r/Entitledparents Insane Woman STALKS Shopper and Follows Her Home!

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • r/Entitledparents believe that you should give them everything that you own. And if you refuse? Well, too bad! This entitled mommy is going to stalk you through the grocery store and follow you home because she's going to get what she wants and nothing you can do will stop her. I can't believe the audacity of this woman. What was she planning on doing once she found OP's home address???
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  4 months ago +2288

    So I'm talking to the merch store people trying to get the store set up
    At this point 99% of the reason why I'm doing a merch store is because I really really want a Yugo plush

    • YamiAtemYugi
      YamiAtemYugi 10 hours ago

      I don't blame you, Yugo is adorable as are the puppy bloopers.

    • XxWeirdGurlxX
      XxWeirdGurlxX 9 days ago


      KEPPANA BOI 10 days ago

      rslash u liked ur comment u can propably like mine too cuz u can afford 1like u can afford another1:D

    • Gem Stone
      Gem Stone Month ago

      NO YOU CAN'T!!!

    • Poteito14 Mitsotaki
      Poteito14 Mitsotaki Month ago

      Make Karen plushies if u can xd

  • YamiAtemYugi
    YamiAtemYugi 10 hours ago

    I don't know what it is but you 'Entitled Mother/Entitled Child' voice are so grating and annoying and make my ears bleed a little so well done. It's somewhere between nail on a glass chalkboard and a banshee shrieking. It sounds horrible but I love the video even if I want to curl up into a little ball and turn off the video. Kudos to your acting.

  • Gergo Bikfic
    Gergo Bikfic 17 hours ago

    I eorking here!!!!

  • Tiwohh
    Tiwohh Day ago

    Manager Wars: The last Karen

  • DekuLUL
    DekuLUL Day ago

    And the first one has now settled a tradition in a lot of video games:

    Capture the flag...

  • LooneyBin17
    LooneyBin17 2 days ago

    Poor Uncle needs to divorce,take his daughter and get a RO on that crazy bitch.She isn't entitled,she is a control freak,and pretty sure abusive.

  • Stream Sniper
    Stream Sniper 2 days ago

    if u diidint make poor uncle sound lke an entitled brat i could have laughed this off

  • Danny Brown
    Danny Brown 3 days ago

    ding dong ding dong you got a sub its me

  • The weird corner of the internet

    If Uncle was Angelica Schuyler:

    "You want a revolution, I want a bread revelation! So listen to my declaration! Crazy aunt, just shut the fuck up and let me eat my bread in the Italian restauraaannnttt!"

    *Hamilton has consumed me*

  • CiCi • 8 years ago

    If I had a husband I’d give him all the bread in the world

  • BLUE-BOYS 24
    BLUE-BOYS 24 3 days ago +1

    I know it's illegal for a male to hit a female, but whenever I hear what these entitled moms want, I just wish I was there to punch them in the face.

  • Ian Macmillan
    Ian Macmillan 3 days ago +2

    EM: Give me your bag.
    Me: No.
    EM: *stalks me home*
    Phantom of the Opera fans will get this joke.

  • Virginia Osuna
    Virginia Osuna 3 days ago

    Ugh what the heck! Man that crazy
    Woman who was following that
    Person needs to understand being
    A stalker can get you throw into jail!
    Ugh I've had a really weird as heck
    Stalker growing up what a creep!
    He was a lot older then me and odd
    When asked me out I was 14 back
    Then many years ago he was like
    17 years old and almost 18 at the
    First time I met too! He stalked
    Me for three years some where
    Down the line he Crossed a deadly
    Line with me when he honestly
    Thought i would be a great

  • Vina Lockhart
    Vina Lockhart 4 days ago

    That last story hit close to home, I had an grocery store employee assault me because she liked my tote bag. I never use it anymore, or any cute tote bag, because I am so scared of something like that happening again. (I also never shop at that grocery store anymore.)

  • Spy Menon Through out the Universe

    12:54 insert Star Wars droid saying uh oh tvclip.biz/video/cFocmjyF00o/video.html

  • Fesh Pince
    Fesh Pince 5 days ago

    First story was fake as fuck. Like holy shit dude. Sounded like a movie script.

  • Shamar Soule
    Shamar Soule 5 days ago

    Your voice for the uncle made me feel really bad for the guy😢

  • Danforth Paleontologist

    I wish all Entitled People encounters were as funny as that one where the Poor Uncle finally had his freedom to have bread. 😂

  • Kaboom Baby
    Kaboom Baby 5 days ago

    I really don't get it though. As much as I want to get angry at that lady, I'm just confused. WHY are you trying to literally control everyone? Like you're playing a game of Warcraft and the people around you are just units you tell what to do. What the fuck? Does the concept of "free will" not exist with this person. Sure enough, she voices her own opinions and wants, but the moment someone expresses free will, it's like that lady got attacked with a knife or something.
    Granted, this story seems really fake, like most stories on entitled parents. But if this is true.... Just. Why? What's wrong with her?

  • Jay12393
    Jay12393 6 days ago

    Uhh, checkout guy,, that lady is just watching me... MENACINGLY!!

  • Jk Moon
    Jk Moon 8 days ago

    Maybe the crazy aunt should get committed for being delusional...

  • Clifton Travis
    Clifton Travis 8 days ago

    I'm surprised she hasn't crashed and also that the uncle hasn't devorced her.

