Killer Mike On Interracial Marriage, Public Vs. Private Education, 'Trigger Warning' + More

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • Rapper Killer Mike stopped by to chop it up about his new Netflix documentary, 'Trigger Warning.' He also debated with DJ Envy whether private school education is better for their children.
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    Killer Mike On Interracial Marriage, Public Vs. Private Education, 'Trigger Warning' + More
    The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.
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Comments • 24 032

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown Hour ago

    Love Killer Mike

  • QueenMa'atGirlTv
    QueenMa'atGirlTv 6 hours ago

    Killer Mike is my dude! Hes the only mainstream black voice out there telling it like it is, and keeping it all the way funky! His message is rock solid only problem is black folks are not listening!

  • Marion Dorsey
    Marion Dorsey 11 hours ago


  • Brickhouse H
    Brickhouse H 12 hours ago

    A lot of public schools in the city are bad

  • Askia Battle
    Askia Battle 16 hours ago

    He's very intelligent let's be motivated and elevated to the maximum effect he motivated me I'm proud to be black he could be a Lethal Weapon but I believe he has the power to turn others into lethal weapons as well he can come at you on every level 💥💥💥

  • Maurice Odede
    Maurice Odede 21 hour ago

    And Dr. Umar still fundraising for a school. Initially, he required 2million. With inflation, it's probably 6million now.

  • Terica Fields
    Terica Fields 22 hours ago +1

    Envy mad because everything Mike said was correct. All that money he donates to that private school would greatly change the position of a public school

  • Hood2Hood1000
    Hood2Hood1000 23 hours ago

    Killer Mike For President...

  • Siren TheRocker
    Siren TheRocker Day ago

    I told my son the same. Marry Black. Dont bring no white girl home.

  • RYZo Azzazin
    RYZo Azzazin Day ago

    I would love to have a 2 hour long conversation with Killer Mike..So much knowledge....

  • Lala Desy
    Lala Desy Day ago

    In the color purple, the black MAN owned the land and owned black women and we were treated like slaves.

  • Joseph Johnson
    Joseph Johnson Day ago

    Pride is more than February!!!!

  • Reginald Boyd
    Reginald Boyd Day ago

    Why envy was getting so tight 😭

  • Pepp Greaze
    Pepp Greaze Day ago +6

    Anybody Here After The Revolt Debate? 👀🤣

  • Zsayzwat
    Zsayzwat Day ago

    I want crip a cola

  • Ej  Jones
    Ej Jones Day ago


  • Justin Ranson
    Justin Ranson Day ago

    Maybe Atlanta has good public school but where I’m from we don’t. Private schools are way better.

  • big kid
    big kid 2 days ago

    i'm mexican and everything he says resonates with my own culture and that is his point at the end of the day. every culture does this and need to do it too. he is awesome to listen to. 👉 🤛 🔥

  • Etownvet
    Etownvet 2 days ago

    Envy get out your damn feelings all the time the man talking in general and clearly said multiple time “but not you” That conversation was for us ie: the watchers & listeners of the breakfast club. Also thanks for this hour and a half with mike

  • All In
    All In 2 days ago

    Why a soda company? I own a Soda Company... Hand on face, DJ Envy burns my soul with his questions!

  • Tara Robinson
    Tara Robinson 2 days ago

    absolutely loved this meeting of intelligent BLACK MEN! This made me proud!

  • Bobby Wayne Harrison Maintenance Services

    DJ Envy is full of s*** he ain't nothing but a damn sell out he is the reason I don't watch the Breakfast Club.

  • OceaniaMonarch
    OceaniaMonarch 2 days ago +1

    At 33:50 Killer MIKE Starts to go off🚀🚀🚀 Because DJ Envy showed his true BOUGIE negro colors especially when he says "IM NOT A DJ IM INVESTOR"👀......MIKE HAD THT CHECKMATE FOR HIS AZZ

  • Carol Lee
    Carol Lee 2 days ago +2

    Envy so busy trying to defend his choices he is not understanding Mike point. Get off the mic Envy

  • Fresh Mann
    Fresh Mann 2 days ago

    I totally agree with Mike. The most recent example is the Jay Z deal with the NFL. Most of these millennials are okay with Jay Z speaking for all blacks. Jay Z is not qualified to be a representative of blacks and speak on our behalf,just because he is a successful rapper and entrepreneur. Point, blank, and simple. The kids follow hip hop more than anything.

