Jacqueline Faye 53 Farm Girl “You're My World” STANDING OVATION AUDITIONS week 1 X Factor UK 2018

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
  • Jacqueline Faye 53 year old farm girl “You're My World” GETS STANDING OVATION AUDITIONS week 1 round 2 (Sunday). This is full segment or full performance of this contestant with judges comments and intro or back story on X Factor UK 2018. This show in on its Season or Series 15 Episode 2 (S15E02).

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Comments • 731

  • Janis Siepkes
    Janis Siepkes 16 hours ago

    never to old good on you nice voice

  • Simiiformes
    Simiiformes 18 hours ago

    World class voice. Love it.

  • Shi Cruisin'
    Shi Cruisin' Day ago +1

    Simone is such a low life, rolling his stupid eyes as this lady walks onto the stage

  • yo yo boss
    yo yo boss Day ago

    very nice

  • Jayne Chew
    Jayne Chew Day ago +2

    Brilliant she said it perfect well done Jacqui

  • Marie Saint-Pierre
    Marie Saint-Pierre Day ago +3

    Love this! Beautiful woman! Amazing voice!

  • inusq192009
    inusq192009 Day ago

    A bit disrespectful to put up your feet.

  • Enrique Gonzalez
    Enrique Gonzalez 2 days ago

    WOW hermoso inspirador me encanto

  • Afonso Almeida Brandão


  • Neelix Tuvok
    Neelix Tuvok 2 days ago +5

    how wouldt be a duet with Jaqueline and Robbie..., i want it.

  • nora espinosa
    nora espinosa 3 days ago

    I LOVE HER¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • John Simpson
    John Simpson 4 days ago

    I'm in love!!!! What a sweet lady

  • Errick Flesch
    Errick Flesch 4 days ago +4

    What a sweet sweet lady. Fabulous.

  • Antonia Tselepi
    Antonia Tselepi 6 days ago

    Great voice and also seems a great personality.

  • barbara D
    barbara D 6 days ago +2

    Jacqueline is great . I hope she will have a CD out and I know I will play it every day.

  • Willi Ingulf Ditlefsen
    Willi Ingulf Ditlefsen 6 days ago +1

    Have me exused all of you, I just looked at it again. "Bloody 'ell, She's a f***ing nightingale and peacock in disguise"!.

  • Willi Ingulf Ditlefsen
    Willi Ingulf Ditlefsen 6 days ago +9

    In a couple of other talent shows, I've heard some of the judges say "looking for the "Susan Boyle" moment". She, Susan Boyle" sort raised the bar, and set a standard. Jacqueline Faye gave me a "Susan Boyle" moment, FANTASTIC. Listen to that voice. Gawd Almighty, if you'll excuse me.
    Now I'll listen to her again, and again and. . . . . .

  • Marie-Claude Delahaye
    Marie-Claude Delahaye 6 days ago +1

    Et ce monde sera fait pour nous...(paroles de la chanson en Français)Vous avez une voix formidable.Merci,c'est agréable de vous entendre chanter.👍

  • Anna Stones
    Anna Stones 7 days ago

    Many many many unknown singers are 1000 times better than many well-known singers and much nicer too

  • hash brownie
    hash brownie 7 days ago

    Lively performance but looks a lot older than 53

  • Christina Podgorelec
    Christina Podgorelec 7 days ago +3

    Come to Australia Jacky.
    You are amazing. The tickets would be sold out in no time.

  • Jan Kiper
    Jan Kiper 8 days ago

    Simon and that face he makes like he did with Susan Boyle. Think he’d learn and not let it show. If I noticed I’m sure the contentions do also.

  • Hay Bug
    Hay Bug 8 days ago

    Jacqueline won for me..she was terrific ☺

  • Deborah J Ifft-Mitchell

    She's FANTASTIC!!!

  • pegomyheart1
    pegomyheart1 8 days ago

    She has a natural gift, it's such a shame she didn't try
    when she was younger who knows where her voice
    would have taken her..Just beautiful. ❤

  • garry ibbetson
    garry ibbetson 9 days ago

    its a yes from me

  • Unicorn Bunny
    Unicorn Bunny 9 days ago

    Is that Sheryl? WTH happened to her face n lips? LOOKING DAMN FAKE.

  • User Mister
    User Mister 9 days ago

    The success of a TV show based on the (wrong) feeling of sympathy for a human being with a good voice but not within the pop look standards ... how did we come to this ???

  • Marjorie Johnson
    Marjorie Johnson 9 days ago

    This was the perfect song or her. She is not new to the business, show business, but she is a breath of fresh air.

  • Patricia Kelly
    Patricia Kelly 10 days ago

    I loved you. Amazing xx

  • pam hoyt
    pam hoyt 10 days ago

    Omg!I love you!!!

