10 Products That *SHOULDN'T* Be Edible!


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  • DOPE or NOPE
    DOPE or NOPE  5 months ago +955

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  • No Mouth Animation
    No Mouth Animation 3 hours ago

    FORTNITE is terrible

  • gacha_ wolf
    gacha_ wolf 12 hours ago

    It says fortnight cannot be played on my phone

  • RandomFluffKing T.

    Doesn't every chef and or baker know that if you have candy melts, and you add food dye to it, IT DOESN'T MIX? Thats why they have different packaging of candy melts.

  • Jordan Dungee
    Jordan Dungee Day ago

    Best face is at 13:13

  • Wanraplang Sohliya Kharshandi


  • Wanraplang Sohliya Kharshandi


  • Destinee T.
    Destinee T. 4 days ago

    It should be noted that alot of this stuff is meant as decoration for cakes etc and aren't really meant to be eaten by themselves.

  • Imani S. H.
    Imani S. H. 4 days ago

    The sellers probably said “edible” to describe non-toxic things that you can technically eat hahah

  • Jen May
    Jen May 4 days ago

    6:21 it's not a problem anymore!!!!!!!

  • Livia Wong
    Livia Wong 5 days ago

    When they watched the pen channel, they gave time and effort to a product that had no chance of suceeding and a view to the trash channel, troom troom.

  • hashem hasnawi
    hashem hasnawi 5 days ago

    theres logo blocks in 3d that are Edible!

  • Boldly Blonde
    Boldly Blonde 6 days ago

    7:33 😂😂

  • Sup3r UNICORNS
    Sup3r UNICORNS 7 days ago

    0:12 Me when the teacher calls on me but I don’t know the answer.....

  • lps cupcake101
    lps cupcake101 7 days ago

    you made the water one wrong bec I saw this other yt do it and when he ate it it pop and a bunch of water came out love u 2019

  • Patrick star
    Patrick star 8 days ago

    7:59 😮

  • Frenchescka Vanguardia

    How did I you d that trick shot tanner!!!!

  • Chessey Breadsticks
    Chessey Breadsticks 9 days ago

    When Micheal said "its a portable water bottle."-19:18 Like if you asked yourself isn't all water bottles portable?

  • Mermaid Atara
    Mermaid Atara 10 days ago

    Some Navajo eat something that is kind of similar to chalk or something else for religious purposes I think, but I may be wrong.

  • Christina Bloodsworth
    Christina Bloodsworth 10 days ago


  • Christina Bloodsworth
    Christina Bloodsworth 10 days ago


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  • Ciara Is Zer0
    Ciara Is Zer0 11 days ago

    Next video "Top Ten Best Dope Or Nope Dunks"

  • Savannah Price
    Savannah Price 11 days ago

    Dude Perfect Who?

  • jaime torrez
    jaime torrez 12 days ago

    cool vidd

  • unknown
    unknown 12 days ago

    Edible means it is digestible

  • pinguin boiii
    pinguin boiii 12 days ago

    8:01 this is dude perfect now

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 12 days ago

    PUBG is free....

  • Blue Blade14
    Blue Blade14 12 days ago

    22:50 Matthias making like Mera and just going at it eating that rose🌹 😂

  • I'm A Bean Bag _123
    I'm A Bean Bag _123 12 days ago

    Who else just liked season 1 and 2 on Fortnite??

  • Indigo SkyFox
    Indigo SkyFox 13 days ago +1

    I feel a little shook on the fact that tanner hates that art was added to stem. It deserves to be up there. I mean, it is his opinion but I'm still shook about it.

  • Anything and Everything

    8:04 Dude Perfect is SHOOK

  • Maryn Allred
    Maryn Allred 13 days ago

    I don’t understand why people think organic means no pesticides because it literally means the exact opposite.

