Disney Princesses - STUDIO vs LIVE performances


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  • rishabhrox1
    rishabhrox1  4 months ago +6006

    Princess *Aurora* , voiced by *Mary Costa* is *NOT* included in the video because, as of now (June 2018) there's *no live performance* of hers available in which she sang any of Aurora's songs.
    So no, I haven't "missed" Aurora, I couldn't include her in the first place.

  • Harsh Chauhan
    Harsh Chauhan 2 hours ago +1

    *November 2018 ?*

  • Bakambi
    Bakambi 2 hours ago

    Since I'm German, I never watched the movies with original audio.
    But seeing, that both Mulan and Princess Jasmine are voiced by Lea makes me happy.
    Mulan is my heroine and the best movie ever in the whole world, and Aladdin is my second fav disney movie.
    But I don't like Idina Menzel's voice and way of singing at all. I like the German version way better. Her voice is so lovely

  • Eden Nho
    Eden Nho 2 hours ago

    I miss when Disney used to make 2d movies😌 I really need to rewatch them

  • jovani calacar
    jovani calacar 6 hours ago

    lea live and studio sounds same. she really nailed it.

  • Midori Dad
    Midori Dad 16 hours ago

    6:19 yes!

  • missxpanda
    missxpanda Day ago

    I think Anika and Mandy did the best with sounding the same with both movie and live.

  • Tae Yoon
    Tae Yoon Day ago

    Why is no one talking about Anika? She sounded AMAZING

  • love.Maria Angel

    Lea Salonga is lit 🤩🤩

  • Lakota Smith
    Lakota Smith Day ago

    Anyone else think Paige o'hara was a train wreck in live version ? Lol

  • sr coelho
    sr coelho Day ago

    Alice is not princesses😭😭😢

  • Joanna Bruska
    Joanna Bruska Day ago

    polish pocahontas is sooo much better then oryginal :D lol

  • Moja Joe
    Moja Joe Day ago

    Ilene Woods - great in both versions

  • Rose Howell
    Rose Howell 2 days ago

    FROZEN CAME OUT IN 2013???

  • ladymoonsong9
    ladymoonsong9 2 days ago

    #1 LEA SOLANGA! For accuracy, power, longevity in her voice, and my favorite quality that few even beautiful voices have is the "cry"-Ability to convey a marked level of expression and emotion in the voice on top of being nice to listen to and technical accuracy. I wore my Ms Saigon soundtrack to shreds in high school. 😜
    honorable mentions:
    Idina Menzel(saw her in Wicked in NYC💖)
    ...and my favorite Disney princess of all time, Ilene Woods/Cinderella who I thought sounded better live than the recording. They don't make singers like that anymore. I love the classic style.
    Shout out to Mary Poppins/❤Julie Andrews❤ for carrying Snow White, trying to sing difficult vocals in her old age.

  • Vanessa5467 Plays
    Vanessa5467 Plays 2 days ago +1

    I am better 😎

  • Shauna Gwag
    Shauna Gwag 2 days ago

    All of the princesses are really young but most of the singers are like 60😂

  • Jeanae Rowley
    Jeanae Rowley 2 days ago

    I really miss animation 😞

  • Историк. Ученый.

    Disney music very magic

  • Mark
    Mark 3 days ago

    All these lea salogna band wagons lol

  • Cherry pops
    Cherry pops 3 days ago

    Omfg judy kuhn and lea salonga part was so good! Same with anika nami rose and auili!

  • Eugenio
    Eugenio 3 days ago

    Wow Jodi Benson is amazing.

  • MoD366
    MoD366 4 days ago

    Seeing how Auli'i's throat hardly moved in the live video, I am inclined to say she lip synched that performance. Maybe she had a sore throat or something, but that didn't look like it was live.

  • 星野麻琴
    星野麻琴 4 days ago


  • Keara Gilmore
    Keara Gilmore 4 days ago

    Ariel’s is bad

  • Raquel Piantini
    Raquel Piantini 4 days ago

    Anica None wonderful

  • Ethan
    Ethan 4 days ago

    Auli’i is so young but sounds so great!

  • Kan Lim
    Kan Lim 5 days ago

    They all have beautiful voices !!!