  • Alex K
    Alex K 8 days ago

    lol op's dad probably has had enough experience with children to know exactly how to deal with the crazy aunt. legit the bish sounds like a 5 year old having a tantrum

  • Mr Gold
    Mr Gold 8 days ago

    Battle of the Bread Rolls
    Coming September 21st

  • HashBrownSelfie
    HashBrownSelfie 8 days ago

    Crazy Aunt: IT’S MY STATE!!!
    Me: Okay GOVERNER, but don’t you have some papers to file!?

  • Etherion
    Etherion 8 days ago

    about the first story: since when is veal an italian special?

  • A Person
    A Person 9 days ago

    Crazy aunt: Well, I'm leaving. You can all walk home.
    OP's dad: I drove. It's our car.

  • Zoogoo40
    Zoogoo40 9 days ago +2

    As a note, if someone is following you, drive straight to a police station and get their license plate. Report em

  • Andreus Card
    Andreus Card 9 days ago

    Bro I was. Screen in the crazy aunt pits me off

  • A J Rodinsky
    A J Rodinsky 9 days ago

    The "Crazy Aunt" story reminds me of Amy's parents from the Big Bang Theory, almost like one or more of the lead writers for the episode where she and Sheldon get married were in the restaurant watching that scene go down.

  • LordUzaki
    LordUzaki 9 days ago

    I was buying the first story until they said she not only drove on the wrong side of the fucking freeway, but also believed she was in the right.
    You pushed it too far. No way she didnt end up in a wreck or in massive trouble.

  • Jacob Moser
    Jacob Moser 10 days ago +1

    I think I went to the exact same reastaurant cause when I was four I went to a reasterant with the same thing if u don’t believe me I DO NOT KARE I’m just telling u someting

  • GravitonArc
    GravitonArc 12 days ago

    Uncle: I don’t even like Italian food
    Also Uncle: I want the lasagna
    ...who’s gonna break the bad news?

  • stephen larreynaga
    stephen larreynaga 12 days ago

    Crazy aunt is my favorite story so far 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤

  • Dominic Camargo
    Dominic Camargo 12 days ago

    It’s capture the flag

  • Soggy Tortilla
    Soggy Tortilla 12 days ago

    Tea in the south pf only sweet tea we find normal unsweetened tea a disgrace and f you have you are a sinner

  • Noli the Extraterrestrial Furry

    I like how the crazy aunt was literally trying to choose food and drinks for everyone as if the world would end if they were allowed to have their own choices.

  • Gabriel Pierce
    Gabriel Pierce 12 days ago

    I would have shanked ea with that flag

  • Dru Pearce
    Dru Pearce 13 days ago

    I think your thumbnail is my ex...

  • ms quik
    ms quik 13 days ago

    That one at the Italian restaurant was that the same EM that took Emilys car or am I mistaken??

  • King Ryan O
    King Ryan O 13 days ago

    9:50 is such a great idea!

  • lookie neeche
    lookie neeche 15 days ago

    phantom bag: exists
    EM : Hippity hoppity ! ,your bag is now my property !

  • iHieu 99
    iHieu 99 15 days ago

    Crazy aunt here’s what would happen if I was the uncle to you 😵😵

  • rcamp1423
    rcamp1423 15 days ago +1

    Second I realize someone is following me I would be calling the police

  • Dimentio_Da_Best
    Dimentio_Da_Best 15 days ago

    Everyone else: Get Nae-Nae'd!

  • Mlgpenguinboy
    Mlgpenguinboy 15 days ago

    Ha ha ha that first story was read by Redditor (no hate on rslash) and it’s still funny

  • MojangYang YAN0014
    MojangYang YAN0014 16 days ago

    I never even met you, but you like fortnite because I say so.

    Btw I don’t like fortnite a bit

  • Mad Paddy
    Mad Paddy 17 days ago

    Honestly I don't think I would be able to withhold smacking someone out if they treated me like how PU was treated...especially if they were my partner I understand the fact that he stayed with her for Emily but even then... I would probably lose it. (Shouldn't be important but to some people it is but I'm a woman so if you need an image of a 170cm/5"5.5' woman smacking down a Karen there you go

  • Elise Clark
    Elise Clark 17 days ago

    DAD: you drive the wrong way on the freeway


    how many accidents have you gotten in, and how the heck are you still alive?????

  • FBI Donut
    FBI Donut 17 days ago

    That poor poor man...

  • luis perron
    luis perron 17 days ago

    poor uncle should have been like im having more bread and YOU are sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future.

  • Kathryn Hall
    Kathryn Hall 18 days ago

    I always love the voices he does 😂

  • pengu
    pengu 18 days ago +1

    poor uncle finally got that bread 🍞

  • Demon Eon
    Demon Eon 18 days ago

    I feel bad for the uncle just because the voice rSlash gives him.

  • BFT Neelix
    BFT Neelix 18 days ago

    I'm kinda turned off by Veal as well, not that I'm a vegan, or anything close to it, just got done a leftover rack of ribs I baked to absolute perfection last night as a matter of fact, but yeah.. veal if you don't know is a baby cow. Yes, the cows we eat for meat are bread to die for food, I accept that just fine, that is our place in the evolutionary line, but theres something just off putting to me ethically about eating less than month old calves who haven't at least had a grow to adult life of grazing in the field first..

  • 9puppys
    9puppys 19 days ago

    9:32 That Made Me Laugh XD

  • Repairedgnome
    Repairedgnome 19 days ago

    There should be “r/ stupid feminists”

  • Stuart Robert Kennedy
    Stuart Robert Kennedy 19 days ago +2

    Found this channel an hour ago and I can't stop watching the videos, send help!!!

  • UmbreonGamer2377g Dreemurr[GD]

    Here you go for the "Tennis Match" you asked for about entitled parents