Faking My Death In Front of My Cat - Mean Kitty Reacts


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  • asianthor
    asianthor 4 minutes ago

    Stupid cat, didn't bother even calling 911. That's a good reason not to get a cat. The cat just probably taught, who will feed me now, who will clean my litter box, what a selfish pussy!

  • Vali Luchian
    Vali Luchian 48 minutes ago +1

    *OMG SO CUTE!*

  • C-armen N.
    C-armen N. Hour ago

    At least he rubbed his head on you saying: you're good...get up you fool!!! Then he played dead to see your reaction!!! 😄😄😄😄

  • manufacturing defect
    manufacturing defect 2 hours ago

    My dog would hump me instead

  • MobileDecay
    MobileDecay 3 hours ago

    "This is odd. He normally sleeps in his bed. 🤔"

  • Stacey W
    Stacey W 4 hours ago

    Awwwww!! He was worried and stayed by you.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 4 hours ago +1

    It can smell your breath and feel that your body temperature is still normal.

  • Jackie Lendel
    Jackie Lendel 4 hours ago


  • LO LO
    LO LO 5 hours ago

    It was like stop it dude I can do the same

  • Галина Замилацкая

    Очень умная кошь. Не поняла: она типа умерла или его троллит Скорее, последнее.

  • Галина Замилацкая

    Очень умная кошь. Не поняла: она типа умерла или его троллит Скорее, последнее.

  • Lavender
    Lavender 6 hours ago

    oh man, 0:47 he is catch your camera

  • megha girwal
    megha girwal 7 hours ago

    Maybe Loki told her about yu🤔🤔🤣🤣coz he was there

  • Maddox Hodgson
    Maddox Hodgson 8 hours ago

    It’s probably thinking how am I going to hide the body

  • Dianne Haake
    Dianne Haake 8 hours ago

    I did this and my cat took and nap on my back

  • Corgi Games
    Corgi Games 8 hours ago

    At least he tried at first he didn’t know what else to do he is just a cat still

  • Lyra Papellero
    Lyra Papellero 9 hours ago

    I try this but my cat avoid me and past like nothing happened 😏😂😂😂

  • koopgoof
    koopgoof 9 hours ago +1

    1:29 Really dude. CAT: what heck

  • Mia64 Gaming
    Mia64 Gaming 14 hours ago +1


  • pfoxhound
    pfoxhound 14 hours ago

    Cat can see you breathing, heart beat...

  • gacha crizza
    gacha crizza 15 hours ago

    How hunny. In cute

  • Yen Ling Tan
    Yen Ling Tan 16 hours ago

    Your dog cares but your cat does not cares

  • Akiesha Harvey
    Akiesha Harvey 16 hours ago

    Animals are very smart. They know when something is truly wrong. Sparta was like why are you laying there foolishly lol he knew you were OK.

  • All hail Project zorgo number one fan

    The new music video from Kitty Perry! “ Roar and MEOW!” Featuring “ he needs some milk.”

  • Candy Souvannarangsy
    Candy Souvannarangsy 17 hours ago +1

    Everyone's over here talking about how pets can sense if you're dead or not and talking about their experience with their own pets and I'm over here still thinking about that "Really dude" 😂😂😂

  • Ms Dee
    Ms Dee 18 hours ago

    The cat sniffed his butt. They say that people fart when they die. You think the cat knows this? 😄

  • Michelle Perry
    Michelle Perry 18 hours ago

    Holy kitty Grail!!!

  • Raenell Jones
    Raenell Jones 18 hours ago

    Too funny. The music had so much suspense. Haha. Love it.

  • Darren Carver
    Darren Carver 18 hours ago

    Little kit kit kitty, laying by his master's side!

  • Cux1970
    Cux1970 18 hours ago

    The cat think you're sleep and she's sleep too :)

  • Bailey Angus
    Bailey Angus 19 hours ago

    Awww poor kitty can't tell bad acting from the real thing * hugs kitty, watches the scratches form on my arms * #catsluvme

  • Ericka Jerry
    Ericka Jerry 19 hours ago

    He knew he was faking

  • MrLegatoblue
    MrLegatoblue 21 hour ago

    Yeah, cats don’t really care about their owners lol I thought this was common knowledge?

  • Bryan Leigh
    Bryan Leigh 21 hour ago

    It knew he wasn't dead. Its senses are acute. Hear breathing, see tiny movements, smell even.

  • Nate 1982
    Nate 1982 22 hours ago

    Is the cat supposed to call 911 ?

  • v lanza
    v lanza 22 hours ago

    Cats are way too smart to fall for it. Love cats. 😘

  • olk ee
    olk ee Day ago


  • Maier Markus
    Maier Markus Day ago

    The boss cat 😂

  • mr benchpress
    mr benchpress Day ago

    Cat is like yeah right I can hear your heartbeat

  • James Bauer
    James Bauer Day ago

    Can't animals smell/detect death? Faking it wouldn't have the same effect.

  • Janice Ward
    Janice Ward Day ago

    Didn't you know how smart cats are..!!

  • cashrjr23
    cashrjr23 Day ago

    He smelled you so he knows you are faking...death has a smell

  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar Day ago

    I tried this trick in front of my cat but it walked near me and done toilet on my face.

  • ابرار المحمد علي

    That cat looks like: where is the camera 🐈👀 the end :oh I no camera is there , chilling out body

  • They call him dangerous Bryan

    They cat can pick up on your energy as well. If you were having a heart attack it would pick up on your fear.

  • kitti. j
    kitti. j Day ago

    Chutiya cat

  • perrraa aa
    perrraa aa Day ago

    Cat can hear your Hart beats noob

  • Victor Chen
    Victor Chen Day ago

    So cute

  • Rose Ramteke
    Rose Ramteke Day ago

    Billi bayiman Hoti h compare to other animals

  • Christos Hellas
    Christos Hellas Day ago

    The cat is a small animal and it isn' t normal to compare the reaction with a dog