Never Before Seen Random Clips

  • Published on Mar 1, 2018
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Comments • 1 544

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  Year ago +421

    If you'd like to listen in to the newest VORW Radio Show, you can hear it via SoundCloud:

    • Who Dares
      Who Dares Year ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek Hello there sir . How old are you ?

    • Patrick Ryan
      Patrick Ryan Year ago

      I saw in a video earlier with your outtakes mentioning shortwave, do you have a GROL license? Would you consider broadcasting on shortwave?

    • Alfonso Solis
      Alfonso Solis Year ago +1

      TheReportOfTheWeek you are a god among men

    • S. C.
      S. C. Year ago +1

      As a long time drummer, I feel your pain. It hurts our ears and gives us headaches too haha

    • I'm a really fun boy.
      I'm a really fun boy. Year ago +2

      Love this channel!!

  • Æ Wasp Dan
    Æ Wasp Dan Month ago

    I need that mixtape.

  • ABananaPeel
    ABananaPeel Month ago

    My man is disrespecting a fellow tenor drummer. Sounds like he has some good chops too.
    For those that dont know tenor drums are a marching percussion instrument and that's why he never plays any "songs" on the drums.
    That said you can get a drum pad pretty cheap and that guy is a jerk for doing that.

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil Month ago

    This javket doesnt looks good on you, it makes you older
    No hate

  • Lithostheory
    Lithostheory 3 months ago +1

    Did you assassinate that drummer?

  • MusicianOnAMission
    MusicianOnAMission 3 months ago

    The drummer is WAY more tolerable than people's car stereos.

  • GreenLeaf5656
    GreenLeaf5656 5 months ago

    his neighbor is zach hill

  • mittens 9494a
    mittens 9494a 6 months ago

    What a pleasant summer look! A handsome young gent.

  • SinfullySexySwede !
    SinfullySexySwede ! 7 months ago

    I have the mansion and I am the view. When shall I send my chaffeur to pick you up?

  • Alice Kelly
    Alice Kelly 7 months ago

    You should analyze song lyrics. I bet that would entertain. Actually anything you do entertains me.

  • Alice Kelly
    Alice Kelly 7 months ago

    You make me giggle. 😗😁😆😄😊

    YAH BAEKHYUN!!! 7 months ago

    i suffer from chronic migranes too since i was like 14 im 25 now , n it suckssss :/

  • CDrummer Gaming
    CDrummer Gaming 8 months ago

    1:35 = the perfect smile.

  • Paula King
    Paula King 8 months ago

    Sorry you got to move because of drums have anyone from the house hold tried talking to him about it?

  • Julio
    Julio 8 months ago

    My nigga looking sharp as always

  • Live Life
    Live Life 9 months ago

    “It’s a Thursday, even if it’s not a Thursday you can pretend it’s a Thursday.”

  • Chloe
    Chloe 9 months ago

    I really like the suit jacket you're wearing

  • Defaul Setteen
    Defaul Setteen 9 months ago

    Don't be greedy.

  • Len Pounds
    Len Pounds 10 months ago

    Why can’t you find a suit that fits?

  • Comedy & Laughter
    Comedy & Laughter 10 months ago

    Try having a severe tension headache where your super nauseated and you can't open your eyes. Yes that happend to me once hopefully never again.

  • Ooze-It
    Ooze-It 10 months ago

    The drummer, LMAO.

  • Straight outta compton
    Straight outta compton 10 months ago

    where do you get yr suits?

  • Hershey Cookies
    Hershey Cookies 10 months ago

    Squirrel jumping in background at 7:23

    • Build2last 2k 117
      Build2last 2k 117 8 months ago

      Hershey Cookies how did you notice that😂😂😂😂

  • Young Killy
    Young Killy 11 months ago

    Reviewbrah, what's your favorite part of doing this TVclip business? And as always, keep up the good work bud, you inspire us all! Thank you!

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 11 months ago

    Really digging that suit!

  • Layla Barry
    Layla Barry 11 months ago

    I legit thought this was Lorde in drag

  • Ablink Intime
    Ablink Intime 11 months ago

    i want to wear Reviewbrahs skin around like SOTL

  • Liv.
    Liv. Year ago

    Give us an update about this drummer I want to know what happened to him after this video

  • Alien Frequency
    Alien Frequency Year ago

    My wife and I ordered a shortwave Rádio from your Amazon link. Really looking forward to checking out your show, the authentic way!

