Stu-Boy & Piv-Boy - Red, White and Stu (S2E9) FINALE

  • Published on Jul 4, 2015
  • Dear Stuart,
    It was fun working with you, we had lots of laughs and it was a h*cking time. EXCEPT FOR SEASON 2. THANKS.
    The long awaited series finale is here! Stu-Boy and Piv-Boy are close to reaching their destination, but are stopped by Case-Boy and a final showdown ensues.
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  • Wiffydiffyliffy Plays Minecraft

    Who’s watching in 1737281844773733747288293810

  • Austoon
    Austoon 29 days ago

    So cool!!! When's the next episode?

  • Jimmy the stick
    Jimmy the stick 4 months ago

    Why did I cry over cartoon characters

  • Lukepuke 311
    Lukepuke 311 5 months ago


  • Gwendolyn Comas-McKinney

    R.I.P Piv-Boy

  • Dav Chemouny
    Dav Chemouny 8 months ago +1

    I can't believe Piv-Boy is dead :

  • Crunchy Stick
    Crunchy Stick 10 months ago

    Stu boy and pic boy S3

  • zayJax
    zayJax Year ago +1

    well shit, i just watched the entire series in one sitting

  • Sonic Drew09
    Sonic Drew09 Year ago


  • Crunchy Stick
    Crunchy Stick Year ago

    Bee boo ?

  • Crunchy Stick
    Crunchy Stick Year ago


  • Iain’s random Vids

    I’ve been shot

  • the kitkat king
    the kitkat king Year ago

    I guess piv didn't ski

  • Ash Knight
    Ash Knight Year ago

    This made my heart shook

  • Waltrus ThInGs
    Waltrus ThInGs Year ago

    Peeeev boooooyyyy

  • irvin
    irvin Year ago

    I cried

  • William Burton
    William Burton Year ago

    DA FEELS!!!

  • Dead Channel 22
    Dead Channel 22 Year ago

    Holy crap I've never cried so much in my lief

  • Jaminacan
    Jaminacan Year ago

    oh shit

  • Mr. Stranger
    Mr. Stranger 2 years ago

    all we need to do is go back in time so... actually i dont know what to do

  • Mr. Stranger
    Mr. Stranger 2 years ago

    it all started with s2e1

  • Nightmare Teller
    Nightmare Teller 2 years ago

    when piv is dieng he sounds like vanoss

  • Michael Samayoa
    Michael Samayoa 2 years ago

    my gawd... now I have a empty hole inside me. It was fun while it lasted

  • GameKid 1.0
    GameKid 1.0 2 years ago

    R.I.P Stu-Boy

  • William Burton
    William Burton 2 years ago

    Piv: I've been shot!
    Carrottop: Ski or diiiiie-oh.

  • Kaboom Animations
    Kaboom Animations 2 years ago


  • Nizzy
    Nizzy 2 years ago

    why must u end it so sad piv and stu heck I watched all of them within an hour

  • Nizzy
    Nizzy 2 years ago


  • TheOk
    TheOk 2 years ago

    At least he is still alive.

  • Insane In The Membrane

    awww the story ended so well,

  • big funny
    big funny 3 years ago

    Aw, the series is over..

  • Lazer shark 3000
    Lazer shark 3000 3 years ago +1

    3:09 is that Be Boo? D-did shy d-died?!?!?

  • Tube-O-Lube
    Tube-O-Lube 3 years ago

    Im crying

  • uninstall life.
    uninstall life. 3 years ago


  • Raczilla The racon
    Raczilla The racon 3 years ago


  • Matt Cooper Presents Basic Mint

    Right in the feels

  • CanalDoGxP
    CanalDoGxP 3 years ago +3

    this is a big fucking paradox, cause Stu died in S2E01 when he travaled back in time in the end of the series...? this is so well elaborated!

  • Michel
    Michel 3 years ago

    Ski or Dieeeeeeeeeeeee! Ohw... XDBut why u stop ;(

  • James Bear
    James Bear 3 years ago +2

    Put that on a shirt

  • Takiri Gem
    Takiri Gem 3 years ago

    y'know... the more i ink anout it all of this could have been avoided if future stu wasnt such an idiot. he could have easilly went back in time to the moment before case boy shot Piv Boy and kill case boy, honestly, all of this started because Future Stu thought it was a good idea to go to the moment before he KNEW he was going to die, and if he didnt go to that point in time everything, and i mean everythng could have been prevented, he could have stopped case boy from killing piv boy, he could have stopped piv boy from going on the pointless jounery, and most importantly, stopped Bee Boo from starving

  • JamApples 4591
    JamApples 4591 3 years ago


  • Megan DeMand
    Megan DeMand 3 years ago

    Wait was be boo dead after episode 3? How did she die? I thought she went home.

  • Ghoaster
    Ghoaster 3 years ago +7

    I meant to say is after Piv dies from the shot,Stu tries to see Piv again by building a time machine in 2025.When Stu is in the past in the diner he sees Piv again but he dies from car accident then past Piv and Stu find the time machine and continues Season 2.All I'm saying is,Is this just a big cycle where Piv dies and Stu builds a time machine in 2025 and dies from car accident then past Piv and Stu find the time machine and continue Season 2 and creates the cycle again.But can Stu,Case,Piv,BeeBoo,or the duck in Ep7 can stop the cycle and cause the cycle to stop happening.

    P.S. Btw love your vids keep doing you're doing

  • Ghoaster
    Ghoaster 3 years ago +3

    So this is a big cycle of Piv dying and Stu built a time machine and died and Stu and Piv find it and continue Season 2 until everything happens again and again.But can somebody break the cycle?

    • lobdooks
      lobdooks Year ago


  • Vanessa Amicay
    Vanessa Amicay 3 years ago


  • Qrow Branwen
    Qrow Branwen 3 years ago


  • Jasmine Rod
    Jasmine Rod 3 years ago

    THAT escalated

  • Valkgard
    Valkgard 3 years ago

    best series

  • -jon hopper-
    -jon hopper- 3 years ago +8

    This whole series is a meme

  • Just Jim
    Just Jim 3 years ago

    The fucking wilhelm scream.

  • Crabe Friend
    Crabe Friend 3 years ago +1

    Liek dis if u cri everPiv

  • Minibuka1
    Minibuka1 4 years ago

    Oh wow, I love these series! But sadly.. Yes, This is a Last Episode.

  • Yague Miguel
    Yague Miguel 4 years ago

    Best ending, didn't expect that :).

  • Bengt Robby Karlström

    Loved these cartoons. Watched them all back to back.

  • 10_scarymovies_lane ._.

    ...poor bee-boo...

  • ratradical 25
    ratradical 25 4 years ago


  • YoungHalfling 3
    YoungHalfling 3 4 years ago

    So the ending is a time paradox like how stu-boy said in the first episode ...SEASON 3 CONFIRMED

  • Vic McCarthy
    Vic McCarthy 4 years ago

    Omg this whazzz like the only thing that keept me alive RIP IM CRYING WÄÄÄÄ WÄÄÄÄ

  • GunboyIsAwesome
    GunboyIsAwesome 4 years ago +2

    YES, HE'S DEAD!!!! YES!!!!!

  • AbePacko12
    AbePacko12 4 years ago