Bernie Mac "Snitches" Kings of Comedy Tour

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
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Comments • 304

  • Samar Iqbal
    Samar Iqbal Hour ago

    “Put your head up here, put your head up here. Touch your toes, touch your toes!”
    BM is one kinky sumabitch!😁

  • Yung Monn
    Yung Monn 6 days ago +1

    Rip Bernie Mac😪

  • hip2thabone
    hip2thabone 6 days ago

    "3 minutes that's all I'm giving ya!"😁

  • Mohammed Diljam
    Mohammed Diljam 7 days ago +2

    Rest in peace thank you for all the good times n laugh.🙏

  • David Stephens
    David Stephens 7 days ago

    Pussy is hard work lol. It’s hard to get it, then you gotta to make sure you don’t cum to fast, that you can perform and that your satisfactory and try to make your girl cum. And the male orgasm only last about a couple seconds. So it just seems like all that work for a couple of seconds. While for girls if they do orgasm it can last minutes and they can do it more than once. Pussy is hard work

  • Shanise Turner
    Shanise Turner 8 days ago +2

    The way Bernie Mac said goodnight at the end. 🤣🤣🤣

  • asher1735
    asher1735 14 days ago

    Love how he is talking about hair and they zoom in on one chick with some fancy hair

  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia 15 days ago +1

    Is it me or does that guy in the audience looks like Martin Lawrence at 1:30

  • gwandumi mwakyoma
    gwandumi mwakyoma 17 days ago

    But we the most church going people in the world

  • Click Here
    Click Here 18 days ago

    Get Peter to go over there..

  • World Peace
    World Peace 18 days ago +2

    Video stops at 3:37 there is something wrong

  • Milton Tarver
    Milton Tarver 21 day ago

    I knew i heard this awhile back and i just seen that gerald kelly stole this from mac

  • gwandumi mwakyoma
    gwandumi mwakyoma 24 days ago

    On the third saw we falling the fuck out..

  • Theresa Mchugh
    Theresa Mchugh 24 days ago

    Bernie Mac will always remind of my pop. We went to see the kings of comedy back when it came out

  • joshue Oshinski
    joshue Oshinski 25 days ago

    Hilarious 😂😂

  • GD74 Driq
    GD74 Driq 26 days ago +10

    It’s funny this randomly was recommended after all that snitching 69 did😭😂😂😂😂

  • im RedZone
    im RedZone 27 days ago

    Whos here after the 69 memes ????

  • gwandumi mwakyoma
    gwandumi mwakyoma 27 days ago

    Bernie, hold on, what??
    Sick of this shit man.. Man call me back this job be trippin'

  • Bobby O
    Bobby O 27 days ago


  • The King Of Trolling Part 2

    Takashi 69 bought me here

    EMPEROR_INFUSION 28 days ago

    Your phone is fine!! @3:08 😂😂😂😂

  • Derrick Ross
    Derrick Ross 29 days ago +1

    69 brought me here

  • Gabriel Baldé
    Gabriel Baldé 29 days ago +1

    This is tekashi favorite bit at the moment

  • Taron Brown
    Taron Brown Month ago

    40 and still got it

  • Guild De'Juice
    Guild De'Juice Month ago +1

    Snitch 9nine 😭

  • skiingrocks00001
    skiingrocks00001 Month ago +3

    Appropriate video with takashi69 singing in court right now

  • Kvng Chris 23
    Kvng Chris 23 Month ago +1

    This came up after watching shit about 69😂😂

  • pretty pretty pegasus
    pretty pretty pegasus Month ago +11

    This got Reccomended to me right after I heard about 6ix9ine

    PR1NCE ZUK0 Month ago

    6ix9ine need to take notes

  • iDwayneTV
    iDwayneTV Month ago +84

    Here because of 69 snitching 😂😂😂

  • Chris Hightower
    Chris Hightower Month ago +4


  • nohumanityleft
    nohumanityleft Month ago +4

    😂😂😂 can't stop laughing and 😢😢😢 at the same time miss u Bernie Mac

  • CPA
    CPA Month ago +2


  • Popa Stoppa
    Popa Stoppa Month ago +3

    Breakfast in the morning🤣🤣🤣

  • Taijuan Lucas
    Taijuan Lucas Month ago +1

    I had my headphones on high and when he said “pow” I almost threw my pineapple at the window

  • Edwardo Pichardo
    Edwardo Pichardo Month ago +2

    4:03 your welcome

  • Ken James Jr
    Ken James Jr Month ago


  • EL Plagua
    EL Plagua Month ago +6

    The camera found that lady real quick with the crazy hairdo lmfaoo. She was embarrassed

  • Novan Global Team
    Novan Global Team Month ago

    He a real King

  • Lorenzo Bush
    Lorenzo Bush Month ago

    R.i.p Bernie Mac

  • FunniestShitHere
    FunniestShitHere Month ago +3

    I thought somebody was bouta call my phone

  • cam12 cam12
    cam12 cam12 Month ago

    We talk louuuuud 😂

  • Brady Bunch12
    Brady Bunch12 Month ago +3

    My stomach hurts from laughing at this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anrcy TV
    Anrcy TV Month ago

    5:49 is my ass at 30 I’m tired of fucking 😂

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    I thought my phone froze😅

  • Adrian Nieves
    Adrian Nieves Month ago +4

    Damm awesome and hilarious 😆

  • gwandumi mwakyoma
    gwandumi mwakyoma Month ago

    If dont bust no nut when i burst the nut you then fucked up

  • gwandumi mwakyoma
    gwandumi mwakyoma Month ago

    On the third saw we falling the fuck out

  • gwandumi mwakyoma
    gwandumi mwakyoma Month ago +4

    You aint never hear no black man cut nobody up into 41 pieces

  • gwandumi mwakyoma
    gwandumi mwakyoma Month ago

    Sick of this shit man. Man call me back. This job be tripping.

  • gwandumi mwakyoma
    gwandumi mwakyoma Month ago

    We tell the boss what the fuck we aint gonna do

  • Mario Davis
    Mario Davis Month ago +2

    2nd to Richard Pryor 🐐 s

  • SeattleDonna206
    SeattleDonna206 Month ago

    Nobody like Bernie

  • Dennis Beacham
    Dennis Beacham Month ago

    RIP my brother!

  • Greatful Anointed
    Greatful Anointed Month ago

    Cum quick as a sum bish 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Took me outta here I miss Bernie so much man 😂😂😂😂

  • Manny Fresh Homie
    Manny Fresh Homie Month ago +1

    Rip Mac one of the greatest to ever do it motha fucka

  • michael fish
    michael fish Month ago +4

    so 224 people got a problem with bernie mac, something wrong with them fools

  • D Hannah Sr
    D Hannah Sr Month ago

    R.I.L To a great

  • michelle hill
    michelle hill Month ago +2

    On point Bernie ❤❤❤

  • Dominik Mendez
    Dominik Mendez Month ago

    His sound effects with the saw had me dying lol