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Top 10 Tiger Woods Golf Shots

  • Published on Aug 7, 2017
  • Here are some of Tiger's best shots in his career.
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  • Dan Cast
    Dan Cast 19 hours ago

    Somehow 696 A-Holes have managed to find something wrong with video by giving it thumb downs. If you find something wrong here you have serious problems buddy.

  • killermills 01
    killermills 01 2 days ago


  • Boyd0006
    Boyd0006 5 days ago

    Artem Lobov
    Micheal Jordan
    Tiger Woods

  • dankie poo
    dankie poo 5 days ago

    give a boy a harsh militaristic childhood upbringing laser-focused on one thing...
    and then reward the man with hot blondes to keep the fire going

  • Carmen Castro
    Carmen Castro 5 days ago


  • suffolk6311
    suffolk6311 6 days ago

    Only if he had that much luck with his marriage. Oops.

  • Adeck UC
    Adeck UC 7 days ago

    He’s legit the actual G.O.A.T when it comes to professional golf...

  • Robby S
    Robby S 7 days ago

    That Masters chip-in was an iconic shot. Easily #1

  • tie oneon
    tie oneon 7 days ago

    @ 9:10---@ 9:16. better than most...Better than moST. BETTTTTTER THAN MOST!!!!! YEAH BABY!!

  • EulogizeMe43
    EulogizeMe43 9 days ago

    Hes said that 2002 at Hazeltine was his best shot hes ever hit.

  • The Algerian
    The Algerian 9 days ago

    Too bad I can't see anything on a lot of those clips.

  • Donald Campbell
    Donald Campbell 11 days ago

    8 ft? Lol

  • mike hardwick
    mike hardwick 11 days ago

    He’s was the best then and even now

  • Al Testic
    Al Testic 13 days ago

    He thinks he's so cool.. psssshhhh

  • Al Testic
    Al Testic 13 days ago

    The first one... Wow what a geek.. nice teeth..

  • -Ivan Loesch
    -Ivan Loesch 13 days ago NY and NJ population loss!

  • Dan Moore
    Dan Moore 13 days ago +1

    Tiger woods, "you the man"

  • Durka Bomb
    Durka Bomb 15 days ago +2

    The 2005 Masters chip-in on 16th will forever be seared in my brain as the single best golf shot by anyone, ever. (6:06)

  • Paul Goodier
    Paul Goodier 15 days ago

    why cut the last one so short? that is my fave!

  • geoff toner
    geoff toner 15 days ago

    crap quality makes the eyes bleed. still thanks alot.

  • mentlinc
    mentlinc 16 days ago

    That shot at 7:20 was like he telepathically pushed the ball in after it stopped.

    EMINƎM 16 days ago

    Black Eminem

  • ToddtheExploder
    ToddtheExploder 16 days ago

    See, there’s Tiger, and then there are us Earthlings. Unfookinbelievable!

    MR BOYDER 16 days ago


    MR BOYDER 16 days ago


    MR BOYDER 16 days ago


  • Matt & Candie
    Matt & Candie 18 days ago

    Who's here watching after Tiger received the Medal of Freedom!

  • Michigan Skinny
    Michigan Skinny 18 days ago

    "Does that remind you of anybody?"

    "One guy.......that guy."

  • Sarconthewolf
    Sarconthewolf 19 days ago +5

    The 97 Phoenix open, hole in one, had the best crowd reaction of them all. The powerful cheering is just amazing. 3:33

  • Droopster
    Droopster 20 days ago

    Good vid👍

  • Resat Say
    Resat Say 20 days ago


  • Mike Johnsonbaugh
    Mike Johnsonbaugh 20 days ago

    He definitely didnt age well, reminds me of a pedo doctor lmao

    LETHAL CONTROLS 22 days ago

    For a second there I thought I was watching Happy Gilmore

  • Melvin Reginald
    Melvin Reginald 22 days ago +1

    There is an invisible hand pushing the ball.

  • Mike Kennedy
    Mike Kennedy 22 days ago

    what is wrong with you american people ??? this guy is the biggest piece shit to walk the earth he's a freakin Drug addict , sex addict , alcoholic , he cheated on one the most beautiful girls in the world 100+ times, still cheats i wouldn't let this fpos carry my bag and you idiots idolize him

  • J PR
    J PR 25 days ago

    Video clarity is nada

  • Sandra Worden
    Sandra Worden 25 days ago +1

    Well he does like to put it in a...hole....

