JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 (2017) Ending + Series Timeline Explained

  • Published on Dec 17, 2017
  • Checking out the long awaited sequel JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. Explaining the ending which sets up the story for a part 4, as well as explaining the series difficult to follow timeline.
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Comments • 4 980

  • deeznuttz mcgee
    deeznuttz mcgee 58 minutes ago

    This movie was bootie

  • Ricardo Mendoza
    Ricardo Mendoza Hour ago

    Jeepers creepers 3 was boring Poor Cgr

  • Daniel Swithenbank


  • The01t
    The01t 6 hours ago

    I already know what the creeper is.
    How?, Because it's always the same old two movie options for these horror type villains. He's either an Alien or came into being from a curse.

  • Zion Benjamin
    Zion Benjamin Day ago

    This movie was very confusing I didnt understand anything.

  • Seth Houser
    Seth Houser Day ago +1

    I don't get it. If they have the body, why not just grind it up into dust. That seems like a sure fire way to kill it for good.

  • rome Medina
    rome Medina 2 days ago +1

    Didn't like part 3, but damn they still need to finish the story with a part 4.

  • Average Dennis Rodman

    Didn’t the director do something like pedophillia or something illegal piece of shit people would do

  • texasallstar6969
    texasallstar6969 3 days ago

    The magic school bus. Horror version. What a fucking tragedy this movie was.

  • Brianna Carmenita
    Brianna Carmenita 3 days ago

    I wish they would do a 4th one and let me write the screen play. I have many good ideas

  • MJS Lawrence
    MJS Lawrence 5 days ago

    So disappointing that he just didn't include Trish in what will definitely be his last film

  • N30_ R210
    N30_ R210 5 days ago

    "Low rate Josh Hartnett " whoa!!!

  • ולאָזטאָ ולאָזטאָ

    That was a disappointing sequel! 1 was the best, 2 was good enough.

  • Rodwell Cort
    Rodwell Cort 5 days ago

    For a supposed successful franchise, this shit is really low budget: shity CGI, and really shity story-telling that makes no fucking sense, what so ever. For instance, the spikes at the back of the creeper truck are at least 7' long, and solid. Where the fuck are they being stored when they're retracted? In a space less than a foot deep? And for the love of God, why didn't somebody think to run the creeper through a fucking meat grinder while it was hibernating? I mean they had 23 yrs to ship this thing off to a lab, and all they did was hang it up in a barn with some string. Ahhh, good old fashion SiFi, giving the audience a giant middle finger because they think we're too stupid to question 'em.

  • Skyler Pike
    Skyler Pike 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this creeper looks like R Kelly. Like cmon now looks like a gimp mask with some silicone effects. First 2 movies are classics. This plot had serious horror potential, and they made him look like a joke. WHY IS HIS SHIRT SO DAMN RED and CLEAN

  • Marco Espana
    Marco Espana 6 days ago +1

    Was the harpoon from the creepers car, the harpoon from the 2nd one from the home made harpoon

  • Clout Coochie
    Clout Coochie 6 days ago

    The time line is 1, 3 , 2

  • Oscar Jimenez
    Oscar Jimenez 6 days ago

    Horrible film.

  • Sina 44
    Sina 44 6 days ago

    i am legit a nerd for all of your videos. LOVE IT!

  • Najee Calloway
    Najee Calloway 7 days ago +1

    Jeepers creepers 3 was boring 1 and 2 was way better

  • Suzi Q Chav
    Suzi Q Chav 7 days ago

    low rent Josh Hartnett, EXTREME!

  • Sketch_ Tepig
    Sketch_ Tepig 8 days ago

    1:18 still doesnt compare to the fnaf timeline of the games, seriously how had mat not gone to a mental asylum trying to understand that game series

  • Tony Alles
    Tony Alles 9 days ago

    The first on was great, the other two not so good.

  • Trei Wilson
    Trei Wilson 10 days ago

    Can you do a full creeper breakdown please?

  • brucifer
    brucifer 11 days ago

    This video is great if you are interested in the plot but dont want to watch the actual movie since it came out that the director of all 3 movies is a convicted child rapist.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 11 days ago

    This review was awesome. You saved me time and money.

  • Julius Roberts
    Julius Roberts 11 days ago

    I'm so ready for more and more. Jeepers Creepers! new movies I love him and his movies. so so much 😍😍😍😌😇💜☺😘💯

  • ham dizzle
    ham dizzle 12 days ago

    so why don't they just move the body of the demon to somewhere remote..

    LETZ VISIT 13 days ago

    This franchise started off with such great promise #3 was such an injustice

  • diesektor666
    diesektor666 14 days ago

    what happened to trishes eyes

  • Comix Hub
    Comix Hub 17 days ago

    I think the movie was decent but the first two were better

  • Jay 1
    Jay 1 17 days ago +1

    Love The movies, hoping for a 4th

  • jeahyung sun
    jeahyung sun 20 days ago

    So u watch part 3 than 2 and than 1

  • Cresitonia
    Cresitonia 20 days ago

    3 is horrible.

    • Cresitonia
      Cresitonia 20 days ago

      especially his plastic axe he carried around.

