Killer Mike On Interracial Marriage, Public Vs. Private Education, 'Trigger Warning' + More

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • Rapper Killer Mike stopped by to chop it up about his new Netflix documentary, 'Trigger Warning.' He also debated with DJ Envy whether private school education is better for their children.
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    Killer Mike On Interracial Marriage, Public Vs. Private Education, 'Trigger Warning' + More
    The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.
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  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1


  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1

    Joe kool

  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1


  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1


  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1

    Except a Asian

  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1

    Ive had every culture in my bed

  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1

    The FIRST MEXICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT OF the United States of America

  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1

    You motherfuckers

  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1

    My brother and my nice are dead

  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1

    My nice WAS black MEXICAN

  • victor zamudio sr.
    victor zamudio sr. 19 hours ago +1

    KILL Michel

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 19 hours ago

    We wuz kangs & sheeiit nigga, we wuz Egyputuans das ryte white boi

  • jessica gooden
    jessica gooden 19 hours ago

    Killer Mike the truth

  • Daryl Pettiford
    Daryl Pettiford 20 hours ago

    I didn’t know DJ Envy was black, thought he was biracial or Puerto Rican 🇵🇷

  • Restituo
    Restituo 20 hours ago

    you can't tell me my skin look like poo rollin

  • Cyruss NP
    Cyruss NP 20 hours ago

    I love Killer Mike’s passion and love for black people. He’s right on a lot of things he’s talking about but I don’t agree with his feelings on interracial relationships. It’s that kind of close mindedness that leads to racism and discrimination. If Killer Mike had his way, white people would be discriminated against in place of black people. The world needs more unity not division. You can be proud of your heritage and still celebrate and welcome others.

  • Emily Willson
    Emily Willson 20 hours ago

    Facts facts facts integration did hurt black people, bell hooks says alot om what he did growing up in kentucky in nature was with nature (law gods law stronger than mans law) and away from white supremacy

  • Brooke Harrison
    Brooke Harrison 21 hour ago

    Envy why are you mad? Are you a chump?

  • Crillin112
    Crillin112 21 hour ago

    About the private school vs. public school debate. That whole thing was "designed" right after the desegregation of schools. Rich White families didn't want their kids going to school with niggers, and poor White kids were resentful for not having a choice about going to school with niggers. Then you add in benign neglect, and you have perfect recipe for resenting working class people.
    At the core that's the shit Envy's argument is laced with. He think the White school's ice is colder, not ever realizing that it's designed that way, and that good parenting superseded any school, good or bad. Highly resourceful schools make it easier for the parent to promote life skills, but that doesn't mean that your child is better off.

  • Mr. Knowitall
    Mr. Knowitall 21 hour ago

    Watching this cat on TVclip so much I almost walked up on him in Lenox mall yesterday like I knew him.

  • DeathRow 29
    DeathRow 29 22 hours ago

    Anyone else think he sounds like Ice Cube?

  • Joey Brewer
    Joey Brewer 22 hours ago

    It's okay for a black person to sell to a black person over a white person but if a white person sells to a white person over a black person they considered a racist? How much sense does that make talk about double standards?

  • Olu Bukonla
    Olu Bukonla 23 hours ago

    At least he TRIED. aND THE divorce rate OVERALL is 57%. NOT just men who married Sistahs. And it DOES make him special. Just like Barack Obama. #RESPECT

  • Olu Bukonla
    Olu Bukonla 23 hours ago

    Killer Mike is an intelligent, se*y a** MF!!!

  • Shahman Gaming Channel
    Shahman Gaming Channel 23 hours ago

    Killer mike is next level woke

  • Arcieri Keness
    Arcieri Keness Day ago

    UGH! I cringe every time I hear DJ

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Day ago

    I dont think envy and mike went to see that property in


    Absolutely powerful words by Killer Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T. Parker
    T. Parker Day ago +1

    Killer Mike 2020 he got my vote 🗳

  • T. Parker
    T. Parker Day ago +1

    Beige Rage lol
    Envy be wit the BS something put that bag where your mouth is...

