Tarte Shape Tape vs. Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer.. Are They Dupes?!

  • Published on May 18, 2017
  • Testing out whether or not the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer is a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer.
    Tarte Shape Tape Concealer "Medium"
    Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer "Medium Peach"
    Claims 2:08
    Application 4:37
    Full Face Makeup 8:44
    Packaging 10:28
    End of Day Check In (Chris purposely interrupting my filming lol) 11:23
    Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Matte "Mrs. Roper"
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  • Alex Blair
    Alex Blair Month ago +1

    Thank you for this thorough and concise review! I look forward to hopefully stumbling upon more like these. Well done!

  • Maryann Townsend
    Maryann Townsend 2 months ago

    The shape tape is too thick for my mature eyes. I jbought the wet n wild one today before I found your video. It was 75% off for the second one. Thanks for the tip.im a new subscriber.

  • Shel ๐Ÿ’˜
    Shel ๐Ÿ’˜ 8 months ago

    Some commenters here are so stupid

  • LSenz.
    LSenz. 10 months ago

    your skin is flawless๐Ÿ˜

  • Brianna Lynn
    Brianna Lynn 11 months ago

    What shade did you use

  • Yadira Leyva
    Yadira Leyva Year ago

    Just found your channel. You're absolutely beautiful! โค

  • JLBee
    JLBee Year ago

    I find that I generally prefer smaller applicators since it's easier to mess up with larger ones since I can't put on makeup with glasses. I just picked up the Wet N Wild one today, so I'm glad it was a good product. They're both cruelty free, so that's nice too.

  • Veganis Better24
    Veganis Better24 Year ago

    The wet in wild concealer is amazing on acne and everything I use the concealer as an Foundation also and it is the first thing that covers everything with no cakes lookk

  • Elida Garza
    Elida Garza Year ago

    great video babe..but get us way closer...hun..I'm 51!! I need crease coverage like granpa needs a new sack!!!

  • Lady Mystic
    Lady Mystic Year ago

    That lip color looks stunning on you. Your hair, earrings, and lips (look overall) also remind me of Selena Quintanilla Perez. :)

  • Esther Aveves
    Esther Aveves Year ago

    Hi I just subscribed to your channel , I have dark sun / age spots will the Tarte Concealer cover it all up ?

    • coleener
      coleener Year ago +1

      Esther Aveves, it will! It covers up pretty much everything. It really is as good as everyone says.

  • Lemon Meringue
    Lemon Meringue Year ago +12

    I really want to get the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, but its so expensive. and im a cheap gal

    • Aanchal Sengupta
      Aanchal Sengupta 2 months ago

      It lasts you forever though. I think it's worth it because it is very pigmented so a little goes a long way

  • Susan Ward
    Susan Ward Year ago

    Looks great couldn't tell makeup looks great I'm going to try the wet n wild one

  • lwe paw
    lwe paw Year ago

    Can you do a tutorial on the look youโ€™re wearing?

  • Rachel510126
    Rachel510126 Year ago

    The Wet and Wild gives more of the natural look

  • Lin1031
    Lin1031 Year ago

    That lipstick tho...so cute and attractive!!

  • Elsa
    Elsa Year ago

    โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ love your testing and full length in depth reviews ๐Ÿ™
    ๐Ÿคฃyour boyfriend and your reaction ๐Ÿ‘€

  • Renee LuVa
    Renee LuVa Year ago

    Beautiful lipstick and suit you ๐Ÿ’ž, beautiful the highlighter ๐Ÿ˜, wich one is??????

  • Sonia Sohi
    Sonia Sohi Year ago

    Not dupes they are different in formula

  • Jillian Sutton
    Jillian Sutton Year ago

    What I saw that u didn't see was I think on the photo focus concler was creasing and the Tarte shape tape was not

  • La Dorada
    La Dorada Year ago

    That orange lipstick with your skin tone looks BEAUTIFUL!!! The color pops in a great seductive attractive way. It's perfect for the sultry summer.

  • Arlea Rose
    Arlea Rose Year ago

    Youโ€™re so beautiful โค๏ธ

  • Faith Alexis
    Faith Alexis Year ago

    new subbie!

  • Cristina Garcia
    Cristina Garcia Year ago

    Your lipstick looks BOMB with your skin tone. Truly amazing.

