10 Ways the Media Manipulate Our Opinions Every Day

  • Published on Dec 26, 2017
  • How to tell the truth from fake news? How to avoid being manipulated? Today, we have the Internet, Twitter, Facebook and many other media sources that influence us. Unfortunately, that influence isn’t always positive and the information shared is often far from being true. Let's find out about the methods newsmakers use to manipulate our minds. You don’t want to let the media fool you, do you?
    Creating a Diversion 0:51
    Exaggerating a Problem 1:43
    Putting Out Information Gradually 2:43
    Postponing Big Decisions 3:38
    Being Overly Kind 4:26
    Playing Up More Feelings, Less Thinking 5:09
    Keeping People Uninformed 6:12
    Promoting Mediocre Products 7:00
    Making People Feel Guilty 7:56
    Knowing More About People Than They Do About Themselves 8:49
    -You can’t notice the important stuff among an overwhelmingly vast sea of smaller, less significant stories. The Internet only exacerbates this problem: we constantly switch our attention to funny pictures and jokes.
    -Sometimes an imaginary or exaggerated problem causes incredibly serious reactions from society. And that’s exactly what the media wants: attention and discussion.
    -The most notable example of using the media for promotion was probably the popularization of smoking in the middle of the 20th century.
    -To convince people to make hard or unpopular decisions, the media can present them as "painful, but absolutely necessary". But then they tell people that these decisions need to be made tomorrow, not today.
    -Some advertisements use language, arguments, symbols, and intonations that would be better fit for speaking with children. They’ll play your favorite childhood tune, make a plain joke and smile at you like your grandma does.
    -Hyped-up emotions don’t let you perceive facts critically and objectively because they block the rational part of your mind.
    -The media and the government can manipulate any society if that society doesn’t understand the techniques being used on them, and this happens due to a lack of education.
    -The media is totally content in showing people that it’s cool to be stupid, vulgar, and rude. This is why we have so many TV shows, sitcoms, movies with sequels and prequels, tabloids, and so on.
    -People blame themselves for wars started by governments, not themselves. The only way to fight this is to stay objective even when you’re exposed to something that makes you feel emotional and guilty.
    -In 2005, the British tabloid “News of the World” was caught wiretapping celebrities, politicians, and even members of the royal family. Sciences like biology, neurobiology and applied psychology help media experts get an understanding of the human mind deep enough to control them.

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Comments • 340

    BRIGHT SIDE  11 months ago +9

    Hey there, how often do you watch TV?

    • Sloopu Joey
      Sloopu Joey 18 days ago

      This is so fake you even said there ecoli in non pasteurized milk bs the only reason they believe you is cause they didn't even go to school

    • Leini Bug
      Leini Bug 20 days ago

      Yeah, but only from streaming sites. And most of the time it's for One Punch Man or My Hero Academia.

    • ImScared . exe
      ImScared . exe 2 months ago

      To watch ani- just kidding, I watch anime on my phone or pc like right now

    • Adam
      Adam 10 months ago +3

      Not at all. I've been aware of these for a long time, but I'm one of the lucky ones. This video needs to go viral, for the sake of society.

    • victor guapo
      victor guapo 10 months ago +1


  • J. Dewberry
    J. Dewberry 4 days ago

    Unattractive over aggressive dislikes is a formal Unlike.

  • Brandon Kelsey
    Brandon Kelsey 11 days ago

    I use reason magazine as my main news source, along with other independent news sources

  • Flaut Victor
    Flaut Victor 14 days ago

    I feel manipulated by this video

  • Nathan Kado
    Nathan Kado 19 days ago +1

    Pewdiepie: takes a break from TVclip
    The media: pewdiepie is divorcing with Marisa and marrying his mom

  • zhey
    zhey Month ago +1

    Hi to any of my classmates here

    GARY GRAY Month ago

    The media cannot manipulate common sense ??

  • koray aydin
    koray aydin Month ago

    Super true

  • Philippe Virgili
    Philippe Virgili Month ago

    "Do not give much thought to a well governed people!"

  • Sali Mall
    Sali Mall Month ago

    The end was interesting... don't let the media manipulate you , and watch this video where we tell you how you can tell that people are lying to you :)

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa Month ago

    Like joker

    MIKU HAILE 2 months ago

    i approve of this message

  • Ali Comando
    Ali Comando 2 months ago

    Yes i feel manipulated
    Sometimes there is no need to google it
    It is obvious.
    your gut is
    A search engine but it feels like a pieces of puzzle.