  • Sarah Lindsey
    Sarah Lindsey 13 days ago


  • Taniah Gilmore
    Taniah Gilmore 13 days ago

    Y’know stem is Science Technology...um Math and E!”😭😂

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  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer 14 days ago

    *falls out of gaming chair*
    Omg lol! 1 like=1 help to get back in gaming chair lol

  • Supervision Required
    Supervision Required 14 days ago

    Where’s fortnite on game cube and wii!

  • Godzilla Junior
    Godzilla Junior 14 days ago

    Roblox is a free game to play

  • James the toast lover
    James the toast lover 14 days ago

    Fortnite sucks!

  • Marilynn Mena
    Marilynn Mena 14 days ago

    Tanner if you need a girlfriend , I am not a minor 👍

    • Squiddles
      Squiddles 12 days ago

      I can tell you’re lying

  • The Default Blader/TDB

    but i hate fortnite

  • this guy
    this guy 14 days ago

    3:23 what if im Amish?

  • Owen Kent
    Owen Kent 14 days ago

    The thing is I was playing fortnite while watching this

  • I am depression
    I am depression 14 days ago

    Is tanner and Micheal gay?

    • Squiddles
      Squiddles 12 days ago

      I am depression that was a joke

    • I am depression
      I am depression 12 days ago

      +Squiddles because he wrote michial loves Tanner or something like dat

    • Squiddles
      Squiddles 12 days ago

      No, why?

  • Joey Woody
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  • Faith Engelbrecht
    Faith Engelbrecht 15 days ago

    You guys are the funniest youtubers ever!!

  • Karina Rabago
    Karina Rabago 15 days ago

    7:32 "is this fon- *NYEH* "
    That was cute 😂

  • Nate Jimenez
    Nate Jimenez 15 days ago

    There are some candy Legos that you can build with and they don’t taste too bad they kind of taste like a harder smarty

  • riolu lover 08
    riolu lover 08 15 days ago

    Science technology engineering math

  • LeaveDeathAlone Please

    Ship Michael and Tanner

  • Starsies Skygames
    Starsies Skygames 15 days ago

    How many games have been completely free? Well unless you want skins... It's basically like LOL (league of legends) in the fact it's free... But loot boxes.. skins.. all that costs real money 😂

  • RADgamer
    RADgamer 15 days ago

    poor poor roses ;-;

  • ToxicSouthern Wolf
    ToxicSouthern Wolf 16 days ago

    Matt:sub to mine
    Micheal:Mine too

  • Horselover 123
    Horselover 123 16 days ago

    8:05 lol I’m dead 😂

  • Parashjin
    Parashjin 16 days ago

    Free and popular games? Ever heard of Warframe?

  • Psycho Darling
    Psycho Darling 16 days ago

    Tanner: *throws taco*
    *markers get in and not the "shell"*

  • Steve McCoy
    Steve McCoy 16 days ago

    STEAM is actually a thing.

  • Aspen rosexo
    Aspen rosexo 16 days ago

    I live in Michigan and there is a store that we went to and it had edible Legos and you could build with them like regular legos they also tasted good

  • MadDragon 005
    MadDragon 005 17 days ago

    The thumbnail might make young kids eat LEGO like if you agree 👎

  • vee is a bee
    vee is a bee 17 days ago

    *whisper* c o c a i n e

  • Art 'n' stuff
    Art 'n' stuff 17 days ago +1

    I laugh-cried so much

  • Art 'n' stuff
    Art 'n' stuff 17 days ago +1

    I have to say that was amazing 8:00

  • Art 'n' stuff
    Art 'n' stuff 17 days ago +1

    5:01 This is why I whatchamacallit's your vids

  • Fiona Denison-Barnett Cale

    I know what is nope....You guys' pronunciation of LEGO.....😂

  • Fiona Denison-Barnett Cale

    " It's better after you get it into the wetness."
    -Matthias. 🙄😋😂😆

  • alfrei
    alfrei 17 days ago

    I have fortnite season 7

  • Red Ghost522
    Red Ghost522 17 days ago

    If anyone got the marine joke you’re a legend he said that because marines are called crayon eaters

  • Sky Outdoors
    Sky Outdoors 18 days ago

    I hate fortnite

  • Alyssa Oliver
    Alyssa Oliver 18 days ago

    9:20 okay but yikes

  • christian soriano
    christian soriano 18 days ago

    It this an asmr video?

