Ungrateful Owner Not Happy with $150k Hotel Makeover | Hotel Hell


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  • VaticoreX
    VaticoreX Hour ago

    What episode of hotel hell is this?

  • moises galicia
    moises galicia 2 hours ago

    Based off of what she’s saying, the owner looks like the kind of person that likes free shit but doesn’t want to do anything.

  • Paula cook
    Paula cook 2 hours ago

    What an ungrateful bitch

  • brandon castillo
    brandon castillo 3 hours ago

    But muh plastek graypessss

  • TheDrunkHamster
    TheDrunkHamster 5 hours ago

    Dont the owners have to eventually pay for the renovations? It's like that pimp my car, home makeover shit. They just get a big fat bill after the show is over

  • Sukh Sidhu
    Sukh Sidhu 7 hours ago +1

    Man I love Gordon. Fuck that ungrateful bitch

  • Suli Faisal
    Suli Faisal 12 hours ago

    Ungrateful bitch

  • Nikolina Mikealson
    Nikolina Mikealson 17 hours ago


  • Suki truth
    Suki truth 18 hours ago

    She's a little pink curly turd....

  • Hu Kares
    Hu Kares 23 hours ago +1


  • Luke Pettinger
    Luke Pettinger Day ago

    And apparently it’s the younger generations that are lazy

  • blondeblue32
    blondeblue32 Day ago

    Did Gordon Ramsay ask the owner to pay for all the upgrades? It sounds like it at the end of the flick.

  • Intera UK
    Intera UK Day ago

    Most managers don't actually want to work.

  • branchyapple
    branchyapple Day ago

    4:17 i just like the fact he came back on the right moment

  • Josh's coins
    Josh's coins Day ago

    Did they pay to fix her singing?

  • David Flores
    David Flores Day ago

    Their building a wall around this 😂😂 lol

  • 4TaktRollerNeinDanke

    Guess two years later, everything is beige again and she keeps singing "Cher" for her guests...

  • Robin Schmidt
    Robin Schmidt Day ago

    Did he actually end up puttig it all back?

  • Tonicia Riley
    Tonicia Riley Day ago

    Makeover or not, part of being an owner is making sure that your hotel stays up to par. It's not that difficult to understand.😐

  • Arturo
    Arturo Day ago +1

    “ *WOW* “

  • Riley Shannon
    Riley Shannon Day ago

    Savage as hell

  • FilmBucket
    FilmBucket 2 days ago

    When the desc said plastic grapes i thought it meant the grapes served were dry and bad, not actual decorations

  • The Fall of New Babylon

    What a useless woman .

  • radomize 04
    radomize 04 2 days ago

    O may gosh are you kidding me gordon and the team put all that work in the place for you to conplain about grapes puns and chair like really 🙄🙄😒😑😖🤯😵😡😠

  • Chloe Loves Sunshine Mafia

    Umgrapeful hahahahaha because of the grape

  • wartem
    wartem 2 days ago

    If she kept quiet she could change it however she liked when Gordon left

  • Reoxys 456
    Reoxys 456 2 days ago


  • Funny Future57
    Funny Future57 2 days ago

    5:21 😂

  • Dominic Kalkucki
    Dominic Kalkucki 2 days ago


  • big chungus
    big chungus 2 days ago +1

    O no she has to do stuff

  • Mrs Sanchez
    Mrs Sanchez 2 days ago

    Lazy ungrateful witch

  • nicholas young
    nicholas young 2 days ago

    I like carlos

  • magnificent mercy main

    Punch her

  • Oscar Santiago
    Oscar Santiago 2 days ago

    She's a lazy old hag

  • Margrette M. Wilson
    Margrette M. Wilson 3 days ago

    I don't believe this bitch , ( who can't sing ) lol , she wants a hotel and restaurant but doesn't want the work that go's along with it to run it properly , but bitches about the way it was ! SHES FUCKED UP !!!!

