Film Theory: Avengers Infinity War - Where is the Soul Stone? (Spoiler Free)


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  • smashkeys
    smashkeys 9 months ago +15317

    The real soul stone was inside all of us all along... or friendship... the real soul stone was inside friendship.

  • Yashvardhan Balasubramanian

    You’re wrong the mind stone is in the middle

  • fire Phoenix
    fire Phoenix 6 hours ago

    Your so 😡😡😡

  • Dragon duke
    Dragon duke 11 hours ago

    Poor matpat

  • EbbeGaming 06
    EbbeGaming 06 17 hours ago

    Boy where you wrong😂

  • Giovanny Hiciano
    Giovanny Hiciano 23 hours ago


  • the last feniken

    Look at the middle of the power glove bro

  • Raptor Puppet 907

    It was on vormir

  • Aaron
    Aaron Day ago

    He does a great job of selling the idea that having Thanos go for more than 3 stones risking the movie being overcrowded. Then you see him get 5 of the 6 on screen and it doesn't feel excessively rushed.

  • Nathan Pratali
    Nathan Pratali Day ago

    2019?? After the infinity war movie?? And close the the captain marvel movie coming out in March?? 😀😅😂

  • Francisco Zuniga

    The yellow one

  • Francisco Zuniga

    Its on vision

  • Fowa is FOWA!
    Fowa is FOWA! Day ago

    You know the theroy that each of the stones are represented by the main 6 avengers. Well what if it represented halkeye, because we don't know where it was, like we don't know where halkeye was in the movie

  • Umar The Raptor
    Umar The Raptor Day ago

    well this didnt age well

  • Downhour Productions

    I’m sorry it was a good theory

  • tom bob
    tom bob Day ago

    there are 7 stone

  • James Adamski
    James Adamski 2 days ago

    Hello if anybody is watching this 2021 hello im from the past

  • Zara Taqi
    Zara Taqi 2 days ago


  • Ruben MS
    Ruben MS 2 days ago +1

    Matpat you did a good job but failed al the sudden

  • Ruben MS
    Ruben MS 2 days ago +1

    2019 XD the EndGame is near

  • Brad Ray
    Brad Ray 2 days ago

    The soul stone was with Red Skull remember wene he said that he even held it in his hand

  • Itz Gamer XD
    Itz Gamer XD 2 days ago

    Hey u we're r
    Wrong film theroy it was on vormir

  • nerdZspider
    nerdZspider 3 days ago +2

    The thanos theory still works now
    T is for tesseract
    H is for hurling your duaghter of a cliff
    A is for aether
    N is for necklace
    O is orb
    S is fair sepcter
    Sorry about the bad spelling

  • Andres Hernandez
    Andres Hernandez 3 days ago +1

    Boy was he off. Also if you haven’t seen it(btw where do you live? Under a rock?)
    Who wins?
    Angry grape or Most(yes only most) marvel characters?

  • Bored Guy
    Bored Guy 3 days ago

    H is for *hurl your daughter off a cliff*

  • Jaiden Olson
    Jaiden Olson 3 days ago

    Almost a year of watching him, yet i still dont know how i feel about his voice

  • Sneak-a-Nite Fortnite

    Oh that sucks

  • Ricky Rat
    Ricky Rat 3 days ago

    I cringed to much at the start lmao

  • Klee Bumpus
    Klee Bumpus 3 days ago

    the soul stone his daughter hid on some planet so he killed her to get it. plus that dude himedal (don't know how to spell his name) dies at the beginning of the movie.

  • Pavle Radinkovic
    Pavle Radinkovic 3 days ago

    You arent right

  • Amazo
    Amazo 3 days ago

    Man you were so was everyone 😂

  • Diego Pacios González

    14:20 not the gauntlet, but his daughter

  • VortexGaming
    VortexGaming 3 days ago

    You were way off

  • KarloWrenGaming KarloWrenGaming

    Thanos should stand for The Hopes And Nature Of Slugs

  • Anthony Damaso
    Anthony Damaso 3 days ago

    LOL 2019 ANYONE

  • Kelvin vazquez
    Kelvin vazquez 4 days ago

    My theory here is the time stone don't show at Thor's nightmare so doctor strange trick thanos but it's just a theory a game theory

  • John Hensley
    John Hensley 4 days ago

    Wait... doesn’t he get the soul stone by KILLING gamora

  • Sam B.
    Sam B. 4 days ago

    It is on vormeir with red skull

  • AKV Harloff
    AKV Harloff 5 days ago

    you were SO wrong XD but the idea was cool!

  • Tdestro9 Plays
    Tdestro9 Plays 5 days ago

    Soul stone is in spoiler alert a planet which you have to sacrifice the one you love the most

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 5 days ago +1

    This aged like milk.

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 5 days ago +2


  • MâLÄmĀÑØk MãÑÒk

    You're Theory is Wrong


    He got all lol

    ROBLOXXER 5 days ago

    the IS look like the EFH from mlp in the book at the S1E
    and kinda like them too..
    and the glowing eyes..... hmm.........

    what if-
    -but that's impossible or is it

    nah it's impossible

  • Brian Nieves
    Brian Nieves 5 days ago

    Watching this theory for the first time just to laugh at it!

  • Ben King
    Ben King 5 days ago

    13:27 that scene was CGI altered

  • Scrub Lord
    Scrub Lord 5 days ago

    And it was all in matpat all along he just had to look inside him self

  • Tristan Neely
    Tristan Neely 5 days ago

    Close enough. Vhormir, Heimdall. Totally the same.

