• Published on Mar 13, 2019
    I went to Carter Sharer's house to do a challenge where you had to build a device to protect your watermelon from cracking, and the winner gets $10,000. Things got CRAZY!!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you
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  • popularmmos fan671d
    popularmmos fan671d 6 hours ago

    let me make it pacific ok '''''protetc the watermellon''''' not put coshone at the bottom he said the watermellom

  • The Bad Boys
    The Bad Boys 16 hours ago

    Carter has a big chance of winning

  • Jennifer Acosta
    Jennifer Acosta 18 hours ago +1

    Subscribe to cater sharer and lizzy sharer and stove 🐔

  • Kyle Murphy
    Kyle Murphy Day ago

    Carter said 10 grand like nothing

  • Dorian Greenbaum
    Dorian Greenbaum 2 days ago +2

    Pleas hit that like button for good luck

  • EthanNeedsSubs __
    EthanNeedsSubs __ 2 days ago

    Lizzy won no skipping

  • Hanaa el Itani
    Hanaa el Itani 2 days ago +1

    I love carter he is my favorite you tuber

  • Will Lawrence
    Will Lawrence 2 days ago

    Shout me out

  • John Schmitt
    John Schmitt 2 days ago

    At 3:10 what shirt are you wearing because I think it’s looks nice and I want one now

  • Supreme Kidd
    Supreme Kidd 2 days ago

    3:21 this dumbass hit herself on the wall

  • Nicole Labair
    Nicole Labair 2 days ago


  • Khronixツ
    Khronixツ 3 days ago


  • Gerardo Cordero
    Gerardo Cordero 3 days ago


  • Matched_player9k
    Matched_player9k 3 days ago

    Rugs watermelon protection looks like a giant cocaine bag

  • Yusuf Qayum
    Yusuf Qayum 3 days ago +1

    Faze rug yo 🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳

  • Xavior Reas
    Xavior Reas 4 days ago

    Lizzys melon did not hit the x

  • Jadengbcjvkhb Martinezdhdyf

    go carter

  • Dhyan Wwe
    Dhyan Wwe 5 days ago


  • Brad fc
    Brad fc 5 days ago


  • Jayden Tam
    Jayden Tam 6 days ago

    Does he really have two pools

  • Tiras Lozano
    Tiras Lozano 6 days ago

    Work smarter not harder

  • ksquad remy
    ksquad remy 6 days ago


  • Ben Crowder
    Ben Crowder 6 days ago

    you already know rug is funna win

  • Gerardo Salazar
    Gerardo Salazar 7 days ago

    Technically she cheated she was supposed to build something to protect it

  • Yantatz YA
    Yantatz YA 9 days ago


  • Shaun Plays
    Shaun Plays 9 days ago

    Sub to me

  • Jaime Ramos
    Jaime Ramos 9 days ago

    This is stopit not faze clan

  • Miguelangel Perez
    Miguelangel Perez 10 days ago

    I watch Carter share

  • Jayden Bulls
    Jayden Bulls 10 days ago

    I like hunters

  • Eduardo Gaucin
    Eduardo Gaucin 10 days ago +1


  • Sant Dela
    Sant Dela 10 days ago

    Lizzy taking dubs

  • Aj Bjerkan
    Aj Bjerkan 10 days ago

    Your taking the prize rug

  • Jihan Ali138
    Jihan Ali138 11 days ago


  • Annabelle Ortega
    Annabelle Ortega 12 days ago

    Yayyy carter

  • DaBears34
    DaBears34 14 days ago

    The rest of the people should’ve just used the beanbag too

  • Max is cool 11
    Max is cool 11 14 days ago


  • Paul Hearne
    Paul Hearne 14 days ago

    They are saying oh that sounded good , we couldn’t f*cking hear it cuz the sound effect

  • Paul Hearne
    Paul Hearne 14 days ago

    They are saying oh that sounded good , we couldn’t f*cking hear it cuz the sound effect

  • Paul Hearne
    Paul Hearne 14 days ago

    They are saying oh that sounded good , we couldn’t f*cking here it cuz the sound effect

  • Paul Hearne
    Paul Hearne 14 days ago

    They are saying oh that sounded good , we couldn’t f*cking here it cuz the sound effect

  • Harrison Young
    Harrison Young 15 days ago


  • Erdene Tamir
    Erdene Tamir 15 days ago +4

    Lizzy- lets drop everyone first
    Carter- OK
    Me-wait what drop everyone??

  • Ry St
    Ry St 15 days ago

    Why do you were mackup

  • Marie Williams
    Marie Williams 15 days ago

    Carter house

    LITTLEMANNJT L 15 days ago

    They should have used bags of flower. Trust me it works

  • phenex TV
    phenex TV 15 days ago


  • Daniel Canning
    Daniel Canning 16 days ago

    14:08 see how many times he used a knife to cut his watermelon before he put it in there lmao. Wouldve been safe but nah he had to give her the money!!

  • Itz_Yo GirlMia
    Itz_Yo GirlMia 16 days ago

    This is how many times everyone said Carter and lizzy

  • Caitlin Baxter
    Caitlin Baxter 16 days ago

    His d do thesses you tubers have s much money?

  • Jeniefel De Jesud
    Jeniefel De Jesud 16 days ago

    Is that faze rug the one who's the quadrant target o my god

  • Parisvlogs and more
    Parisvlogs and more 16 days ago

    Carter and Stephan need to reunite.

