Black Ops 3 "NUK3TOWN" - CONFIRMED! - (COD BO3 Nuketown DLC)

  • Published on Aug 27, 2015
  • Black Ops 3 "NUK3TOWN" - CONFIRMED DLC map! :O
    ● Black Ops 3 - SECRET GUNS! -
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    Black Ops 3 NUKETOWN? Everyone wants it and it looks like "Nuketown 2065" could be coming to Black Ops 3! Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the OFFICIAL Call of Duty for 2015. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (COD BO3) and will continue from Black Ops 2, developed by Treyarch. I am a huge fan of the Black Ops series so to see Black Ops 3 be officially confirmed for COD 2015 is epic. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE for the latest information on Black Ops 3 as we lead up to it's release in November 2015! :)
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Comments • 2 938

  • Michael Thornton
    Michael Thornton 9 months ago +1

    I threw up looking at that hairline

  • Gamer 12
    Gamer 12 Year ago

    It's awesome sauce that people are still playing bo3 to this day that's how popular this game is

  • Chaos Gaia
    Chaos Gaia 2 years ago

    The hair implants worked well. Now he doesn't look like an onion

  • Tay Richardson
    Tay Richardson 3 years ago


  • S Jacuzzi
    S Jacuzzi 3 years ago

    Nooooo it's still small

  • Bnswish 3
    Bnswish 3 3 years ago

    Play zombies Ali

  • RapidHehx
    RapidHehx 3 years ago

    mute the audio on every video like this when he talks in front of the cam, looks like hes dropping them bars lmao

  • Adam Taylor
    Adam Taylor 3 years ago

    I got it because I pre owned the game so I got the cod

  • Nick Trust
    Nick Trust 3 years ago

    who is-int hype for nuk3town

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson 3 years ago

    do you get NUK3TOWN if you pre-order from Amazon?

    KING KUNTA 3 years ago

    thumbs down u bitch

  • Dillon C
    Dillon C 3 years ago

    hopefully they make this map bigger. I hate how you constantly get spawn trapped if you're not the lucky team. I hope its for preorder only, I thought this map was voted for too much in previous black ops games.

  • Trickshot Montage
    Trickshot Montage 3 years ago

    This video wuz uploaded on my birthday

  • shane campbell
    shane campbell 3 years ago

    what the fuck is he wearing

  • SirArnoldGrylls
    SirArnoldGrylls 3 years ago

    It was confirmed ages you ago you annoying syndicate wannabe chav

    • PaperTowel
      PaperTowel 3 years ago

      +SirArnoldGrylls Check the date ugh

  • Lost soul
    Lost soul 3 years ago

    You look even more of douch bag

  • Trey Reed
    Trey Reed 3 years ago

    can't u get it like how it was on black ops 2 like its free and u could download

  • Alex perez
    Alex perez 3 years ago


  • Steven Barcelo
    Steven Barcelo 3 years ago

    you got fatter

  • Jesse Sprankle
    Jesse Sprankle 3 years ago

    I WANT NUK3TOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ssj_ blackgoku_61
    ssj_ blackgoku_61 3 years ago

    My name is:zZzZzZ!

  • T- JAY343
    T- JAY343 3 years ago

    Well time for kids to get spawn trapped again ;)

  • Ali a
    Ali a 3 years ago

    do have ps3

  • MikusTheDog
    MikusTheDog 3 years ago

    i pre ordered bo 3 and forgot about the map nuketown XD

  • Eric Abbasi
    Eric Abbasi 3 years ago

    I already knew because it said on eb games or gamestop for u Americans

  • Grimlock258
    Grimlock258 3 years ago

    @Flunkie SB
    Yeah i know it sucks, their websites confirmes it too.....

  • SoggyBiscuits1000
    SoggyBiscuits1000 3 years ago

    blackops 3 is far far farrrrrrrrrr to futuristic !!!(whats with the feckin jumping!) myself i prefer the old black ops 1 and 2........... and the old zombies!!!! BAMMMMM!!

  • Daniel Ferguson
    Daniel Ferguson 3 years ago

    Can I game with on call of duty black ops 2 on Xbox some time

  • Denim McNair
    Denim McNair 3 years ago +1

    Who came here to see it?

  • Bombastic Alien
    Bombastic Alien 3 years ago

    +Ali-A if i buy the hardened edition will i be able to play nuketown 2060 ?

  • lmm Lazer
    lmm Lazer 3 years ago

    it says nuk3town because its they're 3rd version of it

  • Michael Venezia
    Michael Venezia 3 years ago

    Since I pre ordered BO3, I get Nuketown?