  • james jones
    james jones 2 days ago

    ATL Hoe

  • Malik Khalid
    Malik Khalid 2 days ago

    Dr umar and killer mike showed how limited in knowledge envy has

  • Tewilda Bryant
    Tewilda Bryant 2 days ago

    He's just so positive!!!!!

  • Tewilda Bryant
    Tewilda Bryant 2 days ago +1

    It's Called Deuteronomy 28

    IDONTKNOW 2 days ago +1

    I just love this guy and it sounds like he married a wonderful woman.

  • Yazzy Low
    Yazzy Low 3 days ago

    I just came across this Mike shut Envy downnnnnnnn mic drop 🎤 #hegonetocryinthecar

  • Ivory Jenkins
    Ivory Jenkins 3 days ago

    Killed it

  • Renee Roberson
    Renee Roberson 5 days ago

    Killer Mike is " The Truth "

  • kappakumplete
    kappakumplete 5 days ago

    I don't have a problem with Envy but he seems so simple in his thinking

  • David Talbot
    David Talbot 5 days ago

    I think killer mike is an intelligent guy and makes some valid points but to sit and call a man and his kids chumps for doing what he feels is best for his kids is ignorant and then when he gets offended you say it’s cuz of him being light skinned makes all your intelligence go out the window

    • David Talbot
      David Talbot 5 days ago

      I recently pulled my son out of public school and did everything I could to get him in a catholic private school $6700 a year but my reason is in Columbus Ohio my sons district received an “F” from the state for performance his new school got an “A” and not only do the teachers care and have a lot more compassion he is going to school with kids who’s parents have a plan for them after school and furthering their education where he was going in the neighborhood I grew up in your clowned for doing homework and being intelligent I was into all the wrong shit and doing it just to fit in multiple felony’s before I was 16 my son doesn’t have any of those pressures simply because he goes to school where it’s cool to be smart

  • M-FATIK86 SC:mfatik86

    I'm an average 9-5 worker I wish I knew an entrepreneur who could show me how truly grow my income

  • Nicholas Templeton
    Nicholas Templeton 7 days ago

    when is killer mike gonna live on a MLK ST.

  • Dic sheff
    Dic sheff 8 days ago


  • Dic sheff
    Dic sheff 8 days ago


    VOXX DJ 8 days ago

    You are full of shit 😂😂😂 I lost it

  • Hann Sern Young
    Hann Sern Young 8 days ago

    Could see Killer Mike's voice break at 55 talking about his child. Kudos, love the message and your passion.

  • Joshua Clason
    Joshua Clason 9 days ago

    Man, killer Mike says things people really should take into consideration.... Not just black folk but everybody (generally speaking) should listen and at least let what the man sayin sink in. He speaks the truth and racist interactions within the school at young ages is very common and he makes many valid points .... At a young age our minds are fragile and it doesn't take much for one child or group of children to break down one child because of his/her skin color or clothes he/she wear, where they live anything that can be used against them to make them feel below everyone else or not good enough and at that young age as they start to get older and older and hearin this and that repeatedly ... It is then a child is ruined along the lines of confidence in their selves , self-esteem and those negative interactions and words that have been spoken in the past are like seeds being planted or better yet it is like cancer because all the outside noise feedin your brain, that you can't do this or that or you aren't smart enough whatever the case ....before you know it that outside noise is now inside their head AKA your conscious . They start feeding into it without even meaning too , it's like a song you hate but know every damn word to and by the time they get up into high school with that mind full of past interaction it is either gone do 1 of 2 things.... Either they going to use that negativity as fuel to feed the fire inside to go prove everyone wrong or 2 they will accept whats been fed to them and either goin to do pooorly in school or drop out ... Not much in between but all of us grown folk know how school is and how awful it can be.... Why aren't there anyone out here tryin to make changes in schools as a whole or trying to break the cycles of degrading one another. We all goin to school for what? ... To better our lives but in all honesty it is more like survival for alot of kids/students .... Hell you got kids who rather not wake up from their sleep JUSSST so they don't have to deal with the toxic environment that is supposedly suppose to be "what's best" for them and to help them but in reality it is schools that break down our children whether you wanna believe it or not ....all these damn tests ya gotta pass with a brain that isnt fully developed or at its peek and puttin that stress on a child can wear them down and discourage them just as bad as a bully could.

  • Nickie Jones
    Nickie Jones 10 days ago

    I like what envy and killer mike said. Valid points by both men

  • santino gazi
    santino gazi 11 days ago

    This is a well articulated brother, they don’t expose people like him because the perception we get in the Uk is black men are good for nothings.

