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Child of lesbian parents opposes gay marriage | ABC News

  • Published on Aug 13, 2015
  • American Katy Faust was raised by her lesbian mother and her partner and she now runs a blog called asktheBigot, which is fiercely opposed to gay marriage.
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Comments • 7 355

  • theBabyDead
    theBabyDead 7 minutes ago

    I'm not anti-gay marriage... heck, if anything I'm anti-marriage period. Anyway, she does make some darn strong arguments lol. Don't see tat from those SJW's these days

  • Draika 6
    Draika 6 Hour ago

    I honestly think that everyone should just know how to play all roles as parents. What I mean is I don’t think that a mother and father should be different roles in a child’s life

  • Big Drink
    Big Drink Hour ago

    Christianity will always overcome. Such a wonderful calm speaker. Didnt push her views on the matter but instead used straight facts. Even kids know that a fathers role can only be filled by a man and mothers to females. Satan can try and push his gay agenda but the truth will never cease to exist.

  • Elizabeth Maldonado
    Elizabeth Maldonado 2 hours ago

    Very very smart women same sex marriage isn't widely accepted

  • Maryassy Kevin
    Maryassy Kevin 2 hours ago

    Dear Lord Jesus I pray that your blood you shed at Calvary will forgive them, please repent this is not of the father in heaven.

  • Ionut DU
    Ionut DU 3 hours ago

    Good on him! Smart kid!

  • shadypenguinX
    shadypenguinX 3 hours ago

    I agree with what she says but she is rather missing the point ... first of all, just because someone is born into a heterosexual couple family doesn’t mean that the father or mother will perform their child rearing job well. Secondly, should we REALLY force two people (eg gay man forced to marry straight woman) who aren’t in love to marry just so a child can have a male and female adult figure? They wouldn’t love each other and this will affect the child. Thirdly she is forgetting that the most important thing a child must have is nurture. Things that you get from having an ideal father or mother figure can be learned later on in life, but a lack of love and nurture can affect you negatively for life. I know what I’m talking about because I had neither love or nurture or a good father or mother figure.
    True the needs and rights of a child must be met, but can you expect two unhappy people in a forced marriage where neither loves the other to be able to support and guide the child? There is almost no such thing as a set father figure or a mother figure.
    For instance a man can be gentle and feminine and a woman stoic and masculine but that doesn’t mean the man cannot lead or that the woman wants to lead. Or if the man is stoic and masculine and the woman is gentle and feminine, two different HETEROSEXUAL couples but children from both families will have very different ideas of what a man and woman is like. She is privileged to be even able to have the opinion she has. For many heterosexual family children who were abused, I bet they would give anything to be in a family who knew how to give and express love even if the parents were two men or two women.
    Ps: I’m a Christian woman who wants to marry a Christian man, but I am okay with gay marriage because in the Bible it plainly states that all sins are equal in the eyes of God, as long as you believe in Jesus, and love him with all your heart. Straight people who believe in and love Jesus, do you stop lying? No you don’t. In fact we lie all the time even if it’s just to avoid hurting peoples feelings. And it’s really not for us to judge and decide who will go to hell or not. Jesus said let the one who never commits even one single sin to throw the first stone at the adulterous woman, and everyone let their stone drop to the ground. We don’t need to tell gay people that their sinful, we should direct them to love Jesus and if they change then good but if they don’t, who are you to judge their standing with God? The Bible never actually explicitly says homosexuality is wrong.
    TLDR: read it.

  • Tracey Tulloch
    Tracey Tulloch 3 hours ago

    It's all about god with this chick, so she's not saying anything we don't already know: christianity hates homosexuals. Wow, I'm shocked!

  • shadypenguinX
    shadypenguinX 4 hours ago

    Um why don’t they interview someone who was abused by their ‘father’ in their childhood? Or someone who had a mother who was like a man? Every family is different, how can you just stereotype all lesbian families because of this one woman? I know a friend who loved her lesbian mothers and knew how lucky she was, and I , a child of a heterosexual couple, suffered with an abusive father and a stoic, non nurturing mother. I would give anything to be born into a family of two men and two women as long as they actually knew how to express and give love.