  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro 17 days ago

    I recon Liz will definitely win

  • Mysterii
    Mysterii 17 days ago +4

    He should do the parachute with the and the stuffy that rug was using clipped/strapped/sewed on 👍 💯 💯 💯

  • Kaushi Dhas
    Kaushi Dhas 17 days ago +1

    i wanted all of u guys to win but congrats to lizzy gal power {girl power)

  • Braiden Larsen
    Braiden Larsen 17 days ago

    Carter will win

  • Aiman turab7
    Aiman turab7 17 days ago

    Do u actually give the money

  • Spongeblake2009 !
    Spongeblake2009 ! 18 days ago

    I vote rug

  • Tyrone remigio
    Tyrone remigio 18 days ago +1

    this is how many times how carter poop

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams 18 days ago

    I watch wen bored u make it better when I first heard about the new video, I will not be able to get the best of luck with the same time. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person, and I will be a good time to time. I am a beautiful person. I am a 5 the same time. I am a beautiful person.

  • YeeterSkeeter Games
    YeeterSkeeter Games 18 days ago +4

    well you were supposed to basically out a shield around the melon so no one won😂

  • Tamalii Tikeri
    Tamalii Tikeri 18 days ago +1

    oh not fair you got to meet faze rug im so jelouse

  • Carol Fisch
    Carol Fisch 19 days ago

    carter share

  • Hunter ROBINSON
    Hunter ROBINSON 19 days ago

    Faze rug is going to win

  • Hunter ROBINSON
    Hunter ROBINSON 19 days ago

    How do you crack a watermelon dosen't it just break on impacted

  • Arlene Lamaroza
    Arlene Lamaroza 19 days ago

    It’s carter’s house

  • Natty&D's makeup our way


  • Vale M
    Vale M 19 days ago

    *5 minute crafts has left the chat*

  • Eli Fermin
    Eli Fermin 20 days ago


  • Matthewos Getahun
    Matthewos Getahun 20 days ago

    Fazerug is going to win

    FARAH TAZ 21 day ago

    I think faze rug is gonna win

  • Kid Us
    Kid Us 21 day ago

    # rug

  • Bini sukla
    Bini sukla 22 days ago

    I think the challenge was to put shield around the watermelon but list in a sealed lizzyaround the water melon

  • Joshua Montez
    Joshua Montez 22 days ago +1

    I would have got a lot of balloons (typed before it startes)

  • YaboyREPEAT
    YaboyREPEAT 22 days ago

    Wasting food is what your doing

  • Christina
    Christina 22 days ago

    Thank you for making me feel better rug, I got my abscess in my gums popped and drained, and they pulled out my tooth and lots of blood, and now I’m taking antibiotics. My mom gave me the antibiotics at the wrong time, and didn’t follow the instructions so now I’m extra sick, and I can’t poop, and I threw up like 6 times today. This video really helped me lol. But then after watching this video I threw up again. Everything I eat goes right back out. 👋

  • Punch squad
    Punch squad 23 days ago +1

    You got the dubb faze

  • Jacie Jacobs
    Jacie Jacobs 23 days ago

    I did not expect this collab

  • Aron Morales
    Aron Morales 23 days ago

    FaZe rug is going to win

  • Nuzhat Abid
    Nuzhat Abid 24 days ago

    Hashtag liz

  • Kristen Fiedor
    Kristen Fiedor 24 days ago

    Tell stove he is so fucking stupid

  • Kristen Fiedor
    Kristen Fiedor 24 days ago

    Please donate me 6’000$

  • Alice Rania
    Alice Rania 24 days ago

    You at carter sharer House

  • Mr. DDZ
    Mr. DDZ 24 days ago


  • Antonio Jarbo
    Antonio Jarbo 24 days ago

    Rugs gonna get a dub

  • Maryam Hussain
    Maryam Hussain 25 days ago +1

    YAY CARTER!!!!!

  • Ishan Rai
    Ishan Rai 25 days ago +81

    This is how many times Lizzy jumped on the bean bag

  • Lopez Cameron
    Lopez Cameron 25 days ago

    Carter is going to lose h8s is so trash and dome

  • Drin shaqiri
    Drin shaqiri 25 days ago



  • Maria Johanns
    Maria Johanns 25 days ago

    Hunter’s invention made me crave tacos😂

  • leslie acosta
    leslie acosta 26 days ago

    Look back at 7 : 03 I thought faze rug said in one of his videos that he only says bad words when he is scared he didnt look scared.

  • TJUnited Jacko
    TJUnited Jacko 26 days ago

    Liz is gonna win

  • Machi Wallace
    Machi Wallace 26 days ago

    Rug and liz

  • SaVaGe DhAiN
    SaVaGe DhAiN 26 days ago

    Niga rug u guys kicked tfue from faze clan u big bot nooby action

  • YRN. PO
    YRN. PO 27 days ago


    HENRRY PUBG NY 27 days ago

    Litzy gonna win

  • Presley Ford
    Presley Ford 27 days ago


  • jason knox
    jason knox 27 days ago +1

    They didny give her the money

  • Sewer Eyes
    Sewer Eyes 28 days ago

    Faze rug betrayed the gaming community and joined the lil kiddos community

  • Umbreen Jabeen
    Umbreen Jabeen 28 days ago


  • Joaquin Carranco
    Joaquin Carranco 28 days ago

    What song did he use ate the beginning