  • Jessey Clarke
    Jessey Clarke Day ago

    hands down, this has got to be one of the best interviews or the best interview so far this year. Listening to Killer Mike, you have to feel inspired as a black person

  • T. Parker
    T. Parker Day ago +1

    I just googled DJ Envy and it says he is white on of course he ain’t trippin on what this man talking bout

  • Nzinga Damali-Cathie

    Thank you Killer Mike. We need to educate our children with curriculum that honor them and their history. It is so important for our children to know THEIR history and the greatness they come from.

  • Mrs. Tula Paddy
    Mrs. Tula Paddy Day ago +1

    Raise confident children.

  • Mrs. Tula Paddy
    Mrs. Tula Paddy Day ago

    I love that! We have to know that we are enough. Be confident. What we have is enough if we apply it.

  • M. O
    M. O Day ago

    @23:00 it was former Prime Minister Robert Mugambe who said that...just for those who are interested to know. Killer Mike made an honest error.

  • Cremonster
    Cremonster Day ago

    Thinking that a white woman means success isn't a conscious thought, well it may be for some, but I believe that it's more subconscious. I grew up in a small rural town where blacks and whites were mostly separate. So when I became older and started dating a white girl, honestly I felt that I have sort of "made it". This wasn't a thought in my mind but from what I saw and experienced growing up it was an involuntary emotion. I no longer feel that way though.

  • Chris Tover
    Chris Tover Day ago

    Killer mike ain’t killed shit. Makes black people look dumb. White people will shut him up eventually. Very ugly black piece of shit. Caca looking bastard. Suck a white dick

    • Corey W
      Corey W Day ago

      Are you mad or nah?

  • Cocoa Goddess
    Cocoa Goddess Day ago

    Anybody have any info about the book Mike mentioned in the ending?


    His netflix show is crazy i think its scripted lol

  • Rick T
    Rick T Day ago

    white guy here I like what Killer Mike is saying some people are going to hear what they want to all he is saying is gotta stick together kill the drama think bigger than just today. America doesn't have a race problem we have good people and bad people among us and you'll find they come in every shade under the sun you have to get to know someone to know who they are at our roots we are Americans we come in many shades I want my fellow Americans to do well regardless of race mike is right people in black communities should be pooling their loot .. he is a black man why wouldn't he preach pro blackness? and its cool if other races get down like that also whatever as long as we are fighting for the good of all Americans democrats try and divided us and i thin a lot of blacks are seeing that more these days Trump freed up billions for loans to blacks in black communities but you hear democrats calling him racist day in and out say he hates jews and his daughter is married to a jew how about in FL when the a club wouldn't let jews and blacks in Trump built a club and it was the 1st in the city to let in blacks and jews come on people don't buy into that bs ask why are they telling me this bs and what do they have to gain like anything else in life some people are just looking to get over on us .God bless and lets pray for a better America for us all..

  • Renee w
    Renee w Day ago +1

    who wrote the book " Tribe" I need to have this book in my collection

  • Kalon K
    Kalon K Day ago


  • Malcolm eXistential

    Killer Mike is a very smart dude, very accomplished and successful but he is still a hustler, a born polished politician. He kicks a lot of knowledge but he also shovels BS at times. We Black folk got to read and research stuff for ourselves, stop allowing white folk, black folk and pastors to exploit our lack of awareness, intellectual curiosity and reluctance to do your own research. After saying all that, I am still proud of brother Mike and will continue to support him in all of his ventures, music and otherwise.

  • Maddog No Good
    Maddog No Good Day ago

    I respect what he's saying about us needing to do better , but black people are some of the most jealous and spiteful people, especially when it comes to someone wanting to do well for themselves. I've seen parents who didn't get what they wanted out of life, sabotage their kids, out of jealousy. Blacks need to have a mindset that the more of us that succeed, the better it can be for the community and our future....etc.

  • Cocoa Goddess
    Cocoa Goddess Day ago

    Envy in his feelings. 🤣

  • Bliss Journey
    Bliss Journey Day ago +3

    Envy it’s not the public school teachers it’s the district leaders. Killer Mike made good points but he’s not open to different opinions.