  • anna harrington
    anna harrington Year ago +2

    That drummer needs to be more considerate

  • D Nice
    D Nice Year ago +1

    I’m a new subscriber, & I’m soooo digging him! His humor is TOTALLY dry, like extra dry! 😳 with a splash of sarcasm... (❤️😍).. I thought my humor was dry & sarcastic!😳, ha!😅.. I can’t evn hold a torch next to this guy!😅 He cn slice & dice u up & not even bat an eye 😂.. there’s no comebacks.. & I just ❤️ the very random chance u cn actually see a smile as well... 😌.. reviewbrah is unique & owns everything he’s abt..✊🏽.. I’m in😌.. 💯... & btw..I’m a foodie! & I absolutely gt stoked on the food reviews, especially whn he takes huge bites! 😅.. ya, ima lil weird, anyway.. keep up the good work reviewbrah!👍🏽

  • thezoexperience1
    thezoexperience1 Year ago +1

    Running on empty... druuumm review

  • prince pete
    prince pete Year ago

    A&W onion rings. Light , crispy , crunchy ( same ? ) tasty and of course onion. Give it a try - need a proper from reviewbra

  • Jeff Dean
    Jeff Dean Year ago

    Who else is watching besides ladies and gentlemen?

  • Peio Pascual Hernando

    This video has probably extended my life by 5 years at the very least

  • Rat In The Foxhole

    Probably some drum core guy

  • Brandy Smith
    Brandy Smith Year ago

    If you need to get away from that annoying neighborhood you can share my house with my cat and I will take the shed out back 😁

    • seriouslyfuckutube
      seriouslyfuckutube Year ago +1

      You know damn well hed have you seduced within the first hour

  • David Raylor
    David Raylor Year ago

    Well it's April 5th 12:52 THURSDAY BABYYY

  • Anne Brookes
    Anne Brookes Year ago

    Hes so cute!

  • Copper-Nitrogen-Thorium

    Thank you for making videos, you brighten my day.

  • jjk087
    jjk087 Year ago

    ur way better than casey

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C Year ago

    Why are the comments always cringey af on this channel?

  • SarahNova
    SarahNova Year ago

    You are so handsome

  • Autumn
    Autumn Year ago

    7:16 Squirrel!

  • ScooterMan
    ScooterMan Year ago

    4:46 I would listen to a reviewbrah mixtape

  • Ari Looney
    Ari Looney Year ago

    That tie is so sick rock on man

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Year ago

    That drummer clip needs to be a meme.

  • Caroline Anderson

    that first suit
    ring a ding ding baby

  • Wingwong Chingalong

    You’re an all round decent guy despite your popularity, can’t say that for too many people on this platform.
    You act like you’re just uploading to 5 or 20 viewers and you just do your own thing, it’s great.

  • James Storey
    James Storey Year ago

    But... What are you wearing today?

  • ViewsFromTheNorthEnd

    True, you aren't on Casey Neistats level. Your BEYOND HIS LEVEL!!!!

  • Mjgirl55
    Mjgirl55 Year ago

    He swore because he's frustrated! I say let's get a posse together and go take down little drummer boy for giving our revered leader headaches and major annoyance!!!!

  • Alias
    Alias Year ago

    I had a neighbor that constantly played the drums. Well played is a stretch. It was more or less just beating the shit out of his drums with no method or rhythm. Just complete trash. He would do it all day as well until the wee hours of morning. I finally went out into my yard one day and yelled, “You fucking suuuuuck!” He stopped and I never heard the drums ever again. I think I crushed his spirit I think. 😂😂

  • Swedish Boxing
    Swedish Boxing Year ago +1

    Fashion God

  • SonOfAGun Gaming
    SonOfAGun Gaming Year ago

    Ways to describe my favorite youtuber...
    Oppoisite of boring
    Extra ordinary
    Willing to start over
    Easy talker
    Easy to understand

  • Anna Dilaurentis
    Anna Dilaurentis Year ago


  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder Year ago

    I have been living under a rock
    You gained another subscriber

  • burritoforbreakfast

    Drummer on meth

  • Chris Musix
    Chris Musix Year ago

    Your videos keep me human.

  • Kyle Houseman
    Kyle Houseman Year ago

    Fun fact: The drummer sounds to be a quad drummer for a marching band. Explains the weird schedule you observed @TheReportOfTheWeek. What sounds like discordant drumming is probably a small part to a larger ensemble piece being practiced.

  • npc1235813 -6
    npc1235813 -6 Year ago

    Reviewbruh should move from food to just everyday situations lmao

  • eric robinson
    eric robinson Year ago

    I love you videos

  • Henry Rudson
    Henry Rudson Year ago +1

    It just goes, and goes, and GUILLOTINE, YUH!