  • Darlene Comp
    Darlene Comp Year ago

    Love the tutorial!!

  • Lauren
    Lauren Year ago

    I got the Wet and wild concealer as soon as I watched this AND the Coty's airspun powder! I can't say much for the concealer yet, I haven't tried it but the powder omg. It's just like Laura Mercier's powder as far as consistency goes and I have serious oily skin problems so it's perfect. Thanks for the tips girl

  • Michele Miles
    Michele Miles Year ago

    Great video. The lip color was bomb on you!!

  • Jerusha John
    Jerusha John Year ago

    they both look very similar but i think shape tape is more drying ! and what camera do you use?

  • Jacoby Alexander
    Jacoby Alexander Year ago

    So glad I found wet and wild photo Focus concealer best drugstore concealer by far

  • Bersy Asres
    Bersy Asres Year ago +1

    What lashes/mascara are you wearing? It looks amazing!

  • Rosie Mell
    Rosie Mell Year ago

    Pleaseeeee do some reviews of morphe products, brush set ect.๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Nancy vontesse
    Nancy vontesse Year ago

    The shape tape is better

  • aliceinwonderlnd1982

    Awesome review! Definitely will try the wet n wild one. I went to ulta the other day specifically to get the shape tape and couldn't get myself to shell out $25 for a concealer.. I might purchase it eventually because I really want to try it.. that thick applicator looks so intriguing to me. Just found your channel and you got a new subscriber. You are so pretty and chill and that orange lipstick looked so good on you! ๐Ÿ˜

    JUST SYNDI! Year ago

    BTW, loved the video!

    JUST SYNDI! Year ago

    The lip color is BEAUTIFUL on youโค

  • Elie M
    Elie M Year ago

    You are stunning!!!

  • Sylvanna Mitrevska
    Sylvanna Mitrevska Year ago +3

    When people say they found dupes, I question that. Are the ingredients similar? I looked on both their ingredients list and Tarte appears to have more plant extracts and oils compared to Wet n Wild which only has 1 flower extract and the rest are all chemicals. I can see why Wet n Wild would be cheaper tho:-)

  • Yadira Ponce
    Yadira Ponce Year ago

    What Eyelashes are you wearing? They look so good ๐Ÿ˜

  • Karina Delgadillo

    You seriously look like Selena ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ so beautiful!!!!

  • Mary Manzo
    Mary Manzo Year ago

    I see that the tarte side gives u a natural lift

  • Jaaylene G
    Jaaylene G Year ago

    so would the wet n wild one be good for dry skin?

  • Haii Xxx
    Haii Xxx Year ago

    Does iT cover blemishes?

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself Year ago +28

    She has no dark circles?!?! How can she review if there's nothing to conceal? ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Alana 17
      Alana 17 3 months ago +2

      Shel ๐Ÿ’˜ dude chill. Itโ€™s not that serious

    • ohkei
      ohkei 8 months ago

      She also said she she put on foundation beforehand so that obviously toned it down

    • Shel ๐Ÿ’˜
      Shel ๐Ÿ’˜ 8 months ago

      Love Yourself if your weird ass can look at all her other videos, her circles are noticeable. your naive self just cant understand that these youtubers use bright lighting

    • Shel ๐Ÿ’˜
      Shel ๐Ÿ’˜ 8 months ago

      Love Yourself Because she has bright ass lighting.

  • Briseida Garcia
    Briseida Garcia Year ago

    vegan? gluten free? fat free? so you can't eat it? lol

  • Sharon Dodge
    Sharon Dodge Year ago

    Great comparison! And outstanding lip color.

  • Sue Bee
    Sue Bee Year ago

    Good vid

  • TheGlam Mam
    TheGlam Mam Year ago +17

    I loovvve that your makeup always looks natural and so wearable without looking drag. I use to follow so many TVcliprs that did natural looking soft makeup now everyone is just doing drag or just plain heavy makeup. Like I can't believe they actually go out with all that makeup on๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธplease keep the natural makeup looks coming!

