Forging a Knife From a Wrench With Hydraulic Press | in 4K


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  • chancebandet
    chancebandet 6 days ago

    Aluminum foil axe

  • Pepe Yúfera Daza
    Pepe Yúfera Daza 9 days ago

    8:22 thats totoro,s belly

  • Alien Hogs gameplay
    Alien Hogs gameplay 12 days ago


  • Alien Hogs gameplay
    Alien Hogs gameplay 12 days ago

    I don’t thing this is exactly forging XD

  • heymrk
    heymrk 13 days ago

    Knife-wrench! For kids.

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0 13 days ago

    On one side I hate this because, well weapons (though I can see some obvious practical uses as well [one of which you demonstrated :p]), but at the same time it’s kind of fascinating and the thing actually worked, so gg I guess.

  • Street Skater 66
    Street Skater 66 14 days ago

    Should have tempered it otherwise it is too brittle.

  • Lino Silva
    Lino Silva 16 days ago

    @Hydraulic Press Channel Loved the idea to forge stuff, and i really like blades, specially swords. If you tried to craft some medieval replicas of swords it would be cool.

  • themakkara12
    themakkara12 17 days ago

    That is one of the coolest knives I have ever seen. If I was rich I would 100% order one from you :D

  • Sony H K
    Sony H K 17 days ago

    Nice job,,, fantastic

  • cat luva
    cat luva 19 days ago

    It's cool that they supplement their income with TVclip videos. Hopefully it will keep them afloat when business goes through lean periods.

  • Martin Carlberg
    Martin Carlberg 22 days ago

    Dont quit your day job... 😂

  • Party Pillz
    Party Pillz 24 days ago

    You wouldent wonna undo a nut n bolt with it

  • Nicholas Pease
    Nicholas Pease 25 days ago

    Love your accent

  • Instantforstaken Code
    Instantforstaken Code 26 days ago

    Dose anyone still play his game ??

  • Chewy Praline
    Chewy Praline 26 days ago

    i thought your supposed to put it in oil not water ,

  • Paolo Maido
    Paolo Maido 28 days ago

    11:26 I swear its a minecraft skeleton getting beat up by sunlight

  • WowIndescribable
    WowIndescribable 28 days ago

    'Eeet Verr-Ked.'

  • Ryan Wonderlin
    Ryan Wonderlin 28 days ago +1

    you should crush a baseball! or a basketball, football, soccer ball, etc.!

  • Cpt. Dumplin
    Cpt. Dumplin Month ago

    Making a knife out of a wrench is actually a really nice and practical idea because that makes the blade VERY durable and hard to wear off.
    I'm not an expert, but I know for a fact that if you ran that knife over a few whetstones to sharpen it, it'd be sharper than a majority of kitchen kives you can buy in a store.
    My uncle actually made a knife out of a wrench once, when he was about 20 years old.
    He's now 58 and it's still reliable.

  • Daemon Electricity
    Daemon Electricity Month ago

    Sweet potatoes are so hard to cut with even a thinner kitchen knife.

  • bloemundude
    bloemundude Month ago

    "Honey, I want to get a new set of knives for the newlyweds down the street." "Give me a tire iron and twenty minutes..."

  • Garret Hoffman
    Garret Hoffman Month ago

    you should do a collab with Alec Stele... =p

  • Garret Hoffman
    Garret Hoffman Month ago

    aw man, I thought he was going to forge it cold... that would have been great to see... =p

  • Spicynoodles66
    Spicynoodles66 Month ago

    Please never dip blades into cold water use oil heated to like 300°F it'll prevent cracks and create a nice edge

  • Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ

    Nice! ♡ it

  • Rad Rider
    Rad Rider Month ago

    Can I buy that ?

  • Mike Voss
    Mike Voss Month ago

    How much you charge for one of these👌👍

  • christopher vargo
    christopher vargo Month ago

    why dont black smiths use a press like this. so much easyer than pounding with a hammer for days. screw the old way. id do it this way.