  • Kyle Harris
    Kyle Harris 18 days ago

    The pen throw was amazing

  • Rosalia Lampe
    Rosalia Lampe 18 days ago

    The paint is food coloring

  • Sutakyatto
    Sutakyatto 18 days ago

    7:32 I can't get over his reaction to the pen 😂

  • Lynessa Parrett
    Lynessa Parrett 18 days ago

    We can buy those Izze things at school for a Dollar they are so good

  • MinhKing889 [60hz]
    MinhKing889 [60hz] 18 days ago

    Does android count for fortnite?

  • Koala Master
    Koala Master 18 days ago

    I saw Troom Troom in this video

  • Roxie Animated
    Roxie Animated 19 days ago

    Like for those marker shots

  • Mad Foxx
    Mad Foxx 19 days ago

    I've been on TVclip for 6 years. I have nothing to show for it.
    I long for the day when I can eat chalk and get millions of views.

  • jenn deVine
    jenn deVine 19 days ago

    Wait wait wait hold up wait a second that black paint is just food coloring!!!

  • Phil The Dinosaur
    Phil The Dinosaur 19 days ago +2

    To my fellow Brits out there, is Home Depot anything like Homebase or do I have the complete wrong idea?

    • Smm y
      Smm y 6 days ago +1

      Phil The Dinosaur as far as i’ve heard i think you’re correct

    $RIVATH5AN 19 days ago


  • Timmyey 259
    Timmyey 259 19 days ago

    I sadly know what FORTNITE is and I hate it

  • timmy timmt
    timmy timmt 19 days ago

    Fortnite sucks and good free games are trove crossout and warframe.

  • Anara
    Anara 19 days ago

    I know Matt said he was tired a few times in here but like... You good bro 😂😂

  • Shamira Qureshi
    Shamira Qureshi 19 days ago +19

    "Your eating sand!!!" 2:45
    ...And now a new episode of my strange addiction

  • Littletale Papyrus
    Littletale Papyrus 20 days ago

    My Atari can’t play fortnite.......

  • IrisSonata
    IrisSonata 20 days ago

    I had to like rewatch Tanner throw that 20times cause I couldn't believe it XD

  • Jillibean 364
    Jillibean 364 20 days ago

    7:33 omg tanners reaction lol I can’t

  • Aliya Taj
    Aliya Taj 21 day ago

    um at 4:13 he said almost none which is none but pubg is a better game than fortnite

  • Chloe Mason
    Chloe Mason 21 day ago +1

    Friend 1: my crayon taste like blueberry
    Friend 2: my crayon taste like cotton candy
    Friends together: what does yours taste like?
    Me: it taste like regret!

  • Rae Atwara
    Rae Atwara 21 day ago

    science technology engineering mathmatics

  • Jessy Queen
    Jessy Queen 21 day ago

    22:50. I.am.dead

  • Cuss Gaming!!!!!
    Cuss Gaming!!!!! 21 day ago

    I hate fortnite👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Internetweirdo
    Internetweirdo 21 day ago

    For the legos at the grocery store nearest to me you can actually get CANDY “Legos”. It’s basically sugar just compacted into the shape

  • ZombieApples
    ZombieApples 22 days ago

    Way too many exposed knees in this video

  • Jeydyn Bruce
    Jeydyn Bruce 22 days ago

    with flowers, it's best to dip them in simple syrup and place them on a wax paper lined pan, place them in the freezer for half an hour.

  • Klaryssa Phillips
    Klaryssa Phillips 22 days ago

    I have had home made candy legos that you could build with and tasted amazing.

  • Hannah
    Hannah 22 days ago