    ITIEL_MINECRFT 5 days ago

    14:26 a worg theory

  • FfstNm Srnm
    FfstNm Srnm 5 days ago

    Then marvel was like
    "Er no thanks"

  • the Ultima
    the Ultima 6 days ago

    I'm sorry buddy but your completely wrong, in the film thanks threw gamora off the place where it lies, it makes sense, gamora "the daughter of thanos" and the soul stone, to get it it requires a sacrifice, I like when you said the soul stone is a planet which you were 50% right, the soul stone is ON the planet, the part you got right was the whereabouts of the stone also red skull from Captain America makes a come back as well and acts as death

  • Nali is dumb
    Nali is dumb 6 days ago

    Uhhhghhgh crngy song ehhhhehehehgegg

  • Bar Yaakov
    Bar Yaakov 6 days ago

    you could've said "o is for o-r-b" like actually spelling out the letters lol

  • sandra pebrian
    sandra pebrian 6 days ago

    H for HYDRA

  • Joëlle S.
    Joëlle S. 6 days ago

    It's interesting watching now 😏

  • da1trugamr
    da1trugamr 7 days ago

    man. imagine being THAT wrong lol

  • SlowZetta
    SlowZetta 7 days ago

    Hoo boy did this theory not age well

  • Bricks and World Building

    He finds all 6.

  • Avi Cudahy
    Avi Cudahy 7 days ago

    This makes me sad that non of these happened

  • Navi Dendi
    Navi Dendi 7 days ago

    This is so wrong

  • Cody Mashburn
    Cody Mashburn 7 days ago

    Honestly though they did miss out on what could've been really cool story line

  • Cody Mashburn
    Cody Mashburn 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who sees the soul stone as yellow

  • Lar Chan
    Lar Chan 8 days ago

    That intro though

  • Esquadrão Pipoca
    Esquadrão Pipoca 8 days ago

    You were wrong

  • Pikachu Samurai
    Pikachu Samurai 8 days ago

    ... when you watch the movie ... and you realise... thanos DID kill heimdall.. but the soul stone wasnt there

  • Pikachu Samurai
    Pikachu Samurai 8 days ago

    SpongeBob is dead.

  • Algonquin Studios
    Algonquin Studios 8 days ago

    The acronym should be changed to teseract HEAD aether necklace orb sceptre

  • Careless Films
    Careless Films 8 days ago

    Nope the theory is not real

  • ENDERSTIXgaming
    ENDERSTIXgaming 8 days ago

    if only he knew that thanos would have 5 of the 6 stones before he took the mind stone from vision and ended avengers 3

  • Blue Tarantula
    Blue Tarantula 8 days ago

    Trailers can be misleading

  • Joshua Twiddy
    Joshua Twiddy 9 days ago


  • Syed Khan
    Syed Khan 9 days ago

    Here after infinity war facepalming

  • K Wilk
    K Wilk 9 days ago

    the soul stone is in a sacrifice

  • K Wilk
    K Wilk 9 days ago

    have you seen infinity war.

  • Layla Brijbag
    Layla Brijbag 9 days ago

    Those of you that think Peter ruined it just dont. He was just standing up for someone he loved and people think he screwed up.

  • bossboys one
    bossboys one 9 days ago


  • bossboys one
    bossboys one 9 days ago

    I don't get it he has all of the stones

  • KnightlyNewz
    KnightlyNewz 9 days ago

    Such a good theory! Shoulda gone with this!

    EPIC GAMER 9 days ago

    7,812,173 views BOI

  • Alexander Arway-McClusick


  • roblox together
    roblox together 10 days ago

    Can u give us a SpongeBob song

  • Dike style
    Dike style 10 days ago

    Thanos collected all the infinity Stones

  • megamasterred 95
    megamasterred 95 10 days ago

    Marval probably saw this and went
    Oh well he found out well how about we throw it on a mystery planet to explain were 1 one the first bad guys were


  • BoopADoop
    BoopADoop 10 days ago

    *This theory*
    Marvel: hehe. . . No

  • Bryant Louise Isla
    Bryant Louise Isla 10 days ago

    You know that that thanos sacrificed gamora and the soul stone was on his hand

  • Thomas Turner
    Thomas Turner 10 days ago

    Anyone know lego marvels avengers based on the uhh avangers age of ultron movie soooo if you press b on the controller loki clones himself sooo the mind stone does have that power hmmm

  • Death's Playhouse
    Death's Playhouse 10 days ago +3

    Deep down, we all know who has the reality stone...

    Hippies, why are they so in link with souls? The soul stone.

  • little pugs play
    little pugs play 10 days ago

    And it's in vormer

  • little pugs play
    little pugs play 10 days ago

    The mind stone is the biggest see infinity war screan rant

  • jeboyBART
    jeboyBART 10 days ago

    You not even seen the movie



    H is for hydra with red skulls soul stone

  • Homie Gorilla
    Homie Gorilla 11 days ago

    Who is "Him"

  • The black goat of the woods

    H = Heart? Because you had to sacrifice your biggest love = Break your heart?

  • Tyler McDaniel
    Tyler McDaniel 11 days ago

    Old theories are so fun to watch just to see how horribly wrong we were

  • Преско Иванов

    It's on VOLMIR where gamora hide it from thanos to do not snap his finger

  • orange justice
    orange justice 11 days ago +1

    You got the spaces in the gauntlet wrong yet they were right on screen seconds before

  • yui Akita
    yui Akita 11 days ago

    It's with red skull

  • yui Akita
    yui Akita 11 days ago


  • Ahmed Ur Rahman
    Ahmed Ur Rahman 11 days ago

    Avengers Infinity War carries on from Thor Ragnarok