• Published on Apr 25, 2018
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  • EazyDrop
    EazyDrop  Year ago +65

    The people who says “ you copied Jonsandman. Listen I was the creator of this idea in rocket league on my old channel, I made the first ever blind trading on TVclip.

    • RayVenn
      RayVenn Year ago

      pretty broad claim to say you were the first you do realise there are millions of youtube accounts

    • kalianddaniel poetschlag
      kalianddaniel poetschlag Year ago

      EazyDrop ya

    • sampanchung1234
      sampanchung1234 Year ago

      When you start STW don't expect great Legendarys and stuff like that. Don't trade.

    • King T
      King T Year ago

      God #eazy

    • King T
      King T Year ago


  • Dexter Johnstone
    Dexter Johnstone 8 months ago

    Don’t kill Bob

  • PlayGang55
    PlayGang55 8 months ago

    i really love ur videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HappyPanos
    HappyPanos 10 months ago

    your house gives me a scam idea like tell them to drop their weapons to the left side of the house and then go to the right and then when you gonna trade with them tell them go leave from the right side and lock them there and remove edits like just make it so they can't go to the left side and remove edits and pick up their weapons fam only for eazy drop tho

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P 10 months ago +1

    Scammer get scammed a blind training scammer

    ZERO ROCKS 10 months ago

    It’s should have been bacon

    KENAI RUIZ 10 months ago

    Wsruizjr is my gamertag

  • Erector
    Erector 11 months ago

    U dropped batteries when u should of dropped bacon 😂 great video keep it up!!!

  • Oskar GM
    Oskar GM 11 months ago

    They sound like twins

  • Uko 0603
    Uko 0603 11 months ago


  • Lyfs Plays
    Lyfs Plays Year ago

    Ur dumb as fuck U CAN COUNT

  • saint 20001
    saint 20001 Year ago

    bro done for the giveway

    RED RHINO Year ago

    12345678 11

    RED RHINO Year ago

    7:13 is 2 and 1 not 2 and 2

  • Candu Sălin
    Candu Sălin Year ago

    7:20 it was bacon

  • Dem Der Ved
    Dem Der Ved Year ago

    Do u come from denmark

  • Luke Sanfilippo
    Luke Sanfilippo Year ago

    Oh my god! I guessed bob was gonna say 7-3

  • It'sOmerHaroon
    It'sOmerHaroon Year ago

    Yup the universe is against hi.

  • Mateusz Dinter
    Mateusz Dinter Year ago


  • Mateusz Dinter
    Mateusz Dinter Year ago

    Eazy was meant to do sort by name

  • Hamed Almansori
    Hamed Almansori Year ago

    poor bob

  • WHP_Proud
    WHP_Proud Year ago

    Bob stop spinning keep up the good work

  • Pachudu plays
    Pachudu plays Year ago +1

    “Don’t speak Danish” me 😞

  • Carl Skovgaard
    Carl Skovgaard Year ago

    Are you danish, i am

  • sherrell kennedy
    sherrell kennedy Year ago

    Good vid

  • Junior Warp
    Junior Warp Year ago

    7 11?????

  • Adam Harvey
    Adam Harvey Year ago

    Eeazs dum as lol

  • Gamer Noah
    Gamer Noah Year ago

    I come from Denmark

  • Gamer Noah
    Gamer Noah Year ago

    I comeback from Denmark

  • Champion BTW-_- YT

    Ayy Easy bro I literally just got scammed for everything it sucks bro I play on PS4 we should play some time together my gamer tag is NachoLibre0226 let’s start a party and play bro I’ll be so happy u wouldn’t understand

  • Childish Siz
    Childish Siz Year ago

    Column is up row is sideways

  • Fernando Calderon

    Easy you’re the best I love you videos

  • Helio Tay
    Helio Tay Year ago

    I feel really bad for Bob that you Said that you didn’t want him anymore so i feel bad for him :(


    1 2 3 4 5 6 7.......11

  • Baka La
    Baka La Year ago


  • Baka La
    Baka La Year ago


  • Baka La
    Baka La Year ago

    My favorite TVclip I

  • OH NO NO
    OH NO NO Year ago

    I love the whole Bob thing

  • Oskar Lykke Julius

    Im from Denmark

  • youi zaoud#
    youi zaoud# Year ago

    I fell slack for bob lol

  • Mathias Gravgaard

    I did NOT know you are from Denmark i am too #otte

  • VgodlyV 3
    VgodlyV 3 Year ago

    Face reveal at 100k

  • ripped_ NeMo
    ripped_ NeMo Year ago

    0:45 that's the right

  • Cash GamingYt
    Cash GamingYt Year ago

    I made someone lose their 106 noc by leaving

    STREET ZxZ Year ago

    are you from denmark

  • SoLaR hckz
    SoLaR hckz Year ago

    soooooooo boring

  • savege slayer
    savege slayer Year ago

    Can i donate to bob?