  • Ban Powel
    Ban Powel 4 hours ago

    I oppose religious bigots

  • I'm Empty
    I'm Empty 4 hours ago

    Still probably gonna get married

  • VOID x
    VOID x 5 hours ago

    So is she gonna give us some arguments and statistics? Because I haven't heard anything substantial yet.

  • jochem post
    jochem post 6 hours ago

    *plays the bible card* well nvm

  • BrianOstas
    BrianOstas 6 hours ago

    4:56 *thank you*

    HELIX 6 hours ago

    i'm not against or for gays, i just sit and watch, anyone with me

  • Myriam Luciano
    Myriam Luciano 8 hours ago


  • Zach Arnold
    Zach Arnold 9 hours ago +1

    This lady is solid.

  • shahspice
    shahspice 9 hours ago +1

    This Lady speaks the Truth. We need to Stop these Deviants from Corrupting our Values....

  • Gehslol
    Gehslol 9 hours ago

    Great tv reporter.

  • Alex Barrett
    Alex Barrett 12 hours ago +1

    What im seeing here by the votes and comments is that the media and the lgbt minority are trying to speak for the majority. The majority of the world doesnt agree with gay marriage. Im glad theres still hope

  • suilu nsarangbe
    suilu nsarangbe 12 hours ago

    The title made me laugh

  • Discount at the dollar store

    Why is this being reccommended three years later

  • Lady Madonna
    Lady Madonna 16 hours ago

    I feel like the topics she brought up were not ridiculous, but I don’t see it as a reason to be against gay marriage. It is more against gay people having children.
    1. Same-sex couples can have children when they are not married
    2. Single parents are often amazing too
    3. Just because she felt like she didn’t get enough out of her family, is no reason to deprive others from being in their happy family. May straight families aren’t great either

  • Lady Madonna
    Lady Madonna 16 hours ago

    So is she against single parents?

  • Karl Boland
    Karl Boland 16 hours ago

    "What a decent, upstanding, brave, outspoken woman" The people in the comments say about a woman raised by a gay couple as they strive to prevent same sex marriage and adoption LOLLLLLLLLLL

  • Karl Boland
    Karl Boland 17 hours ago

    I mean, I get where she's coming from, but two people don't get married because they're gonna have kids. I mean, it isn't the 1950's. People get married because they love one another. That's it. Also, in most Western countries you don't need to be gay-married in order to adopted children. On top of all that, there are so many children that are without any parents. Children in homes and in foster care. I think, that two loving fathers or mothers is better than no parents at all. And it's not like straight men are notorious for being fantastic fathers anyway LOL

  • everything media
    everything media 17 hours ago +2

    am glad u got outed lady god works in his ways

  • Castlevania Skeletor
    Castlevania Skeletor 18 hours ago +1

    I completely agree with this

  • Georges Mouss
    Georges Mouss 18 hours ago

    SJW'S LISTEN UP: THIS is an example of a brave women.

  • Gamer Yito
    Gamer Yito 18 hours ago

    I would change the title to "opose to gay parenting"
    you know, Isnt about gay ppl wanting to get married, is about gay ppl trying to fulfill a role they are not fitting in.

  • mimi mimz
    mimi mimz 22 hours ago

    Parenthood, raising children is a symbiotic relationship. Rights of one do not supersede the rights of the other.

  • Mufrad Matin
    Mufrad Matin 22 hours ago +4

    Top 10 homosexual betrayals...

  • Mo W
    Mo W Day ago

    Well, I guess life will continue what you presented to your child. Shiw the child the cake and then say dont eat it. Dumb

    OTTO OCTAVIOUS Day ago +3

    Well...duh social engineering will never work but many people will suffer because of it government's believe it or not do not know best

  • Alejandra Meza
    Alejandra Meza Day ago

    Human psychology need man/ women, father/mother in orden to develop in balance. Otherwise there will be lack of the absent role model and what it represents.

