Jacqueline Faye 53 Farm Girl “You're My World” STANDING OVATION AUDITIONS week 1 X Factor UK 2018


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  • Terence Warner
    Terence Warner 5 hours ago


  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 20 hours ago

    Jesus, Madam, you made my cry. You are amazing, I love you Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you Jacqueline and all the people in Wales. Huggs from Argentina.

  • Cymoon RBACpro
    Cymoon RBACpro Day ago

    There’s many types of beauty and this lady is beautiful in the absolute. I wish she was part of my family❤️

  • Gael Espino
    Gael Espino 2 days ago

    Jacqueline : Your voice has it’s own charm which no one can own. You are such an original and a fantastic singer.
    You have a new fan in California.
    Peace be with you.

  • Luis Salman
    Luis Salman 2 days ago

    She should go straight to Las Vegas!,,

  • Michael Towle
    Michael Towle 3 days ago

    Jackie, I loved that. Thank you.

  • Mary R.
    Mary R. 4 days ago +1

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️love you and your overall beauty...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Paolo Maggi
    Paolo Maggi 4 days ago

    incredible rendition! incredible song by Umberto Bindi !!!

  • Graham Pugh
    Graham Pugh 6 days ago

    Darling buds of may lady

  • Spongebob0911
    Spongebob0911 6 days ago

    Amazing voice, love it ....

  • Yosen B. Mamma
    Yosen B. Mamma 7 days ago

    Susan Boyle all over again!

  • tim Carra
    tim Carra 8 days ago

    she is wonderful love you jackie

  • pamela phillips
    pamela phillips 8 days ago

    This woman blows me away, I love her, I wish she had more videos or cds. I wanted her to go on and sing the second verse. love, love love you jaqueline

    JULIONOTOKEN 8 days ago


  • linda siu
    linda siu 11 days ago


  • Rita Moreno
    Rita Moreno 11 days ago

    Nadie canta está canción como Tom Jones, pero la señora lo hizo bastante bien 👍

  • Cliff Riley
    Cliff Riley 11 days ago

    singing comes from your heart. Her heart is so big and caring...……...

  • Nosilla808
    Nosilla808 12 days ago +5

    Can't stop listening/watching this performance. Jacqueline has a wonderful tone to her voice. Proper singer. Love it.

  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee 12 days ago +2

    Wow! I never heard of Jacqueline or the song she sang. Both were delightful!

    • Sue Richardson
      Sue Richardson 11 days ago

      Love your comment Linda. This song was a hit in the early 60's for Cilla Black, (Surprise Surprise & Blind Date Cilla). Jackie does a fantastic version and I cant stop listening to it.

  • Ray Ellery
    Ray Ellery 13 days ago

    i hope she has made some recordings as her voice is fab

  • Lo Riley
    Lo Riley 13 days ago

    Fantastic !!

  • Pepita Cortiella Sabate

    Magnifica jacquel

  • Boxcar Bubba
    Boxcar Bubba 14 days ago +3

    Her daughters are also wonderful and Beautiful . 💖

  • Guido Samson
    Guido Samson 14 days ago +2

    Just close ur eyes and it feels like ur moving to that place in time.

  • Joyce Watson
    Joyce Watson 14 days ago +1

    Ive watched this over 30 times.

  • Les Reed
    Les Reed 15 days ago

    Not bad...

  • Tony Kulikovsky
    Tony Kulikovsky 15 days ago

    Go girl

  • Elizabeth Wywrot
    Elizabeth Wywrot 15 days ago

    LOVE IT :)

  • La Liz
    La Liz 16 days ago +1

    She sings better than any of the judges

  • Ray Ellery
    Ray Ellery 17 days ago +2

    singing at the very best ,what a voice!!!

  • Boxcar Bubba
    Boxcar Bubba 17 days ago +4

    My All Time Favorite Talent Audition.

  • Maribel Varela Rodriguez

    Hola,,, tienes una voz suave dulce clara y caluda me, encantas,,,, por favor sigue tus sueños no t rindas eres una luchadora. K t valla muy bien. 😘

  • Lydia de Schepper
    Lydia de Schepper 17 days ago


  • fidelina aquino
    fidelina aquino 18 days ago

    Subtítulo español

  • victor inostroza inostroza

    Hermoso. Me sorprendió, fabulosa versión. Luz Eliana la cantó acá en Chile, grandiosamente bien.

