The $1,000,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist

  • Published on Aug 6, 2018
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    Bangladesh, February 7th, 2016.
    The director of the Bangladesh Central Bank got off the elevator on the ninth floor, and headed to the back office of the Accounts and Budgeting Department - this was the most restricted part of the building. He was there to deal with a problem; one that had been plaguing the office the last few days. You see… the printer wasn’t working; this was kind of a big deal. It was causing a real disruption.
    The automated printer (which was hooked up to the bank’s software) was supposed to work round the clock, 24/7, printing out the bank’s transaction reports in real-time; due to this technical glitch however, the printer tray remained empty.
    Much of the day was spent trying to fix the issue; and after a great deal of effort, there was success - they were able to restart the printer. And so the backlog of transaction reports started rolling out, one by one. Now, it soon became apparent that something wasn’t quite right. There were more statements than expected....
    The video covers:
    - Bangladesh Bank
    - SWIFT security system
    - World banking
    - Fraudulent transactions
    - Dhaka
    - Billion dollar heist
    - Cyber-heist / cyber-attack
    - RCBC Bank in Philippines
    - Malware hacking
    - Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York Fed)
    - Electronic money transfers
    - Pan Asia Bank in Sri Lanka
    - Deutsche Bank
    - Money laundering in casinos
    - Single biggest heist in history
    - Cyber security experts
    - Lazarus
    - Sony Pictures Hack 2014
    - Kim Jong-un in The Interview
    - North Korea's state funded bank robbing
    - Macau's & Pyongyang's financial relationship

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  8 months ago +2648

    Yet another North Korea video from Kento Bento. Are you guys getting sick of these yet?
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      How about a South Korea vid

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  • toxthicc
    toxthicc Hour ago

    North Korea: _*exist_
    Kento Bento: "Write that down! Write that down!"

  • subnautica_guy 1573

    that segue into the ad was just godly

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  • efrain morales
    efrain morales 4 days ago

    What would u guys do if u stole almost 1 billion an didn’t get caught

  • efrain morales
    efrain morales 4 days ago

    Dashlane??? If u have an iPhone thennn u could just save passwords for ur accounts and etc but if u have a android thennnn idk 🤧🤷🏽‍♂️

  • martinasenov3361
    martinasenov3361 4 days ago +1

    Now this Nigerian prince has gone way, way too far

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  • fahim mustak
    fahim mustak 8 days ago

    I don’t understand why rob a country that is already poor as it is.

  • InhaledCloud0
    InhaledCloud0 9 days ago

    Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins for more.

  • Happy Catuts
    Happy Catuts 9 days ago

    Lmao, serious video then goes onto a sponsor

  • Happy Catuts
    Happy Catuts 9 days ago

    Damn $81M that would play off my parents dept, credit card dept and we could easily get food when we need it damn....I wish I had that much money :/
    Just to make my parents happy
    But my mother's dumb yet caring and nice (most of the time) would ask for money if they ever found out but they wouldn't because no new cars maybe a bigger house to move out my mother's own mother to live with us (she doesn't get treated fairly because my cousin is spoiled and annoying) >:3 damn I wish I could do this...

  • Brogan Davis
    Brogan Davis 9 days ago +2

    Holy shit...I wish I had that much money....that’s 1,000,000,000 dollars in just a couple hours,man I would stop working right then and there

    AM I RIGHT 10 days ago

    This heist behind involved government high ranks and Indian software security agency which was involved Bangladesh bank security systems. After this incident another incident happened in foreign exchange section, fire destroyed all documents. It was not a coincidence , it was planned.

  • Engineer Basudeb
    Engineer Basudeb 10 days ago

    Hi @Kento Bento, Which software did you use to create this video?

  • Can I get Subscribers With No Videos

    No doubt its done by Americans ... they know how to miss lead the investigation by showing north korea

  • pyro111100
    pyro111100 12 days ago

    My question is if this is so important, why do you leave a multiple DAY gap in your security. This shit should be monitored 24/7/365 no matter what your religion or whatever mandates. If they just had people there this wouldn't have even had the chance to happen.

