Electronic Harassment (You Can Detect It Easy)


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  • Vincent Gutierrez
    Vincent Gutierrez 11 days ago

    Do you know how to get the voices to stop???

  • Langweilig
    Langweilig 13 days ago


  • dublin,skywatch
    dublin,skywatch 18 days ago

    i get it everyday very strong 5g im dredding

  • Fluffy Waffles
    Fluffy Waffles 25 days ago

    best video

  • Philo-Judaeus
    Philo-Judaeus 25 days ago

    Spirit-baptized people, or believers in Jesus Christ, are in the crossfire in Satan's war against God. His projectiles are thoughts that he gives you, as your own, so you think the thoughts are yours. This is how certain lifestyles are transmitted-- through identification. The believer has armor that he must put on against these flaming missiles of the evil one, the most important of which is the shield of faith. If you are trapped in a particular sin, a "besetting sin" you get out of it by confessing the sin to God. Because it is the condemnation and fear of the Devil that actually draws you back. Satan knows that fear and condemnation more than anyone, as he is the original sinner. You must continue confessing it whenever you sin and asking for His mercy and you will be delivered, even if it's willful sin. Keep confessing, it will happen, if you are a believer. The Devil's abode is in the air; he is "the prince of the power of the air." This is why the media, as in MSM is so easily and quickly turned evil, because they deal in airwaves. This is also why God will roll up the heavens like a scroll and burn them, bc they are infected. If this helps anyone, great. I know it's a little off topic and will rub the fur of some the wrong way. But God bless you in your repentance.

  • R M
    R M 28 days ago

    Citizens on patrol Represent.

  • Bull Life Ent.
    Bull Life Ent. Month ago

    I purchased some Bluetooth headphones and as i have them on;im waiting for the video to stop buffering,so,i started chanting positive things out and electronic voice said,False.. The video wasn't playing,no radio or anything was playing in the background..
    I don't know if this true or not but i wouldn't be surprised!!
    When ordering things on line;they might alter things.. I purchased a 30 dollar pair of clippers and they didn't do the job;then i purchased a 60 dollar pair and the sharpness went dull in a day!!

  • Arianni For ever
    Arianni For ever Month ago +1

    we are all the same we all have some sort of, electricity but. electronic harassment is not true is all in our heads.

    • Arianni For ever
      Arianni For ever Month ago +1

      why are you keep talking to me like if you know me??? and no my time is not near unless you are stalking me! only Jesus Christ knows when my time is over, and i have no idea what yalll are talking about.

    • Bull Life Ent.
      Bull Life Ent. Month ago

      Fallen Angel Sorry,my mama didn't have girls.. You can't get in my mind cuz i know the truth.. Y'all will never be break me.. The only thing you can do is kill me!!
      Y'all time is near!!
      Y'all should have gotten me a long time ago;like in the shelter or when yall forced my mother to set me up!!

    • Arianni For ever
      Arianni For ever Month ago +1

      lady your are mentally ill get help soon. you are incorrect to think that everyone is after you or a gangstalker . i am an RN i love to help people have many years in my field. i am RH NEG. we dont stalk people. GOD BLESS YOU. so sad you think that way of almost everyone.

    • Bull Life Ent.
      Bull Life Ent. Month ago

      Fallen Angel you're a gangstaker.. I know the specific words y'all use!!

  • creativeProjects720 CLRG


  • Forget Gangstalking

    Why do you people try so hard?

  • Anthony Ingram
    Anthony Ingram 2 months ago

    Go for swim I heard that works

  • NeoTheOne
    NeoTheOne 2 months ago +1

    They HATE when you blast binaural tones in your headphones while you sleep, and isochronic/Rife frequencies throughout your home on the stereo or comp.

  • NeoTheOne
    NeoTheOne 2 months ago +1

    You have to telepathically tell them they’re a sad joke and that you know they know you’re more powerful than them and call them the coward pussies they are and tell them you’ll stalk them in the spirit realm and make them kill themselves. That seemed to make it stop for me. It all started because I had a visit from an angel orb, but military work for demons, so they wanted to punish me for blocking archons from harvesting energy from me and waking up to this illusory world. They are self hating losers that are working for Satan and know it and are pathetic. All you can do is laugh and mock them. Haven’t had a problem since I did that. Drone planes, black helicopters, dream implants, all gone. I woke up to our true power and nature and realized we are all one, so they are me, and can’t hurt me, so fuck’em, laugh at them and they will run.

