Disney Princesses - STUDIO vs LIVE performances


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  • rishabhrox1
    rishabhrox1  7 months ago +6833

    Princess *Aurora* , voiced by *Mary Costa* is *NOT* included in the video because, as of now (June 2018) there's *no live performance* of hers available in which she sang any of Aurora's songs.
    So no, I haven't "missed" Aurora, I couldn't include her in the first place.

    • Emily Parker
      Emily Parker 14 days ago +1

      I have the two disk set of sleeping beauty and I'm pretty sure there's bonus content that includes her singing..

    • Yaibabinu
      Yaibabinu 20 days ago

      I am sorry but you forget Vanellope von Schweetz hahahaha.. just kidding.. really bring back memories.. thanks

    • Алина Кайдаш
      Алина Кайдаш 25 days ago

      Привет из России

    • Graham Adi Ortiz
      Graham Adi Ortiz Month ago

      +Catherine Marie yes she is

    • Geanne Segundo
      Geanne Segundo 2 months ago


  • 橘青葉
    橘青葉 6 hours ago

    I took studio for stupid...

  • Marlee Ebbert
    Marlee Ebbert 8 hours ago

    Julie Andrews does it better

  • Thank you, next Gr
    Thank you, next Gr 15 hours ago


  • Paige Anne
    Paige Anne Day ago

    My fav was Ilene woods her voice is so elegant and classic❤️😩 I would give anything to have that voice

  • Knight Velasquez

    I thought elsa is a queen not a princess? Am i right?

  • C Weijge
    C Weijge Day ago

    And Julia Andrews 😊

  • Cherie Mcatamney

    Dam... snow white is ANNOYING!

  • Kennedy
    Kennedy 2 days ago

    When I was a little kid I had an alarm clock that dang that song sung by Ilene Woods. Such a pretty voice. Cinderella and Belle have always been my favorites! Paige O’Hara was amazing. Sadly her voice didn’t age as well as the others :( but Anika Noni Rose’s voice has always been beautiful to me as well! As well as Julie Fowlis! I love her songs such a beautiful Scottish feel to them makes me feel close to my heritage every time I listen.

  • Tamires Paiva
    Tamires Paiva 2 days ago

    A voz da Anna e da Elsa são melhores em Português BR

  • عالم التلوين

    Love it 😍😍

  • rosie afsana
    rosie afsana 2 days ago

    LEA SALONGA just awesome..
    den Mandy Moore,,,

  • Hello Bye
    Hello Bye 3 days ago

    How about Kristen bell tho 😂 I mean all of them are very good but yh

  • Asia Sanchez
    Asia Sanchez 3 days ago

    I didn't know I could fall in love with a voice, but Salonga got me

  • Kira Yxhval
    Kira Yxhval 4 days ago

    Lea Salonga - goosebumps, everytime I hear her voice😍

  • Jhay Amping
    Jhay Amping 4 days ago

    Oh mandy moore..

  • Jade Gelin-Pierre
    Jade Gelin-Pierre 5 days ago

    Some sound the same but some don’t.

  • Putri Azaria
    Putri Azaria 6 days ago

    Auli‘i is the best by far

  • Ilovecats 88
    Ilovecats 88 6 days ago

    Excuse me but Aladdin is voiced by NOT THAT GUY and there is a live version with the right Aladdin

  • Yuzavodik
    Yuzavodik 8 days ago

    Damn princess and the frog.

  • Brianna Carver
    Brianna Carver 9 days ago

    kristen is a real life anna

  • Brianna Carver
    Brianna Carver 9 days ago

    lea and anika both have LEGENDARY voices

  • 뚜비두밥
    뚜비두밥 11 days ago +1

    썸넬 둘이 너무 닮았다.....대박

  • Aira Kasih
    Aira Kasih 11 days ago

    Lea salonga 😍

  • Dora Aventureira
    Dora Aventureira 11 days ago

    O filme da bela e a fera, parece os desensinhos evangelicos que passam na record domingo de manha

  • MsZeldasaga
    MsZeldasaga 12 days ago

    Anika is amazing.

  • Margeaux Chebat
    Margeaux Chebat 12 days ago

    Lea Salonga is my idol 💞 I can relate to her in so many ways 💕

  • Antonette Cross
    Antonette Cross 13 days ago

    Snow White is the old Ariana Grande

  • MLSB Parrado Avila
    MLSB Parrado Avila 13 days ago

    Idina Menzel canta igual en estudio que en directo let it go 😍

  • MLSB Parrado Avila
    MLSB Parrado Avila 13 days ago

    "Blancanieves" es como Eros ramatzotti

  • Marina And The Diabetes


  • Cinthia ladyinlipstick

    Was that Julie Andrews doing the backup for the singer of the snow white songs?