  • subham bhardwaj
    subham bhardwaj Day ago

    She is a bit quiet primitive .. dynamics concerning gender has changed drastically .... she belongs to the 70s and 80s most probably .. the society has quiet evolved since then ..

  • subham bhardwaj
    subham bhardwaj Day ago

    And also God said the earth was flat !

  • Cindy Leftwick
    Cindy Leftwick Day ago +3


  • john williams
    john williams Day ago

    About time. Thank you from my kids and I. God bless you and our fight

  • Bam Boo
    Bam Boo Day ago

    Isn't this missing the point? I always feel there's a false dichotomy in the discussion of adoption rights for homosexual couples; isn't the question, if it is better for orphans to have parents than to have no parents at all, rather than if heterosexual couples are the better parents? I don't know how it is in Australia, but where I'm from, the number of orphans is increasing while adoptions are in decline. All couples must meet strict conditions and from a certain age on, the children do have the right to choose. Sure, you can discuss if heterosexual couples should be preferred (which I think would make sense) as foster parents, but if it comes down to if an orphan gets parents or not, I don't think a lot of people would make the case that it was better for the children to grow up in an orphanage rather than being raised by a homosexual couple.

  • K H
    K H Day ago


  • Avalos-James
    Avalos-James Day ago +4

    Wow! Hats off to this woman for stepping up and speaking the truth. I can't even imagine what kind of family turmoil she must dealt with (or dealing with) because she decided to come out and take a stand for traditional marriage views. Mind blown! 🤯
    As a teacher I can tell you children love structure and discipline. Sounds crazy but it's true. I love my students immensely and they love me. They know what to expect in my classroom and from me. They know the rules and know the consequences for breaking them. They feel safe with structure and they feel LOVE! Traditional rules, consistency, and feeling safe are important to children. 🙂 That's all.

  • suzNcali 67Sprkz

    I'm going through early childhood studies currently and research conducted say, children need a father and a mother

    • suzNcali 67Sprkz
      suzNcali 67Sprkz Day ago

      I was married and my ex never fathered, he was there but never was a father to our boys, my older was and is very connected to me, my younger(17) is in desperate need for fatherly connection, and it's just not there

  • Chupac Muffly
    Chupac Muffly Day ago

    Damn skippy,,, Children have rights! Until they have selfish self absorbed LGBTQXYZ or what ever letters they have added to their label! I see them crying about nobodies rights but their own individual rights! They want all the respect and admiration but they give very little of it!

  • M159 Adrian
    M159 Adrian Day ago +1

    Desires of adults over what children need. That's all it is desires at the child's cost.

  • Sierra Burgess
    Sierra Burgess Day ago

    Though I think she has a fair point, I would like to state that a lot of children do not have a mother and a father unit. A lot of children only have one parent due to the fact that the other parent left, died, was abusive and deemed not allowed to see their child, or many other things. A lot of children are raised by grandparents or some other people in the family. Better yet you could been like me who was raised by two abusive parents both a mother and father unit. Getting rid of gay marriage isn’t going to change anything, people are still going to be together if they love each other whether they are heterosexual or something else. Yes the children are important but a lot of things happen that are out of adults control why start to control love. I would be interested to see how many other children raised by gay parents feel but I can almost guarantee you that not all of them feel this way. Also it takes a man and a woman to make a child? What about the people that are in fertile?

  • Rj Robles
    Rj Robles Day ago +4

    Adults have choices. Children do not. I wish more women were like this.

  • aimee glatt
    aimee glatt Day ago

    So, her dad ran off and left her. Her two moms were amazing parents. And now she has found religion and says her two loving moms that stayed and raised her to a happy healthy adult shouldn’t be allowed to be married for the KID’S sakes??? What an ungrateful brat!!!