  • Lala Allis
    Lala Allis 2 months ago

    good call!!!😀👍

  • Paulette Hammond-Duerson

    I dont care about this stuff, it may be true, but after you know then what.

  • Richardd Wanamaaker
    Richardd Wanamaaker 2 months ago

    How many years has this going on how many more would we let it go on I just seen a video children are being targeted to my God

  • Richardd Wanamaaker
    Richardd Wanamaaker 2 months ago

    We need to stop being individuals we need to be one group then we won't be individuals we maybe targeted but at least we'll get the attention of the nation somebody needs to stop this if our government is not doing it then our government needs to protect us from who is

  • Wayne Johnson
    Wayne Johnson 3 months ago

    I like you, I really do but a better way of preventing electronic harassment would be by you turning of your £1 radio or at least tuning it in and da daaaa peace and quiet... Give it a go and let me know how you get on

  • Eric P
    Eric P 4 months ago

    Lay off the meth.. holy shit, so much paranoia... you obviously dont know how electronics and radio waves work... thats normal to make those noises near your TV.

  • stop eating animals
    stop eating animals 4 months ago

    I stand with you.
    I'm being targeted because I'm trying to rescue cows pigs and chickens.

  • Arden's hammer
    Arden's hammer 4 months ago

    That emf

  • Arden's hammer
    Arden's hammer 4 months ago

    Why would they so these to random nobody's?

  • Vincent Gutierrez
    Vincent Gutierrez 4 months ago

    Is this to find V2k chips???

  • Jim Hollens
    Jim Hollens 4 months ago

    electronicharassment.net They are the pros with answers!

  • Perla Mohilewer
    Perla Mohilewer 4 months ago

    This woman knows very little about science .... or anything else

    • Dim Sung
      Dim Sung 5 days ago

      Perla Mohilewer At least she is nice and you have no idea what she knows generally. Maybe she is too busy having friends to know about science. I know who I'd rather talk to.

    SOLO AGGIN 4 months ago

    matrix glitch at 1:45 to 1:50 #theone

  • Janispiritual Giftedncalled

    Thank you very much.
    I really appreciate your information.
    That's awesome.
    God Bless you...

  • rhuttrho88
    rhuttrho88 4 months ago

    These fucktard bitches are also perverted voyeurs, what straight man spies on another man's sexual habits? The perps are just gay closeted little bitches. If gay is your thing fine, but you perverts shouldn't be spying on another man's sexual habits. They did it to MLK, and it turned out Hoover was gay. Again only a closeted gay perverted ASS BITCH BOY!, would watch another man have sex, masturbate or what ever. Sick bitches you probably spy on each other and like it.

    • rhuttrho88
      rhuttrho88 4 months ago

      I agree with the video, I just think that needed to be said. Their to weak to say anything to my face, So they take the abuse like they love it. Maybe I should stop. Fucking Sadomasochist!

  • Chuck Andrews
    Chuck Andrews 5 months ago

    i do beleve the only way to shut it down is to get rid of the usa govrrment cia nasa fbi what are we waiting for we paid our taxes to build the usa not to destroy there own people cant wait to meet one of bastards who work for minf control im going to torcher his ass ive got a mans voice talking to my mind twenty four seven sertain words they say to me changes me voice actavated triger words and also electronic abuse to my body and im supposed to let these morons do to me as they please get high dont get high spend all your money going threw so many changes and its your fault fuck these fucking bastards i challenge the mother fucker who destroyed my life right here in norman okla im going to kill this bastard for what he did to me they say there in charge of the internet any thing electronic why buy any electronics if im not incharge of what i buy why in the hell would i want it every boudy i know was in charge of every thing i owned thats the way mind control set my life up with out me knowing it the excuse there using right now is drugs thats why they torcherd me every since i was about 3 yrs old these lieing bastards i lost to many years. of my life i will kill one of these bastards i have no choice man or woman. who ever it is guck you bastards

  • Chuck Andrews
    Chuck Andrews 5 months ago

    i cant believe people dont go to portland Oregon and start killing these people who work for sis

  • Larry Olson
    Larry Olson 5 months ago

    Posting this comment on multiple videos of T.I/gangstalking help videos to inform people: Are you aware that targeted individuals are neurally connected to each other in a mind matrix and even targeted individuals will "mess" with your head, by unintentionally stealing your thoughts you have in the privacy of your own home? Some of the targeted individual web sites seem to be word for word exact content I've come up with myself: more than just similar thinking, but exact conversations I've had with my own brain or to myself. Then, if you mention this to any one, they'll just label you mentally ill and send you off to the psych ward - so be careful. People will also steal exact youtube/web forum comments you have made yourself, and make them their own comments months/years later or even months before you wrote them, and pose the comments as their own, even though you came up with them. It may be intentional, or unintentional that they have no control over, via an A.I. mind matrix of some kind. This is to drive you mentally ill, but if you are aware of it, it really helps. It sounds crackpot and conspiracy, but... I'm afraid it is true. As a warning, the comments you and I have on this page may be part of this mind matrix mind f*ck, so be careful..