  • Martin Crisp
    Martin Crisp 26 days ago

    Well look at that.... A top ten about the actual subject and not the self important twat narrating it. Well done 👏

  • Paul Poll
    Paul Poll 26 days ago

    What About His STD Shots?

  • whyistomatoafruit
    whyistomatoafruit 26 days ago

    I was a child when he won his first Masters; sitting in Florida with my brother, taking a break from the sun and swimming. We would go in during the afternoon and watch golf (it was inevitable that the Masters was on whenever we were in Florida, early April). My brother or me would run down to the beach bar every once in a while, right next-door, and update my parents about the leaderboard; who was leading , how many shots ahead, and (a lot of times) how Tiger Woods was basically wiping the floor with competition.
    It broke my heart to see him fall from grace; he was a sports hero of mine, and I longed for him to reclaim his glory days. Years went on, I moved out of my home state, my brother married and had children of his own, and still Tiger had not reclaimed a major win of past caliber.
    But, this April, I watched him win the 2019 Masters, my brother again at my side, as his little daughter (my niece) toddler by laughing and playing. Such a familiar feel, yet entirely different. I’m still smiling about it.

  • bones007able
    bones007able 26 days ago +1

    Tiger is a golfing god...

  • Free Bird
    Free Bird 27 days ago +1

    Great Come Backer..Love U Tiger.

  • Randy Semenak
    Randy Semenak 27 days ago +2

    hearing that crowd roar must be a total "psyc"for the other golfers

  • 2678dhetysjk
    2678dhetysjk 27 days ago +1

    They should make a video dedicated to the other players when they herd the tiger roar.

  • George Glenn
    George Glenn 27 days ago

    Do you see the excitement black folks bring to sports now say amen.

  • George Glenn
    George Glenn 27 days ago

    Just amigne how many black folks was not allowed on golf courses i bet there would have been some body before tiger.

  • Alfred Nsimiire
    Alfred Nsimiire 28 days ago

    Talents always win!

  • jay bee
    jay bee 28 days ago +1

    vern lundquist was SO GOOD. "in your LIFE have you ever seen anyhting like that!?"

  • Matthew Wood
    Matthew Wood 28 days ago +1

    No matter what has happened to Tiger he will Forever be a Legend and the true Goat!!

  • Aaron Miller
    Aaron Miller 28 days ago

    You have to start this putt left...
    This takes guts, oh no, looks like it's going right...
    Tiger: shut up and hold my beer bitches.

  • Therapist
    Therapist 29 days ago +1

    I love how the crowd is holding their cheers in, in the 1997 hole in 1 😂 And not even 1 second after he hits they go wild! What a great golf community.

  • Dwayne E. Towns
    Dwayne E. Towns 29 days ago +1

    I can watch this over and over again... Tiger Woods is a living legend!!

  • Brian Millen
    Brian Millen 29 days ago

    Go Tiger. Be the best

  • Johnathon Torres
    Johnathon Torres 29 days ago

    Who doesn’t love Bob the builder ha ha

  • Johnathon Torres
    Johnathon Torres 29 days ago

    E tu nombre beautiful.

  • Johnathon Torres
    Johnathon Torres 29 days ago

    You know what I try to put it in Spanish because I’m Chicano but when I see your picture I want you to play this song Suavecito by malo

  • The Wizard
    The Wizard Month ago

    The ball stopped completely on his master 2015 shot hence he sold his soul to the Devil no other possible way that shot went in

  • Ben Malloy
    Ben Malloy Month ago

    I may not live to see it, but perhaps Justin Thomas, or Rory McIlroy will become the new Tiger Woods, once Tiger retires, but I just don’t seeing that happening anytime soon..

  • ferginterplanetaire
    ferginterplanetaire Month ago +2

    I can't believe his 6-iron shot from the bunker is not there. Greatest golf shot I've ever seen.

  • MG 4
    MG 4 Month ago

    The bunker shot at Glen Abbey

  • Sammy 5150Eddie
    Sammy 5150Eddie Month ago

    Why tell us what happened before he hit it?

  • Melquin Camia
    Melquin Camia Month ago

    Nice idol tiger woods

  • slither king
    slither king Month ago

    Tigers goat cause he's won 15 in a tour with a grils of golfers that are great the Onlye one jack faced was. An old. Palmer

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston Month ago +1

    Tigers game is just amazing! When the Boston Red Sox let you down, watch Tiger play golf. He won't let you down.

  • Chris R
    Chris R Month ago +1

    remember he was shooting in the 70s at age 8, 60's at 12 - tells you right there

  • Nicholas Nodaros
    Nicholas Nodaros Month ago +1

    Hes back...