    • AnimalLover2400
      AnimalLover2400 2 months ago +1

      @Alana 17 cool story bro. Dont worry, we wont watch it. Not everyone wants to look like a drag queen tranny

    • Alana 17
      Alana 17 3 months ago +1

      TheGlam Mam I mean anyone can do natural makeup really, so it doesnโ€™t really benefit the creator to make a natural make up tutorial. Now people are just exploring more and showing the skills they really have. If you donโ€™t like it then donโ€™t watch it ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

    • kys6895
      kys6895 5 months ago +2

      Agreed. What is going on with the makeup styles today? It used to be that if you had that much makeup on they called you cake face and made fun of you.

  • Emma Carlsen
    Emma Carlsen Year ago

    Personally I'm not a fan of orange lip colors but I think that one looked really beautiful on you! I haven't tried the tarte yet, but I have tried the wet n wild and I really love the product for the price point.

  • Marlene Diaz
    Marlene Diaz Year ago

    What are your favorite concealers?

  • Patricks Father
    Patricks Father Year ago

    love this one, They both look great, but I have to get the Tarte tape, I have 2or 3 concesealers, Thanks Marie Jay, from Susan,

  • kira lloyd
    kira lloyd Year ago

    What powder do you use?

  • Rose M
    Rose M Year ago

    That lip color is gorgeous on you!

  • nadia nadjib
    nadia nadjib Year ago +4

    your orange lip colour suit you so well. so nice!

  • Makeupbybrenna Arbelo
    Makeupbybrenna Arbelo 2 years ago

    What is the coverage level

  • Jenna M
    Jenna M 2 years ago

    This is BEYOND helpful! :) :) I so appreciate this video!

  • Jenn Piach
    Jenn Piach 2 years ago +3

    to be young with no wrinkles๐Ÿ˜ฃ

  • J B
    J B 2 years ago

    Thank you for this fantastic comparison! Shape tape is my favorite, but I'm a mama on a budget and always looking for a good dupe. I really appreciate your detail and honesty. Also love that lipcolor on you.

  • Marilyn Alvarez
    Marilyn Alvarez 2 years ago

    Very nice comparison, thank you. In all fairness, Wet N Wild has a doe foot applicator and Tarte has a Buck foot applicator (smirk) but the formulas last and look about the same. Nicely done, thanks.

  • evolutiondez 2.0
    evolutiondez 2.0 2 years ago +2

    actually the milani retouch is more the dupe for tarte shape tape. with like 2 layers as opposed to the wet and wild ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Ranae Chizek
    Ranae Chizek 2 years ago

    That lip color is beaturiful on you!

  • kieshia jasmin
    kieshia jasmin 2 years ago

    wet and wild concealer only works on girls with clear skin who dont need that much coverage. My friend who has acne tried it out but you can still see the discoloration and pimples.

  • Miss Mir
    Miss Mir 2 years ago +3

    I like the wet and wild concealer. . I'd love it even more if they had a better skin shade range..

  • Pembe Ukulele
    Pembe Ukulele 2 years ago +86

    you dont even have dark circles ๐Ÿ˜‘

    • Namjoonie Stan
      Namjoonie Stan 6 months ago +2

      Pembe Ukulele She had foundation on so.. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

    • Shel ๐Ÿ’˜
      Shel ๐Ÿ’˜ 8 months ago +1

      Pembe Ukulele if u look at all of her other vids, her dark circles are very noticeable. ugh the idiocy

    • Shel ๐Ÿ’˜
      Shel ๐Ÿ’˜ 8 months ago +1

      Pembe Ukulele Its because her lighting is turned the fuck up, dummy.

    • Esma Skokic
      Esma Skokic Year ago

      Pembe Ukulele ikr

  • Sydney Elizabeth
    Sydney Elizabeth 2 years ago

    Very pretty look

  • BB Lopez
    BB Lopez 2 years ago

    This is a great comparison video! Thank you. I just subscribed.

  • Alyssa Simmons
    Alyssa Simmons 2 years ago

    I've been considering the tarte shape tape or even urban decay naked skin concealer. I have the nars radiant creamy concealer and it just is not working out well for me. It doesn't blend out nicely, looks dry and creases up really badly on me ๐Ÿ˜• maybe one of these will work better for me. If anyone has suggestions for a full coverage concealer that is not too heavy please let me know!

  • Desiree Paahana
    Desiree Paahana 2 years ago

    am I dillusional or is her left lower lid darker than the right?

    • Desiree Paahana
      Desiree Paahana 2 years ago

      ok. my bad. checking since this is a concealer review.