  • west-allen
    west-allen 14 days ago

    Oh God, I remember Frozen coming out. I was SOOOO small and I remembered being already grown up. But guess what? I was little and thought I was grown up lmao.

  • cries in cueva falló el penal

    lea salonga ♡

  • BIC Customer
    BIC Customer 15 days ago +2

    Adriana Caselotti sang those songs 35 years later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG again OH MY GOD ! ! ! ! ! there is no one better than her, 35 f*ing years later!!!!!!

  • Clarissa Buzarquis
    Clarissa Buzarquis 15 days ago


  • Aida Zhanpeisova
    Aida Zhanpeisova 15 days ago

    fabulous and amazing!

  • Khadija Chenik
    Khadija Chenik 15 days ago

    Please a moment of silence for all those princesses that are as thin as my pencil case.

    I mean do they know pizza ? 🍕

  • Aaron Schwartz
    Aaron Schwartz 15 days ago +1

    How in the world are those people singing so high?

  • Bala KC
    Bala KC 16 days ago

    Julie fowl is is just.... Indescribable!

  • 김지호
    김지호 17 days ago

    Honestly Kristen Bell is so underrated her live singing voice is INCREDIBLE. (In my opinion) Idina Menzel is also an incredible singer but Bell is truly the star voice.

  • Debra Bucud
    Debra Bucud 17 days ago

    My fav moana mulan tangled alladin frozen

  • Julian Rosario
    Julian Rosario 18 days ago

    The animation was so nice

  • Justine Kaye Javier
    Justine Kaye Javier 18 days ago

    Lea salonga😍

  • Bert
    Bert 18 days ago

    I love how as the princesses progressed, more broadway actresses appeared
    bless these vocalists

  • Tawny XD
    Tawny XD 19 days ago

    holy! macaronis! frozen is realeased in 2013?! im shook im only 8 when that movie come out?! i feel old

  • Tawny XD
    Tawny XD 19 days ago +13

    80% lea salongga
    30% other singers

  • Gamer Sylvia
    Gamer Sylvia 19 days ago +3

    Tiana's and Elsa's voice is so strong,i love it!! 😍😍

  • Martyna Bobrowska
    Martyna Bobrowska 19 days ago

    Polish version have better dubbing that original version 😂

  • e
    e 20 days ago +1

    Lea Salonga is absolutely golden.

  • Naomi Agreste
    Naomi Agreste 20 days ago +1

    Snowwhite voice is Italian omg 🥰

  • JM FF
    JM FF 20 days ago

    Lea Salonga’s voice is really nice yo hear. Seems like disney really amazed by her voice! I like Mandy’s voice too

  • Steph Tan
    Steph Tan 21 day ago

    lea salonga certainly rocks it!

  • Armen Dermentjian
    Armen Dermentjian 21 day ago

    Princess Tiara is as old as ME

  • Rebecca Rich
    Rebecca Rich 21 day ago

    Kristen Bell is one of my favorite people right now and she kills it, I love her. Lea Salonga, though, is a whole new level. I met her once very briefly at an event my choir did with her and it was so cool. So many talented ladies in this compilation.

  • Haniah Edwards
    Haniah Edwards 22 days ago

    Yasssss, Anika is giving me dreamgirls vibes

  • Rayhana Awis A Stay
    Rayhana Awis A Stay 22 days ago


  • Saeyoung Is My Boi
    Saeyoung Is My Boi 22 days ago

    Woah I didn't know Tangled and Frozen are that old =0
    Damn I'm old.

  • janvan2004
    janvan2004 23 days ago

    Kristen Bell is hilarious

  • janvan2004
    janvan2004 23 days ago

    Even in a few years, Lea Salonga and Anika Noni Rose is incredible

  • janvan2004
    janvan2004 23 days ago

    Is it just me, or is Idina Menzel amazing

  • Nina Gacha
    Nina Gacha 23 days ago

    Mulan and lea salonga is the same....

  • Gemini Tarot
    Gemini Tarot 24 days ago

    Adriana Caselotti😍😍😍 llene Woods Paige Ohara😭😍😍😍😍

    PRINCESS GAMER 24 days ago

    I feel old and I was born in 2008 thanks Disney movies

  • K Russell
    K Russell 24 days ago

    I love Ilene's voice

  • Sapphira Knowles
    Sapphira Knowles 24 days ago


  • Mahamaha Diyadiya
    Mahamaha Diyadiya 24 days ago

    No right no wrong
    No rules for me I'm free
    Let it go let it go
    I'm one with wind and sky
    Let it go let it go
    You'll never see me cry

  • MagmaRblx YT
    MagmaRblx YT 24 days ago

    Anika ____ Rose
    Oh wait, I'm missing something...