  • Lynitra Newell
    Lynitra Newell 5 months ago

    blow my brains out tonight

  • Anand Kriss
    Anand Kriss 5 months ago


  • Lisa Lampros
    Lisa Lampros 5 months ago

    They can harrass you using DNA. Refer to Private Investigator Roger Tolces. He had the very first Electronic harrassment case and coined the name (Electronic Harrassment). I did a DNA test through Ancestry and shortly after, I started having extreme issues. I have been dealing with this for about 4 years.

  • DIRGES in the DARK
    DIRGES in the DARK 5 months ago

    So do we hold the radio to our body? LOL

  • Michael Wellner
    Michael Wellner 6 months ago

    5 + years since I fist saw your utube post and you are helping people still awesome job I hope you are well.

  • tony turtle
    tony turtle 6 months ago

    religion is the roots of bad men and women

  • Cherryrose Blood
    Cherryrose Blood 6 months ago

    Help I’ve had v2k and no one really know anything about it.

  • mejmiller
    mejmiller 7 months ago

    May be good video but background noise drowns out her voice.

  • Dee Miller
    Dee Miller 7 months ago

    She's right .

  • john peters
    john peters 7 months ago


  • Roger X
    Roger X 7 months ago

    This video should more likely be titled "Electronic Attraction (You really want to feel it easily.)"

  • Damen Sutherland
    Damen Sutherland 8 months ago

    The crime is for individuals breathing air and not committing siucide and sitting in public .im the devil to .should let the droners giude the rest poor people had someone walkby them in the halway .

  • Simon Pitt
    Simon Pitt 8 months ago


  • NASH
    NASH 8 months ago

    Where's the tits n the picture?

  • Real Life Intuition
    Real Life Intuition 8 months ago

    You're very brave for coming out about this issue! These frequencies are generally broadcasted - it's all over the place. Some people react, others don't. Others just get their consciousness hijacked and don't realize how, why, or even whether it really happened. I suggest anyone watch this video tvclip.biz/video/cXzKaKoW65U/video.html&t=1260s

  • Knowledge is power. Wisdom is what?

