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  • 김Daniellè
    김Daniellè 10 months ago

    Your a fool if you sleep on Winner

  • Mai Hanh
    Mai Hanh Year ago +1

    위너 ♥♥

  • 김JUN
    김JUN Year ago

    썸네일 보고 런치패드인줄...ㅋㅋ

    LΔI BRANDING Year ago +1


  • Kim Bangtae
    Kim Bangtae Year ago +5


  • shawnkelly C
    shawnkelly C Year ago +1


  • Sheena Maceda
    Sheena Maceda Year ago +1


  • Unicórnia
    Unicórnia Year ago +4

    Blink here to support WINNER!!!
    YG family

  • \Kristi k-pop/
    \Kristi k-pop/ Year ago +1

    love winner music 🎵👍❤

  • mintsushii
    mintsushii Year ago

    i thought seunghoon was taehyun for a sec i ;-;-;;

    • WforW _
      WforW _ Year ago

      i realises that seunghoon have kind of the same eye like tae , u try blocking hoony's face except for eye , kinda looks like my Baby Tae

  • OMG A
    OMG A Year ago +1

    Really like this song.amazing.i am not fan.but l love it

  • Khai Truong
    Khai Truong Year ago +1

    i officially a innercircle . winner will be the next successor for big bang

  • Blink Windows
    Blink Windows Year ago +1

    WINNER Fighting:)))

  • Pamela Saldena
    Pamela Saldena Year ago +1

    you guys are gold ⭐⭐⭐

  • yu zhang
    yu zhang Year ago +1

    Love winner and I love you!

  • Rc X
    Rc X Year ago +1


  • Poppy K.
    Poppy K. Year ago +1

    Waiting for full song 😊

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy Year ago +1

    fuuuuuuuck the two teasers' snippet of the songs sounds sooooo goodo LOL I can't wait! Just a few more HOURS!

    BIGBANGisVIP Year ago

    I want the full song ASAP 🤗

  • yooning kang
    yooning kang Year ago

    i love fool

    KORRUS Year ago

    교회에서 찍네...흠

  • 이소미
    이소미 Year ago

    위너 대박💓💓

  • Vivian Vu
    Vivian Vu Year ago

    0:06 who?

    • Vivian Vu
      Vivian Vu Year ago

      thanks! he is really impressive! =]]]

    • f557
      f557 Year ago

      Jinwoo's ebir'

  • cynthia putri
    cynthia putri Year ago

    one hour soon

  • Ikon Bang
    Ikon Bang Year ago

    2 hours. So ready !

  • Muhd Hafiz
    Muhd Hafiz Year ago +1

    Can't gonna lie but as an iKONIC (please don't hate me for saying this hehehe) WINNER SHOULD BE PROMOTED MORE!! I mean like why would he make WINNER debut but only to not give them their comebacks 😤 They could be the next big group in SK (which they will DON'T WORRY INCLES!) LETS GO WINNER!!

  • rheina emily
    rheina emily Year ago

    jinwoo like an angel,,

    WN RSMN Year ago

    Cant waitttt! are you readyyyyyy incles?!

  • Lautaro Luna
    Lautaro Luna Year ago

    J Park + KARD= Winner's new songs

  • Mei Yan
    Mei Yan Year ago

    i like this song so much

  • Najihah Shmi
    Najihah Shmi Year ago

    seungyoon is the maknae... I can't believe it.. hahahahahahha.. the maknae being a leader.. so cute..
    *I miss namtae .. T_T..

  • Seunghee Ahn
    Seunghee Ahn Year ago +1

    when winner drop the MVs and you see antis/haters/trolls, don't reply it.. just report it! we want happy cb.. for winner, for inner circle..

  • i'm a missing potato


  • Amairani Juarhez
    Amairani Juarhez Year ago +1


  • 2000annielin
    2000annielin Year ago +1

    that intro tho

  • kimbi
    kimbi Year ago +1


  • Maya Bialek
    Maya Bialek Year ago +1

    omg, those few notes were so goood

  • Rabi Carolyn
    Rabi Carolyn Year ago

    i wished that nam's leaving was just a joke, and when i saw their new song's teaser, i could see nam there too, five of them
    i miss nam
    anyway, let's make a daebak comeback, and show haters your talent and potential to be a legend boygroup
    hwaiting winner

  • Dyna Yustisia
    Dyna Yustisia Year ago

    YG, you really should take care of them.
    They are not just a group. They're an ART!