  • dr4gon_legacy
    dr4gon_legacy Year ago

    Rip bob

  • Spazz Fortnite
    Spazz Fortnite Year ago

    Hey easy I got scammed and was wondering if u can get ur subs to send bossman88091 bad messages plz lost my siegebraker

  • DJ Omar
    DJ Omar Year ago

    Ur acc are an amazing utuber

  • maxiums201 5
    maxiums201 5 Year ago

    Fuck you

  • Slacks
    Slacks Year ago

    Easy how did you get your normal skins in your guns on a ninja?!? Whenever I use a ninja my gun turns into a camp :(

  • Łukasz Werner
    Łukasz Werner Year ago

    To the right

  • Boblet_moisey
    Boblet_moisey Year ago

    Rip bob

  • Coco GR
    Coco GR Year ago


  • Coco GR
    Coco GR Year ago

    Blind trade with me my psn is giacomoperew

  • Coco GR
    Coco GR Year ago +1

    Eazydrop pls blind trade with me !!!

  • goosie lol
    goosie lol Year ago

    dont speak danish fam

  • increast combat
    increast combat Year ago

    i need vbucks

  • Clue
    Clue Year ago


  • Retraxion
    Retraxion Year ago

    0:45 My Guy. To the left!?

  • Jayden Moo
    Jayden Moo Year ago

    Easy.......i just fot scammed i was wondering if you will give me some legendarys his profile is ( DYL THE MAan685

  • Finn Porter
    Finn Porter Year ago

    So annoying

  • YunusVandmelon
    YunusVandmelon Year ago

    I Can speak Danish too!

  • Z S O
    Z S O Year ago +1

    poor bob

  • Hunter Braswell
    Hunter Braswell Year ago

    I think he was giving bad on purpose??

  • Little Sargent
    Little Sargent Year ago

    1234567 11 WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Little Sargent
    Little Sargent Year ago

    remember when you got terminated!

  • Greg Betron
    Greg Betron Year ago

    Dude for the first one you did row and column opposite

  • Junior Brain
    Junior Brain Year ago

    You scammed eletor

  • sacha makin
    sacha makin Year ago

    Rip bob

  • Endo
    Endo Year ago +6

    It's true, I remember with my own I
    Eyes, I remember seeing eazymizys old channel uploading this idea first, jonsandman copied eazy and a lot of other TVclip copied eazy

    • Endo
      Endo Year ago

      And please stop saying, that eazy stole this video idea

  • Dalcn
    Dalcn Year ago

    U completely messed up the trade

  • Dalcn
    Dalcn Year ago

    Thats 2,2 not 2,1

  • Dalcn
    Dalcn Year ago

    Press r3 to reset builds

  • Eric Wiley
    Eric Wiley Year ago

    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11 nice

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf Year ago


  • Cici Zeng
    Cici Zeng Year ago

    I just subbed love ur vids

  • Call of Duty COD
    Call of Duty COD Year ago

    Wow very nice :0

  • MrNewsie 07
    MrNewsie 07 Year ago

    Let bun breath

  • Azaur
    Azaur Year ago

    What is your mic

  • MB Chicken
    MB Chicken Year ago +1

    Bob will take over the world!!!!!!!! When he stops spinning😂

  • Morten Benoni
    Morten Benoni Year ago

    bob wasn't speaking danish im from denmark you fuck

  • sack _gg
    sack _gg Year ago +1

    Er du dansker

  • Blake Fulton
    Blake Fulton Year ago

    Look at your scamming add bitch

  • Frosty-_-btw xd
    Frosty-_-btw xd Year ago

    Great video

  • Haven Blades
    Haven Blades Year ago

    Bob will be missed 😂💀

  • Kaye Snow
    Kaye Snow Year ago

    Me i wanna do blind trading lil tuna 031

  • ImWinky
    ImWinky Year ago

    Are you from denmark since you said don't speak danish speak english😂

  • Ggamer 12haha
    Ggamer 12haha Year ago

    I am from Denmark

  • Kadhim Ahmad
    Kadhim Ahmad Year ago


  • GeckoGreco
    GeckoGreco Year ago

    Don’t bully bob he is my dad


    All steps done

  • Trevane Winditt
    Trevane Winditt Year ago

    When you go from seven to eleven😎

  • iEnvy_exsept
    iEnvy_exsept Year ago


  • Wendy Loudermilk
    Wendy Loudermilk Year ago

    may i have some vbukes im i realy big fan

  • sonne
    sonne Year ago

    Er Bob en dansker

  • XDHezuo
    XDHezuo Year ago

    8:00 voice crack!

  • It’s Dre gaming

    Can u trade me username chimprunnerz

  • Squedow
    Squedow Year ago

    who was subbed before 5k subs?