    google tongue vibration device that lets one hear theoug vibrations of the tongue, and bone conduction. And astral projection. I belive they are using those techniques. And brainwave readers. Also they astral project to fuck with peoples mind, to belive in demons and such. I dont think they are demons, or shayateen. But humans, if you read luke 16:18 they give a man that marries a divorced woman, the same fault as the man that divorced the woman. And in the old testament, they say to stone a disobedient son, and rape of a virgin is just despicable. In the quran they say its allowed to have sex with what your right hand posses, and also that one can have 4 wifes. And in all those religions, they let people have money and eating meat. We as humans dont need any meat whatsoever to get the nutrients we need. And money gives unequal power, wich then can be misused, and it also lets people corrupt others, and people kill for it. Im not saying there is not a god. Or that religion is a lie, im saying. The transalations are wrong, and the bibles qurans and so forth could have been changed. Like the bible that was original, could have been gone, the quran, could have the language changed. Either way, they have a agenda of bringing aliens as "god" What those aliens are, is hard to say, demons, shayateen, humans? I dont know. Im guessing shayateen. But its hard to say, thoug it could be that. Beacuse if they changed the language of the quran, its proof. But if the quran really came from a voice as source. Its really not evident of being from god. As with bone conduction one can make voices in people's head. And its logical, beacuse there is sound, and if you put a musical fork or something, im talking about something that has two points separated joined down, looking like a y but like a rectangel where its divided, and if you hit it, then put it in the head, the sound vibrations will make a sound in your head. The best thing one could do, is trust in one god. And be vigilant and knowledgeable, for the day they will bring in the "aliens" from their fake crazy-axis to make us submit as unsuperiour beings. When really the only superiour being is god. That i can think of. And they can also control the body, fully. But they dont use it, i guess that is proof, that we ourselfes, have to take the bad choices they manipulate us to take. It must be, beacuse then we are deserving of the justice we get when we die, if it was for killing someone or saving someone. So we ultimately are accomplices in the actions they manipulate us to take, beacuse they can manipulate our feelings our thoughts our ideas, and our will. But we still have the choice to either hurt, take or give. And also, no matter what they make you feel, or think. You have the choice not to let it affect you. Just live normally, do something like helping others, educate them, watch a movie or play a game or chess or something when you need to calm yourself or have fun after doing somtheing giving or useful, or removing stress, bath is helpful, and a cold shower, like really cold can help feelings open. But dont use your time on focusing on the voices. Focus inward, focus on the actions you do. And the behaviour toward others. And like it says in the bible, relax, and in the quran, the heart is like a diamond. No matter how dirty it gets, it can always shine. Just, no matter what you judge, no matter how people treat you, if you treat them back with respect. You wont regret it. No matter if they still dissrespect you, thoug there is much sacrifice in it, as someone will keep dissrespecting. So if they are worth it or not is up to you. But the worst you should do, is walk away, or show disliking. But dont harrass, provoke, or shed hate. And the voices, they are like the color black, you can try to put light in it. But eventually, they use your light up, and turn it into darkness. So just ignore them. Toatlly ignore them, and when you cant. Keep trying, or find something. I have cried, i have trusted, i have done a lot to try to get them to stop. But the best one gets, is moments of peace, and misuse of trust. So just ignore them. No, matter what. Ignore them. Focus inward, and do good will, and good will come to you, if its from others or yourself, it still will come. And for every justice you give, justice you will get. If not in this life, then the next. Why else would justice exist, if not the creator wanted it to be there? And negativity is there only so we can help eachother when we have it, or learn from it. I guess.. But i dont know why its there. Thoug you do learn from it, and it does tell when orhers are hurt or whencwe are. And dont trust the voices, ever. And ive stumbled on something called black noise, check it out, with a bone conduction headset, and see if it can help. Maybe shut out hypnosis frequency, i dont know. But try it out. And dont give up. Self pity, arrogance, hate, negative feelings. Learn to use it for good, and not bad. it can be used for informing how your state of being is, and why, and then how to do the opposite of the reason its there, the same it can be used for others to help you or you to help them. Like i saw a blind girl that had no eyes and a deformed face. She is used to walking around, and people laughing and talking behind her back. And lots of things. She still smiles, and is really one of the most beautiful persons ive seen, maybe even the most. So much positivity and love. And she says, she dont focus on the negativity, so she just lets it go. Offcourse, no one is perfect and it can be hard sometimes. But if you are sad, or angry or abused. Are you going to contemplate with self pity? Or do what you really like? like making someone smile, be relaxed so you can concentrate and have stability, or help people wake up, or getting knowledgeable and wise, so you can use the information to wake people up. Especially when chaos comes, and everyone will be in distress, and then fake aliens comes to say they are the opposite of what they are? Right know, people, most people, dont want to care. They feel they cant do anything, or they want to just have a good time. And some think there is nothing we can do beacuse religion says jesus will come, or the end will come, but there might not be like that. So the best thing, is to either learn the original languages of the bible quran and old testament. Or get informed about what the shadow goverment, is planning. Like looking at the pictures in the illuminati card game and then seeing mainstream news, and the technology they have and conspiracy theories to know different ideas about what might happen, so one then can be ready. Thoug, the best thing is really to learn classical arabic, and the language of the original bible and old testament. And then see what the oldest of those books say, and if it says money, meat or slavery the same goes for more than one wife, i mean, i wouldnt like to give the time i have so my wife could be with other men, then why should she. So if the religions say so in the original languages, Its not right. So then either the languages are lies, or whole books are lies. I would gues the languages and some books. Thoug i dont know. Thoug learning the landuages the technology the conspiracies and the mainstream news, is the best way to prepare. For either the end, or when there might be aliens coming and acting as they are god. Beacuse then, if you are informed with facts, the chances are much bigger for people listening. Illuminati card game, the languages of the original major religions books. mainstream media and technology. And remember one god, not gods. Beacuse all powerfull means one thing more powerfull than all. Or else it isnt all powerful. So no gods, one god. Peace bro! And you cant sell your soul, or send demons, or send thoughts. So dont be afraid, but be aware informed, and relaxed. And just as positive as possible, or atleast let your actions towards others and yourself be positive. And remember bro? we arent perfect, but we have a will that can be respectful, as long as we try, there is hope!!!!