  • Unknown Clan
    Unknown Clan 12 days ago

    Feb 7th is my bday :)

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    I’m kento bento

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    // AzakiPlayz \\ 13 days ago

    If I knew how to hack a bank printer, I'd put Subscribe To PewDiePie.

  • Souijin Ferdinand
    Souijin Ferdinand 14 days ago

    7:31 *vsauce theme starts playing*

    I’m so funny

  • Reflux 9
    Reflux 9 15 days ago

    Took all day to restart the printer

  • ariel gonzalez
    ariel gonzalez 18 days ago

    This can be the plot of another Oceans movie

  • avcomth
    avcomth 18 days ago

    Cuntface hackers stealing from a country like Bangladesh which is one of the poorest in the world. The international community should get together and donate that lost fund to Bangladesh.

  • Bluey
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  • Lê Kate
    Lê Kate 20 days ago

    Hi traders! I have read this info on @thecryptosight that Kaspersky Warns of New Cybercrime Tactics by North Korea’s Lazarus Group. Read more here #cryptoinsight #thecryptosight:

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    GAMERS HEAVEN 23 days ago

    I am Bangladeshi and I didn't know that😮

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  • Sudhish Bangarusamy
    Sudhish Bangarusamy 24 days ago

    Imagine having 1 billion dollars stolen from you and you see it’s being used for someone’s cheese addiction

  • Shiro Blank
    Shiro Blank 24 days ago

    ? How can you garner so much attention with a lie that is so easily checked out?

  • sean black
    sean black 24 days ago

    What if they hack dashlane n now they got all your passwords 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mr. New Boy
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    20 million saved thanks the the most advance piece of technology we currently have: the squiggly red line.

  • CenTz
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    Should have use Dashlane using code kentobento in the first place smh

  • Diza K
    Diza K 26 days ago

    its sad that they chose bangladesh as their victim

  • Devin Galea
    Devin Galea 26 days ago

    wow love it

  • jimbo macaroni
    jimbo macaroni 26 days ago +2

    that bridge into the dashlane ad hit me hard

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez 27 days ago

    he turned black in the beginning

  • ネコCat
    ネコCat 29 days ago +1

    And here i can't pronounce that amount of the title.

  • DJ Statyk
    DJ Statyk Month ago

    That could explain North koreas power, but it makes more sense that North orea was framed. I'm sure it takes way more than 81, million to start that army.

  • RaceToNowhere
    RaceToNowhere Month ago

    Up to four million views and 90.000 likes? People have a problem with their thumbs.

  • Jeffrey Davis
    Jeffrey Davis Month ago

    Oh Fuck shit just got real

  • Aalu Pidalu
    Aalu Pidalu Month ago +7

    More than his videos I am interested in how will he link the video to dashlane 🤣😂

  • Chung Lee
    Chung Lee Month ago

    im sure those north korean hackers were executed or tortured at minimum. mission failed.

  • Venom ous
    Venom ous Month ago

    If the second korean war happens, it could be devastating to global economies

  • Samsungsheep101
    Samsungsheep101 Month ago

    Dashlane would not work because these hackers are smartasses

  • Md Tangir Rahman Shuvo

    That's why I don't take holidays😌😌😌

  • Cephalon Collisto
    Cephalon Collisto Month ago

    Rigging elections?
    That probably already happened let's be honest.

  • Chosen oNe
    Chosen oNe Month ago

    I watched those in a news in the Philippines.

  • Renwoxing13 Hacked By Scarce

    If the hackers were smart enough, and.meticulous enough to pull all of that off, then they are both smart, and meticulous enough to frame North Korea. At peace that everyone would believe it really was NK.

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  • Norman Prima Sagah
    Norman Prima Sagah Month ago

    Banks have days off, Bitcoin doesnt.

  • Jorel
    Jorel Month ago +3

    And non of the money was physical until the end

  • Cool Netflix documentary named joe

    How do I get involved in something like this?

  • Ramzi M
    Ramzi M Month ago

    How can the country with so many fucking tech support guys not have one person not ask if there is paper in the damn machine lol

  • DuckBear
    DuckBear Month ago +72

    *Steals millions of dollars*
    *Spells foundation incorrectly*
    Choose one

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    can i hire them to hack my school grades?