  • Lucas H
    Lucas H 3 days ago

    lazy bitch

  • The Goddess Vivian
    The Goddess Vivian 3 days ago

    Gordon's reaction was too bloody good

  • Lucas H
    Lucas H 3 days ago

    bitch didnt seem like she liked any of it ungrateful bitch

  • Kira Judd
    Kira Judd 3 days ago

    Ungrateful old bitch

  • killz_ zach
    killz_ zach 3 days ago

    I can understand she’s just trying to get use to the change and she’s just stressed

  • Melma MELONS
    Melma MELONS 3 days ago +1

    Where does he get all the money from to help hotel ???

  • Caroline Dalstad
    Caroline Dalstad 3 days ago

    This old bitch is not only ungrateful but delusional as well lol I would never want to visit that hotel and eat while listening to her sing and stay in those nasty, ugly rooms. Gordon spent 150k on that place and she says she doesnt like it bc of the upkeep of it all.. Its called WORK. Ugh! Shes annoying af

  • pendejito 321
    pendejito 321 3 days ago

    This is 100% of privileged people who get stuff handed to them by their parents.
    Dad: *hands the keys to the multi million dollar company*
    Son: great now I have so much work ahead of me.
    I’d be speechless if someone did this to my hotel

  • Whyitisverydumb 123
    Whyitisverydumb 123 4 days ago

    Wow if u don’t want to work THEN WHY DID U BUY THE HOTEL 🤦🏻‍♂️Idiot

  • David Klecker
    David Klecker 4 days ago

    Oh no. I have to do work to bring in more people and make this place good. Heaven forbid that running a business requires you to do more work.

  • Angelena R.
    Angelena R. 4 days ago

    Those cloth bean bag chairs seem like a terrible idea by the pool

  • Aubrae Garofalo
    Aubrae Garofalo 4 days ago

    These videos make me hungry

  • andrew wyatt
    andrew wyatt 4 days ago

    All she's thinking is ..how I've got to keep the pool together and do extra food ..no wonder the place went to shit she's to fucking lazy and ungrateful

  • Nicholas DiBerardino-Peralta

    Never bitch about your christmas gifts, kids.

  • Quick Curve
    Quick Curve 4 days ago

    $1000 if you can say her name

  • Christian Velasquez Music


  • Lam0 Lam0
    Lam0 Lam0 4 days ago

    Sorry, but what are wavers
    And also that owner just needs to f*ck off

  • Gabi Herera
    Gabi Herera 4 days ago

    This owner made me angry ,she don't see that Gordon made he hotel better ,she became jalous

  • Jack Hanma
    Jack Hanma 4 days ago

    Gordon handled that like a champ😂

  • Arek Borowski
    Arek Borowski 4 days ago

    well owner isnt totally wrong, all those "improvements" are just a ton of fucking extra work, in orded for it to succeed the hotel have to be packed and really successful (and this one isnt) so yeah, i would get rid of 90% of poolside furniture. and what the hell is this colourfull shit room?! before it had some style, some class, just need refresh, and gordon made this room look like a fucking kid's room or some party room on bahamas WTF?

  • Nymbus Cumulo
    Nymbus Cumulo 4 days ago

    Oh no you saved my failing business . . . I WANTED TO PROFIT OFF THE BANKRUPTCY

  • HorseMania24 N Stuff


  • Kenix
    Kenix 5 days ago

    **instantly gets $150K again by uploading this on TVclip**

    SHAWN APOLLO 5 days ago

    What the hell did she call him for then?

    SELUCIA 5 days ago

    kelly looks like she gives good head

  • Lawliet
    Lawliet 6 days ago

    Unthankfull old CUNT

  • FlameoDreamZ /Mcpe and more/

    Before anyone judges,
    Let’s think outside the box

    Maybe the grapes are ancient pieces of work that are worth more than 150k.

    I’m sorry I’m trying to really help extinguish the fire of savagery Gordon has laid upon this old lady.