  • Apex _
    Apex _ 20 days ago

    Not showing what they see when they touch the hand MAY be kept a secret to the audience for a reveal in a 4th movie, I hope, otherwise it may go downhill after this movie.

  • Babe Tumblr
    Babe Tumblr 21 day ago

    The movie not only flopped because the director was a WHOLE ASS PEDOPHILE but because it sucks, periodt!

    • Danielvpn
      Danielvpn 17 days ago

      Ye only 3 sucked, not that it matters he is a pedo

    TAKIAH STEPHENS 21 day ago

    Or it is because addy looks like her uncle that's why the creeper looks at her like that

  • kbforme
    kbforme 23 days ago

    not a chain gun, just a multi barrel gun, a chain gun rotates.

  • Ton Palacios
    Ton Palacios 25 days ago

    why didnt taggart just dump the creepers body in some cement then bury it? why would you leave the body out for some potential drunk ass teens to come and steal the creepers body the night before his feeding cycle starts

  • movies& shows
    movies& shows 25 days ago

    the creeper kinda reminds me of thor because of the axe the creeper can get the axe without pulling it he can get it from far away exept its an axe not a hammer

  • ricardo leyton
    ricardo leyton 25 days ago


  • Lover Gal97
    Lover Gal97 26 days ago

    The truck part😂

  • Lover Gal97
    Lover Gal97 26 days ago

    What could be do about saving her anyway lol

  • L P
    L P 26 days ago

    “Engineering wizardry” 🤣 I cant breathe.

  • hayden awc
    hayden awc 28 days ago

    It's 12:55 I have to go to bed i just saw geralds game and im going to look at babadook I'm scared and don't know what to do

  • Jaeveon English
    Jaeveon English 28 days ago +1

    Is it 1 3 then 2?

  • WillieB1962
    WillieB1962 28 days ago +1

    Full 3-Movie Creeper breakdown please...thank you.....

  • Rickey Brown
    Rickey Brown Month ago

    Jeepers creepers 4?? Please no. That pedophile has made enough money off this terrible franchise

    • Danielvpn
      Danielvpn 17 days ago

      Go fuck yourself, no one gives a fuck if the di is a pedo

  • A Very Gay Butterfly

    Meh storytelling and cheap, rushed CGI.

  • wyre angel
    wyre angel Month ago

    I get Pennywise vibes from this?

  • real life
    real life Month ago

    I was very disappointed!!!!

  • PCthesecond
    PCthesecond Month ago

    I thought the first one was creepy. 2nd one not bad, but heading in the wrong direction. Now there’re just turning it into a monster action movie and just feels stupid. Not creepy and not scary.

  • Smil3 3ilms
    Smil3 3ilms Month ago

    Why don’t they just cut h to pieces and then burn it

  • Robert Bennett
    Robert Bennett Month ago

    I am of the opinion that they should have called it jeepers creepers 1 and a handful

  • Awesome Gaming7
    Awesome Gaming7 Month ago

    Why would those 2 idiots run right in front of the tree😭😂

  • BMW M3
    BMW M3 Month ago

    The 3rd sucks ass

  • hina kobayashi
    hina kobayashi Month ago +1

    this film was a disappointment compared to its predecessors which is ironic. the creature looks even cheaper than the older ones.

  • tobias boon
    tobias boon Month ago

    Crepeer vs bill cosby

    TitanFIGHTERS Month ago

    When I was a kid I thought the creeper was a more fucked up freddy Kruger

  • louyht7
    louyht7 Month ago

    First I believe Jeepers Creepers is an extraterrestrial alien. He is the last of his specie who fought against the Predators

  • Ethan Querin
    Ethan Querin Month ago

    Why are we trying to kill him? Someone needs to give this engineering wizard a job!

  • KhingOfSwordz 43
    KhingOfSwordz 43 Month ago

    I always wondered what is actually a Jeeper? Is he a demon ? Is he a Djin ? Or a prehistoric half human have alien hybrid ? Whatever he is i like the Jeeper......

  • Ty Caines
    Ty Caines Month ago

    they really should have told the audience the creeper's audience

  • Cerberus
    Cerberus Month ago

    It was so bad :(((( it was favorite movie now it’s trash

  • Oblivion_5468 TTV
    Oblivion_5468 TTV Month ago

    Jeepers creepers is black thanos lol

  • chilly billy
    chilly billy Month ago +1

    No where to go with the storyline.

  • Huummus Man
    Huummus Man Month ago

    At least you ain’t nockin mules mad respect ✊

  • Ball of grime
    Ball of grime Month ago

    I'd be more interested if Trish's character was a man since men can do action better than women.

  • Drey Stlouis
    Drey Stlouis Month ago

    Fun Fact: The guy who made this movie is a pedo an that’s the only reason it took so long and actually I’m pretty sure it was only in theatres for like a week for that exact reason an I’m also pretty sure he was locked up right after finishing this
    this movie was fucking trash and did anybody else notice the monster is called the creeper an that the greasy producer goof that made this is known to be a pedo? Lol 💀💀🤦‍♂️

    • Danielvpn
      Danielvpn 17 days ago

      Ye no one care if the director is a pedo