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  • Published on Mar 18, 2015
  • Official music video for “Intro” from the NF album Mansion.
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    Music video by NF performing Intro. (P) (C) 2015 Capitol CMG Label Group.
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  • Vicens Dark Game
    Vicens Dark Game 7 hours ago

    Soy mexicano p hablo spanish me fan tu músic is exelent my lenguage is spanish la music is exelent you exelente singing

  • Andrew Lapointe
    Andrew Lapointe 13 hours ago


  • Summer Holcombe
    Summer Holcombe 18 hours ago

    Dang I LOVE NF!! He's the best rapper I've ever heard hands down!!🔥💯

  • Nightcore Arabic
    Nightcore Arabic 21 hour ago

    Say you are king who put you in charge?!!

  • JR. Skillz
    JR. Skillz Day ago

    Best rapper ever

  • Christine Vanderheiden

    I'm a metal head. And I'm atheist. I've never liked rap. But I like this guy. First rapper I like is Christian. Lol the irony.

  • I’m from Guatemala

    Who is listening this one in September 2019
    Like to see how many we are

  • Michael Aynalem
    Michael Aynalem 3 days ago

    Nf please never make an outro

  • Drew
    Drew 3 days ago

    “How you wanna do this video”
    “Just roll me up in a bunch of caution tape” 😂 🎈🛒

  • Troy Miller
    Troy Miller 3 days ago +1

    Sometimes i wonder if he is faster than eminem

  • Dillon
    Dillon 3 days ago

    idk I just found NF this past week with Leave Me Alone being my introduction to him, and I'm slowly getting deeper, a playlist is slowly growing and IMO NF>Em I've never related to eminem but millions plus me can relate to NF. people like me reading this will understand we need more people like NF he's the voice of millions who don't/can't speak out when we have someone like that we don't feel alone, we feel protected, we keep going, and give life one more chance, hoping maybe tomorrow it'll get better.

  • Douglas Dishroon
    Douglas Dishroon 4 days ago

    Who is the black rapper in the ad? Anyone know?

  • EMpathiZe
    EMpathiZe 4 days ago

    "Correcting my moments album, most of you people, you prolly don't even know what I'm saying". yeah I do 💿

  • Kadence White
    Kadence White 5 days ago +2


  • Good Video Life
    Good Video Life 5 days ago


  • Emila
    Emila 6 days ago

    I remember when he had 200.000 abbos

  • The yo yo man
    The yo yo man 6 days ago +1

    1:17 when anorexia hears the ice cream truck

  • Anxious Outcast
    Anxious Outcast 6 days ago +1

    Hey everyone I posted my first song my voice is crappy and I'm nowhere near NF type greatness but I'm trying I need auto tune and I'd be better with music but I hope the lyrics are ok at least big fan of NF he's my inspiration helped me through a lot of tough times thank u NF

  • Scoopto Matic
    Scoopto Matic 6 days ago +1

    all i can say is "THE REAL RAP GOD"

  • Dem snipes Snipes
    Dem snipes Snipes 6 days ago +1

    0:28 btw

  • Nick Leo
    Nick Leo 7 days ago +3

    Swear I hate seeing all the Eminem vs NF shit. NF is NOTHING like eminem. the first thing that stood out to me is the style, you heard eminem's beats? I listen to eminem and it makes me wanna fight and gets me rambled up and all but when an NF song comes on its like the featured song in an epic preview to a blockbuster movie. NF is more personal and connects with most people through their insecurities and anxieties. Its genius. Eminem has experimented so much that he kind of fell off as nf has given us so many albums and songs staying the same, him. Also the vulgarity, I am not one to care about if someone swears on a track but nf has somehow managed to steer clear of being belligerent and offensive while still being hard as fuck. So if nf ever really reads his comments and sees this, to me and probably others in many ways he is better...and that's crazy to think he didn't even try to. he just is.

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall 8 days ago +1

    Thanks to Madden, I discovered my favorite artist.