  • Valery Orrego
    Valery Orrego Year ago

    Siento que amare todo el álbum como siempre 💜

  • fauzy fatturahman


  • LoverableItachi
    LoverableItachi Year ago +1

    The song though!!!..... that beat thoughhhhh!!!! ughhhh I cannot wait!!! :) WINNER FIGHTING!!

  • Kass
    Kass Year ago +1

    Will always be on repeat ~

    • Kass
      Kass Year ago

      I'm back omg someone send help 😅😅

  • sylvia manandhar
    sylvia manandhar Year ago +1

    ummmm who did mino's hair?? lol

  • Filipinoqueen aka Kpopislifeu

    Can't wait😍😍😍😍😍

  • Maili Xie
    Maili Xie Year ago

    i wish taehyun was in this...

  • Woo Young
    Woo Young Year ago

    i like winner

  • Kazoua Moua
    Kazoua Moua Year ago

    Favorite Teaser Of All Times

  • Tae Meets Horse
    Tae Meets Horse Year ago +1

    OMG I got chills

  • Exo x Exol
    Exo x Exol Year ago +1

    their music sucks and they're all ugly disband already

  • juriejhoy23
    juriejhoy23 Year ago

    so excited for this! winner fighting!

  • Fitry Sahlan
    Fitry Sahlan Year ago

    Duh aku rindu mereka ber 5 , 5 together ...

  • cappucappu94
    cappucappu94 Year ago +2

    I get chills every time I hear Seungyoon's voice 😍😍

  • Nurazizah Adnan
    Nurazizah Adnan Year ago +1

    I REALLY REALLY was a FOOL for not concentrate on them. This time, it wont happen againn!!! promise!! Im INCLES sasaeng!!

  • Nurazizah Adnan
    Nurazizah Adnan Year ago +1

    im not readyy!! its today tho!! MALAYSIA time would be 3.00pm for MV release!!! my heart gonna be like so shimkkunnggss~!!! INCLES was ME!!

  • Clarissa Butelli
    Clarissa Butelli Year ago +1

    Mino take your hand off the science museum ball

  • 3500444lemontca
    3500444lemontca Year ago +2

    Winner is coming stronger than ever!!!!

  • chel. cv
    chel. cv Year ago +2

    okay..tbh..I'm really afraid that the actual song sounds totally different from this teaser...bc i really fell in love...i saved this teaser and downloaded it and i love when it suddenly plays in between some random songs ...I'm not even in this fandom...but i can't describe how much this teaser means to me and how proud i am of this group...the melody is hypnotic and i really hope the whole song is like this...fighting!

  • missonigiri197
    missonigiri197 Year ago +3


  • I mean
    I mean Year ago +2

    only 26 secs and it got me shookt!

  • Liz
    Liz Year ago +2

    I need the full song now😢

  • Diana Ramirez
    Diana Ramirez Year ago

    Am I the only one missing Taehyun?? 😢😢😢 *I know that maybe I shouldnt say this, but I miss him, and It doesnt feel right for WINNER to be without Taehyun* (In my opinion YG shouldve only let Taehyun out from WINNER ~~~~~UNTIL~~~~~~ he would get well, and then comeback as a whole 5-member WINNER group but NO, YG made a really great mistake) Sorry, I needed to say this 😐😟😟😓

  • Jams On My SugaKookie

    omg the music is sick...WINNER FIGHTING! after the long wait omo

    YEON MI Year ago +1

    I was like really ?? reaaaaaaaaallly????????? T_T

  • arizona iced out
    arizona iced out Year ago +2

    omg mino's green hair... omo i love it ;___;

  • Miriana
    Miriana Year ago +1

    istg I'm literally dying while waiting for this song to be relased. I LOVE THIS

  • Red Velvet’s Wife
    Red Velvet’s Wife Year ago +3

    Yg is a fool for not promoting this group enough! Winner is talented asf❤️❤️❤️

  • Calico Cat
    Calico Cat Year ago +1



    12 hrs remaining!!!! IM TOO EXCITED I CANT SLEEP!!!! 😆😆😆

  • Bernadeta Anjani
    Bernadeta Anjani Year ago +1

    ahh 4pm -_- i stayed up for nothing then -_-

  • baking baekhyun's bacon

    I discovered WINNER from their debut and went back to watch Win Who is Next. I was routing for WINNER the whole time as I saw how they progressed and got better through each performance (even though I am a fan of ikon too). But I hope this comeback gets them more noticed. WINNER are one of my bias groups and I'm proud to be an Inner Circle. I hope they get more love cause they deserve it. They've worked so hard from day 1