  • operabilia
    operabilia 19 days ago

    Magnificent colour, dark and husky, superb middle range, great pathos, musicality and what a lovely lady. She has got inborn talent. That's the kind of voice which make this World better. P.S.: and that self-sufficient guy could have (out of respect) removed his feet from the desk, whoever he is. No class. But who cares today anyway?!

  • Peter Dickinson
    Peter Dickinson 19 days ago +2

    Happy Tears touching my crusty heart, there's lovely.

  • neon williams
    neon williams 19 days ago

    "Let's suppose you're writing a really important email to a colleague..." Um no, let's not...lol

  • Jordan Wain
    Jordan Wain 20 days ago


  • Tania Tsakali
    Tania Tsakali 21 day ago

    Omg...What a wonderful woman...What a great huge voice...I just love her...❤️

  • stephen richardson
    stephen richardson 21 day ago +2

    She reminds me of Joan turner

  • Lois Kief
    Lois Kief 21 day ago

    Jacqueline Faye!!! Your voice is beautiful!!! You topped Cilla Black!!!

  • lol Clark
    lol Clark 22 days ago

    I wish she had put her through. She chose the wrong ones I would have loved to have seen her go far.i love this song always makes me feel emotional the music alone .and Simons face. He judges too much on looks alone it's almost in his eyes if your not beautiful then your nothing and not worth his time. Hope she comes back next year and gets into the final.

  • Maria Amador
    Maria Amador 22 days ago

    Muy bien

  • Diane Roberts
    Diane Roberts 23 days ago

    Robbies wife looks like kermit the frog

  • Rozalina Razali
    Rozalina Razali 23 days ago

    i love it

  • Sharon Legnon
    Sharon Legnon 23 days ago

    Absolutely incredible.

  • Krajcsi Petronella
    Krajcsi Petronella 24 days ago

    Oh she is perfect!

  • Peter Tyson
    Peter Tyson 25 days ago

    Wonderful. Miss Cilla.

  • Emmanuel Emmanuel
    Emmanuel Emmanuel 25 days ago

    je ne parle pas anglais un grand bravo pour cette dame

  • M J
    M J 28 days ago

    Fantastic performance xxxxx

  • Maria Antonieta Zavalaga Rueda

    Canta hermoso.

  • sylvie jean-luc daubelcourt

    pourquoi un des juges lève déja les yeux au ciel et soupire sans l'avoir entendu il juge sur la personne .Mais quel voix quel talent

  • lloyd bennett
    lloyd bennett 28 days ago

    Where can I buy your CD ?

  • Frederick Pledge
    Frederick Pledge 28 days ago

    she is simply brilliant

  • Ann Collins
    Ann Collins 29 days ago

    she is a real live singer

  • John Beattie
    John Beattie 29 days ago

    oh she can sing

  • piet pienter
    piet pienter Month ago

    Robbie Williams, what an uneducated, rude little bastard, with an enormous ego.

  • Léa Agusta
    Léa Agusta Month ago

    Super voix, mais... Pas un producteur n'investira 1 penny sur une fermière vielle et grosse. Il n'y a qu'en France qu'une laurence boccolini a pu faire carrière. On veut nous faire croire que '' fat is beautiful '', mais la première chose que font les gros et les grosses avec un peu de pognon, c'est un régime. L'obésité est l'ennemie de la santé !

  • Barbara Elford
    Barbara Elford Month ago

    How far did she get in the competition?

  • ed low
    ed low Month ago

    This is one performance that you want to watch over and over.

  • Sweet Strawberry
    Sweet Strawberry Month ago

    Yeah this what people should sing, great voice, great song I love it

  • John Kaszanek
    John Kaszanek Month ago

    When a person comes on stage that person is alone and sure to be frightened. Judges should be kind and reassuring regardless of performance outcome. Simon is a moron. He did same thing to Susan Boyle and Charlotte and Jonathan! He’s a disgrace. God bless you Jacqueline. It was a marvelous and gutsy performance!!

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith Month ago

    Bloody fantastic

  • John Kaszanek
    John Kaszanek Month ago

    What a gutsy performance! Wow! Love it!

  • João Takanori jamjao

    JACQUELINE FAYE is so brilliant as the song that she sings....W O N D E R F U L L Y !!!!

  • João Takanori jamjao

    JACQUELINE FAYE is not good....SHE'S AMAZING , she sings with all her heart, and she's blessed with her family and her farm !!!!