    • aimee glatt
      aimee glatt Day ago

      Your dad certainly didn’t care to fit YOU into his lifestyle, did he, brat?

  • Unknown Presence

    So the 1% that have a mental issue instead of being treated for it are trying to convince us that we are wrong and they are right. This is wrong because for most of us it’s against our religion, how about they understand the 99% of the worlds population.

  • Joe Simpson
    Joe Simpson Day ago

    Stupid. Gender is a social construct. She doesn’t even explain what a “father” is or what it means. She says kids care when their parents die. Of course they do! This has nothing to do with gay marriage and parenting.

  • Fox Mcloud
    Fox Mcloud Day ago

    Jesus Schmesus

  • Fox Mcloud
    Fox Mcloud Day ago

    Katy is guilty of gender-stereotyping.

    • wms72
      wms72 Day ago

      U R guilty of not using your brain

  • Julia Carl
    Julia Carl Day ago +1

    Hey your FATHER left you. Your mother stayed and raised you, as usual the child takes it out on the mother who cared enough to raise the child. I was raised a Christian, but although I do believe in God, I am a Christian no more as Christianity does not reflect just what Jesus had in mind. And I have spent my whole life studying the bible.

    • Julia Carl
      Julia Carl 16 hours ago +1

      Wow just wow. You are so clearly ignorant. First off, I don't care at all what you think about what I do or do not study or research. Any truly educated person would never presume such. So misogynistic, you sound like Trump " I am like really a smart person".

    • Georges Mouss
      Georges Mouss 17 hours ago

      Wow just wow. You are so clearly a feminist. First off I don't believe AT ALL you studied the bible your whole life. Second, if you studied it like you listened to the video then I'll believe you. She only said loving and caring things about her mom and praised her for being a loving parent. It doesn't matter if her "FATHER" left her because the point she is making is that a mother can never be a father and vice versa. Picture it like this, a mom is a right leg and a dad is a left leg. Now, if you have two lefts or two rights, sure both of them are supporting you and helping you walk, but you'll never walk as well as if you had one right and one left. HOW is she taking it out on the mother? SHE IS TALKING ABOUT BEING RAISED BY LESBIANS NOT ABOUT HER MOTHER SPECIFICALLY. Besides, are all fathers like this? Are there not ANY good men? Comments like yours really annoy me. And I was raised by a single mom so yeah. You were a Christian so I advise to quickly repent and ask Jesus to forgive you and go back to him. And how could you say christianity doesn't represent what he had in mind when the WHOLE FAITH IS BASED ON CHRIST.... Either stop lying and saying you studied the bible your whole life OR seriously ask Jesus to open your eyes when you do study it, because it is his word that he left for us. Good day to you.

  • Aaron Baranek
    Aaron Baranek Day ago

    Obama had 8 years to help heal race relations. Unfortunately it turned out that he has done anything even close

  • sina sahara
    sina sahara Day ago

    no woman can hug you like your dad and man can love you like your mother.she is right in that part but she is also a crazy person who think there is God up there ! sometimes crazy people say reasonable stuff !

  • Jini Steffani
    Jini Steffani Day ago

    Although this women seems like a very intelligent and well adjusted person ….. I can't get over the fact, that in twenty years from now we could be breeding not so well adjusted people...sexual confused children AND pushing this trans gender crap on them....they could grow up with some serious mental problems....they could be serial killers...Ted Bundy had a very strict, and over bearing mother, that he projected onto women....if you study most serial killers lives, they became violent due to bad parenting....abusive mother AND fathers....or other family members...

  • Helen Trope
    Helen Trope Day ago +1

    Her father was a serial adulterer who abandoned her and her mother it seems, and she seems to be asserting her right to have had a father but he didn't care enough to stay with her. Isn't it a bit odd to resent the one who stayed with her.