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin 10 days ago

    Well, once again, in the face of a brilliant, melodious, loving and thrilling performance, there are some people [397] at the time of this writing, who have given it a thumbs-down. Here is a songbird whose natural gifts are not only her voice but also a warm and honest countenance that conveys so simply that there is nothing artificial, overdone, or dishonest about her. She sings and expresses the song so well that anyone who is in her presence is immediately captured and convinced that she is singing only to them. For the trolls, who did not like this performance, I would like to hear even just one of them giving out his or her reasons for disliking it. In what way is it not a most worthy performance? In what way do the words and melody offend? In what way could her presentation be better? But, as we never hear from these dark, unloved, deaf and stupid people, we must conclude only that their simpleton skills allow them only to click a mouse button and never feel or have the need to elaborate. If only TVclip would insist that any thumbs-down responses must be accompanied by at least a small explanation, I am sure that the results would be revealing. Revealing that is that behind the comments, there is no soul, no light, no joy, no nothing!! A brilliant performer, an uplifting song, a joy to behold and in no way ever deserving of anything but a huge round of applause. Where are you, you tortured little worms? Under what rock do you hide your fabulous musical appreciation? In your dull and weary lives, where do you go for benediction? Nowhere I suspect!

  • celtostara
    celtostara 13 days ago

    Love her.

  • Melinda Angeles
    Melinda Angeles 13 days ago

    Fantastic! 2019

  • John Mooney
    John Mooney 13 days ago

    Boy, she has given Cilla a run for her money, what a superb voice! 👍

  • paul wignall
    paul wignall 13 days ago +4

    Just stumbled upon this......REAL RAW TALENT 100%

  • Oruga Gritona
    Oruga Gritona 14 days ago

    Y ese patán que se cree subiendo las patotas en la mesa y en un programa como éste?

  • Oruga Gritona
    Oruga Gritona 14 days ago

    Que le hacen al cuento si ésta mujer ya nos había deleitado con su bella voz hace como 20 años y la hacen pasar como si fuera la primera vez que se presenta

  • amanda nutt
    amanda nutt 15 days ago

    wonderful xxxxx

  • Robin Broad
    Robin Broad 15 days ago

    Cilla black

  • Laurie Lewis
    Laurie Lewis 15 days ago

    Robbie Williams, you got sol and your Momma or Poppa did a good job with your foundation of starting you life :) They should be walking tall. Jacqueline you already know your an amazing woman :)

  • lily Lmxwso
    lily Lmxwso 15 days ago +1

    Yay grandma!

  • Jackie Brown
    Jackie Brown 17 days ago +1

    That’s we call it professional singer blessed your heart, well done jackie same name here.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Kim Dunmore
    Kim Dunmore 17 days ago

    Bloody lovely

  • L'alchimiste
    L'alchimiste 20 days ago

    Bravo Madame : vous avez une très jolie voix et cette chanson est tellement belle....

    LOU ROLDAN 20 days ago +1

    asshole needs to take feet off table.

  • anne Marie machla
    anne Marie machla 20 days ago

    forgot to say shes great....

  • anne Marie machla
    anne Marie machla 20 days ago

    cant believe the young guy said to do that at your age fgs shes 53 not 98....also i hate when they judge people especially simon he isnt fab to look at..

  • Marlene Richardson
    Marlene Richardson 21 day ago

    Amazing voice

  • Vivianne Bergeron
    Vivianne Bergeron 21 day ago


  • Dee Rose
    Dee Rose 22 days ago +1

    I just love this song.

  • Brian
    Brian 22 days ago

    Wow! just wow.

  • Simiiformes
    Simiiformes 23 days ago +1

    Beloved Wales produces beautiful singers from Tom Jones to infinity.

    • kaleb queen
      kaleb queen 19 days ago

      All Will Be Well Shirley bassey too

  • Johnny Petersen
    Johnny Petersen 23 days ago

    Grown up people - do ROCKS !!!

  • Thurman Roberts
    Thurman Roberts 23 days ago +1

    Would love to hear her cover some Linda Ronstadt

  • Joe Flowers
    Joe Flowers 24 days ago


  • pam hoyt
    pam hoyt 24 days ago

    I also wish I was on the farm, too!!!

  • pam hoyt
    pam hoyt 24 days ago

    I love her!!!She reminds me of myself!Even though she's a better singer!!!

  • mina hachoche mounir1234

    I like

  • Lie Lies Lucia
    Lie Lies Lucia 26 days ago


  • Evil Grandma
    Evil Grandma 26 days ago


  • Poopsie B
    Poopsie B 28 days ago +3

    WOW. WOW. WOW. Lady has some pipes. She shud b on stage all the time.