  • ohmusicsweetmusic
    ohmusicsweetmusic 3 months ago

    Your example about NASA made no sense.

  • Shanti Shanti
    Shanti Shanti 3 months ago

    They missed the most important part, the words that they use. Many times they use certain charged words that don’t accurately portray the boring truth. For example, someone giving testimony against someone about factual events. The media will say “she defied him in her testimony”. This sets up the person testifying as doing a negative thing, as being combative. If the news were neutral, the headline would be that she just simply testified in court.

    • david doggy
      david doggy 2 months ago

      Ever watch "Angry Foreigner"? Should leave that comment on one of his new videos. On media.

  • Josh Mitchner
    Josh Mitchner 5 months ago

    I hate the media. Advertisements are so fake.

  • Peter Simpson
    Peter Simpson 5 months ago

    Everybody takes the media as gospel as well. It's all privately owned which means a small bunch of shareholder decides what's on it. If irs all orchestrated, which it is, a narrative, then you got a world full of zombies ready to programme. Like they're doing now

  • Hasan Mohammed
    Hasan Mohammed 7 months ago

    Here in South Africa the content aired on the public broadcaster is totally designed to manipulate and create the desired perception that the State would wish to have the people so eagerly entranced in. Contrary to the opinions of many all the political parties enjoy a slice of this insult to the fake freedom we reside in. Hypnosis is utilised on the majority of content. would you feel comfortable in allowing a psychopathic politician manipulating your children. The democracy in South Africa is a sham and its a communist structure designed to appear as a free democracy. Information is stolen and utilized without appropriate remuneration for the individuals creating this.

  • dumbcreaknuller
    dumbcreaknuller 7 months ago

    the moment you realize that somthing the media try to make you believe contradict somthing related, you realize you have been under hypnosis. the media mislead you with statements that are usually not spesifically factual but perhaps some would think may be general factual on their own but when put in context is meant to mislead you from the right conclusion that somthing is wrong in the other end of the line and that you are not the one to take the blame for the stupidity of the goverment involved. the media never give you factual information that benefits you. they alway keep you like in a trance where they have full control of your mind. they have a vocabulary of words and sentences they use as introductory initiation of hypnosis to trigger submissive behavior. after that, they start updating your software to the latest version of dishonest lies and deception. they reuse the same words and sentences over and over in news feed after feed all in a attempt to avoid talking about the real issues and instead forus on the illusion that does not matter other than to comfort you and entertain you and keep you under control.

  • alswords
    alswords 7 months ago +2

    The BIGGEST problem is it's almost all controlled by the left. Same for music, Hollywood, advertising etc.

  • k2
    k2 7 months ago

    The media is sure showing its real self lately. They don't even try.

  • gardener ben
    gardener ben 8 months ago

    noam chomsky- now another puppet for the media.

  • Adam warlock
    Adam warlock 8 months ago


  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt 8 months ago

    wait what if this is a #1

  • makemarker
    makemarker 9 months ago

    114 CNN employees thumbed down

  • Lexi Rae
    Lexi Rae 9 months ago +1

    Thank you for this upload, it brings a sense of peace and so much knowledge that we all needed to hear. Thank you

  • Live You Now
    Live You Now 10 months ago

    It’s very sad that there are only 314 comments here but much more on videos of Justin Bieber

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori 10 months ago

    Preety nice level of manipulation you used. Congrats.

  • ManufacturedReality
    ManufacturedReality 10 months ago

    Corporate media.

  • izaz ahmed
    izaz ahmed Year ago

    Hi @Bright Side ! Could you please give reference to the book or article written by Noam Chomsky mentioned in the video?

  • jim morrisey
    jim morrisey Year ago

    This is why I try to only share actual and factual news. Only when I realize that it is absolutely true and that no one is paying attention, that I share memes, jokes and advertisements about the topic. I only listen to the facts. You have to be aware of where the news is coming from and what the message actually is.

