    Maddi Crosby 2 years ago

    you use your hands way too much lol

  • 88Hyo
    88Hyo 2 years ago

    this movie is boring. the musical nunbers are fun, but they are so few and far between that sometimes i even forgotten it was a musical. and everyone was gushing over the ending, the ending is very mediocre. not worthy of best picture for sure.

  • The Unintended
    The Unintended 2 years ago +1

    Why have you not seen or reviewed moonlight I'm kind of disappointed that you haven't seen or reviewed please watch and review the movie and post video thanks Jeremy

  • sean hughes
    sean hughes 2 years ago

    Last time I was this early La La Land won best picture.

  • justine
    justine 2 years ago +1

    Me and my best friend just watched this movie. It wasn't bad, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are so great together but considering the Oscar nominations and all the hype about it I thought it would be much better than it actually is, the ending was so disappointing but the songs are pretty good. This was kind of a let down for me, I didn't love it as much as I thought I would.

  • jlovera7723
    jlovera7723 2 years ago

    I can't stand to listen to this guy, shit !!! peace out !!

  • Matt Vivian
    Matt Vivian 2 years ago

    I liked it, but it's by no means the best film ever or anything. The ending is great and I do understand why everyone I know who saw it cried even on multiple viewings, but at the end of the day until the ending it's just yet another rom-com that we've seen a hundred times. Yes, they did a good job of it; the characters are likable and all, but still it's nothing new. I feel like people love it so much in part because everyone loves musicals, and a good live-action one hasn't been made in years now, but let's be honest, the songs are pretty much all instantly forgettable. I reckon it's a three star movie: enjoyable, but by no means perfect.

  • Actual physical richard gaicoskey

    gonna go see it on Saturday with my new girlfriend I can't wait bois

  • punkwarmax2066 mr.cyberskull

    This is a Oscar Front runner best picture. And I was blown away watching this movie. My God it was amazing!!!!!!!!!! And I am giving it a 5/5

  • It’s free real estate

    Andrew Garfield or Denzel Washington is gonna win the best performance of an actor this year im sure of it Ryan was really great in this film but I don't think he might not win this year

  • Chris Ruge
    Chris Ruge 2 years ago

    Gosling and Stone have some really great chemistry. I can't imagine anyone else doing their parts after seeing it

  • Carla A
    Carla A 2 years ago

    the ending was saaaaaaad :(

  • ImAboutTo LoseMyMarbles

    Don't shoot me- but I didn't really like this movie. It didn't give that emotional connection to the characters

  • Notmeime
    Notmeime 2 years ago

    Did Jeremy say he liked the ending? Because I just saw it and I've never been more betrayed by anything in my life

  • Aman Pathak
    Aman Pathak 2 years ago

    Watch Bollywood

  • VerteXz Prodigy
    VerteXz Prodigy 2 years ago

    Jeremy, just wanted you to know I love your reviews. My fiance and I have started a tradition with your reviews. Everytime we watch a new movie we watch your reviews afterwards. Love your videos, man :D

  • Luigi Nastro
    Luigi Nastro 2 years ago

    Good movie, incredibly directed and overall it's technically perfect. The biggest problem for me is that it's a musical, which I HATE. And because of this I didn't particulary enjoy the story and the message it sent. But in any case, it is really incredibly well done. Chazelle has a lot of talent.

  • tomjbooker
    tomjbooker 2 years ago

    I found it kind of boring?

  • phanpiggy
    phanpiggy 2 years ago

    I thought it was good, but not great. The music and stylized filming was quite enjoyable, but it felt too drawn out at times and the story was semi-cliche and a bit dull.

  • Robert China
    Robert China 2 years ago

    If people think La La land is good then I'm guessing they never heard of Bollywood movies. Trust me they're 10x's better than this. People will actually talk about the actors and singers....not just the cinematics.

  • howtoeataham
    howtoeataham 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who didn't enjoy this movie?

  • MegaFriendlyCreeper
    MegaFriendlyCreeper 2 years ago

    Honestly, one of the best scenes in the movie is *spoilers*

    When Sebastian explains why he loves jazz to Mia. It's perfectly written.

  • goblin300000
    goblin300000 2 years ago +1

    this movie sucks..

  • Arif
    Arif 2 years ago

    Is there a list of Awesometaculars that Jeremy has done?

  • Foebane72
    Foebane72 2 years ago

    Why on earth would people stop buying Blu-rays? They haven't even stopped buying DVDs or CDs yet!

  • Cleo K
    Cleo K 2 years ago

    It's so gooood I saw it 30 minutes ago

  • alexx v.
    alexx v. 2 years ago

    If one movie truly deserved the awesometacular it was La La Land dude..

  • Nea Mikluho-Maklai
    Nea Mikluho-Maklai 2 years ago


  • 조윤기
    조윤기 2 years ago +1

    2017 is gonna be a good year for movies...And La La Land was truly awesometacular!!

  • caligari89
    caligari89 2 years ago

    Never have I wanted to bail so early in a movie. This was shallow, ineptly directed (maybe except for the opening sequence), cold, distant, it was all artifice, no real heart. If they had cast two different actors in it, it might have worked. Might have. But this movie is being shoved down people's throats so hard that it couldn't be anything but shit, really. Never have I wanted two hours of my life back so hard. It's not only because I hate musicals with a passion, it's also because this movie's agenda is so blatantly and simplistically on display.

  • Juanpi Jimenez
    Juanpi Jimenez 2 years ago

    SPOILERS: that ending was so fucking heartbroker. you could see in each others faces that they want to be together but they are happy the way their life turned out

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 years ago

    Hard copies indeed!

  • Hattrick Swayze
    Hattrick Swayze 2 years ago

    Great film. Best romance I've seen in a while and the music was fantastic.

  • poop
    poop 2 years ago

    Bollywood has cornered the market on musicals

  • Kahlil Collazo
    Kahlil Collazo 2 years ago

    This film was absolutely incredible. The music was gorgeous and the editing was near perfect among other things. Awesomtacular imo. Great review nonetheless, Jeremy!

  • Nice meme
    Nice meme 2 years ago

    I really got bored in this film, I'm not a particular musical fan but I can enjoy them and this one just didn't really seem to have a story

  • Jia L.
    Jia L. 2 years ago

    As a dude who loves gaming, hates reading, and sometimes want to watch the world burn (I know, my edge is off the charts), I can not unsee art. This movie is art in a nutshell, seriously. Wonderful movie, but the ending was... well... yeah, I guess not everything can be perfect in life.