HABITS THAT ANNOY THE HELL OUT OF YOU || Relatable moments by 5-Minute FUN

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
  • Do your friends have annoying habits? It drives us crazy sometimes!
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    Annoying things people do:
    0:03 Tang a teaspoon
    0:13 Peeking to your phone while talking
    0:25 Dump tea bags
    0:40 Coffee marks
    0:54 Lipstick on someone’s sandwich
    1:17 Singing out loud on public
    1:39 Loud eating, annoying eating habits
    2:01 Splashing drinks
    2:19 Picking on the leg
    2:30 Being messy
    2:48 Crunch with your fingers
    2:54 To take your phone away
    3:05 Shaking legs
    3:14 Talking with ill person
    3:17 Taking someone's headphones
    3:49 Talking while watching the movie together
    4:02 Spitting to someone’s face while talking
    4:29 BLOOPERS
    Which one of these things people do is most annoying to you? Answer in the comments!
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