  • Jack Sinn
    Jack Sinn Year ago

    Now i remember why i did subscribe to this channel BECAUSE its AWESOME and much more HONEST and INFORMATIVE media out there....🙂👌👌

  • Quantumzeppelin
    Quantumzeppelin Year ago

    Ordo Ab Chao.......that’s all

  • Quantumzeppelin
    Quantumzeppelin Year ago

    Ordo Ab Chao........period

  • ShootArrow MissArrow

    I am from Burma and you won't believe the number of manipulated news, photos and videos that are created to build a narrative about Rohingya genocide. People from overseas who believed such news get played on an emotional level and they don't even know where my country locates.

  • Tim Climie
    Tim Climie Year ago

    What a way to wash away Chomsky's points. Thumbs down.

  • geen naam
    geen naam Year ago

    Blue is not Facebook blue is trust it Facebook is evil

  • Sarah Hess
    Sarah Hess Year ago

    I want to be the cause of starvation in the world does this make me a bad person.

    BRIGHT SIDE  Year ago +11

    Creating a Diversion 0:51
    Exaggerating a Problem 1:43
    Putting Out Information Gradually 2:43
    Postponing Big Decisions 3:38
    Being Overly Kind 4:26
    Playing Up More Feelings, Less Thinking 5:09
    Keeping People Uninformed 6:12
    Promoting Mediocre Products 7:00
    Making People Feel Guilty 7:56
    Knowing More About People Than They Do About Themselves 8:49

    • Beth Bartlett
      Beth Bartlett Year ago

      How about a FYI on WHO OWNS the Media and Federal Reserve -
      Neither a USA Citizen nor Resident - and same söurce is "Go To For War Loans"
      Media - all MS News Media INCLUDING the "AP"
      .. why does same source own our Birth Certificates - affix monetary value to them a. and trade them daily on NYSE?
      Is that how we became incorporated so we have to pay Income Tax?.
      .Will you ignore this or research?..
      Look up -
      Balfour Declaration
      Prescott Bush (and ín re to CIA)
      Rothschild family History

      We don't have a Free Press

      Recommended Watch -
      "The Century of The Self"
      Copy here on TVclip

  • alswords
    alswords Year ago

    Media manipulation is evil

  • Travis K
    Travis K Year ago

    Legend says after this video he was assassinated

  • Muhammad Noor
    Muhammad Noor Year ago +1

    This should be taught in schools!

  • Muhammad Noor
    Muhammad Noor Year ago

    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Oyster Perpetual
    Oyster Perpetual Year ago

    facebook sold my personal information to sell an idea creation of food delivery service I was developing and had documented and had a prototype created for it as I reached out to a specific web developer see if he could anyway help bring this idea to life he then said do I have the money for it I later found out HEB and other grocers are using without my consent may God have mercy for their wicked soul's let people dream and live and stop stealing ideas

  • Beau Lynch
    Beau Lynch Year ago +1

    5:07 I'm glad you guys showed him. He is the manipulater's master.

  • Mark Daniel
    Mark Daniel Year ago

    You completely forgot about creating divisive arguments to create extreme reactions to counter-balance them, in which divides people, at least seemingly so, in order to gain public suppport of an issue that's against the common interest of mankind.

  • lindgrenland
    lindgrenland 2 years ago

    This is perhaps the most important video this channel has uploaded, and it only has 56k views. Sad face...

  • Mbari Hogun
    Mbari Hogun 2 years ago

    The Devil Made Them Do It #BrightSide

  • Abigail B
    Abigail B 2 years ago +1

    Who else smiled and posed at 5:51 ? Lol 😄

  • Code Name: Jordan
    Code Name: Jordan 2 years ago

    I love this channel more than my mom

    Dr. SANJAY KUMAR 2 years ago


  • sayhello2u
    sayhello2u 2 years ago +2

    Really good video. And i m aware of this.and i always go for second third ... Opinions or thought.

    ΔβIΔ.ҜΨΔRΠΔ 2 years ago +3

    totally madness cbt

  • Ibrahim Sha
    Ibrahim Sha 2 years ago

    The worst thing about this channel is stretching the videos

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    Suesty Situngkir 2 years ago

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  • Clenjus Dsouza
    Clenjus Dsouza 2 years ago +5

    WOW ! Bright Side This Was Really Your BEST ! Video So Far I Loved It ! So Thought Provoking You'll Talked Absolute Sense ! I Especially Loved That Example From 6:03 That Sums Up The Media's Entire Manipulative Nature Thanks For This ! 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Retro gamer 06 2 years ago

    I think the bright side manipulates you to watch 10 minutes am I right ladds

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