  • Марин Красимиров Мирчев

    I have a question. She opposes same sex parenting on the account that they can not provide one of the pillar family roles, mother or father. (If i didn't get that right please correct me) So what about single parent households? They can't provide one of the roles too. Is same sex parenting not ok but single parenting ok?

  • ThatQueerGuy
    ThatQueerGuy Day ago

    Being gay is wired in the brain.
    It’s fact.
    Allowing same gender couples to adopt and marry will just give children without a loving family a home. It won’t turn them gay. It won’t destroy the world.
    If God really thought that being gay was evil, why didn’t he tell Jesus, Muhammad PBUH, Moses or any any other religious prophet to spread the message that being gay is evil.
    Why haven’t gay people been killed.
    Children can be raised by single parents, siblings or any other guardian(s) and turn out completely “normal”. Take Barack Obama for example.
    Please just let us marry. It won’t effect you.

  • PutHiminACoffin
    PutHiminACoffin 2 days ago +3

    I’m glad I was raised in a single parent home. Less nagging and more freedom. Proud University Junior of Neuroscience here

  • xotbirdox
    xotbirdox 2 days ago

    This is awful. I am also a woman raised by two women. I had a wonderful life. I don't and have never needed a father. It's 2019. Grow up. Children need a loving family. That's it. That's all they need.
    EDIT: nvm, just saw that her mum and dad divorced when she was 11 and THEN, her mum started dating a woman. Doesn't count, sweetie. You were not raised from birth (or at least from before 3 years old) by same-sex parents. I would speculate that your aversion comes from the fact that your parents divorced and you just want to blame the gay. You want to blame your mum and her partner for your parents' divorce. Which is your issue. Please stop spouting this shit about gay parents when you have no idea. My parents are loving, wonderful, accepting human beings who I know for a fact will love me unconditionally. I was born by sperm donation. I have always had this family dynamic and my dad was allowed to see me but he died when I was 3 so I have never really had a dad. But I am fine. I love my parents to death, they have done an excellent job raising me and my brother. People who say same-sex parents can't raise kids aggravate me so fucking much. I never gave a shit what gender my parents were, I just knew they were my parents and I loved them.

  • David Jeroboam
    David Jeroboam 2 days ago +1

    Homosexuals and Lesbians say selfishly, children dont care who their parents are, YES THEY DO! All children need a Mom and Dad, many kids from gay and lesbians commit suicide, all because the perversion of Lgbt

  • Mandi Tierney
    Mandi Tierney 2 days ago

    I'm sorry but why does everyone act like only certain opinions have the right to be heard? Obviously she is against it for her own reasons born(no pun intended) of her experience with not having a father. Her opinions are just as valid as all the liberal opinions out there.

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. 2 days ago +1

    That must be hard to have done for her. Single mothers have been the downfall of today’s society. And choosing the gay lifestyle is blasphemous for us Christians. Good for her to stand up for being a Christian and staying true to its beliefs. I grew up in a Catholic home, with a single mom raising 2 sons since I was 5 and my brother was 3 1/2. Something my mom did great for myself and brother was to raise us as God fearing. Even though I rebelled for about 2 decades, I always knew there’d be a time when I came back to my roots and stopped caring what others think about me being a Born again Christian. Good for this woman, she’s doing life right when she most likely should’ve been on the other end of the spectrum.

  • Mark Peter
    Mark Peter 2 days ago +1

    Her experience gives Katy a platform from which to speak. The sociological research demonstrates that children are best served in a family with a father and mother.

  • J M
    J M 2 days ago +1

    I didn’t hear a single good point made against gay marriage. All her points were rooted in Christian beliefs (like so many negative opinions on homosexuals period) and then on DIVOrCE...she emphasizes how LOSS T A CHILD IS DETRIMENTAL...sure I agree with that but what does LOSS have to do with gay marriage. Loss through divorce happens all the time in Str8 marriage as it could with ANY marriage. That’s a people problem not a gay people problem, so what then? I was very very curious to hear her words looking for something that would validate concerns over gay marriage and found none. And I can’t imagine how she’s broken the hearts of her PARENTS meaning her two moms....
    To each his or her own but to me she made no solid rational points in favor of her argument that couldn’t be applied to any other marriage.

