Jacqueline Faye 53 Farm Girl “You're My World” STANDING OVATION AUDITIONS week 1 X Factor UK 2018

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
  • Jacqueline Faye 53 year old farm girl “You're My World” GETS STANDING OVATION AUDITIONS week 1 round 2 (Sunday). This is full segment or full performance of this contestant with judges comments and intro or back story on X Factor UK 2018. This show in on its Season or Series 15 Episode 2 (S15E02).

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Comments • 833

  • David Watson
    David Watson 16 hours ago

    2:20.... RW looking bemused. "Yes, this is called SINGING, proper singing, Robbie!" Btw, what's with the feet on the desk? Did you mother not bring you up properly? Was she a tramp or something?

  • Jørgen Lyngkilde
    Jørgen Lyngkilde 17 hours ago

    BUUUUh Simon

  • olivia tg
    olivia tg Day ago +1

    This is the value of maturity. real feelings. I love her .

  • Atalana100
    Atalana100 Day ago +1

    Simon sollte aufhören mit den Augen zu rollen ^^... BEVOR er die Menschen gehört hat...

    • olivia tg
      olivia tg Day ago

      Atlanta, Er denkt er sei der Beste.

  • Ingrid Maier
    Ingrid Maier Day ago +3

    Wow, what a voice!!! Absolutely brilliant....❤❤❤

    • Vivian Perino
      Vivian Perino 3 hours ago

      Ingrid Maier ...Cilla Black died at 80 ....I loved her...I was 14 when I heard this song ....I’m now 68...

  • alfa-psi
    alfa-psi 2 days ago

    simon cowell is so original: "you are a little tiger, ain't you ?"
    Said the same exact thing to Susan Boyle.
    Must be his unique line for ageing, fat women who can sing.

    • alfa-psi
      alfa-psi Day ago

      @olivia tg
      I didn't say old, I said ageing. It's true.
      She's fat, like Susan Boyle. Also true.
      Just pointing out a pattern.
      My mother ? What has to do with this ?
      She never met Simon Cowell as far as I know.

    • olivia tg
      olivia tg Day ago +1

      alfa . never say old, fat to any woman, think about YOUR mother.

  • Elaine Fitzgerald
    Elaine Fitzgerald 3 days ago


  • Genie McGuire
    Genie McGuire 3 days ago

    great voice!!

  • 1splat23
    1splat23 3 days ago

    Great singing Jaqueline Faye! Robbie Williams wife, judge Ayda Field, getting freaky looking with all the plastic surgery and injections. Her lips are so weird.

  • John Mavilla
    John Mavilla 4 days ago


  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 4 days ago

    Reminds me of Susan in a way.

  • Roslyn Klippelt
    Roslyn Klippelt 4 days ago

    Absolutely fecking awesome!!!! And she is sexy to boot!

  • Sergio Vera
    Sergio Vera 6 days ago

    Me encanta verla y escucharla, es fantastica, pero me incomoda la falta de respeto del señor del jurado que coloca sus pies sobre el meson

  • Jeffrey Yuhasz
    Jeffrey Yuhasz 6 days ago

    Best judging panel ever....Howie, Simon, David, Amanda....bring that to the USA instead of dumb ass bimbos.

  • Tony Cardie
    Tony Cardie 8 days ago

    Robby's wife: nice lips 🙄 (expensive?)

  • Tony Cardie
    Tony Cardie 8 days ago

    Robby, nice PJ's.

  • claire reichel
    claire reichel 8 days ago

    I very rarely watch these so called competitions and this really brought home why It is so false - does anyone actually believe any of this? And Robbie williams feet up, blah, blah . I mean really?????

  • Frank Mcmillan
    Frank Mcmillan 9 days ago

    So many great singers come out of Wales Jackie is one of them brilliant

  • Narinder Sahota
    Narinder Sahota 9 days ago


  • John Martin Ashby
    John Martin Ashby 9 days ago


  • Wendy Ryder
    Wendy Ryder 11 days ago +3

    Of course she's amazing! She's welsh! How could she NOT be! DEFINITELY a Susan Boyle moment!

  • Simiiformes
    Simiiformes 11 days ago +3

    Awesome voices come from Wales. Think Tom Jones.

  • Ashley Valkoss
    Ashley Valkoss 11 days ago +4

    Her reaction at the end is so adorable and genuinely humble! Very special lady!

  • Freddie Montanez
    Freddie Montanez 12 days ago +2

    It's Wednesday, July 3rd 2019.4:45am. I'm going to save this video so I see it again.

  • Freddie Montanez
    Freddie Montanez 12 days ago +7

    Wow,Jackie you sang be beautiful. God bless your soul. I know your daughters are proud of you.

  • Simiiformes
    Simiiformes 13 days ago +6

    Robbie Williams' comment was so lovely and deep. I felt it so much.

  • United Differences
    United Differences 16 days ago +1

    Oh my heartuuu 💜

  • Jan Raniel
    Jan Raniel 16 days ago

    Simon don't learned with Susan Boyle

  • Douglas Hill
    Douglas Hill 16 days ago +1

    I am going to smile all day

  • Joan Cahill
    Joan Cahill 16 days ago +3

    Oh wow so beautiful; and what a voice : beautiful inside and out well done xx

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 16 days ago +1

    Great singer I would buy her CD now

  • monica burgess
    monica burgess 17 days ago +10

    Imo she sang it better than Cilla Black & I do not say that often. She should have gone all the way thru & won. She has class & a set of pipes.
    Love this woman!