    NEGUS IBE Day ago +1

    We will always be lost cause we identify with being BLACK....

  • james collins
    james collins Day ago

    Killer mike = awoke

  • Edgar Fernandez
    Edgar Fernandez Day ago

    Being called nigga when yo daddy own a Ferrari don’t hurt as much!😂😂 killer mike a real one!!

  • Marcus Dobson
    Marcus Dobson Day ago

    Lmao that thumbnail.....
    They so petty

  • Katherine Sanders

    Put this man's face on a can of soup!

  • Lady caju
    Lady caju Day ago

    Lol everyone talking about DJEnvy’s emotions but let’s not get distracted. Killer Mikes message goes deep.

  • skip jr
    skip jr Day ago

    This is like telling me you can't eat mexican food if you black.. killer mike go try and eat African food for the rest of your life..

  • Perry G
    Perry G Day ago

    Def one of the most enlightening interviews they've done. Shout to Big Mike and Envy on the intellectual exchange. Our people need this!

  • Child of YAH
    Child of YAH Day ago

    Black People don;t date out. Stay black and straight. They have an agenda to wipe us out and use our genes to increase their populations. I love my black women. Our creator created them specifically for us brothas. Theyr'e our women and ours alone and we are their men and theirs alone. Study your history on black love. King Solomon wrote the most explicit and beautiful poems about a black woman(It is very sexual). Black men we got to wake up. Black women will follow. We gotta protect her and our children like we protect our nuts. The Most High loves black men and black women in love. Also, We need a real black mecca and ATL and DC ain't it. Envy is a chump and whitewashed AF.

    • Corey W
      Corey W 23 hours ago

      Atlanta is the closest thing to a black Mecca

    BOSS BOSS Day ago

    That’s envy being rude to a guest 😁😁😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tapped In Radio
    Tapped In Radio Day ago +1

    Envy a white guy

    BOSS BOSS Day ago

    Black people like marrying Latinos for nice hair and eyes. Black on black creates the best genetics ever.

  • Codeine Jose
    Codeine Jose Day ago

    I’m Mexican but I’m proud to be black VIVA MI RAZA

    • Giovanni
      Giovanni Day ago

      wtf does this even mean

  • Timothy Garcia
    Timothy Garcia Day ago

    Killer Mike for President 2024💯💯💯REAL TALK, STRAIGHT FACTS💯💯💯💯💯

  • wrex4x4
    wrex4x4 Day ago

    so what about when your no looking for a white woman and she comes a long and she loves you and no black woman is checking for me and I'm 53? plus I'm not wealthy and she's a doctor. i have a hard time deciding wether to be with her or not she's been after me 4 yrs now. whats brother to do. I love here heart . she offers me support with anything i venture to do in life. And Im a pro black person no one white person can change that about me i know who i am.

  • Got’cha
    Got’cha Day ago

    Killer mike is birthing future millionaires with his business tips

  • Healing Through Inspiration

    he's trying to normalize selling crack as it okay, garbage.

  • Joi Kene3
    Joi Kene3 Day ago

    Loved this!

  • Romance Jones
    Romance Jones Day ago

    Killer Mike, I love all of what you saying and you are so right.

  • Healing Through Inspiration

    47:50 this is an original inhabitant continent

  • Healing Through Inspiration

    Know the origins of the word "black".

  • Healing Through Inspiration

    African-Americans Aint African, do your research!

  • 1BrotherMack
    1BrotherMack Day ago

    Debate at 33:30 👍

  • FetalJuice88
    FetalJuice88 Day ago

    Don't take lessons on integrity and honor from a guy that doesn't love his family enough to stop eating himself into an early grave. This mf has zero discipline.

  • duck etto
    duck etto Day ago

    I never knew about Killer Mike but now I am one of his biggest fans. I'm one of those guys who just want to live comfortable and I'm sitting here with the shot face listening the DJ Envy dude seem seriously materialistic

  • cubaka Mutayongwa

    I'm starting a soda shop where do i get Crip-A-Cola

  • TheDarrylJohnsonShow

    Killer Mike- you have some decent points, but it's okay if you wanted to stop every now and then and let someone else finish a sentence. We'll still enjoy you.