  • Don Boss
    Don Boss 2 days ago

    Well that throws a spanner in the leftist works 😂😂

  • Mingkay Ming
    Mingkay Ming 2 days ago +2

    This is like a breath of fresh air in this increasingly deranged world

  • Yaya Moore
    Yaya Moore 2 days ago +1

    For being raised by 2 lesbians, she sure seems like a decent human being. Would she be considered a live human oxymoron? 🤔

  • Eoghan Clark
    Eoghan Clark 2 days ago +1

    As a child of two mothers, I disagree with her. Maybe some feel this way, and I was giving her a chance right up until the religious mumbo jumbo came up. "Plight of the orphan", what absolute horseshit. It's a disservice to any actual orphans who grew up without two loving parents, regardless of their sex/gender. Yes children care. They do care about family structure. But they don't care about parents gender. I say this from personal experience.

    • wms72
      wms72 Day ago

      Children have the right to be raised without homosexual example and without the normalization of homosexuality. Nature doesn't reward homosexual sex with children. It's IMPOSSIBLE.

  • übermensch Nietzsche

    ungrateful orphan?

  • Kathy Mayweather
    Kathy Mayweather 2 days ago

    Great to see news outlets with facts

  • Adam E
    Adam E 2 days ago +2

    Getting married doesn't make you a parent

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 2 days ago

    Lesbians might have raised her but they definitely didn't educate her. She must have had a good outside influence .Such common sense and rational thinking.

  • Momo
    Momo 2 days ago +5

    My brother needed a father.
    He didn't need ours though. And I wholeheartedly believe that his toxic ways came from him.

  • Super Dynamic
    Super Dynamic 2 days ago

    Fantastic intelligent lady

  • Taha G
    Taha G 2 days ago +2

    Sad that in today’s society we can’t come out and have these views without being labelled a bigot- she’s very lucky in a sense that she can speak on the issue being so close to it- it gives her legitimacy

  • Joey Tsui
    Joey Tsui 2 days ago

    A good example of how religion brainwashing an innocent mind, she choose religion over her freedom of her parents. What a shameful news!

  • BaitLeicester Live
    BaitLeicester Live 2 days ago

    Gays are clearly mentally ill. I love them though but you can’t change nature to suit yourself. Women are born with eggs and men are born with soerm. Women have periods because they’re supposed to be pregnant by a Male. Males and females are inherently different and polar. I didn’t make the rules

  • sarah4jc
    sarah4jc 2 days ago +1

    She is right, 100% although most people will disagree. But we are living in a narcissistic world that wants to do whatever each one feels as opposed to what is RIGHT, regardless of the level of lewdness and depravity prevalent and rampant in our world today. And America was a very different place to live in when people revered God, today they've kicked Him out of every aspect of life and morality and values have gone out with the trash.

  • Caleb M. F
    Caleb M. F 2 days ago


  • Boa of the Boaians
    Boa of the Boaians 2 days ago +1

    I absolutely agree with this woman.

  • xoxo ///
    xoxo /// 2 days ago

    What an ungrateful bitch, should have been kept at the orphanage, let's see how well you have done all by yourself.

  • Sam McCormack
    Sam McCormack 2 days ago +2

    Kids are much happier with a mom and a dad.

  • #TruthJuice♨️
    #TruthJuice♨️ 2 days ago

    So true.

  • i know my mom's gay but

    We also knew that there are single fathers or mothers that they do the tasks as mothers or fathers to their children but ww cannot say that they are the fathers or mothers right? but its still sad that their parents are divorced or died but we cant wish that everybody will be the same cuz what is more standard or advantage or delightful is that there is mother and father in a family not a mom and mom acting as father or vice versa

  • Ron M
    Ron M 2 days ago

    A mother can’t be a father? Who would have thought?