  • Balls of Steel
    Balls of Steel 9 months ago

    The entire system works with convincing your psyche that all their lies about u are true, whether it is tech or people or whatever...but if you have faith ABOVE this inner thoughts and lies, nothing can get you..faith in CHRIST works cause the WORD is tested tried and true and you are believing in a authority more powerful then they can dish out
    Luke 10:19King James Version (KJV)
    19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

  • JamesSmalley #OnCallDeliveryService

    Excellent Video, thanks for sharing. I've been studying grounding and Earthing....helps alot FYI

  • Christopher Klymson
    Christopher Klymson 9 months ago

    Who are you love I am Canadian English, use-to live in Chalk/Graves End/ Kent, and I'd realy like to know. "Your well qute"
    "respond to this comment all right"?
    Thank you for the EMP warning device...

  • Christopher Klymson
    Christopher Klymson 9 months ago

    Who are you love I am Canadian English, use-to live in Chalk/Graves End/ Kent, and I'd realy like to know. "Your well qute"
    "respond to this comment all right"?
    Thank you for the EMP warning device...

  • nuttty peanut butter
    nuttty peanut butter 9 months ago

    I say the best defence is a armadillo shell wrapped in tin foil, u can easily remove a strap and padding from a bike helmet so it stays on your head comfortably and glue the strap on before you wrap the shell in tin foil

  • reda color llc
    reda color llc 9 months ago

    less talk please

  • Lion and the Lamb
    Lion and the Lamb 9 months ago

    They have dumped nanotechnology on everyones head from chemtrails. The reason they follow you is to get a lock on the implants that have integrated into your body and brain from the chemtrail nanobots.... tvclip.biz/video/cRl8oQNmHJo/video.html For $20 on amazon you can get a microwave and electromagetic radiation detector. It is cheap and will only last about 6 months but it works. I can tell where my attacks are coming from... www.amazon.com/KKmoon-Electromagnetic-Radiation-Detector-Dosimeter/dp/B013HQ0S1Y/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1508882393&sr=8-6&keywords=radiation+detector

    • Lion and the Lamb
      Lion and the Lamb 9 months ago

      My readings at times are 1200 to 2400 times higher than the safe level to be exposed to for 6 minutes. They are baking me in it. If you find a strong signal coming from your walls. I found a reading of over 1200 coming from the wall and it was microwaves.I turned off the breaker to that wall and it stopped. Then they rerouted it and it came from a different wall. What are microwaves doing coming from my wall? I called the electric company and they played dumb. They are microwaving those they perceive as their enemies with the smart meters they have installed, they know very well what they are doing.

  • Jodie ————
    Jodie ———— 9 months ago

    You can do this with 2 walkie talkies
    take both turn on push 1 button like you are going
    To talk 1 walkie will have a loud detectable howl.
    I used to do this all the time.
    If there's a chip somewhere you might hear it..

  • 김성해
    김성해 10 months ago

    [FACT] Their true charactor is not illuminati. they are communist nation's spies. and their purpose is that a victim suicide. next gang stalkers eat victim's internal organs or sell those. they are actually cannibals. gang stalkers equal to ' reptillan'. v2k inventor is soviet union's KGB. in south korea jeolla province is north korea's colony. jeolla province people is 100% gangstalker, resident espionage agent, cannibal. in the world gang stalking occur by soviet union allied naion's comminist spies. in fact mind contol is communist's spies's microwave electronic communications.a victim should report a spy to army unit. record mind control.

  • Ryan Gonzalez
    Ryan Gonzalez 10 months ago

    I need your help email me enaquality@groupmail.com {ASAP}

  • Tim othy
    Tim othy 10 months ago

    Very cute

  • Terry Vasa
    Terry Vasa 10 months ago

    Electronic harassment never bothered me ...i just ignored it and they went away.

  • Garrett C
    Garrett C 10 months ago

    You discovered radio interference with a cheap radio. Put your microwave in between your wireless router and your computer and turn it on, then try to browse the internet. It doesn't work well does it? It's because all 2.4 Ghz wavelengths are designated for commercial use. I bet you didn't know that your microwave also produces radio waves did you? :)

  • Laura C
    Laura C 10 months ago

    They win. They always win. Even when you think you won, they win. Forgive. Always forgive.

  • Fillip Traum
    Fillip Traum 10 months ago

    you need to find magnets like thick ones. and put them in your door way. put one negative and 1 positive on each side. your basicly degaussing yourself.