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    Takeshi Kitano Month ago

    Based Korea

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    Cypher791 Month ago

    This is why I hate printers 😒

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    Manikin Month ago +3

    Can email virus infect your pc if u even just open the email and no links inside of it?

    • Wandering Watcher
      Wandering Watcher 19 days ago

      Depends on what you mean by "open". Reading the text is safe, but any links or things you open, such as a zip file, could be a virus.

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  • PinK Gaming
    PinK Gaming Month ago

    Wish I can afford dashlane

  • Hugo
    Hugo Month ago +1

    I guess the only sensible thing left to do is wipe them off the face of the planet now.

  • David Kristoffersson

    Lol biggggg typo

  • Mark Sieg
    Mark Sieg Month ago +2

    Why did you animate a freaking Ricoh/Xerox copier? They use impact printers with tractor feeds for that Kim's if thing

  • Kilnmaster
    Kilnmaster Month ago

    im all for dropping one, and i dont mean a duece

  • Dumb Drunks Playing Videogames

    First Nation state to rob banks......

  • Enrique _55
    Enrique _55 Month ago +1

    81 million damn 🙅🏽‍♂️crazy!

  • Haligonian92
    Haligonian92 Month ago

    I don't understand why people jump and presume that it's the Korean government. Like, that just seems like paranoia and conspiracy and bias against Korea. Why wouldn't you just assume it's random hackers that wanted to get rich?

  • Bob Jim
    Bob Jim Month ago

    Has North Korea annexed part of northern China 🇨🇳 or has China given it to them
    OR has kento bento maked a mastake
    Sorry for spelling I have dislexya

  • mahchymk93
    mahchymk93 Month ago +1

    That's kinda badass

  • nyann cat
    nyann cat Month ago

    Best segues ever into adverts

  • Craig Foster
    Craig Foster Month ago

    The hackers knew those 4 payments would get through to their accounts

  • CloverPickingHarp
    CloverPickingHarp Month ago

    Shit I literally can’t buy a $1000 dollars worth of crypto without my bank stopping the transaction EVERY DAM TIME but these guys can get millions out with fake IDs

  • Sulfen
    Sulfen Month ago

    My guess would be that Russians either framed or worked with North Korea.

  • Charlie Phillips
    Charlie Phillips Month ago

    Damn, if only Bangladesh had Dashlane

  • Sullenparret427 gamer

    How do you know all this

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  • kingpest13
    kingpest13 Month ago

    If I had a billion dollars in a bank I'd expect a few choice home numbers.

  • Boston Ghost
    Boston Ghost Month ago

    Wow ive watched this vid a few times and today i JUST NOTICED kim was in the background of the thumbnail

  • Toni Pejić
    Toni Pejić Month ago

    I love this video, it feels like an anime :D
    Please make more like this.

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    i will personally GOD DAMN GUARANTEE you that allowing dashlane to handle all of your business for you is not a good idea.
    beyond that i'm a happy subscriber, and you are very good at what you do.

  • Janelle honey-Badger

    NK was probably shown by CCP who stole the idea from somewhere in a western country

  • Dan Panah
    Dan Panah Month ago +1

    That’s embarrassing for North Korea 🇰🇵

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    Cam Lau Month ago

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    you’re not going to trick us into giving china our passwords.
    good try buddy


    so what happens when Dashlane gets hacked by North Korea?

  • فاء بن ألف'

    Is it just me or does dashlane’s logo look like peta

  • Coffee VongolaVIII
    Coffee VongolaVIII Month ago +1

    The US stealing money from others just so they can blame it on their enemies

  • SevenDeMagnus
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  • prod. Retreaux
    prod. Retreaux Month ago

    Fascinating video, very entertaining but leaves me with a question. what is it that leads people to believe it's North Korean officials behind the hacks rather than a group of hackers acting independently?

  • LeRezwarrior
    LeRezwarrior Month ago +3

    I was expecting for someone to rob something in North Korea.