  • Dev Jayprakash
    Dev Jayprakash 5 days ago

    Order of what I think was best to last on the live:
    1. Julie (Merida)
    2. Anika (Tiana)
    3. Lea (Mulan and Jasmine)
    4. Auli'i (Moana)
    5. Judy (Pocohantas)
    6. Idina (Elsa)
    7. Llene (Cinderella)
    8. Adriana (Snow White)
    9. Paige (Belle)
    10. Jodi (Ariel)
    11. Kristen (Anna)
    I think it's safe to say I can't think to order the studio songs because they were just incredible.

  • The Kitty
    The Kitty 5 days ago

    How is no one talking about Anika Noni Rose? She sounds exactly how she did in the movie, she's amazing. They all are amazing.

  • Raquel kawaii
    Raquel kawaii 5 days ago

    Suenan total mente diferente :v

  • Dizzy Donut
    Dizzy Donut 5 days ago

    Man I hope Llene Woods didn’t use auto-toon in the studio cuz she damn sure don’t need it.

  • usui usui
    usui usui 6 days ago

    They sound beautiful in both ways

  • Gacha Channel
    Gacha Channel 6 days ago


  • patricia61212
    patricia61212 7 days ago

    All these characters are amazing! My childhood and now my kids are all apart of these songs!! These women did a fantastic job

  • jericho sim
    jericho sim 7 days ago

    LEAgendary Salonga

  • Sg Rain
    Sg Rain 7 days ago

    now i realise that Snow white's song sounds terrible

  • Elle Inigo
    Elle Inigo 7 days ago

    Lea Salonga !

  • Wingbee Emery
    Wingbee Emery 7 days ago


  • Bailey Ever
    Bailey Ever 7 days ago

    Why was snow white like Asmr to sleepy xD

  • Janna Brooks
    Janna Brooks 7 days ago

    I love them all, but I especially love Kristen and Mandy! On and off screen they both seem amazing. OH, and Idina is great too!

  • Lovenyl Kim
    Lovenyl Kim 7 days ago

    Lea Salonga is the best!! 😍😍

  • Arianna Alainie
    Arianna Alainie 7 days ago

    Anika Noni Rose 😍

  • Ariana Nicole
    Ariana Nicole 7 days ago

    Belle 😩😍😍😍😍

  • Rith Trelin
    Rith Trelin 7 days ago

    I could've sworn Mulan was older...

  • Slawdy
    Slawdy 7 days ago

    For me the french voice disney princess are more beautiful and sweet ❤

    SWEET ROBLOX 7 days ago

    LOL. I remember when me my uncle aunt and mom we saw the movie FROZEN. And my aunt and mom CRIED😂👍🏼

  • Leaky
    Leaky 8 days ago

    Lea is incredible wow

  • ernest mendo
    ernest mendo 8 days ago

    Me gusta más en español

    MARK BRYANT TORIBIO 8 days ago

    Wow, so beautiful voices I envy them so beautiful I wish I am one of those beautiful singers

  • Lia Gon
    Lia Gon 8 days ago

    Es que esas si son voces de verdad!!

  • Marco Kang
    Marco Kang 8 days ago

    None can beat auli'i's eyebrows. They're overpowered

  • kimy st
    kimy st 8 days ago

    I imagine the princesses years later singing (as in the cartoon) haha

  • manic kitty
    manic kitty 8 days ago

    I just realized that the rock that Pocohantas was standing on looks a lot like pride rock from the lion king

  • Czeska Barazon
    Czeska Barazon 8 days ago

    Lea salonga is a filipino where i live

  • Te'Onnye Carter
    Te'Onnye Carter 8 days ago

    Guys I'm sorry but Snow White can't sing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Martha Espinoza
    Martha Espinoza 8 days ago

    I love Rapunzel 👱‍♀️😍

  • Xenia plaza
    Xenia plaza 8 days ago

    Why so creepy? Every time adriana sang

  • Cory Ray
    Cory Ray 8 days ago

    Where is sleeping beauty

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 6 days ago

      Mary Costa has never sung Sleeping Beauty live.

  • Angela Diaz
    Angela Diaz 8 days ago

    The reason they sound different is when the recorded the we're in closed doors not in open space but they still sound the same just pay close attention to the songs and some of the singers are old and young

  • Emily M
    Emily M 8 days ago

    4:16 what-

  • Nana Chan
    Nana Chan 9 days ago

    ilene woods ❤️

  • 이소윤
    이소윤 9 days ago

    -한국인을 찾으시는 분을 위한 댓글-

  • Dark Humor as fuck
    Dark Humor as fuck 9 days ago +1

    Admit it you guys,
    Ms. Lea Salonga is a True Queen!
    Always slaying it vocally...
    She's the singing voice of Princess Jasmine and Mulan
    That's why she's Walt Disney's Fave singer haha

  • letigra86
    letigra86 9 days ago

    Perfect on most parts

  • jiahui Huang
    jiahui Huang 9 days ago +1

    why I want to cry...

