Bombardier Dash 8/Q Series - engines with sabres

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • Bombardier Q-Series, also known as Dash 8, is a family of twin-engine turboprop regional aircraft, developed by de Havilland Canada in the early 1980s. The family is made up of several generations of aircraft: Series 100, 200, 300 and, of course, the Series 400, which continues to be produced by the Bombardier corporation.
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  • now254
    now254 21 hour ago

    Gonna miss DHC 8 series when they are too old too fly i grow up with those airplane over the head, DHC 8 is the most common aircraft too see inn norway operated by Widerøe, you can say they connect our country, They have routes on evry commercial airport inn Norway. I wounder which aircraft they go for when the airframe on the DHC 8 100/200 (STOL) have had evry singel hour squesed out of it.

  • Rob Potato
    Rob Potato 3 days ago +1

    He didn’t hijack the aircraft. He took it for a suicide joyride. It didn’t negatively affect anyone else. Respect to him, he may have stolen the plane, but he was polite, didn’t hurt anyone, and crashed it into an open area.

  • R PM
    R PM 4 days ago

    She's a beauty...Flew on her many times in the Arctic....landing on austere strips in the middle of somewhere.

  • redDL89
    redDL89 6 days ago

    4:35 "Ironically, the tender was won by Airbus."

    Wasn't that the whole Airbus Scandal involving PM Mulroney?

  • Porter Sherman
    Porter Sherman 8 days ago

    Not a single Porter Airlines plane and this is the plane their whole fleet is made of

  • Unknown
    Unknown 9 days ago

    Boeing and airbus planes look normal but the dash-8 q-series emphasizes the tube on wings thing.

  • Tree
    Tree 11 days ago

    He flew it like he stole it!

  • bodasactra
    bodasactra 12 days ago

    That young mechanic who stole the plane performed phenomenal maneuvers many thought far beyond the tolerance of the air frame and skill of non aviator. Just getting it off the ground is quite difficult for a laymen. A sad waste as he could have been a great pilot if he trained for it.

  • cdrocrossdiscovery
    cdrocrossdiscovery 12 days ago

    Several shots of my airline. Alaska/Horizon. Thank you.

  • Jasmine Johnston
    Jasmine Johnston 13 days ago

    Not a fan of flying in Dash-8s because propeller-driven planes fly so low that turbulence is a problem even at cruising altitude. Oh well, I can’t always fly in jets...

  • Nolan The dab king
    Nolan The dab king 13 days ago

    Dash 8 vs ATR

  • Jim Garens
    Jim Garens 14 days ago

    Bombardier seems to be spelled wrong in the beginning of this

  • NorthForkFisherman
    NorthForkFisherman 16 days ago +3

    - sigh -

    Breaks my heart seeing all those gorgeous Q's in Alaska livery. I miss Horizon Airlines.

    • Philip McNiel
      Philip McNiel 12 days ago +1

      I know, right? I remember as a kid watching Horizon Dash 8's flying into OTH. Then, it was the SeaPort C208's (with the epic callsign "SASQUATCH"), and now I guess they have United Express CRJ's flying out to Denver from there, but I haven't been over to see them.

  • David Brogan
    David Brogan 16 days ago

    The problem with Bombardier aircraft is that they are narrow and cramped. CRJ = cramped jet.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 17 days ago

    Without American owned Pratt & Whitney both the Dash 8 and ATR are gliders?

  • Bernardo Pierdoná Casa

    Very nice video

  • Juan Jiménez
    Juan Jiménez 22 days ago


  • tommykchan
    tommykchan 23 days ago


  • Matthew Matthewq
    Matthew Matthewq 23 days ago

    The Dash 8 is not produced by Bombardier anymore, it is made by the new DeHavilland Canada, a subsidiary of Viking Air.

  • whale tortilla
    whale tortilla 25 days ago

    1:25 the landing gears on the grass:/

  • Paulus Heebink
    Paulus Heebink Month ago +1

    I worked at a patternshop that build the molds for the engine nacelles....Oshawa Ontario.

  • ToToPlanes
    ToToPlanes Month ago

    Great video mate! 👏🎥

  • Rick Feith
    Rick Feith Month ago

    That engine and variable pitch prop hub at 7:00 is a gorgeous bit of engineering.

    • Rick Feith
      Rick Feith 17 days ago

      Well yeah, even 172s have Lycoming and Continental engines. Everything that flies with a turbine in commercial aviation is the 3 heavyweights in one form or another.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 17 days ago

      Pratt & Whitney USA did that part not the plane.

  • Shivanand Prabhoo
    Shivanand Prabhoo Month ago

    Very good

  • Matt Bowen
    Matt Bowen Month ago

    Why do the props rotate the same direction? Why not have them counter-rotating to cancel out the tourque

    • John Smith
      John Smith 17 days ago

      It just looks like that on video.

  • i like peanut butter

    In my country they replaced dash 8 with atr because it is "better"

    • John Smith
      John Smith 17 days ago

      We like both in America because they both use Pratt & Whitney .

  • Steven Ouellet
    Steven Ouellet Month ago

    My favourite and most beautiful turboprop! Impressive how Bombardier really pushed the limits of turboprop airplanes, look at how much the Dash 8 series has changed since the baby 100 first came out.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 17 days ago

      Without USA Pratt & Whitney it's a glider not a turboprop.

  • delplaya5
    delplaya5 Month ago

    I flew on a Dash 8 q400 recently from Portland to Sacramento and I really enjoyed the flight. Great view out the window and I managed to get a picture of the landing gear at touchdown. Great day to fly, cool looking bird.

    JM SQUAD 2 months ago

    Can you make a video of saab 340

  • Sal Vastola
    Sal Vastola 2 months ago

    Weird looking plane.
    I've flown on several no complaints.