  • Wisse Piersma
    Wisse Piersma Year ago

    That drummer needs to stop

  • Sapphibee
    Sapphibee Year ago

    that percussionist gonna be in dci 😩😩👌👌

  • ŸåBøī
    ŸåBøī Year ago

    Logan Paul Or Jake Paul


  • Faith
    Faith Year ago

    do a collab with that drumMER

  • Hitmonstahp
    Hitmonstahp Year ago

    There's a squirrel in the top left at around 7:20

  • Mia Gomora
    Mia Gomora Year ago

    My brother is a drummer I’ve heard nonstop drumming all day for the past like 12 years. If it’s not drumming it’s tapping on whatever is near so I feel ya reviewbrah

  • Korri Roth
    Korri Roth Year ago

    I’ve heard this guy chew and have seen him eat but I’ve never seen his teeth 😳 wonder if he really had any

  • Kris McCauley
    Kris McCauley Year ago

    It was almost as if you were reviewing that neighborhood drummer. Maybe you could even say giving a report. Well done lad. Well done.

  • Soshewent
    Soshewent Year ago

    Pretty please answer my questions ❤❤❤
    1 What is your first name
    (You look like a Collin, Isaac, or Jacob)
    2 Are you like, 25 years old?
    3 Do you ever include friends or family in your videos?
    4 You're an only child? Yes?
    5 can we see you in casual clothes sometime?? ☺

    Thank you Sweetheart

  • CJ Calhoun
    CJ Calhoun Year ago

    I have a neighborhood drummer too. It's hilarious, because he is on the same regimen. It's incoherent banging, with short breaks.

  • Pablo chacon
    Pablo chacon Year ago


  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 Year ago

    LOL the lovely neighborhood drummer should be featured on a food review. He could play dramatic music every time reviewbrah takes a bite

  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 Year ago

    get reviewbrah on HOT ONES

  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 Year ago

    i feel like i just discovered the holy grail

  • P. consuela banana H.

    I actually thought the drumming was your radio in the background!

  • Evilope
    Evilope Year ago

    That's Drum corps drumming..

  • Lottie J
    Lottie J Year ago +1

    Lmao that start😂😂😂

  • CeCe Smith
    CeCe Smith Year ago

    I love you dude.

  • Kayla Paulk
    Kayla Paulk Year ago

    This gives a nice look into you rather than just seeing you review.

  • BookyFaliza
    BookyFaliza Year ago

    Paused half way through the intro to sub to your patreon.

  • Mr Skuffles
    Mr Skuffles Year ago

    Drop that fucking mix tape!

  • Kethertomalkuth Orchard

    Ohhh. Now this. This is the suit I have been waiting to see.

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez Year ago

    Who was holding the camera when you mentioned your mixtape?

  • The Two Carat Ruby

    Play the video at 7:22. Look carefully on the top left side of the background and you will see a animal jumping from branch to branch. Reply if you know what this animal is!

  • stuffofme xx
    stuffofme xx Year ago

    Peace, love and respect to The Report of the Week and his supporters.

  • willheth18
    willheth18 Year ago +1

    I bang the drum then I bang ya mum

  • willheth18
    willheth18 Year ago

    I’m the neighborhood drummer. Haters gonna hate, players gonna appreciate.

  • PhotosynthesisLove

    No words.

  • MrEDZ
    MrEDZ Year ago

    7:41 He's thinking to himself 'Oh for fucks sake'

  • Josh Charlie
    Josh Charlie Year ago

    Bro that jacket in the first opening introduction. Love it!!!

  • silky
    silky Year ago

    the intro killed me not sure why.

  • Alexa Nova
    Alexa Nova Year ago

    His mother must literally be so proud.

  • Mark Linne
    Mark Linne Year ago

    This kid makes me smile 🤙

  • Philip at Tube
    Philip at Tube Year ago

    That constant drumming, oh man, I couldn't handle that. Hope you find a new place soon. Meanwhile, maybe invest in some noise-cancelling headphones.

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan Year ago

    Apologies for my inattentiveness to detail, I clicked the link you provided to the sound cloud. Regrettably since you're on the east coast I don't think I'd be able to pick you up on my little Tecsun

  • J. Venzor
    J. Venzor Year ago

    Such a kind hearted soul

  • Na Fianna
    Na Fianna Year ago

    Review Brah finna slide into yo' DM's

    Well, I can only hope.