  • jakeline alves
    jakeline alves Year ago

    Já tô viciada rsrs

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago +2

    so two groups that just lost a member will comeback in the same time. and both are fav. what is happening.

  • a fluffy carrot Who will always protect svt

    i'm here again watching this, bcs i'm so fcking excited ,finally my babys comeback

  • Oh Sehun
    Oh Sehun Year ago +1

    The amount of hate we all give to YG but when he actually does something we don't thank him.
    I wish for this we can trend, #ThankYouYG for he really heard us and is trying to make us happy by giving winner the best comeback they have ever had!

  • 전아영
    전아영 Year ago +1

  • Mahiru
    Mahiru Year ago +1

    Coming out @ 8 pm pst!!!! Exciiiiteeeedd!!!!

  • Aishah Sallehuddin
    Aishah Sallehuddin Year ago +3

    I can tell this goin' to be lit!

  • andre sheilamona
    andre sheilamona Year ago +3

    Guysss incles, would you like to make Winner comeback to be tranding topic? Help post with the hastag #위너_4일4시 #위너_4일4시_reallyreally_fool #위너_4일4시_음원공개 On your Instagram/twitter untill april 4th at 3 pm. Lets support Winner with almight!! 💙💙💙

  • che 10
    che 10 Year ago +4

    soo excited and nervous for their comeback..hope you guys doing well and fighting!!..

  • che 10
    che 10 Year ago +2

    soo excited and nervous for their comeback..hope you guys doing well and fighting!!..

  • jessejia chou
    jessejia chou Year ago +4

    seriously Kang Suengyoon is a GENIUS!!!! his voice is like angel's

  • milkcrown
    milkcrown Year ago +1

    2017 has been blessed by WINNER

  • Amalia Izati
    Amalia Izati Year ago +1

    I wonder what makes some people hit the dislike button

  • Theresia F. S
    Theresia F. S Year ago +1

    Sounds like my next favorite song..

  • Leah Chhakchhuak
    Leah Chhakchhuak Year ago +2

    i think i might like this 0.000001% better but im so ready for them to come back and slay the charts

  • 밍 밍
    밍 밍 Year ago +1

    아 태현이 보구싶다....... 저 노래에 태현이 목소리가 있다면 얼마나 좋을까

  • 용감한포메
    용감한포메 Year ago +2

    드뎌 그날입니다. 감격 ㅠㅠ

  • Fomo Daily
    Fomo Daily Year ago +25

    Someone needs to hold my hand at 4PM today.

    • Salma
      Salma Year ago +1

      Waiting for a reaction video

  • #I'm_Ready by Sori
    #I'm_Ready by Sori Year ago +1

    Please support Winner !

  • Syikin Fadzli
    Syikin Fadzli Year ago +4

    so it's going to be released at 4pm ?


    woww i love this music

  • Camille Noces
    Camille Noces Year ago +3

    This is the comeback I deserve after a year of hiatus in the kpop world. It just makes me sad that Tae isnt here but I can handle this sadness. I'm just glad they were given attention this time. Please!!! Let them shine!! They are brilliant and talented! YG please! Jujujuju.

  • RoSlaaaaay
    RoSlaaaaay Year ago +4

    Lets make 2017 winners' year.

  • Yya Cianelle Lejarde

    em so excited how I wish its #0404 alreadyyyyy huhuhuhuhu

  • Yingxian Xia
    Yingxian Xia Year ago +3

    winner are the best

  • SnowMeyJp 7ii
    SnowMeyJp 7ii Year ago +1


  • mo chi
    mo chi Year ago +2

    at what time will be their comeback?

    • mo chi
      mo chi Year ago +1

      Gd Taeyang KST? and thank you 😊

    • Gd Taeyang
      Gd Taeyang Year ago

      mo chi 4PM

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