    • MagmaRblx YT
      MagmaRblx YT 24 days ago

      (No offense. Rlly sorry if it upsets you deeply).

  • 66안녕히
    66안녕히 25 days ago

    9:25 😂😂

  • SyL Ch
    SyL Ch 25 days ago

    I really love Moana's personality

  • Crisley Rodrigues
    Crisley Rodrigues 26 days ago

    As vozes das datas mais antigas estao mais bonitas deu mais sentimento ao filme, na minha humilde opiniao 😉💕

  • Kutu Loncat
    Kutu Loncat 27 days ago

    mandy moore and auli'i cravalho💜

  • Rickie Lynn Barber
    Rickie Lynn Barber 27 days ago +4

    5:41 i need mulan's makeup remover 💄😂

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift 28 days ago

    oh how I love Lea Salonga 😊😊 and Mandy Moore too😍

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 29 days ago

    Lea Salonga is the best. Her voice did not age a bit.

  • blahman1able
    blahman1able 29 days ago

    40 year difference?

  • Ryan Ramey
    Ryan Ramey 29 days ago

    ANIKA FREAKING SUSPENDED THAT NOTE!!! Her voice is easily the most powerful. Ilene was amazing as well. Her studio and live recordings were identical practically. Kristin Bell is great as well! I got to meet Lea Salonga. Incredible how she’s preserved her voice all these years! My childhood was made so much better with all of these amazing princesses :)

  • Sarah Cham
    Sarah Cham Month ago

    The ladies who voiced Snow White, Ariel, and Belle were shown singing live decades later...maybe not a fair comparison?

  • Bright_ Xaneo
    Bright_ Xaneo Month ago

    Lea salognga is filipino...

  • Little Big Weirdo
    Little Big Weirdo Month ago

    Idina sounds amazing either way 😊

  • Mariane Marfil
    Mariane Marfil Month ago

    Lea Salonga is truly a Legend!

  • はりぼ
    はりぼ Month ago


  • LostCause
    LostCause Month ago +1

    These vocals! They're all so talented. The older princesses had so much more time between their clips but still did an amazing job. I'd like to see what the newer Princesses sound like in 20 years too. Fantastic comparisons though!

  • Analis Reaño Cordero

    the song of "Enredados" la better in spanish

  • Danielle
    Danielle Month ago

    Adriana Caselotti has such a cute voice ❤️

  • 이은미
    이은미 Month ago +9

    Why is no one talking about Kristen bell?
    She’s a Holy motherforking shirtball LEGEND

    • Choco Taco
      Choco Taco 16 days ago

      이은미 the goodplace tehehehe

  • Natsumi Fujita
    Natsumi Fujita Month ago

    I think Lea Salonga is the only FILIPINO

  • Pavithra Jaiju
    Pavithra Jaiju Month ago

    Idina Menzel is the same in both

  • Maria fernanda soto zumaya

    Hermoso. ❤️❤️🤗❤️🤗

  • 。めう!
    。めう! Month ago


  • Corian Echols
    Corian Echols Month ago

    Idina will always stay in our hearts through wicked and frozen

  • Nyehet Nyo Horat
    Nyehet Nyo Horat Month ago

    I love how some of these singers had the same color like the role in the animation.

  • ShN Fatehah
    ShN Fatehah Month ago

    I think Idina menzel's voice doesn't suit Elsa.. It sounded like an old lady voice..

  • jEoN jUnGcOcONuT
    jEoN jUnGcOcONuT Month ago

    Lea Salonga my Idol& Queen 😍💕

  • Dhrubo Ahmed
    Dhrubo Ahmed Month ago

    Lea Salonga, Jodi Benson and (no one has mentioned this.....I think) Judy Kuhn, this three amazing women still has their voice going like shining crystals. TRUE TALENTS!

  • barasuishou gonzales

    Mandy Moore ❤💙💜 me encanta todas sus películas.

  • Tiffcatmiokawaii
    Tiffcatmiokawaii Month ago

    Who else misses 2d anination movies?

  • Hannah The Bananana

    I need Mulan’s makeup remover on her sleeves.

  • Den
    Den Month ago

    개인적으로 겨울왕국 엘사와 안나 성우 역할의 두 배우의 팬이었던지라 겨울왕국이 더 애착이 갔음 ㅋㅋ 그것과 별개로 인기 많아서 내가 다 뿌듯❤️

  • Lily S.
    Lily S. Month ago

    How came they all have pretty voices and beautiful faces 😲