  • Legendary Mercy
    Legendary Mercy 3 years ago

    there gonna make it free like bo2............eventually

  • Demetrio's GFX/ItzMunx-

    99% of people bag on nuketown because there terrible at fast pace. Though they know deep down its the best map. Who knows the changes in it because of the movement system could make it a lot better. It's all a trial and error basis, the dev's give the people what they want so stop complaining. If 1000-1 people want it they'll get it. It's how it works, you wana eliminate it in the future work for treyarch and make a better map. Problem solved😂

  • Margarita Contreras
    Margarita Contreras 3 years ago


  • youtuber sem rumosjsksks

    huee brr !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TribusGaming
    TribusGaming 3 years ago

    theres also something on steam about it, theres something that says black ops 3 pre order, nuketown

  • Beatriz Agbayani
    Beatriz Agbayani 3 years ago

    when you pre order BO3 will you able to get the full realease on the day it comes out in ps4?

  • The Game Is Real
    The Game Is Real 3 years ago

    It's no freaking surprise of course their gonna make nuke town for bo3

    LILWETONE 3 years ago

    like my channel

  • CFX シ
    CFX シ 3 years ago

    They are just going to give it out for free sooner or later 😂

  • Mr AdvancedCat
    Mr AdvancedCat 3 years ago

    Water? Cuz i love water cuz it's great for gerund kills

  • Ali A
    Ali A 3 years ago

    did u know that 9+10 actually equlas 21....LUMINATTEEE CONFIRMMED!!!

  • TopFiveZombies
    TopFiveZombies 3 years ago

    Technically it's the 4th Nuketown, including Nuketown Zombies

  • Avery
    Avery 3 years ago

    The real nuketown is bo1

  • Avery
    Avery 3 years ago

    This is not nuke town its garbage

  • FrenchApplez
    FrenchApplez 3 years ago

    im getting tired of this, i got a email from call of duty about nuketown but it said ps4, xbox one, pc. i preordered it on ps3 😖

  • NikkoVs Games
    NikkoVs Games 3 years ago

    any free give aways

  • Ethan__20 0
    Ethan__20 0 3 years ago

    cant wait for bo3

  • Laucd
    Laucd 3 years ago

    They only really have one option and that's to make the map bigger . I mean think about how hectic it's going to be with all the jumping and wall running abilities you can do in that game ? You can honestly hit the enemy spawn in an insanely fast amount of time .

  • VFX Todd
    VFX Todd 3 years ago

    Bullshit. Nuketown is by far THE worst COD map ever made. It's a clusterfuck of garbage. It's the ONE map in COD that allows for spawn kills milliseconds after you spawn. How you can support a map like that is mind baffling. The only reason that Nuketown became so popular is because of the unimaginative tastes of the COD community which prefers mindless simplicity over strategic design. You can look at almost any COD and see that the most popular maps are also the maps that have the most mind-numbingly simplistic layouts. Playing Nuketown is like shooting fish in a barrel, except YOU are one of the fish.

  • TheHighNerd
    TheHighNerd 3 years ago

    @Ali-A comfirmed i got the email i can screenshot it for you

  • raheem afsar
    raheem afsar 3 years ago

    Very cool😈

    SMJ MPH 3 years ago


  • VincentH1712
    VincentH1712 3 years ago

    Du hurensohn

  • monkeyboy8me
    monkeyboy8me 3 years ago

    Firing Range is a way better map

  • Onyx Storm
    Onyx Storm 3 years ago

    So many people copied Ali-A by basically publishing the same video.

  • hwz bobcat
    hwz bobcat 3 years ago

    Nuketown is back? For Christ's sake its getting worse than the Land Before Time franchise. Just kill it like Ducky already.

  • Isaac Ramos
    Isaac Ramos 3 years ago

    What if I already pre ordered the digital deluxe edition 😐 will I still get it?!

  • Dark Kermit
    Dark Kermit 3 years ago

    Mhm, Nuk Three Town. I like it ;)

  • Anthony Newton
    Anthony Newton 3 years ago

    Nuketown sucks, it needs to be destroyed forever

  • vol Rogue
    vol Rogue 3 years ago

    Actually this is the 4 th version!!!! Zombiez aswell!!! Come on everyone! BTW: I swear to god......that i will like this comment! U swore remember!!