  • pixelfantasizer
    pixelfantasizer 9 days ago

    Judy Kuhn maintained her voice so well!


    6:34 me encanta su voz de por si es la película película Disney aparte de Milán que que encanta!

  • hoenestly
    hoenestly 9 days ago +5

    *What did Mandy Moore do? THAT.*

  • T. Bee.
    T. Bee. 9 days ago


  • Melissa 7w7
    Melissa 7w7 9 days ago

    Se parecía Kenia la chica de la miniatura xd

  • xTheDarkDiamondx darkdiamond15

    I've always loved them all especially Cinderella 😭💗

  • GigiArts
    GigiArts 9 days ago

    When you showed the studio versions, the music seemed, a little off. Like it didn’t sound the same as the movie. Not all of them, but most of them. Especially Moana and Anna

  • Sofia pierotti
    Sofia pierotti 9 days ago


  • Juan Diego Moreno Rivera

    En inglés, Lea es Jazmín y Mulan. En español, Analy es Jazmín y Mulan

  • FunWithAaliyah !!!
    FunWithAaliyah !!! 9 days ago

    Anika noni Rose aka tiana was actually really good at both

  • Sophie Melon
    Sophie Melon 9 days ago +1

    *I wanna cry... My childhood resumed in a video*

  • Kanti Kaur
    Kanti Kaur 9 days ago


  • Judithly
    Judithly 9 days ago

    Love Julie Fowlis

  • J XIV
    J XIV 9 days ago

    Lea Salonga is LEGEND !

  • Fjhgdjff Jdkhfhhdg
    Fjhgdjff Jdkhfhhdg 9 days ago


  • Fatima Amin
    Fatima Amin 10 days ago

    Jodi benson and lea salonga are amazing 😍😍
    And u can’t forget Auli’li Cravahlo(sorry if I misspelt her name wrong)

  • unicorn love
    unicorn love 10 days ago

    ITS same

  • WolfenHoweller
    WolfenHoweller 10 days ago

    The sad thing about this is movies drawn by producers is,very rare these days everything is cgi

  • Ping 1298
    Ping 1298 10 days ago

    I thought its JANELLA SALVADOR voice was use in moana‘s singing scene. Btw they have the same tone. 😍

  • Odette Swan Princess
    Odette Swan Princess 10 days ago +10

    Lea Salonga is the only Disney Princess voiceover actress that maintained a cystal clear voice

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 6 days ago +1

      Her and Judy Kuhn who is a over decade older. Lea was 44 at the time the 2015 "Whole New World" and "Reflection" performances shown here whole Judy Kuhn was 59 at the time of the 2017 "Colors of the Wind" performance shown here.

  • Ehlayshahluwi
    Ehlayshahluwi 10 days ago

    Mrs. Lea Salonga is LEGENDARYYYYYY

  • Rubi Carrizales
    Rubi Carrizales 10 days ago

    9:24 Moana

  • Punisher6791
    Punisher6791 10 days ago

    Moana and Mulan were fantastic films, really enjoyed them.

  • bayu kuntoro murti
    bayu kuntoro murti 10 days ago

    bagus, I like it

  • Joseph Flores
    Joseph Flores 10 days ago

    Anika Noni Rose is amazing!
    Live version is even better than studio version!

  • Ptxphan 13
    Ptxphan 13 10 days ago

    Anika Nono rose killed that note! 👍❤️

  • Kennedy Lewis
    Kennedy Lewis 10 days ago

    These peoples voices aged

  • Camila Ramos
    Camila Ramos 10 days ago

    La que más me gusto fue la de "Mulan" y "La princeaa y el sapo"

  • Jacqueline Davis
    Jacqueline Davis 10 days ago

    The giggle at 3:02 was the most heartwarming thing ever I can’t

  • Camila Lima
    Camila Lima 10 days ago

    I really loved more the live .

  • sol freitas
    sol freitas 10 days ago

    Desculpa a dubladora de Valente é melhor no Brasil ;

  • sol freitas
    sol freitas 10 days ago

    Brasil ???

  • Maite Rocha Beracochea

    6:18 quiero sus pulmones 😂😂😱😱

  • Dany Monico
    Dany Monico 10 days ago