  • Eckinson
    Eckinson Month ago


  • Liam Elm
    Liam Elm Month ago

    what is the song called?

  • joey garcia
    joey garcia Month ago

    use one billet to interconvert between hammer and a wrench.. you must do a project of your choice using only this thing... forge a hammer when you need a hammer.. convert it to a wrench when you need a wrench....... see how fast you can finish the project

  • Nathan Jessep
    Nathan Jessep Month ago

    Great job. Now put it into a 250°C oven for 2 hours for steel relaxation. Maybe 3 since you did no normalizing cycles before hardening. =)

  • 01000110
    01000110 Month ago

    It looks like a giant karambit, but the edge is at the wrong side.

  • Citadel of winds
    Citadel of winds Month ago

    Where's the vat da fak?

  • Olirero
    Olirero Month ago

    to the next time you can harden in oil it´s mucth better and more safe. the blade won`t crack as easely in oil as in water

  • Alex of the way
    Alex of the way Month ago

    Do a few more smaller ones then make a timber knife block so that you have a set for the kitchen

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee Month ago

    Forge a engine block LOL

  • The Last Of Us
    The Last Of Us Month ago

    That’s not a knife... that’s- oh now it is.

  • Numis Collector
    Numis Collector Month ago

    Make your own medal, using 2 stamps and your hydraulic press! :D

  • PahLun
    PahLun Month ago +1

    "carambit stainless steel"

  • Boris Chan
    Boris Chan Month ago

    serve steaks with it please, manly manly steaks

  • Superjointr
    Superjointr Month ago

    That’s no amuter

  • DA_FK
    DA_FK Month ago +1

    Inverted karambit

  • Rasmon 123
    Rasmon 123 Month ago

    Biltema WTF?

  • Sir Batman Caca
    Sir Batman Caca Month ago +1


  • Milo the Dinosaur
    Milo the Dinosaur Month ago

    Does anyone else hear "Were going to forge a knife out of this French" ?

  • Zoink
    Zoink Month ago

    Chop a finger!

  • Audrey Ef
    Audrey Ef Month ago

    Rip off of zna productions

  • Eric Camera
    Eric Camera Month ago

    Now forge it back into a wrench. :P

  • blackops84321
    blackops84321 Month ago

    Awesome work, like always. Thank you for making these.

  • Bomber Mann
    Bomber Mann Month ago

    Ugly af

  • Joppe Enestrom
    Joppe Enestrom Month ago +1


  • Maybe Maybe
    Maybe Maybe Month ago

    3:55 Just casually putting a lightsaber onto the hydraulic press. :')

  • olve hekland
    olve hekland Month ago

    in every video, you can hear someone say aaaah when the product is getting shown.

  • SuperNathanVG
    SuperNathanVG Month ago

    The real 1000° knife

  • Jackson Vladimir
    Jackson Vladimir Month ago

    I do this all the time
    But with dies that are shaped to make life easy

  • NRGH89
    NRGH89 Month ago

    Precision Finnish engineering

  • Lil Memeboy
    Lil Memeboy Month ago

    Make a big hammer

  • Harmony XVI
    Harmony XVI Month ago

    Bloodborne weapon

  • Howbout Nah
    Howbout Nah Month ago

    are you gonna be on forged in fire anytime soon

  • David Panseri
    David Panseri Month ago

    Yes! More of this please!

  • amk amk
    amk amk Month ago

    awesome voice man.

  • Victor Adrian Alvarez

    The way he says sweet potato at 11:10 gets me everytime.

    CHAADII Month ago

    use water to cool it down !!!! it will make it stronger

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Damascus steel!

  • Ken Mitchell
    Ken Mitchell Month ago

    I would love to get a couple of these one that size and one 1 3/4” I enjoy your videos its quite satisfying to see things crushed!