  • vol Rogue
    vol Rogue 3 years ago

    R.I.P window wars

  • Max1 Million
    Max1 Million 3 years ago

    NUKETOWN 2025

  • Big B Little G
    Big B Little G 3 years ago

    Ali When Are you going to get a proper gaming chair

  • Dani Supreme
    Dani Supreme 3 years ago

    I'm bez is better than ali a

  • Owl Blue
    Owl Blue 3 years ago

    Wait i preordered it before it was announced do i still get it?

  • Jc Productions
    Jc Productions 3 years ago


  • Joseph veal
    Joseph veal 3 years ago

    Yes I'm pumped

  • Kemal  Öztürk
    Kemal Öztürk 3 years ago

    i don't like NUK3TOWN so mutch

  • SpideyGaming
    SpideyGaming 3 years ago

    what if we already preordered the game will we still get it

  • Logan Laliberte
    Logan Laliberte 3 years ago

    You won't get it if you pre-order on Xbox 360 or PS3

  • BeauGames
    BeauGames 3 years ago

    I know it

  • Eduardo Avila
    Eduardo Avila 3 years ago

    will nuk3town be on the hardened edition? or am I gonna have to get the season pass for it?

  • zbiij
    zbiij 3 years ago

    I KNEW IT!!!

  • Xavier Massiah
    Xavier Massiah 3 years ago

    i wouldnt mind them bringing gun range back as well

    • Xavier Massiah
      Xavier Massiah 3 years ago

      +Jack Woods lol yes thanks its been a while

    • Jack Woods
      Jack Woods 3 years ago

      Do you you mean firing range from bo1 and studio from bo2?

  • UuuuuhhLettuce
    UuuuuhhLettuce 3 years ago

    well, in brazil, most of the psn games are pirated soo I dunno if that is true....

  • Romni Torres
    Romni Torres 3 years ago


    AHOOD 3 years ago

    U ugly

  • אביתר הדר
    אביתר הדר 3 years ago

    I'm an old sub but still can't stand your annoying accent sorry

  • LMNTRIX 1245
    LMNTRIX 1245 3 years ago

    What about a massive air raid shelter

  • Chase Tarantino
    Chase Tarantino 3 years ago

    Ali-A takes really good care of controllers than most people, he actually lets his controller rest in a comfy area: on his bed.

  • Spooney
    Spooney 3 years ago

    I hate nuketown

  • Dowie
    Dowie 3 years ago +1

    yes nuketown more spawn trapping :D

  • Michael Borack
    Michael Borack 3 years ago

    I only preordered the regular version of the game, do I still get this, or is it only for the deluxe version?

  • Harry Fleck
    Harry Fleck 3 years ago

    why pre order they said the same thing about bo2 but all u had to do was buy the game new

  • fruitdealer007
    fruitdealer007 3 years ago

    Even counter strike contains nuketown for free

  • Donald Draper
    Donald Draper 3 years ago

    So do you get it from pre-ordering period or pre-ordering the deluxe addition ?

  • Kryptic KairosZ
    Kryptic KairosZ 3 years ago

    Subscribe to this guy hoping he get 7,000,000 by end of year

  • NCKz_Productions
    NCKz_Productions 3 years ago +2

    Guys, his controller is taking a nap in the background!!! KEEP IT DOWN!!!

    • Link
      Link 3 years ago


  • Mary Olague
    Mary Olague 3 years ago

    we'rs crazy craft ali a ep 6 7 8 9 do more like 2 each day

  • D3ADSH0T
    D3ADSH0T 3 years ago

    If it doesn't come out for the hardened edition then they will release it after all of the DLCs come out. That's what they did for the Moon zombie map pack for BO1. If you didn't get the classic maps in the beginning of the game's release they'll release it after the 4th DLC.

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 3 years ago

    nuketown again seriously

  • Duckie 182
    Duckie 182 3 years ago

    3 story buildings?

  • Sonny McGrath
    Sonny McGrath 3 years ago

    Fake it says 8.7 mb

  • BlackjackOC
    BlackjackOC 3 years ago

    What I wanna know is if we have to pre-order the game at all to get it or if we can pay for it separately after launch(I would imagine this would be what they would do but they would let the people who pre-ordered the deluxe addition have it exclusively for a couple of weeks/months).

  • Buddylord
    Buddylord 3 years ago

    yah I love nuke town I'm so excited

  • Eithan Kenward
    Eithan Kenward 3 years ago +1

    Don't fix something that's not broken. Changing nuketown will make it not nuketown!

  • Revolt Dreamy
    Revolt Dreamy 3 years ago

    do u get it if you just have the natrual cod 3 not delux edition

  • Lazy Fox
    Lazy Fox 3 years ago

    @Robert Murphy, its on the 360 and ps3. Ive already pre-ordered it on 360