  • Thetin butt
    Thetin butt 6 days ago

    notice how the owner has no emotions when she sees the pool everybody is like "its amazing i never want to leave" but the owner just repeats "omg"

  • lz LEGEND lz
    lz LEGEND lz 6 days ago


  • Star Light Cookie
    Star Light Cookie 6 days ago

    *NIno WoUld'Ve CLeaNED tHosE GrApeS*

  • Christopher Zavala
    Christopher Zavala 6 days ago

    Lmao Gordon knows exactly what to say

  • Zechariah Cheng
    Zechariah Cheng 7 days ago


  • Prince Yo
    Prince Yo 7 days ago

    What about my plastic grapes?

  • DARKforce223
    DARKforce223 7 days ago +1

    F A T C O W

  • my memes are hot
    my memes are hot 7 days ago

    no wonder why it's called hotel hell

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde 7 days ago

    Season? Episode? PWEASEEEEE

  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones 7 days ago

    I have to work? Nope, don't like it. Put my garbage back up.

  • Richard Huang
    Richard Huang 7 days ago

    Yo, you don't wanna run it, give it to me. You lazy bitch

  • Rena Darwiche
    Rena Darwiche 7 days ago

    Gordon made the right choice, to put all his stuff in the van, and put all the trash in the hotel

  • Cring-Y XD
    Cring-Y XD 8 days ago

    What episode was this?
    I gotta see the end

  • It'sJustMaddie
    It'sJustMaddie 8 days ago

    Kelly thinks that she has a "big job ahead of her" even though shes the owner.

  • How to - Survival and Outdoors

    Well, he deal with that well, but a bit explicitly, although it was £150,000

  • BubbgamingYT
    BubbgamingYT 8 days ago

    Gordon is savage bruh

  • Joel Turner
    Joel Turner 8 days ago

    And this shit I’ll put back in there

  • Crystal Meyers
    Crystal Meyers 8 days ago

    How come Gordon didn't fix the dent? Have it patched, then she wouldn't need the grapes

  • Sankhadeep Ghosh
    Sankhadeep Ghosh 8 days ago

    Hypocritic ungrateful batch..

  • Katalyn C.
    Katalyn C. 8 days ago

    Lol he is so savage

  • Patti L
    Patti L 8 days ago

    Ungrapeful ! alright! Hehe!🤪

  • Bob Extra bob
    Bob Extra bob 8 days ago

    This sounds weird like it’s sped up or something

  • Alvin Canonigo
    Alvin Canonigo 8 days ago

    The boy version of supernanny

  • Alizelli C
    Alizelli C 9 days ago +3

    After this she probably sold it 😂

  • XxDrama PotatoXx
    XxDrama PotatoXx 9 days ago

    “Look at that amazing stuff there and then look at this pile of shit” somehow that made me cry tears of laughter 😂

  • I don't care
    I don't care 9 days ago


    What an ungrateful bitch.

  • Potato Nerd
    Potato Nerd 9 days ago

    At first I was really confused because she loved it...

  • EzzaVids 0611
    EzzaVids 0611 9 days ago +1

    Legend says that she still has the grapes covering that dent

  • Tactical Ministries
    Tactical Ministries 9 days ago

    Shes acting like she has to hire a whole extra person to clean up the pool area. If you all do it then it would take 15 minutes not an hour

  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim 9 days ago


  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 9 days ago

    karma i say karma will come her way on a rainy day

  • Miko
    Miko 9 days ago

    Raising prices is appropriate considering labor will be significantly higher than it was before. But she is acting like it's the end of the world...

  • sorry for my minecraft pic

    I was waiting for the title to become a reality (the wait was worth it)

  • Denzil Latt
    Denzil Latt 9 days ago

    Please help a 97 year old by donating some grapes

  • Chloe Skittles
    Chloe Skittles 10 days ago


  • 4 dudes
    4 dudes 10 days ago +1


  • DjDigitalGhost
    DjDigitalGhost 10 days ago

    I hope this episode ends with an uppercut