  • Augusto Escudero
    Augusto Escudero 28 days ago +4

    You are amazing Jaqueline! ! Gracias por regalarnos tu talento! Saludos desde Panamá

  • Marta Ruth Vanegas
    Marta Ruth Vanegas 29 days ago

    Que cancion más linda y que buena imitación, arriba los grandes.

  • ayan buaya
    ayan buaya 29 days ago

    what is the name if the guy beside Simon?

  • ruth goddard
    ruth goddard 29 days ago


  • SusanneCape
    SusanneCape Month ago +2

    OMG just got goosebumps ....

  • SusanneCape
    SusanneCape Month ago +1

    OMG just got goosebumps ....

  • Neil McDonald
    Neil McDonald Month ago

    There has been some amazing talent on this show, its just a shame Simon cant sell it.


    Me fascina como canta ésta señora

  • Muhammad Hossenbaccus
    Muhammad Hossenbaccus Month ago +1

    She's marvellous and lovely

  • Patrica Wyer
    Patrica Wyer Month ago

    Robbie feet on the desk ???

  • Sir Thomas Cumalot
    Sir Thomas Cumalot Month ago

    a bit too fat dont you think

  • Miki B
    Miki B Month ago

    It's a pick me up, I wish you could sing more.Beautiful family.

  • pegomyheart1
    pegomyheart1 Month ago +2

    She is wonderful, that's music.... ❤❤

  • David
    David Month ago +2

    Robbie Williams wife with the botox lips, shocked the other judges by cutting this nice lady and sending her home during the next step. She was a silly judge.

    • David
      David 26 days ago +1

      +Collette Froggatt Makeup artist? Seriously? Her mouth is made up to look like a baboon's behind.

    • Collette Froggatt
      Collette Froggatt Month ago +1

      David I know and what does she know about music. She’s a makeup artist

  • Catherine Hall
    Catherine Hall Month ago +1

    Love ❤️ this beautiful lady her voice is amazing

  • Thomas Stephenson
    Thomas Stephenson Month ago

    People are so judgemental as Simon proved when Jackie first walked on stage but her incredible performance soon put him straight good on ya girl 😁😁😁😁😁

  • David Heatley
    David Heatley Month ago +3

    I have listened to this nearly every day since I first heard it. I want to hear more from her

  • 1515327E
    1515327E Month ago +1

    That’s a Welsh Mam...nobody like them on this earth. Maen nhw’n arbennig iawn.

  • sonia russo
    sonia russo Month ago


  • swampzoid
    swampzoid Month ago +2

    One of my favorite songs. She did it justice.

  • Joyce Watson
    Joyce Watson Month ago +1

    I love Jackie.

  • Kani Fuker
    Kani Fuker Month ago +4

    Cilla Black would have loved this lady.

  • Ann Collins
    Ann Collins Month ago

    wonder why simon always makes faces at people he didn t make a face when david williams put his ass in his face lol

    JENNY LEE WAX Month ago


  • Toy Toy
    Toy Toy Month ago

    OMG - Robbie Williams' wife ... wot the fuk has happened to her mouth ? Wot is it that makes women want to look like a Spitting Image puppet... ?

  • Bikerbish
    Bikerbish Month ago +1

    Very good vocals ...deserves all applause

  • Michael Flint
    Michael Flint Month ago +10

    Way to bring the house down you go girl what a voice🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺..

  • Big Ears
    Big Ears Month ago +1

    She is good

  • theresa bollman
    theresa bollman Month ago +1


  • monica mann
    monica mann Month ago +2

    Love Robbie Williams he’s real down to earth, love ❤️ that lady she is a real mammy too xx

  • monica mann
    monica mann Month ago +2

    Ordinary woman but SUPER WOMAN XX LOVE ❤️ IT

  • monica mann
    monica mann Month ago +2

    Pure class world class excellent, Irish ☘️ Deirdre xx love her xx

  • heather caddell
    heather caddell Month ago +1

    Wow! Just wow, this lady can sing better than most famous singers today! Raw natural powerful voice un edited, ❤


    Adoro como canta está señora, canta mucho mejor que disque cantantes profesionales que necesitan el tune para mejorar su horrorosa voz por ejemplo la Paulina Rubio que no canta berrra

  • Patrica Wyer
    Patrica Wyer Month ago

    Why is Robbie so rude putting his feet up on the table

  • AdaMusolf
    AdaMusolf Month ago

    I see 352 thumbs here - they must represent ignorants if comes to good music and song or deaf people.

  • aida estela Vega
    aida estela Vega Month ago

    Deberian darle el boton dorado yo le hubiera dado 100 puntos

  • Penny Francis
    Penny Francis Month ago

    Why does Simon pull faces ??????