  • Gillian Barr
    Gillian Barr Month ago

    She's brilliant xxxx

  • Chris Butler
    Chris Butler Month ago

    You give me goosebumps Jacqueline...

  • John Kaszanek
    John Kaszanek Month ago

    Sad how some judges can be rude, ignorant. For this woman to come on stage alone in front of judges, cameras, and a huge live audience then be treated badly is a disgrace. Simon was rolling his eyes in disgust. His behavior was terrible. Jacqueline was unbelievable. What a performance! God bless.

  • Cliff Riley
    Cliff Riley Month ago

    What is it about Welsh singers? So good......check their DNA..lol Wait a minute I am part Welsh...haha

  • steve vye
    steve vye Month ago

    what a tosspot that williams is

  • Ligia Sanchez Solana

    Me dieron tantas ganas de llorar de oír cantar a alguien tan Hermoso 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Over50andFantabulous
    Over50andFantabulous Month ago +3

    Singin it Momma ~ represent us "seasoned citizens" Love her!

  • fabiola guichapani levicoi

    Que hermosa voz

  • Les J. Suli
    Les J. Suli Month ago

    great job

  • John Krebs
    John Krebs Month ago +3

    Have listened and watched at least 6+ times...absolutely, positively LOVE this!!!!! Great voice!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Laura Salazar
    Laura Salazar Month ago


  • Ian McKillop
    Ian McKillop Month ago

    Did the backing music speed up at 2:50 for the rest of the song ? Maybe the show was running over !

  • Adna Ding
    Adna Ding Month ago

    I love the way she si gs thos song.

  • Farida Cleopatra Ali
    Farida Cleopatra Ali Month ago +2

    Real beautiful voice......

  • gabi r.
    gabi r. Month ago +7

    Jacqueline Faye is a fantastic lady with a beautiful great VOICE!!!! Thank you Lady!!!!

  • Sky Flyer
    Sky Flyer Month ago

    She reminds me of Mary Byrnes, the Irish woman, who sang in the X Factor a while back. Solid voice and stage presence.

  • George Bennig
    George Bennig Month ago +1

    Very good voice, song and woman. I just didn’t like that Robbie guys feet on the desk. It’s a world acclaimed show. Well good for you Jackie great performance. May you bless us all with your singing. Thank you

  • Lenora Antunes
    Lenora Antunes Month ago

    Simon Cowell is such a snob. He looks down his nose at people who don't fit his Barbie doll persona. I'm going lad this wonderful woman showed him you can't judge a book...

  • Barbara Dyson
    Barbara Dyson Month ago

    Who on earth is that rude git next to simon cowell, what a turd. Manners of a binliner.

  • liberty Ann
    liberty Ann Month ago +16

    Simon learned nothing from Susan Boyle rolling his eyes and being a jerk.

  • TLTthatsME
    TLTthatsME Month ago +5

    As a soon to be 53 year old woman...you rock!! 😎😁

  • K Toner
    K Toner Month ago


  • Don RETSAS
    Don RETSAS Month ago

    Who does Robbie Williams think he is.

  • Alfredo Cardenas
    Alfredo Cardenas Month ago

    Me erizo la piel 😱😱

  • Debbie McCarthy
    Debbie McCarthy Month ago +4

    How rude is Robbie Williams ...putting his feet up ...arrogant man

  • Lia Ruyana
    Lia Ruyana Month ago

    i love her

  • Mercienne Mecca
    Mercienne Mecca Month ago +6

    I love you voice, you are a good and a great lady , with full of joy and love. I can't be tire to
    Watching you singing. From Canada

  • Elisa Leoncini
    Elisa Leoncini Month ago +7

    Reminded me of Susan Boyle

  • Myra Logsdon
    Myra Logsdon Month ago

    Simon still judges before he should with the look as they walk out on the stage .

  • Jo LDC
    Jo LDC Month ago +7

    Love love, loved it! Amazing. I wish I could listen to her more.

  • docfloc
    docfloc Month ago +1

    Wish that that twat Williams would get his friggin feet off the table.

  • Dave Lubeck
    Dave Lubeck Month ago

    Who is that guy sitting next to Simon ?? I think i Love him ;-)

  • Maria Antonieta Zavalaga Rueda

    Maravillosa. Cada vez que la escucho me emociono hasta las lágrimas.