  • Kenan Dokuyucu
    Kenan Dokuyucu Month ago

    Where are his 2 iron stinger shots??

  • J Coats
    J Coats Month ago

    Its golf... and worse it Woods

  • Eric Salles
    Eric Salles Month ago +2

    I don't even play Golf but I enjoyed watching that so much. Thanks for posting.

  • Crazy Funny Cats
    Crazy Funny Cats Month ago

    That ⛳️ golfball will go way up in value because Tiger 🐅 won Masters very recently

  • Allexander Gibbs
    Allexander Gibbs Month ago +1

    Michael. Brady. Woods.
    A Goat's GOAT is what these men are.

  • Allexander Gibbs
    Allexander Gibbs Month ago

    3:40 tiger swinging a club *YAASSSSSS*

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago +12

    What Tiger has done for the game of golf will never be duplicated.

    • DockingBay94
      DockingBay94 Month ago

      only imitated

    • Chinda Ajoku
      Chinda Ajoku Month ago

      +High Plains Drifter Tiger Woods is the most naturally talented golf player ever. His peak years from 1997 - 2008 was the most dominant in golf ever, even more dominant than Nicklaus when he was in his prime.
      Yes Nicklaus did face Palmer, Watson, Player, Ballesteros but the overall field Woods faced was much larger. And overall of a much higher quality with still some all time greats in it like Els, Faldo, Mickelson, Singh.

    • High Plains Drifter
      High Plains Drifter Month ago

      Why? Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer are greater.

  • tiana lyles
    tiana lyles Month ago

    They gotta be cheating

  • tiana lyles
    tiana lyles Month ago

    Hes. A legend

  • piccol79
    piccol79 Month ago

    1:58 "Imma get so much pussy off that"

  • jcman240
    jcman240 Month ago +1

    I love the radio broadcast for the Players putt. So sick of hearing "better than most".

    • bigfootNPC
      bigfootNPC 28 days ago

      “Better than most” is one of the most iconic calls in golf history

  • jcman240
    jcman240 Month ago

    5:58 lol Dan

  • Chase Lockhart
    Chase Lockhart Month ago


  • Trusten Baker
    Trusten Baker Month ago +3

    The 2005 masters I think the crowd help to "will" that one in lol. So great! I remember that, was unreal!

  • FakeJake
    FakeJake Month ago

    DM me on Twitter please @FakeJakeYT

  • Michele Pardini
    Michele Pardini Month ago +1

    'In your life have you seen anything like that?' Probably yes, but not in golf :)

  • juan dela cruz
    juan dela cruz Month ago

    I wonder what will happen if someone shout before he hit the ball...

  • Faiz Khalifa
    Faiz Khalifa Month ago

    This man not human

  • Fict10n
    Fict10n Month ago


  • Larry Bulthouse
    Larry Bulthouse Month ago

    Tiger your s phkn pervrrt dope sniffing AH

  • Ismail Mohamud
    Ismail Mohamud Month ago +2

    3:33 the 1997 Phoenix Open is RIDICULOUS. How many ppl are there?!?!

  • Lee Izaak
    Lee Izaak Month ago +1

    "IN THE HOLE"😂

  • GrtWhtVvvV
    GrtWhtVvvV Month ago

    Hmmm. This is why the word golf is the only four letter word I’m not yelling when I golf

  • Reuben Ahmed
    Reuben Ahmed Month ago

    better than most

  • Eric Knotts
    Eric Knotts Month ago

    That was much further then 8'

  • Pat TheHombre
    Pat TheHombre Month ago

    Never heard of him before.

  • Osvaldo Correa Z
    Osvaldo Correa Z Month ago

    Wow wow wow

  • Deezil F
    Deezil F Month ago

    Did anyone see the shot in the dark?

  • charles mckowen
    charles mckowen Month ago

    Golf is relevant today because of tiger woods. He brought it into pop culture and changed the sport forever. Why do you think top golf exist?

  • Gnome Trumpsky
    Gnome Trumpsky Month ago

    Yeah he took hole in one to another level.

  • D Moneyz
    D Moneyz Month ago +2

    Respect on his comeback 💪🏼

  • Steven Cliffe
    Steven Cliffe Month ago


  • Patts
    Patts Month ago +19

    People are going to talk about this man for hundreds of years!!

  • Joanne Davis
    Joanne Davis Month ago +7

    I’m not into golf at all. The only time I have watched a game was if Tiger Woods was playing. He’s amazing.