  • Barry White
    Barry White 10 months ago

    What's a "pound"

  • Tyler Lonie
    Tyler Lonie 10 months ago

    shungite ;)

  • Keith Marshall
    Keith Marshall 10 months ago

    your connecting the romote by pushing do the buttons which tells you your method spot on used right

  • Keith Marshall
    Keith Marshall 10 months ago

    you will always get signals on everyone the reason there falling in the chemtrails you will get some sort of a reading certian parts of the body amen

  • Keith Marshall
    Keith Marshall 10 months ago

    try tunning it to different wave lenghts you will be amazzed

  • Keith Marshall
    Keith Marshall 10 months ago

    whos a clever girl gorgeous one at that love a woman with brains

  • Keith Marshall
    Keith Marshall 10 months ago

    it can be the cheapest on the market and it will still work

  • Matt Logan
    Matt Logan 11 months ago

    But these people really are trying every day to distroy my life to the point of suicide

  • Matt Logan
    Matt Logan 11 months ago

    They are retarded drug addict low life bums its not the government or the military or any crazy ass thing like that its just a bunch of crackheaded dopeheads

  • Dirty Dan J
    Dirty Dan J 11 months ago

    Omg retarted .....rf waves are EVERYWHERE don't meen gov tapped into your brain dumb broad..lol oh ya just wear your tin foil hat ....ughhhh doyyyyyer

  • Kevin Haggerty
    Kevin Haggerty 11 months ago

    Good one keep it as easy as possible people think that this is not happening can go ahead and get radiated!! This is a true Ghostbusters!!👮🏽

  • SABYASACHI sabya
    SABYASACHI sabya 11 months ago

    interesting. thanks 1

  • Lucia Denis
    Lucia Denis 11 months ago

    I m experiencing the same thing for the last past 8 years or so. I am fine until I get home I went to the police, nothing they think I am crazy I am glad to know that I am not. Where can I find the detector ? please I need help they are destroying my health.

  • J Aria
    J Aria 11 months ago

    So how do you think the remote makes the channel on the tv change? By sending out a signal, every electronic you 'tested' emits either an electric or magnet field because they are powered by electricity, even human beings emit an electrical field according to Nicolas Tesla

  • Don Mccaskey
    Don Mccaskey Year ago


    • Don Mccaskey
      Don Mccaskey Year ago


  • Stephen Offer
    Stephen Offer Year ago

    Barrie trower answers some of your questions guys. Guys you can help heal yourself by becaming raw organic vegan. Eat only raw fruit, herbs, veg and soaked nuts and within months your be better.

  • Eric Baumgartner
    Eric Baumgartner Year ago

    There are also apps that can detect EMF's and most wave forms.

  • QUANTUMquest The billionaire salesman cowboy

    you dumb idiot get an education i dont know how you breathe the same air?? your almost at full retard

  • JB Smith
    JB Smith Year ago

    Please help the victims of the National Institute of Justice's "intelligent surveillance" research. The NIJ is using our taxpayer dollars to violate our constitutional rights, recklessly endanger our lives, and torture us 24/7. Senator Kaine told me that this program funds Newport News Police Department and Virginia state police. Both are required to have a signed informed consent form for each human subject. The NIJ follows the common rule. Citizens need to request the name and contact number for the IRB as well as the grant administrator. We need to ask our senators to defund the NIJ for failure to follow the "common rule" and for violations of our constitutional rights as well as the torture and murder of thousands of innocent citizens. The perps are state and local police. The funding is the NIJ. In addition, cops steal the identity of the victim and use Medicaid to supplement their nonconsensual human subject research. This is a felony. They must allow us to opt out. The NIJ are required by law to pay for our attorney fees, medical expenses, and any change in financial position as well as punitive damages! I now have cancer throughout my body as a direct result of this technology. The NIJ, Newport News Police and Virginia state police are to blame for my cancer and stealing a decade of my life! Are there any attorneys with integrity in the U. S.?

  • woodsprite 007
    woodsprite 007 Year ago

    what the heck is "ear meth"? don't think I want to try that.