  • L Beatrice Batz
    L Beatrice Batz Day ago

    His info. on public schools is FIRE.

  • kmden Rt
    kmden Rt Day ago

    He knows nothing about Chinese people. They interracial lyrics marry more than any other race.

  • illmindjunglist
    illmindjunglist Day ago

    I feel this interview is better watched/listened to after seeing Killer Mikes show on Netflix. I get what he's saying here opposed to when i tried listening to this before the netflix joint.

  • bellboy800
    bellboy800 Day ago

    Legitimizing gangs is usually done very quietly over a period of time. But at this point... let's see what happens.

  • Tha Imperial
    Tha Imperial Day ago +1

    That's true...every other race can keep it culturally consistent, but when we make a statement of doing the same... we're racist or ignorant...smh

  • Healing Through Inspiration


  • Jess D
    Jess D Day ago

    Totally wondered why it seemed a little like Mike was trying to smooth things over with Envy at the beginning and then the middle of the interview happened.
    Really great interview

  • Himaryous
    Himaryous Day ago

    Shocked CTG didn't know the Hells Angels were a criminal gang.

  • obeyordie 2
    obeyordie 2 Day ago

    Killer Mike is my spirit animal

  • ENY Chica
    ENY Chica Day ago

    Did Envy look down on aviation and nursing as careers?

  • Tia Boutte
    Tia Boutte Day ago

    I liked Envy’s point!! Killer Mike made points as well. The Colorism made my skin crawl. The world is bigger than ATL!!!!!! Funneling our children to be workers is the Rothchild Indoctrination. Killer Mike still has a lot of growing to do and to learn knowledge of history, especially when speaking to the masses. People have come from MANY experiences not yours(Killer Mike)

  • Ebone's World
    Ebone's World Day ago +10

    DJ Envy is a horrible interviewer you have to put your own personal feelings aside

  • Michael Martinez

    Killa mike is mad cuz some black people doing good but its not black enough hahaha he wants the chumls to start a charter school and go to the worst schools when all blsck parents are not gonna jeapordize their kids ssfety not all parents live where locals support locals it is what it is cant knock dj envy for making better for his family killa mike gonna get rich the hard way because of ego

  • Mike ferrari Ferrari

    Sorry but I and many other black men can only tolerate black woman for so long. Just one of the many reasons black kids grow up in fatherless homes.

  • Chocolate &Everything

    We are some STRAIGHT UP People👑

  • Cherelle Maddox
    Cherelle Maddox Day ago

    My hubby tows the line and I love him so! ♥️

  • zap2002
    zap2002 Day ago

    Angi got a house in Detroit?

  • bully
    bully Day ago

    38:40 'He mad now' LOOOOL

  • Fonza Relly
    Fonza Relly Day ago

    Why Yee there again?

  • app alaysha4
    app alaysha4 Day ago

    And i thought ti had a vocab

  • Rane J.
    Rane J. Day ago +5

    if envy feels that way about public schools and feel they dont have the access to the means to pay the teachers so why not help fund those communities to create that? I live in long island in a black Middle class community and by my junior and senior year I was taking College Accounting, Economics, College Note taking and Business Law and received college credit. the stigma is that those schools dont exist. I met the best teachers in High School black women to be exact. I think we need not to give preeminently black schools in black communities more credit. Envy is still a little ignorant I'm sorry.

  • Samanthia Moore
    Samanthia Moore Day ago

    Love me some killer Mike he talks some real shit

  • Pumpkin Face
    Pumpkin Face 2 days ago

    Definition - Nepotism: A business transaction done between peers because of racial resemblance or "looks like you" characteristics. Example: Buyer - "Can I buy up your slums?", Seller - "No....Wait according to my color charts you're about the same shade as me...SOLD", Buyer - "Good now promise me you wont check my credit score", Seller - "You married a black woman therefore there will be no credit check and you will receive an additional 10% off"