  • Nichole Alberg
    Nichole Alberg 13 days ago

    awesome interview! the discussion about public school is so important.

  • B. P.
    B. P. 14 days ago

    Envy is on that bullshit.

  • Beast of No Nation
    Beast of No Nation 14 days ago

    I like to watch this to remind myself that the fight for black autonomy is a priority and paramount for the future of black people in America.

  • Black Matters
    Black Matters 14 days ago +2

    I love him saying, "I married a black woman unlike some of my critics."

  • Maxine A.G. Guess
    Maxine A.G. Guess 14 days ago

    Respect! We need to be more united as a community. We also need to work with each other to build relationships, opportunities, commerce and wealth. There’s nothing wrong with having interracial relationships (whether you marry Latino, White, Asian or Native American ). I was raised to be colorblind but to choose my life partner based on values, compatibility, respect (self and mutual respect), good communication, family values, respecting each other’s culture and love. Sometimes you can’t control who you love!

  • joshua leonard
    joshua leonard 14 days ago

    Can I just say that I have never heard so much truth in a radio show. They are totally on point. This is the first time I have heard my exact beliefs spoke out loud on a big platform. I have much more respect for your intelligence and awareness. Let me just say African- Americans need to realize how valuable these people on the show are to your culture. Treasure them. My dad told me when I was an a teenager, that who I love is my decision and he would love whoever I chose. He said please do not try to bring home a girl that is a different ethnicity. He said that I would destroy her culture and her mine. By that he meant we both should be proud of who we were and we would have to blend the cultures effectively destroying each others. He said also that love can survive anything so it can work but why add a difficult environment for the kids. They will have one more thing kids will pick apart and they already will have enough to go through. I will stick up for anybody's rights and be friends. I will support interracial couples but I was not going to create difficulty for anybody or destroy their culture. I will never be black or be able to truly live the culture. So, say my son would have identified as black because mixed kids identify as one or the other. I would not have any good advice or be able to train him in the culture. I felt that would have been an injustice to my kids and their is my reason. The same situation went with any other race too. I was NOT raised to treat anybody different because of their skin color mind you or subjected to any kind of horrible racist training. But, I will say something that most white people will not say out loud and I don't care if they get mad at me or try to say I am lying. I am not lying. Most white people I have met in extensive traveling (18 countries, 45 states) and extensive education in a lot of different things, were raised around a racist environment. I hate everytime I see those people have black friends and live their two faced lives. I almost want to call them out for the disgusting racial joke they tried to tell me that told me were they stood. Btw, I am not saying that I have these toxic people are my friends and that I hang out with them. I don't have very many friends because I stop talking to fake people with double standards. When you call people out, they stop talking to you except the couple friends I have that owned whatever they were being fake about and stopped or were never fake. That does not mean I would have a racist friend because he is open about it. Anyway, not expanding anymore. Lucky my parents raised me pretty decent. Btw Killer Mike has all my respect now and I am going to listen to his music for the first time. I never heard of him lol.

  • Deven Dean
    Deven Dean 14 days ago

    This really got heated

  • Kiki Eaddy
    Kiki Eaddy 14 days ago

    Envy swears his seminars be saving the world.

  • samilton87
    samilton87 15 days ago

    Damn he’s speaking really truth right now. I want to see more on killer mike

  • Jeff Lazar
    Jeff Lazar 15 days ago

    Killer Mike supports Bernie 2020! Which candidate do you think would bring the greatest benefits to the black community if they became president?

  • Reko King
    Reko King 15 days ago

    This dude was making it sound like kid s should go out and join one of those crips or blood and they will grow up thinking Mike is right and listen to him

  • Fresh Design
    Fresh Design 16 days ago

    Almost thought he was a duplicate of Dr. Umar Johnson

  • Fresh Design
    Fresh Design 16 days ago

    Spilled wisdom non stop!

  • Ran Dom
    Ran Dom 16 days ago +1

    Marries a black woman....has his most music success with a white rapper partner....🤦‍♂️

  • Ran Dom
    Ran Dom 16 days ago +2

    8:24 he said Whitey Ford🤦‍♂️...........he was a baseball player. I think he meant Whitey Bulger

  • SRC
    SRC 17 days ago

    The color purple had 7 or 11 Oscar nominations that year and it lost every single one.
    Out of Africa with Meryl Streep won all of their Oscars that year.
    So a movie with an all black cast and a happy ending lost to a movie about Africa, set in Africa with an all white cast... just let that sink in for a minute 🤕☠️