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones Year ago

    I've been targeted for 14 years. It's a living hell when you include all the other stuff they do to a person. The voices aren't really torture, but the rest sure is!
    The way you record might be bogus. I have tried it too, with variable success. It can't be used in court because of the method. They would claim it to be just "noise" or a channel a bit off if you are able to pick up "voices". The signal can, however, be recorded as ingress ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coaxial_cable#Signal_leakage ) into a computer system. I have made thousands of recordings. You can listen to some of them here:
    To make an ingress recording, start whatever program you record with and then unplug your microphone. Yes, unplug your microphone and any other input source like a webcam.
    The resulting file should be blank, but isn't if you are being zapped. All you need to do then is increase the volume.
    Under spectrographic analysis the sounds can be identified as mechanical productions of what sounds like voices, most of the time. Other times might actually be voices of the people doing it. It is very difficult to get what are called harmonic ladders in these types of recordings. Harmonic ladders are what the courts would use to identify voices and for voice "fingerprinting".
    I have suggested software called GoldWave to other targets. For only $45 it does a lot! Pop and click removal, initial noise reduction, and most importantly a time function which you can slow down the recording (just like Jimi Hendrix' sound that he included on his 'Experience' album called "Moon, turn the tides... gently gently away". Jimi did this so people would know what it was and how to identify it by slowing the recordings down. He and many other musicians were and are being targeted ever since the 'new mother nature' came into being with Sgt. Pepper and the bunch doing crap to people a la Josie and the Pussycats.
    Best of luck recording.

  • Shawn Dani
    Shawn Dani Year ago

    Shawn DaniI do agree with a LOT of what you are saying, BUT there are a few things I would disagree on. I have come to light about a LOT of things that have been going on and YES I ALSO AM TARGETED. Though I don't like the term and I know it is meant to make you look crazy, schizophrenic etc. I was and am found NOT crazy or delusional which made my gang stalkers/tormentors/abusers say I was dangerous, but to who when the the doctor and everyone I meet say I'm a nice person and I can have a laugh with them. I'm told that they have been doing this to me for over 2yrs some are saying 3 so I know it is a split group and that they would have to have a fair sum of money to do the things they have been doing. I have been told who paid for it to be done to me whether or not it is true is hard to say, but I would say they are all involved in some level. They have beet trying to make me forget what they have done and said etc, but I have serious video record memory which maybe due to being on the higher end spectrum of autism, which they keep saying now we didn't know that you were or have a disability, though I don't count it as a disability and it's not something that you tell everyone either when you first meet or ever if you don't want to it's entirely my choice if I do as I'm quiet and peaceful, it like to laugh and joke with those I choose to. I'm 34 and qualified in many things, but think the artist in me has made things easier to deal with sometimes hard if it's a sensitive topic or issue. I have been made homeless by these people and started getting cut off from many because of the things that they have been doing and if I ever talk with any of you once you get to know me you will see what I mean. I choose to talk to the WORLD. To all who want to have a friend, who have no one else who believes them. To those who have been down trodden and made to feel like Shiz because of this fucked up system which PEOPLE are bestowing upon you. I know more than what they think I know either because of autism disability or because I gifted as fuck excuse my language. My Skype is sumjuan4 and if I get to know you maybe I'll allow you to have my number or you can email me at rilladread@gmail.com people should not be made to feel this it's a good thing my Mama made me strong. Peace✌

  • Shawn Dani
    Shawn Dani Year ago

    I managed to record some of what has been said, but need the audio to be worked to make it clearer. I know there are audio programs that can clear out the disruption and make it all clear

  • Leslie Kendall
    Leslie Kendall Year ago

    My computer monitor is that loud even when its off.

  • Solvay Conference

    Short answer: Periscope App
    Long answer:
    This in general is a good way to break a controlled environment. The concept of harassment and bullying is to make the target feel controlled. The only way to do that is to control the environment. Examples are workplace, school, neighborhood, etc. Each are tiny pockets of control. However, if one were to have a consistently changing environment, it's impossible to control. With an app like Periscope, you have instant contact from people all over the world. The majority of them have no connection to this controlled environment. Those that do are at the mercy of their broadcast. The catch is, even if you were to broadcast, you can block people who make negative comments- thereby forming your own positive environment in realtime. This also helps to dispel the generated feeling that everyone is against you. If anything triggers a bad experience, jump to another broadcast. To my knowledge, Periscope is the first of it's kind., so likely there were some things that weren't foreseen. If anyone is a programmer, making instant connectivity social apps similar to Periscope will help erode the effectiveness of bullying and harassment.
    In theory, ultimately that should make the technology of harassment innocuous.
    So, theoretically if all the things you are experiencing is correct, to go after or expose the attackers is pointless because apparently no one sees it but the victim as their origin appears to be concealed. The technology would clearly and wisely be in a place that can't be easily reached. So the best thing maybe to do is break the effects of the purpose of the attacks, rendering the technology and their implementers useless. If all of this accurate, people don't like to waste money funding useless projects. If it's something secret that no one wants to have their name tied to, one can only guess what would happen to the creators if the project is no longer necessary.
    If anyone else finds any solutions that are highly effective in breaking the environment, please post. Suffering is not right. Period. Your experiences help to formulate real solutions. Thanks for being who you are and saying something.
    Max Planck

  • Arianni For ever
    Arianni For ever Year ago +4

    I knew it , I've been a victim since I was little , I knew I wasn't crazy thank you for your video. wow .

