Faking My Death In Front of My Cat - Mean Kitty Reacts


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  • Be Ks
    Be Ks 5 hours ago

    Very clever cat!)

  • Evan R.
    Evan R. 10 hours ago

    Poor kitty

  • Raven
    Raven 18 hours ago

    Nice name, Sparta, THIS IS SPARTA!

  • D'mitri Smith
    D'mitri Smith Day ago


  • Robin Cork
    Robin Cork Day ago

    Shame the cats face.

  • Lawsyn
    Lawsyn 2 days ago

    owner.exe has stopped working

  • MLG Vincent101
    MLG Vincent101 2 days ago +1

    The cat will eat you

  • EchoDrol
    EchoDrol 2 days ago

    0:47 when he found out it was a prank XD

  • Rajan Mestry
    Rajan Mestry 2 days ago

    0:56 catty:if you don't get up, I will *pee* there

  • Sckeleton Lord
    Sckeleton Lord 2 days ago

    your kitty is fat (no hate)

  • Vinia Melendez Salazar

    Awwwww so sweet!

  • Jopo1226
    Jopo1226 2 days ago

    I love how you are fully dressed with a hat on but barefooted

  • The Sewing Swan
    The Sewing Swan 2 days ago

    That is why I love dogs more!😊

  • Rafia Sucks
    Rafia Sucks 2 days ago

    The cat:
    I hear the heartbeat. You fool!!

  • Robby Cane
    Robby Cane 3 days ago

    Lol hahahaah have 1:23

  • Aria
    Aria 3 days ago

    Cats can sense death. Just saying.

  • Maksim Kealey
    Maksim Kealey 3 days ago

    there are to many other noises so it wouldn’t be able to actually hear it

  • ADAM9I9 Rblx
    ADAM9I9 Rblx 3 days ago

    The cat gave sounds but not the dog, cats are smarter

  • r1nk
    r1nk 3 days ago

    *mission failed will get em next time*

  • Fasolacze k
    Fasolacze k 4 days ago +1

    The cat was really stressed... U shouldn't do that... Why did you do that? Bcs couple of people wanted to see what will be his reaction. (Ps. Sorry for my english)

    • imgoinghome
      imgoinghome Day ago +1

      Your English is better than a native American stop saying that

  • BananEko
    BananEko 4 days ago

    look at his tail he's happy to see you dead

  • cotton fudge
    cotton fudge 4 days ago

    id just eat you

  • Okt Kuma
    Okt Kuma 4 days ago

    Hooman why are you sleeping on the ground?

  • Nora Berber
    Nora Berber 4 days ago

    That is sooooo cute

  • animeniac
    animeniac 4 days ago

    Still did more than the dogs :)

  • Mythical User
    Mythical User 5 days ago

    Oh nO mY CaN OpEnEr is GOnE

  • Alrazan Zachary
    Alrazan Zachary 5 days ago

    Your cat:Hmmm i can hear his heartbeat

    Your cat:Meh im just gonna lay down hear

  • dayinthelifeofmycat
    dayinthelifeofmycat 5 days ago

    Is that Sparta? Gosh, I watched your first video something like 8 years ago when he was just a kitten.

  • Phoebe Dymond
    Phoebe Dymond 5 days ago

    Omg that cat is really clever but at the end she was acting dead to 😂😂

  • - Carty -
    - Carty - 5 days ago

    *I don’t care that you’re dead, But who’s gonna feed me?*

  • Wrestle News hindi
    Wrestle News hindi 5 days ago

    Cat is very bad he only thinks about itself and dog love very much they can die because of you

  • Brotis
    Brotis 6 days ago +2

    Mioauu, hes dead, who wants to feed me now..?
    Noo, im so dead..

  • Luka Jegdic
    Luka Jegdic 6 days ago

    Next video cat faking death in front of his/her owner

  • Esila Alkaya
    Esila Alkaya 6 days ago

    He is dead and you sleep next to him...?
    Wtf GIRL😑😂😂😂😂

  • Fake plush PRO duck 47

    Even tho he is mean.. He still love his owner

  • Erind Avdiu
    Erind Avdiu 6 days ago

    My dog name is sparta😂

  • Tech Traps The Nation

    Your cat is very cute

  • Jireh
    Jireh 6 days ago

    lol 1 like = 1 kitty save

  • QS boy MCPE
    QS boy MCPE 7 days ago +1

    Look at this cat standing their ans getting mony with nothing 😐

  • Melody
    Melody 7 days ago

    He ain’t mean

  • Mikey Michael
    Mikey Michael 7 days ago

    Really Dude

  • Yousuf Khalil
    Yousuf Khalil 7 days ago

    Cat: Oh no the can opener broke

  • Chloe Maline
    Chloe Maline 7 days ago

    This is on facebook my nana said

  • That No.1 Celtic fan 1000

    That's ashame :( :(

  • moha sameh
    moha sameh 7 days ago

    the dog was scary for you lol

  • Kate's Channel!!!
    Kate's Channel!!! 7 days ago

    Me: the cat probably thinks your weird not dead. They know if you r actually dead
    Cat: oh yes he's sleeping.......on the floor. Finally he's being normal like me 🤓

  • MCThomas
    MCThomas 7 days ago

    Really dude?? 😂 He’s thinking 💭 “such a fool, I knew all along”

  • JeB
    JeB 7 days ago

    The cat can hear your heartbeat so it's probably thinking you're having a weird afternoon nap