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 2 days ago +8

    Wait. Did she just destroy the entire gay agenda in less than 8 minutes?

  • Church of Christ Ministries

    This woman is logical. I address part of the biblical argument on my channel. Marriage is very hard but that's not an excuse to be LGBT.

  • Stefan Topalski
    Stefan Topalski 2 days ago

    My deepest respect to this great women as a man i can say that if i wasnt married i would of marry her

  • Francisco Fidalgo
    Francisco Fidalgo 2 days ago

    Switcheroo 100

  • Alex O'cean
    Alex O'cean 2 days ago

    I am a lesbian, I absolutely agree with you. I wouldn't trade my dad, good or bad, he was the other side of me. It would be devastating to not have had a father. It is too bad that when either gender separates ( not naturally as in orientation) but because it is a desire. I couldn't have a child BC I am Lesbian. I only like girls BC I am lesbian. Lesbians can not make children, naturally. I, as a lesbian, have no desire for children, nor would my lesbian partner. Gay men are the same. Here is my point. Your mother, if your biological mother, is a Bisexual. So is your other mother a bisexual. The reason I think it is that is BC your mother wanted to produce a child. No father in that though. So, the way bisexuals have families, and the way homosexuals have families is different. My family has no children, gay men's families' have no children. Children are the product of the two dissimilar pair, never the similar pair. It is sad for you, but maybe you can understand why your mom didn't give you a dad( which I also think is a crime against any child). Marriage is a human relationship, with only two people, unless you are heterosexual. I disagree with marriage, but I also have respect for those who choose to marry. The kids are the thing, and homosexuals have no way of having children, and it is natural. Be happy, and I'm sorry for your having no dad.😩

  • Media Mike
    Media Mike 2 days ago +1

    …………..I DON'T go for ANYTHING same sex and I think ??? there should be MORE support in that area...………….

  • Masked Piano Player
    Masked Piano Player 2 days ago +1

    I tired of women like her coming on these shows and actually making sense. Thats not fun. I wanna see the loud mouth feminist on here so someone can pick her argument apart.

  • Dan 7
    Dan 7 2 days ago

    Bless her

  • Jessica
    Jessica 2 days ago

    I'm so thankful for my mom and dad ❤️

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 2 days ago

    Children need a mother and a father this is 💯 fact, a woman can never be a father and a father can never be a mother a child needs both . I grew up with out a father and when I got married and had children I saw how important having a father is .

  • Sven Blumer
    Sven Blumer 3 days ago

    This lady has moxy ;)

  • Hanting Chen
    Hanting Chen 3 days ago

    I was wondering why is she against gay marriage? Not every homosexual marriage will produce a couple that will want to have children?? Perhaps shes against gay couples adopting children? Which i do agree to a certain extent. I think its unfair for a child to lose any gender model guardian like in a heterosexual relationship, however the amount of single parents living with their children is incredibly large in America. Would you say single parenting is still better than gay parents? Whom will atleast materialistically speaking, provide more for their child than a single person can. Another point is, most gay parents that look towards adopting (some go through that whole IV process but not everyones that well off) are adopting children that are literally discarded by straight people, these children are, in my opinion, better off with a set of gay parents than with nobody and left in foster care. Idealistically, every child have the right to a dad and a mom, but realistically, most children are only going to be provided with whatever parenting combinations that are willing to care for them. In that case, these children and their gay parents are a good alternative to being discarded, being left with single incapable parents, etc. And, look how this lady turned out, a beautiful sophisticated classy woman, and a daughter of lesbians.

  • Christopher V. Barredo

    Sounds like her lesbian parents raised her quite well. She is educated and so many other good adjectives.
    That said, having lesbian parents does work does it?
    That is the reality.
    Then religion just plants in lots of nasty stuff.
    Having two straight parents will not always mean you get good parents who raise good children.