    • Joel L
      Joel L 10 months ago

      Wow this is sad stay strong

  • Alexander Ragnar
    Alexander Ragnar Year ago

    Hi I am a targetet individua myself. Now a member of Icaact.org and partner with Magnus Ollson. The president of Mindtechenterprises.com . This will cost you around 1800-2500 euro, but you will get writh of the voices. Approved by Russian centeral intelligence agancy, apce forces and special forces. company form Poland. There is some wating time since many is ordering. The ray damage will continue. This further problem is a work in progress. Shar this news and visit the organisation.
    Mindtechenterprises.com : to get writh of the psycological terror.
    Icaact.org : news and updates

    • Larry Olson
      Larry Olson 5 months ago

      will it get rid of remote rape technology that they use to send itching sensations to rectum, scrotum?

  • Follow Christ
    Follow Christ Year ago +8

    I feel hot sensations immediately after my downstairs neighbor has a noise that sounds like a food disposal. It vibrates the floor under me. I've been getting cooked for about 4years now. I started having heart problems out of no where than came the permanent brain fog. I had a heart attach last year from this. Now I'm stage 3 heart failure based off symptoms on the internet and countless hours of research. My doctors claim I have a good bill of health yet I get winded from only walking 1mile and going up stairs. I'm 35. I helped a woman getting targeted and she was being sex trafficked while they had her on meds with the local state mental health agency. She was deemed schizophrenic because of her targeting. She's not. We have been together for almost 7yrs now. She is no longer a victim since about 6yrs ago. I had a chance to get untargted but I chose her. I don't regret it. I'm near my end. They love how they did this to me. Apparently you have to throw out morals and ethics to be in the "system". It was a good run. I myself am a 17yr target. She has been since she was 16 and a gang in Orange County CA got her hooked on meth and turned her out for a summer. She didn't want to do it anymore but the police and doctors she went to laughed at her and asked appalling questing like "what position did you do it in? Did it feel good?" at 16yrs old! This country is run by white supremacist and their lapdogs. It's a fascist corporate narco state. Part of a worldwide "web". "They" call it the web. At this point there's nothing I can do. But to have survived 17yrs, I feel my message is God got me this far. Jesus is real. This is spiritual warfare even though the perps are in denial. They want glory on earth and have cashed in their chips. There's no heaven for them. They have the mark of the beast. God bless you good people hanging in there. I have no real words of encouragement other than get baptized in the Holy Spirit and never give up.

  • bob Dobolina
    bob Dobolina Year ago

    All you need to know about mindcontrol and then sum. here Former DOD Contractor Bryan Tew Discusses Conscious Computers & Mind Control tvclip.biz/video/cIy-QctVPNI/video.html

  • fight me gook yecciiss

    Something creepy about this video

    • Dan Ham
      Dan Ham 7 days ago

      she seems quite nice to me. she might be wrong about all this malarkey but she's nice

  • RTWrename
    RTWrename Year ago


  • bloodboughtinhim@gmail

    Father in the name of Jesus Christ I ask that anyone going through this, be protected by hundred waring angels and I ask you to confuse the enemy and break down there equipment and have them argue among themselves father, protect us in Jesus name amen

  • Monica Try
    Monica Try Year ago

    I found this video helpful AND since discovered 2 things:
    1. If you leave the radio on, not on a station but with the interference sound, it reacts to incoming electronic attacks, trust me.
    2. After an attack, when you feel zapped, put your hand at the back of the radio and it will pick up your radiation and intensity. No attack, no responses. Tried many times.
    Remember a.m aerial is within the radio and not the upright. Your hand will find it.
    Thank you D.Fairy. Good job.

  • B C
    B C Year ago

    ha. she doesn't know about it and hasn't had scans. everything you're about to say is discredited if you can't even prove what's supposedly happening to you. psychotic people on the Internet just another day

  • Anthony Ocean
    Anthony Ocean Year ago

    We need to expose this technology for everyone!

  • Fairy Frequency
    Fairy Frequency Year ago +1

    very nice video! new subscriber x) I found you because we come up in the same youtube search x) Check out some of my videos too and let me know what you think. I have some early videos in which I have recorded some unexplained audio frequency maybe fairy speak/language. look for my all original playlist "Fairy Land". look for "Fairies Talking by the Creek" Click on my icon to find me 🌱