  • Dawn Schnack
    Dawn Schnack 17 days ago

    Wtf those fiships on that judge.
    What a phony

  • Pandoraspocks
    Pandoraspocks 18 days ago +2

    Beautiful beautiful voice...goosebumps on my goosebumps😊😊😊😊

  • stephen Forster
    stephen Forster 18 days ago +2

    brilliant fantastic could go on all day

  • Nadeem Noah Taj
    Nadeem Noah Taj 19 days ago +1

    she gave me goose bumps!! WOW

  • Ruth Hargreaves
    Ruth Hargreaves 19 days ago +1

    Just wonderful

  • mamabravo100
    mamabravo100 20 days ago +1

    just amazing!

  • mikeyjl54
    mikeyjl54 21 day ago +1

    Not Cilla Black bit it was awesome

  • pam hoyt
    pam hoyt 21 day ago +2

    Absolutely love you!!!You're my doppelganger!Except, you ain't BETTER THAN ME!Your voice is beautiful!!!!

  • Elise Chartrand
    Elise Chartrand 21 day ago +1

    I keep listening to this lady over and over love her voice.

    • Simiiformes
      Simiiformes 18 days ago +1

      Me too! I love this lady. Her voice is rich and powerful but also mellow. I can't put it into words.

  • Simiiformes
    Simiiformes 22 days ago +2

    Awwww. She sang this to Robbie. That's why it was awesome. She loves him so much. (But in a good way) She's world class and more.

  • Laurie Lewis
    Laurie Lewis 22 days ago +1

    Oh wow You bare a star :)

  • Belvin Sweat
    Belvin Sweat 22 days ago +2

    A great tribute to Cilla Black. May her voice live on.

  • Stephen McConkey
    Stephen McConkey 23 days ago

    Superb doesn't do it justice!!! My wife and I danced to this for our first dance at our wedding. Again SUPERB!!!!!

  • Bronwen Habberley
    Bronwen Habberley 24 days ago +3

    Has this lady made an album cos I’d buy one her voice is amazing.

  • Anne Cantle
    Anne Cantle 24 days ago +1

    "at your age" wow, judge on talent, not age

  • Gary Thomson
    Gary Thomson 24 days ago +14

    Woooohooo go Jacqueline you chose to sing the song of an absolute legend ... Cilla would have been very proud

  • Ivan Hinojosa
    Ivan Hinojosa 26 days ago +1


  • bryan fowler
    bryan fowler 28 days ago

    Who's the dick head with his feet on the desk, no manners

  • sylvie jean-luc daubelcourt

    messieurs les juges .Vous ne l'avez pas entendu chanté et vous levez les yeux au ciel pour son apparence

  • Жаклин Дюбуа

    Бесподобно. Браво👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Lady Chatelaine
    Lady Chatelaine Month ago

    Why is RW wearing his pyjamas?

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    Who let out the old granny from the mental ward .


    Susan boile.. Historias similares !!!!que Talento...!!

  • kevin heming
    kevin heming Month ago

    She was on the Michael Barrymore (awful man) many years ago singing with her daughter.

  • nora espinosa
    nora espinosa Month ago

    Porfavor alguien que pueda poner subtitulos en español ll!!!

  • Adelina Alvarado
    Adelina Alvarado Month ago +2

    God bless you Jackie ❤️your are humble with a fantastic voice 👍🏼👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏God bless you forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Wanda Thompson
    Wanda Thompson Month ago +2

    That song was meant for her! Perfection! I will never forget her beautiful voice.

    • Miki B
      Miki B 25 days ago

      I agree some very odd comments from odd people, but this was her moment, it is such a feel good factor.Beautiful

  • steve vye
    steve vye Month ago +1

    Robbie one big headed horrible kunt

  • eileen bailey
    eileen bailey Month ago


  • Vivianne Bergeron
    Vivianne Bergeron Month ago


  • Margie Arenas
    Margie Arenas Month ago +1

    Hermosa voz..una forma de demostrar que la edad es sólo un número..

  • antonio Otro
    antonio Otro Month ago

    Jacqueline, felicitaciones tienes una voz impresionante, no hablo ingles pero igual se escucha maravilloso. Feliciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitaciones.

  • Salice McCool
    Salice McCool Month ago

    Simon with his predictable sneer as she comes onstage. He never learns. What a lovely, charming woman, & WHAT a voice! Made me think of Mary Byrne’s & Janie Cutler’s auditions.

  • Roy Cawthorne
    Roy Cawthorne Month ago

    wonderfull wonderfull.what can one say.

  • John Balladear
    John Balladear Month ago

    Wow, shivers.

  • Annette Kristensen
    Annette Kristensen Month ago +4

    I could watch this for ever! such a voice

  • Robert Lamouroux
    Robert Lamouroux Month ago +2

    Très bien

  • Maureen Smith
    Maureen Smith Month ago +1

    Such a lovely strong voice, and later in the semi finals they picked the wrong song for her voice, and it was a total let down, and she was eliminated!! So very sad , cause she was another Susan Boyle!!