  • Emily Lee
    Emily Lee 9 days ago


  • Emily Lee
    Emily Lee 9 days ago


  • Emily Lee
    Emily Lee 9 days ago +1

    Nf I've been throu ghost a lot and you inspire me to be myself

  • Emily Lee
    Emily Lee 9 days ago

    He was born with talent

  • Emily Lee
    Emily Lee 9 days ago

    I never want anything else but nf

  • Jacky Smith
    Jacky Smith 9 days ago

    Hans Zimmer!!

  • NF Fan
    NF Fan 11 days ago +1

    Mansion is a Masterpiece 🔥❤️🗝

  • Liesl Aarhus
    Liesl Aarhus 12 days ago

    I love the symbolism he has in his videos

    A.M VLOGS 12 days ago +2

    Nate has created a whole new genre : REAL MUSIC

  • NF Fan
    NF Fan 13 days ago +1

    NF is all I Need 😍❤️

  • Pamala Schiene
    Pamala Schiene 14 days ago

    I don't know why but what he do with those chairs is sexy. 🤣

  • AdventureAddiction-AA
    AdventureAddiction-AA 14 days ago

    Back again in 2019/2020?

  • Ashick Khan
    Ashick Khan 15 days ago +2

    Anyone here in 2019?❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ferit Özek
    Ferit Özek 16 days ago

    Very long intro

  • Sam Fragoso
    Sam Fragoso 16 days ago +1

    1:59 when that pre workout kicks in

  • ethan foster
    ethan foster 18 days ago +2

    any OG's here

  • Miracle Mayes
    Miracle Mayes 19 days ago

    Play on 2x speed for a real spazz.

  • WanDaBread TV
    WanDaBread TV 19 days ago

    The concept is so powerful as a fellow artist NF is my biggest inspirational influence in life, hopefully can be heard one day 💯🤷‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️💯#seenocolor

    WanDaBread THE AudioWizard

  • Flora_ Momo
    Flora_ Momo 19 days ago


  • Vacia Flowers
    Vacia Flowers 19 days ago +1

    Ur the best

  • Gasper Marmolejo
    Gasper Marmolejo 20 days ago

    The dude word play 🔥

  • Rap Account
    Rap Account 20 days ago

    Right Let’s get this straight eminem is Eminem nf is nf ok so stop saying nf is the next Eminem ffs I love Eminem like to much nf I like him to but not as much there both there own person

  • InternetTalk s
    InternetTalk s 21 day ago

    His music is absolutely Shit

  • Ryan
    Ryan 22 days ago

    Love the intros!

  • marinejcksn1
    marinejcksn1 24 days ago +1

    The greatest song of ((current year))

  • Sunia Kohitolu
    Sunia Kohitolu 25 days ago +1

    this is fire asf - Lucas

  • Lucas Lyche
    Lucas Lyche 25 days ago


  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear 26 days ago +1

    when he said sorry i gotta leave i was like....


  • CBM Ninja
    CBM Ninja 27 days ago +3

    Who's here after the search

  • smel productionz
    smel productionz 28 days ago +3

    Every time I go back in time to to Madden 16, I hope this plays first. 🔥 💯

  • Nalani Kerr
    Nalani Kerr 29 days ago +1

    I just came from his Moments album ironically and every single song is fire! I get how he feels but his music is the one thing he shouldn't talk down

  • David Williams
    David Williams 29 days ago +2

    Get out of my head bro God you a medium damn you sure your not illegal shooting it like that

  • Do What You Love
    Do What You Love 29 days ago +1

    This is so aggressive i love it ❤️

  • NF Fan
    NF Fan Month ago +3


  • Paul Kennedy
    Paul Kennedy Month ago +1

    Let me just say, Nate you are "REAL"

  • Noda Lumps
    Noda Lumps Month ago

    What you drink? I’ll bring in your car

    CAMDEN PLAYS Month ago +2

    I’m here from madden 16