    • Avella
      Avella 2 years ago

      Desiree Paahana *Delusional.
      And no they're equal.

  • Arie Michelle
    Arie Michelle 2 years ago

    wow makeup tut? please

  • AshLovesBeauty93
    AshLovesBeauty93 2 years ago

    Lipstick is beautiful on you

  • ForeverYoung1462
    ForeverYoung1462 2 years ago +2

    I tried wet and wild and it broke down around the 4 hour mark.. won't use it again.. I know everyone is different, but for me it's shape tape all the way...

  • Vicki Barb
    Vicki Barb 2 years ago

    Thank you for this video! So helpful!!!! โ˜บ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ

  • Linda Mitchell
    Linda Mitchell 2 years ago

    Great review! This lip color is stunning on you. You've inspired me to wear my orange red lipstick more. Did you use a liner? If yes, which one?

  • Dionne Blanks
    Dionne Blanks 2 years ago

    Saved me some coins girl lol just ran out of my shape tape.

  • Jasmine Wilson
    Jasmine Wilson 2 years ago

    Thank you for this review! Will definitely purchase the Wet n Wild one!

  • shellybelle93
    shellybelle93 2 years ago

    Getting ready for work and I'm putting the wet n wild concealer on one eye and on the other tarte ๐Ÿ˜† love this video โฃ๏ธ

  • justicenga
    justicenga 2 years ago

    The orange looked great!

  • Esmeralda Luna
    Esmeralda Luna 2 years ago +3

    How would the wet n wild perform as a contour?

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    Melissa Morales 2 years ago +1

    Love your lipstick looks good on you!

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    KBeautyShine 2 years ago

    Love your bright lip! Keep the videos comingggggg

  • ChubbyBunny Rivera
    ChubbyBunny Rivera 2 years ago

    Is there anything better than UGLY OILY TARTE! I HATE THEIR BRAND! They are so oily! I've brought so many products from them in hopes their formula wouldn't oil me down! I WAS WRONG! Is there a video where you can show us NON oily concealers! I've been using Maybeline, and I find that soo much better then any tarte concealer. MY OPINION! Please don't get offended that you're "Holy Grail," is crap for me! Thanks

  • Ayesha Aziz
    Ayesha Aziz 2 years ago

    I just bought the wet n wild concealer i love it !!! To me tbh its more of nars creamy concealer dupe.

  • Barbara Lorenzana
    Barbara Lorenzana 2 years ago

    I wanna pick up both

  • Ignited Canvas
    Ignited Canvas 2 years ago

    the wet n wild looks really promising! whats your skin type?

  • Monica Pickett
    Monica Pickett 2 years ago

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  • Denise D
    Denise D 2 years ago +3

    Thank you for doing this video, I've been wanting to know if there was a dupe for the Tarte because it's expensive. This video helped a lot :)

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    Elizabeth Ruiz 2 years ago

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  • WhatsUpKristie
    WhatsUpKristie 2 years ago

    It's funny before you revealed which side was which I actually thought the side you ended up putting the wet n wild one on looked better. I've never used the shape tape so I can't say if they are dupes or not but I have been using the wet n wild one for awhile now and I really like it.

  • Laura Poitra
    Laura Poitra 2 years ago

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    CaPriel Annissa 2 years ago

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  • ev
    ev 2 years ago

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  • aundreamanson
    aundreamanson 2 years ago

    Girl you look flawless in this video!

  • Kristin Smith
    Kristin Smith 2 years ago

    I love the lipstick on you! Really, really pretty makeup. The Wet N Wild doesn't last on my skin nearly as long, but I'm glad you have an affordable option . That's great.

  • Maribel Ponce
    Maribel Ponce 2 years ago +12

    I agree with you 100% that wet n wild can be a dupe with the tarte concealer but just when you have to apply a bit more of the wet n wild concealer because it does have a smaller applicator but besides that the finish is flawless on both of them ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ it just the wet n wild will save you more ๐Ÿ’ฒ

    • Misty Ortega
      Misty Ortega 2 years ago +8

      Maribel Ponce they definitely are pretty similar I have both and I actually prefer my wet n wild one over my shape tape. Which is good, saves me some dollaz ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • xo stephany
    xo stephany 2 years ago

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