  • The Master Grief Collection

    This is the dumbest channel ever... You can't help but love it.

  • Eikka 07
    Eikka 07 Month ago

    Kiinan voileipä veitsi

  • Adam Kember
    Adam Kember Month ago

    It's like a giant karambit knife.

  • roflcopters270
    roflcopters270 Month ago

    Your the guy I would go to during the apocalypse

  • Random content
    Random content Month ago

    Biltema haha. Biltema korv 5kr

  • Geo
    Geo Month ago

    FYI you shouldn't use a grinder or sander after you've quenched it in the water. The heat from grinding can re-soften the metal. Do all your grinding before the quench then use slower sharpening methods afterwards.

  • the minecrafter
    the minecrafter Month ago

    By the time other people watch this its not going to to be this but its at 666k views

  • TheMegaelectronic
    TheMegaelectronic Month ago

    This knife design is flawed. Way too much curve

  • Jayesh Bhaumik
    Jayesh Bhaumik Month ago

    Dude just made a karambit case hardened:o

  • Mitchell Guyon
    Mitchell Guyon Month ago

    Your clamp is on fire! Lol

  • Kevin Sand
    Kevin Sand Month ago


  • TheCodeMonk
    TheCodeMonk Month ago

    That turned out way better than I expected!

  • errATiC
    errATiC Month ago

    Where in scandinavia are you from?
    I can see by the text on your wrench that it's from a shop called 'Biltema'.
    That shop is only located in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark as far as I know.
    But your accent suggest you have a russian/polish origin.

  • Pekka Pökkersön
    Pekka Pökkersön Month ago +1


    ASPATHOR Month ago +2

    Potatoe knife

  • Erik
    Erik Month ago

    Biltema :) 🇸🇪🇸🇪

  • Tarek EL Derbas
    Tarek EL Derbas Month ago

    Vrench and khnife 😂

  • Mr BELLS
    Mr BELLS Month ago

    where is he from his accent is odd. x x i love the woman gasping in the background when the knife cuts things hahaha keep up the great work x

  • Mobr Hus
    Mobr Hus Month ago

    he made knife from a french

  • techno red
    techno red Month ago

    This...skilled muthur fu€ker just mad a damn knife with basic,almost primitive tools and a press... God damn

  • Tyger Potter
    Tyger Potter Month ago

    nice knife, but WAY too much curve...

  • Crazy Canuck
    Crazy Canuck Month ago

    Don’t use water to quench it will weaken the steal

  • Maxboon Boon
    Maxboon Boon Month ago

    great video and wanna say hai to the camera girl :))
    greetings from Holland,, Kitty.

  • Marko Tesla
    Marko Tesla Month ago

    it looks like a dong

  • Caleb King
    Caleb King Month ago

    You dont quench in water😭😭🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Nidaa vlogs
    Nidaa vlogs Month ago

    Don't stay silent in your videos 80% of entertainment is when you speak. Agree???

  • snowman379
    snowman379 Month ago

    Are you going to do a press knife 2.0? If so, you should drop forge it from some w1 or w2 or 1095 bar stock. It would be pretty much the same thing you're doing except with a milled mold instead of really slowly hammering the blade out. If you do that and then do the heat treatment right, you'll have a badfuckingass knife that'll survive far longer than you. That's a good start though, what you made here in this vid.

  • Elton Joel
    Elton Joel Month ago

    You should make knives like this and put them on your store for sale

  • Frost Apocalypse
    Frost Apocalypse Month ago

    This right here is exactly why you don't fuck with the Finns hahaha.

  • Ballowall
    Ballowall Month ago

    A proper zombie killing tool

  • T1T0 ;';
    T1T0 ;'; Month ago +1


  • hardleecure
    hardleecure Month ago

    The new Forged in Fire champion.

  • Tony the Truth
    Tony the Truth Month ago

    Haha giving that press a workout lol