  • Jarod Smith
    Jarod Smith 2 months ago

    The only problem with the Q-400 is that it doesn’t have a lot of cargo space, when Horizon operated in Alaska, too many passengers were bringing 2 bags to check and the baggage compartment isn’t large enough to accommodate that much, plus passengers traveling in Alaska can also check a third bag. Also the aircraft always seemed to be down for maintenance, so Alaska Airlines would have to find another aircraft to fill the flight, or even cancel the flight

  • Zalta 1
    Zalta 1 2 months ago

    Fun ride on luxair

  • Ultrametric
    Ultrametric 3 months ago

    Your videos are excellent and your black humor is great :)

  • Ultrametric
    Ultrametric 3 months ago

    This is the only regional airliner I can tolerate to fly on. I always feel like a sardine on a CRJ or E-jet. Trips are often half-full and you can sit anywhere. It's just a very fun airplane!

  • Rafael Succo
    Rafael Succo 3 months ago

    Metroliner ?

  • Rick O'Shea
    Rick O'Shea 3 months ago

    I loved flying on this Dash 8 on a recent transfer to/ from Vancouver- Seattle. So enjoyable to feel like you're flying!

  • Lloyd Bell
    Lloyd Bell 4 months ago

    Another great video mate.

  • Pavlos Papageorgiou
    Pavlos Papageorgiou 4 months ago

    Is that a Sukhoi landing at 10:50?

    • NorthForkFisherman
      NorthForkFisherman 16 days ago

      Nope. That's an Alaska/Horizon livery Q in the foreground, so that's an ORANG F-15 landing at PDX. Saw them a lot when I worked there.

  • Kage Krôss
    Kage Krôss 4 months ago

    I loved it! I subscribed.

  • Reverend Rodinal
    Reverend Rodinal 4 months ago +2

    There's nothing like a T-tail that says "F%@$ You!"
    The Dash 8 is a true classic of the skies, and long may she fly.

  • Jean-Francois Mezei
    Jean-Francois Mezei 4 months ago

    As of June 3rd 2019, the remaining de Havilland assets held by Bombardier were transfered to de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited, a subsidiary of Longview Aviation which also holds Viking Air which already had most of the de Havilland assets such as the Twin Otter as well as the Canadair CL-215 and 415 fire fighting aircraft.

    So the Dash-8 is now officially a de Havilland aircraft.
    The existing Toronto area production plant, now leased by new de Havilland company continues to produce them and the staff have been transfered. Viking Air in western Canada continues to produce the Twin Otter and support the older aircraft.

    So basically, the Dash-8 is now a de Havilland Canada product, no longer Bombardier.

  • Altenholz
    Altenholz 4 months ago

    I'm flying the beautiful adaption of this aircraft within my P3D flight simulator, and i like it so much :-)

  • Kevin Barry
    Kevin Barry 4 months ago

    This past week I flew on a Q400, I always love this aircraft. It is roomy, quiet and comfortable. Regional jets are none of those things.

  • Austin izzyton
    Austin izzyton 4 months ago

    Trump STRONG!!!!! Russia WEAK!!!!!🤣🇺🇸

  • Mark Doan
    Mark Doan 4 months ago

    Love the look of the Q 400 and I have no idea why

  • Texas80
    Texas80 4 months ago

    I love flying on the Dash-8 Q comfortable. Years ago I flew with my friend who hates flying. She got scared when she saw the plane at the gate seeing the turboprop fans. I told her it's a great ride and she remembers it being one of the best flights she's ever been on. Interestingly enough there were alot of pilots on board which made her feel even better. I wish the Q400 flew out of my home city AUS yet all we have are jets.

  • Sally Hillal
    Sally Hillal 4 months ago

    i went from Boise Id. to Sacramento Ca. and back. What a nice plane.

  • Michael Malkus
    Michael Malkus 4 months ago

    Honestly this is the ugliest passenger plane i know :D

  • T Chowdhury
    T Chowdhury 4 months ago

    i will never travel on a turboprop.

  • zhuoli xie
    zhuoli xie 4 months ago

    Please, talk about the Xinzhou Aircrafts.

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs 4 months ago

    I fly Dash-8 Q400's for a living and have done for 6 years and I can safely say I still haven't worked out how to land the fucking thing. Flies like a wet jumper and lands like a brick falling off a roof.

  • tom samuelson
    tom samuelson 4 months ago

    At 6:13 the 300 was not 11 ft longer to seat 56 more passengers. It could seat a total of 56 passengers....

  • Seamus Greene
    Seamus Greene 4 months ago

    Air canada is one of the dash-8’s largest operators not as said here

  • JohnnyBoythePilot
    JohnnyBoythePilot 5 months ago +1

    "Don't mind me, just casually popping a wheelie here on landing!"

  • icepoop20
    icepoop20 5 months ago

    How do you know how fun it is to steal an airplane? Seems like it would be a thrill to me, albeit extremely dangerous

  • Jason McBeavis
    Jason McBeavis 5 months ago

    Press F to pay respects to skyking

  • Sally Hillal
    Sally Hillal 5 months ago

    I went for a flight on one a few months ago. They are very nice planes.

  • Afflicted Sim
    Afflicted Sim 5 months ago +8

    Beautiful plane but certainly isn't quiet.

    • Sally Hillal
      Sally Hillal 17 days ago

      Ever been on one?

    • Dave Furey
      Dave Furey 4 months ago

      Fly on a dash 8-300, then fly on a Q400. You can hear the difference. It isn't really quiet, but its certainly quieter

  • Zerebus Garago
    Zerebus Garago 5 months ago

    Why do people that cant speak english make airplane videos

  • Chris Moody
    Chris Moody 5 months ago +1

    A perfect regional aircraft. I think it’s quite handsome to boot.