  • MEME LORD911
    MEME LORD911 7 days ago

    I cried

  • ShadowCobra Gamings
    ShadowCobra Gamings 8 days ago

    Omg lol

  • its.zaraaa k
    its.zaraaa k 8 days ago

    Cat: "Oh human is sleeping?
    **checks out** no he's probably dead so who will feed me? Then I should die now not later! **human wakes up** Cat: oOoO look who's alive"

  • Батбуян Мөнхбаатар

    thats why i hate cats

  • King M7md
    King M7md 8 days ago

    Try watching the video again but with no music or effects

  • Berna Osmanova
    Berna Osmanova 9 days ago

    what do you MEAN "really dude???" the kitty is so loyal he DIED WITH u smh

  • Aurelian Guzman
    Aurelian Guzman 9 days ago

    The moment you realize that there are no "2018" comments on a quality video 👌

  • Shwetabh Singh
    Shwetabh Singh 9 days ago

    Now I know I'll pet a dog

  • Adam Mohamad Ali
    Adam Mohamad Ali 9 days ago

    The cat was acting like he was dead too😂

  • Adam Mohamad Ali
    Adam Mohamad Ali 9 days ago

    Lol the cat is smart

  • Elizanne
    Elizanne 9 days ago

    Laying still like that increases the moggies curiosity, that's all. Once he was satisfied all was good..

  • UrMumJust kllyou
    UrMumJust kllyou 9 days ago +4

    The floor was a paid actor

  • Devyani Kolhe
    Devyani Kolhe 9 days ago

    At last the cat was like- "lets die together"😂

  • Daniel Moses
    Daniel Moses 9 days ago

    1:24 Sparta: "Oh you're pretending to be dead? I will too!"

  • Uriel Zane Asistores

    Wat da hck the cat is just die😂😂

    SNAKETAILS 1000 10 days ago

    Cats are CUTER THAN DOGS!!!

    But i think dogs are nicer than cats literally

  • Ender girl
    Ender girl 10 days ago +1


  • Daily Life
    Daily Life 10 days ago

    the end hahahah I'm dead

  • Vida Attah
    Vida Attah 10 days ago

    What kills me is that the other cat was on the stairs the whole time just drinking the sight in

  • gamer
    gamer 10 days ago +1

    Rly dude 1:30

  • Hasib Alam0406
    Hasib Alam0406 10 days ago

    Omg ..ur cat is really intelligent 👏👏

  • Shiek Nizamuddin
    Shiek Nizamuddin 10 days ago

    Heyyy foool she knew it ur Acting

  • kevi jules
    kevi jules 10 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 really dude, n d cat's like, "yes dude"😄😄😄

  • Tane Donaldson
    Tane Donaldson 10 days ago

    I don’t think Sparta Will do very mu- Sparta picks up the phone and calls 911* 😮

  • BTS love
    BTS love 10 days ago


  • The Golden Primarina Statue

    Cat: OMG HE I- wait..
    *Looks at the camera*
    U trying to prank me??
    *lies on back*
    Pet me plz

  • Madan Plays
    Madan Plays 11 days ago

    Anhhh i love your cat

  • Hentai Haven
    Hentai Haven 11 days ago +1

    0:48 A Recording Camera oh playing dead ha human
    1:22 If you have time to play dead Rub my belly you Human

  • Hugh Llewellyn
    Hugh Llewellyn 11 days ago

    I dunno. Looked like solidarity to me. "You dead? Ok. We can both be dead." Flop.

  • All Rounder
    All Rounder 11 days ago


  • DarkLordGanondorf190
    DarkLordGanondorf190 11 days ago

    Did you hold your breath the entire time? ^^ Because my cats always know I'm tricking them when I go down.

    ROSSHIT VERMA 11 days ago

    Cats 🐱 are intelligent
    The cat knows you are faking

  • Utos Utos
    Utos Utos 12 days ago

    Reminded me of Simba and Mufasa.

  • Lea Annn
    Lea Annn 12 days ago

    The cat is Like "......... Wt blah
    Blah I want to die too

  • Solar's Rules
    Solar's Rules 12 days ago

    *really dude.*

  • mahesh mohite
    mahesh mohite 12 days ago

    The cat just test what he could do if cat is dead ,cat just copied him
    I can't stop my laughing...

  • Ana karen Escobar saldaña

    Jkooo k oo)p pp) po in 7t7r7fv.. , mujert6sd4949c7tvjujvjkyj

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim 13 days ago

    I hate cats..stupid

  • Terry Butthole
    Terry Butthole 13 days ago

    Each his fingers at 20ses

  • Seby_cool_ Dude 12,600

    Cat fakes death at end for revenge

  • Dontre Lucas
    Dontre Lucas 13 days ago

    0:50 the car was like really nigga

  • Rami Al-halabi
    Rami Al-halabi 13 days ago +1


  • speedykicks
    speedykicks 13 days ago

    The cat was like,"I can do better acting than you, THIS IS HOW YOU FALL ON THE FLOOR WITH YOUR PAWS UP"...... Seriously, the cat was more convincing.😂😂😂😂😂😂.....Cute videos of pets🐱🐱

  • Yash Jaiswal
    Yash Jaiswal 13 days ago

    She's faking death too

  • Klok
    Klok 13 days ago

    Cats will eat ir body in 3 days if u are on the ground for 3 days because ahe will be hungry so thats why ur suppose to keep ur food on tje ground

  • SAO Fan
    SAO Fan 13 days ago

    At least he seemed worried

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos

    *cat is life*

  • Philippines Viral News

    Sparta knew that you're acting playdead so he also do the same thing.

  • Heaven Akamatsu
    Heaven Akamatsu 13 days ago

    1:24 - 1:35 Awww so cute 😍😻❤❤

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 14 days ago

    Cat is an paid actor